Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Snap ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Legolas ran to the dock, but it was too late. The ships were gone. He found Sam, Pippin and Merry there, along with Aragorn. They were all looking forlornly at the ships, which grew smaller by the second. Gimli came puffing up behind the Elf.

"Call for them, Legolas. Mayhap they will come back," the Dwarf said between breaths.

Sam turned around. "Legolas! You should have been on one of the ships!"

"Aye," Legolas said, though he wasn't really upset, and they could tell.

"But the sea calls to you," Pippin said. "Right?"

"It did. There is no call anymore. The ships carried it off. I belong here in Middle Earth anyway. I couldn't stand being away from any of you. I already miss Frodo."

Sam hurried up to Legolas and embraced him. The Elf swept the Hobbit up into his arms and placed him on his hip. Sam struggled, looking embarrassed.

"Mr. Legolas! Must ya pick me up?" he asked.

"I get to be closer to you if I do, so yes, I must."

The Elf looked back at the almost gone ships and stared until they had disappeared. He felt stretched thin then he audibly heard a snap and he collapsed, gasping for breath. Gimli was there in an instant, and Sam sat up in his arms, touching his flushed face.

"Legolas?" Gimli asked. "What's wrong?"

"They are gone," the Elf said when he'd caught his breath.

"Yes. They are."

"It just startled me. I am now the last Elf in Middle Earth."

Aragorn picked him up and set him on his feet, staring at him intently. "Do you feel weak?"

Legolas quickly evaluated himself. "No. I feel fine. It just startled me, that is all."

"Very well."

"So Arwen left?"

"Her father convinced her not to marry me," Aragorn said, looking away.

"My sincerest apologies," Legolas said gravely.

"Nothing to be done for it now."

"Where will you live?" Sam asked.

Aragorn and Legolas both began to speak. They paused then Legolas gestured for his Human friend to continue.

"I shall return to Arnor and reign until I die. I might have a few more adventures with you, but my heart will not be in it any longer."

"And you Legolas?" Merry asked.

Legolas' demeanor fell slightly. "I am not sure. I will not fit in with the Men, Dwarves still don't really trust Elves, and Hobbits are too small for me to live with."

There was silence for a moment then Gimli spoke.

"I know that Dwarves do not like Elves, but I have quite some standing now with the Dwarf lord of Erebor. He might let you live with the Dwarves there."

Legolas smiled sadly. "Do you honestly think that will work?"

"We have to try."

"As you wish."