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The Making of Family: Kinship


Chapter 7: Inebriated


Olivia walked quickly into the station as if she was trying to make up for the time she lost at the DA's. Entering the bullpen she found her partner missing and started asking around to confirm he was not current in the station before pulling out her cell phone to call him.


"Hey Liv," Elliot answered sounding a bit upset.


"Yeah hey, I just got back. Everything is squared away now but where are you?" Olivia asked.


"Medical examiners. Melinda says the kid drank herself to death by aspirating her own vomit. No sign of sexual assault, the owners just need to change the sheets more often. There was nothing else that could help with finding an ID. She is not in the system," Elliot relayed.


"Okay then I'm going to head back over to the Banks residence to ask a few more questions. She had to get the alcohol from somewhere," Olivia decided, not wanting to just wait around.


"Good idea," Elliot told her, "Melinda thinks someone cleaned her up which means someone was with her. I'm going to stay here and finish going over the autopsy. Call me when you're done talking to them."


"Sounds good. If they raided the liquor cabinet together maybe we'll get luck and get a print that is in the system," Olivia said though she knew nothing was ever that simple.




"We don't keep a drop in the house, not even vanilla extract," Sheila Bank explained dashing any hopes of a simple answer.


"I'm a recovering alcoholic. I've been sober three years," Kevin Banks explain to back up his wife's statement.


"Who has keys to your house?" Olivia asked as she switched to the next logical direction.


"Only Eve our dog walker. She was suppose to come twice a day while we were on vacation," Sheila explained somewhere between angry and distraught.


Kevin shrugged, "That's what we paid her for anyways."


"and she just never showed up?"


"We found our baby locked up in the basement. Who knows how long she was down there," Sheila answered as she started petting her dog in earnest.


"Have you contacted Eve?"


Kevin answered, "I've left six messages but she hasn't called back."


"You have an address for her?"


"No we meet her in the dog park. Zoe ran right up to her, and usually, she's a much better judge of character," Sheila explained as if letting your dog decide who to trust with the keys to your house was the most natural thing in the world.


Olivia feeling slightly creeped out finished questioning the couple quickly before excusing herself and retreating to her car. Once inside she took a minute to check her messages before calling Elliot to update him and make plans for their next move.



Luckily after Olivia and Elliot joined up they didn't have any trouble tracking Eve down at the dog park. Questioning Eve was more about endurance than finesse as they walked to keep up with her and the mass of dogs she was walking. After pressing her she finally admitted handing off the Bank's job to a high school student by the name of Rebecca Rice.  Rebecca's home was only a short walk away and they found her at home in the process of tutoring a boy by the name of Jordan. Once the mother came home Rebecca quickly confessed to giving the Bank's keys to a girl name Reagan from school so she could throw a party. After Rebecca confessed Jordan directed them to the online guest list that finally allowed them to ID their victim as Melanie Temkin from Greenwich, Connecticut.


Now that they knew who their vic was it was decided that Olivia and Elliot would drive the hour and half to inform the parents personally while Fin and Munch tracked down the party hosts and guest to interview. Dealing with the family left behind as always was hard but having to tell parents that their daughter was not as perfect as they thought and then have to follow up with the news that no one bothered to help her because they feared being caught seemed to hit Elliot especial hard. Hard enough to make Elliot ensure the father that justice would be done for something that Olivia wasn't even sure they could attach an actual crime too.


Olivia allowed the first 30 minutes of the drive back to be in silence, allowing her partner to process some of what he said before commenting, "Elliot..."


"That girl reminds me Kathleen and not just the looks. Kathleen got a DUI last year," Elliot answered the unspoken question.


"But it's not her El. Look promising the father like that... you're making it personal and..."


"Imagine if it was Eli, Liv. Wouldn't you want someone to be held accountable?"


"Eli? My brother who is starting to push 30? I hardly think I have to worry about him drinking himself to death with a bunch of rowdy self-centered teenagers," Olivia answered purposely avoiding the obvious point.


"I mean if he was still in high-school. If you knew him back then," Elliot tried again.


"My brother was mostly homeschooled and he just got his GED at 16 and went to college early. Besides the party drinking scene is for the 'popular' kids which my brother was definitely not or do you not remember the UFO thing," Olivia told him mercilessly before deciding to let up at seeing his miserable face, "look truth is I relate more to the vic and the party goers then I do to those who might worry about them but I know that girl deserves some kind of justice. What these kids did is unforgivable.  I'm just not sure the law provides for it."


