Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ New Home ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Why should I allow him to be here?" Thorin III Stonehelm, the Lord under the Mountain, asked in Dwarvish as he stared at the golden-haired Elf.

"Because he is a good friend of mine and wishes to learn our ways. Besides that, he has nowhere else to go. The Men are ready to be on their own and the Hobbits are too small for him to live with. Would you really force him to live on his own?"

Thorin looked thoughtful then said in common speech, "He will learn to mine and work in the tunnels. And he must be in the same room as you. You must not teach him Dwarvish either. You must have my permission, which I will grant if he earns it."

Legolas bowed gratefully. "Le channon, hir nin."

Gimli grimaced. "Translate it!" he hissed.

"Yes, Master Elf. Translate. And do not speak too much Elvish to us."

"I simply said 'Thank you, my lord.'"

Thorin scrutinized him until he was satisfied that the Elf had not secretly insulted him. "Very well. Gimli take him to your room. He will sleep there."

Gimli led Legolas down a maze of hallways to one of the fancier ones. They went into a room with forest green jewels on the face of the door. Legolas noticed that there were two big beds. He smiled.

"I believe I shall actually fit in one of those!"

"Good. The one on the left is mine. I finally have a reason to be glad that they gave me such a ridiculously large room. It was one of my rewards for my part in the War of the Ring."

Legolas chuckled humorlessly. "Count yourself honored, mellon nin. My ada did nothing for me when I got back. I was a shadow yet again. But he was busy with preparations to leave."

"Bahaê," Gimli said softly. "It isn't all it looks to be."

"It would still be nice to experience it."

"Anyway, let us get some rest. Tomorrow I teach you to wield a pickax."