"That's what Casey is for. If there is something she will make those responsible pay for their lack of compassion," Elliot retorted.


"Of course she will but that doesn't change the fact you might need to step back and get your head straight. Letting this get personal will bring nothing good from it."


"Yeah well I'll let you know if it gets personal then, " Elliot shot back daring her to challenge him but she just let the rest of the ride back go by in silence. No point in reasoning with a wall anyways.




Eli bounced lightly on the heels of his feet as he waited in line of one of his favorite coffee shops. He had spent the early part of his morning tutoring and was now stopping in for a refueling before heading off to the Lightman group since his kids were safely on their way to class to take their finals. All of them had put a good amount of hard work in studying which made Eli proud especial his little prodigy DJ who Eli felt confident had a good chance of earning that scholarship. The line moved forward and Eli turn his attention to the pastry display until it as his turn to order.


"The usual?" The Barista named Amy greeted with a flirtatious smile.


"Yes please and one of those too," Eli answered pointing to a pastry that Gillian would consider physically fight him for.


"Oh I love those," Amy told him as she entered his order in the register, "the chocolate is to die for. "


"What is it with women and chocolate anyways? You would think there was an initiation right or something," Eli told her cheekily.


"Oh no you found us out. We have a club and a secret handshake and everything. I'll let you in on sacred rule one, chocolate must always be enjoyed and appreciated with every bit," Amy quipped before telling him what he owed.


After paying Eli took the pastry from the girl with a disarming smile before stepping out of the way and moving over to where they would hand him his coffee. He leaned against the table and pulled a piece off and plopped it in his mouth. He made a point to 'savory' the bit when he saw Amy give him a look over the counter as she entered the next customers order making her smile.


"You come here often?" a voice startled Eli from behind making him jump before he turned to study the man standing on the other side of the table.


" Umm... pretty regularly it's close to my apartment and on my way to my jobs...why?," Eli replied as he tried to figure out why in the world Jack Rader would be in his coffee shop.


"You seem to be in good terms with the Barista not that I blame you she'd pretty cute," Rader said making his way around to table to stand next to Eli.


"Her name is Amy and I tutor her younger sister," Eli said pointedly while Rader took advantage of a break in the flow of customers to step up and place his order.


After Rader was done he walked back to Eli holding the same pastry, "So are these any good?"


"Very, in a temptation meets angel kind of way," Eli said as he pulled another piece off.


Eli was doing his best to come off as nonchalant as possible as he made sure to take in everything about Rader. The guy was smooth, Eli would give him that, and most would probably see the guy as earnest but Eli sensed the guy was up to something.


"Have you been here before?" Eli asked.


"No first time. I'm in town on business and dropped in for a caffeine fix," there was a lie in there but Eli wasn't sure what it was.


"How is Gillian?" Rader asked.


"She's great. You know Foster. She can handle herself... and Lightman just fine. So Rader what business brings you to town?," Eli asked.




"Excuse me?"


"Call me Jack. The way I see it we are brothers from the same task master. Survivors of class Lightman if you will so I think we can use first names," Rader told him.


Deja vu, well hasn't he suddenly come up the ranks with people suddenly wanting to become more personal with him. Before Eli could reply his name was called and he grabbed his coffee. He fully intended to say his goodbyes and leave but Rader blocked his way and put a friendly hand on his arm.


"You never did call me about that life change we talked about the last time we meet," Rader asked pointedly.


"I guess I never decided I needed a life change," Eli told him with a shrug.


"There's still time. My offer is still open," Rader told him still blocking Eli's way.


"Thanks I guess," Eli replied unsure knowing he never seriously considered the offer.


"You know if I had known at the time Lightman wasn't paying you I would have made a harder play for you," Rader told him as he stepped back and grabbed his coffee that was just announced.


Eli didn't have any proof at the moment but there was no way he could believe Rader being here was a coincidence. Having spent, well pretty much all, his life around one master liar or another, he was pretty familiar with the tactics of con-men and well Jack Rader was no James Loker and he was most certainly no Cal Lightman. He did not appreciate being manipulated and he was almost certain that was what Rader was in the process of doing. That being said there still a likability to a guy who could completely get under Lightman skin that drew Eli and gained his respect.


"Excuse me? How can you know that?" Eli asked defensive.


"I recently hired a new employee by the name of Sara Knotts. She had a lot to say about the Lightman Group in particular you," Rader revealed.


"Yes, Sara, she did not leave very happy. How come our former employees always seem to find their way onto your payroll?" Eli asked rhetorically.


"I would like it if you would put some serious thought into my offer, Eli," Rader replied.


"Look Rader I don't know what you think you are accomplishing here but trying to poach me won't help you get back at Lightman. He would probably send you a thank you card for helping him get rid of me," Eli told him bluntly.


"Oh don't sell yourself short. Poaching you would get back in Lightman in more ways than even he would realize at first but that's not the reason I'm offering you a job," Eli just gave Rader a disbelieving stare, "Well not the main reason that is more like a very pleasant perk."


Eli shook Rader's hand off and proceeded to walk out of the coffee shop in the direction of the Lightman Group but Rader just fell in step with him. Leaving Lightman's Group in the first place wasn't really a consideration for him at the moment but the one thing Eli was certain of was if he ever left it would not be to join Rader's firm. Not matter how much of a jerk Lightman could be Eli would always feel he owed Lightman something and remain loyal. Of course that was something he would never admit too out of self preservation.


"Seriously Eli do you have any idea how hard it is to find someone to run the kind of lab needed in our line of work smoothly? Pretty much impossible. There are too many different skills sets needed, computer tech, psychology, voice analysis, not to mention the deception training. I have three different people co-managing my lab at the moment which has a whole set of unique problems. What I need is a single person to unify my lab who has both the work and people skills.This is something I have only seen pulled off in one lab. Your lab and you do it with Cal as your boss. It's a gift Eli and unlike Cal I'm willing to pay you for it. Not to mention give you the respect you deserve," Rader told him ending his speech by putting his hand on Eli's arm to make him stop walking.


"Look Rader I'm flattered really but..."Eli said turning to face him while dislodging to hand.


"Think about it, okay? That's all I'm asking. Here's my card. Just keep it and I'll let you head to work. We wouldn't want Cal seeing us together so close to office now would we?" Rader said with a annoying smirk, "See you around Eli."


Rader than with one final pat on Eli's shoulder turned and walked back in the direction they had come. Eli just stood and watched Rader retreating back for a confused moment before pocketing the card and continuing on his way.




Once Olivia and Elliot were back at the station they went over the evidence with ADA Casey Novak to see if there was anyway to make a murder case out of what they had. Olivia had not been hopeful but Casey thought they might be able to prosecute the three teenager that had thrown the party for providing the alcohol. A long shot at best but Casey tried just to have the murder charge thrown out and the trespassing charge stand. The distress and outrage of Melanie father was heartbreaking and Olivia could see it hit Elliot hard. Without a lead that might take them to the alcohol provider there wasn't much they could do.


"I'm heading out now," Elliot told Olivia as he stood to leave.


Olivia glanced at her watch in surprised, "Got plans?"


"Going to have lunch with Kathleen," Olivia wished him luck.


Olivia spent the next 30 minutes catching up on paperwork when her cell phone vibrated. Looking at the display she was surprised to see it was her brother. Knowing she didn't even have to be at work right now she grabbed her phone and answered it on the way to the break room.


"Hey Eli is something wrong," Olivia answered knowing he would usually just text her if there was a chance she was still at work.


"Umm...not really... I mean I'm sure I'm just being paranoid and overreacting but the FBI would eventually notice if an agent went missing right?" Eli asked.


"Why?" Olivia asked curious.


"Well today has just been really strange. Are you sure you can talk? I mean you are at work right?" Eli asked unsure.


"I'm at work but I can talk. So go ahead and tell me the what's bothering you," Olivia said as she started pouring herself a cup of coffee.


"Well Lightman, Foster, Ria, and Reynold haven't bothered to show up today and they are not answering their cells. I mean I know they probably are just off doing something without me but they are being extra irresponsible today if that's the case and it just seems a bit strange," Eli explained.


"Like what?"


"Well I got in late today due to a very odd encounter I had this morning...." Eli started.


"What encounter?" Olivia interrupted going interrogation mode.


"Well when I stopped for coffee on my way here I ran into Jack Rader. He use to be Lightman's prodigy but he left shortly before I started working for Lightman. He offered me a job," Eli explained.


"Really a job? So he works as a deception expert as well?" Olivia asked liking the idea of a different job.


"Yeah but I have no real interest in working for him. He is only interested in what fame and money he can get and besides he only offered it to try to manipulate me into helping him get at Lightman. He has a way of poaching our former employees," Eli said dismissively.


"Okay so you were late," Olivia directed letting the job drop for now.


"Yeah and I was fully expecting Lightman to be there waiting to chew me out but instead I found that the four of them hadn't even shown up and the rest of the employees weren't sure what they were suppose to be doing," Eli continued.


"That doesn't happen often?"


"It never happens. Lightman is a total control freak so usually he or Gillian are here to direct people and if they are both out they always leave direction for the staff. I mean last time Lightman went on vacation he spent a lot of time watching us on his laptop using the security feed which was just creepy by the way. If this had happened pretty much any other time we would just work but we don't have a case at the moment so without word from them the others don't have much to do. I on the other hand have my research projects. I just sent the other out for a late lunch while I stay here to answer the phone. If they are going to get paid for nothing might as well build some team moral. I'm hoping to hear from them soon but I would be lying if I said it wasn't worrying. Bad things happen all the time," Eli told her.


"I wouldn't worry until the end of the day. If you don't hear from them by then i see no reason not to check with family," Olivia said.


"Thanks I know I'm overreacting but if I don't hear from them I think I'll call and check with Emily," Eli told her.


"Yeah let me know what happens," Olivia said before hanging up.




Olivia had completed most of her paperwork by the time her partner came strolling in with his second born daughter not far behind. Elliot nodded at the team before leading his daughter over to their display screens and after a long discussion Kathleen finally said her goodbyes. After seeing his daughter out Elliot asked Cragen to come so Elliot could show Cragen and Olivia what he and his daughter found about Reagan and her friends violating the order from the judge to abstain from alcohol.


"I know it's not proof of where they are getting the booze but we aren't going to just let them blatantly disregard the judge right?" Elliot asked.


"No we're not. These kids need to learn that there are consequences for their actions. Olivia you go show this to Casey and get an arrest warrant. Elliot you go track down where these kids are parting. I want them caught in the act," Cragen told them, dismissing them.


Olivia got the warrant and Elliot was able to get a location out of Rebecca Rice where they meet at. Olivia may have been busting Elliot over being too emotionally involved and she still believed he was but she fully agreed these kids could use a dose of humility and a good wake up call on reality. They knocked and were called in by the kids inside. As they entered it was obvious they had found the right place as they were greeted with the sight of the boys encouraging Reagan to chug a bottle of tequila.


Elliot walked over and grabbed the bottle from her hand, "Cheap Tequila."


"What's the matter, Reagan? You drink the worm?" Olivia asked mockingly.


"What are you doing here?" Reagan asked panicky.


"Hey, Jordan, you brought the candy, huh?" Elliot asked quoting the line he say on the web page of the boy who pointed them to Reagan's online party list.


"Look at this. Foosball, big screen TV, dart boards, you got yourself a regular frat house here," Olivia listed dispassionately, "Guess what, you're busted. Let's go."


"No, No, wait, wait. Um, you don't understand, we're celebrating. I got into Princeton, early decision," Mark tried to argue as if that made all the difference.


Before Olivia could respond to the dense statement Elliot called to her, "Detective? Check this out."


"Hey, that's my inhaler. I got asthma, man," Luke said freaking out as he lunged in an attempt to gab it.


"Do you really?" Elliot said rhetorically as he lifted up to his nose smell it, "Smells like an alcohol vaporizer to me. Isn't that the latest and greatest in a quick high?"


Olivia jumped in, "It's illegal in 17 states including New York. You guys are breaking the law all over the place."


"I know the judge said we shouldn't drink, but you don't get into the ivy league every day," Mark continued stunned that his reasoning wasn't getting them a free pass.


"Well guess what, you're underage, and the law doesn't make exceptions for special occasions," Olivia told him bluntly as she pushed him towards the door.


"I was being responsible," Jordan jumped in trying to explain his actions


Olivia paused, "Yeah, for what, getting your friends loaded?"


"No, I haven't had a drink. I was going to make sure everyone got home safe," Jordan replied.


"Safe? Last time you threw a party, a girl died," Elliot said turning his attention to Reagan.


"Come on, we'd do anything to change what happened but we can't. Please don't ruin our lives too," Reagan pleaded proving just how out of touch these kids were.


"Save it for the judge," Elliot responded as he and Olivia escorted the four of them to their cars