Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ Soulmates ❯ Nightmares ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

They were eating bread, and it wasn't very good, but it was food. The venison jerky was better. But Legolas was distracted. Ever since their little group had left, the Elf had had vicious nightmares. He would sit up in the middle of the night, gasping for breath. He wanted to go snuggle with his Gimli, but he didn't dare. Gimli wouldn't want to be showered with the need or affection of an Elf in front of his father, so he would just lie back down and fall back asleep.

One night, however, it was just too much. He had a horrible dream about Gimli and when he woke, he didn't just sit up. He lunged to his feet and tackled the poor, sleeping Dwarf. Gimli didn't even have time to grab the knife he kept at his hip or the axe by his side. He grabbed the pale hands that were gripping his shoulders and was about to head butt whoever it was that was grabbing him when he saw golden hair gleaming in the light of the dying fire. He sat up and shoved the Elf off, or tried to at least, and shook his head.

"Legolas! What in the name of Durin's beard are you doing?!"

The frightened Elf shivered as Gimli spoke, relieved that the Dwarf was alive, and relaxed a little as Glóin woke up.

"What's going on?" the tired voice asked.

"Nothing," Legolas said in a small voice and stood to move back to his bedroll.

"Nothing!" Gimli shouted. "You attacked me!"

"I wasn't attacking you," Legolas argued. "I was just…"

"Just what?"

Glóin scanned the Elf's face from across the fire. "Did he die?"

Legolas felt his chest constrict. "What?"

"In your nightmare. Did he die?"

The Elf shuddered and he hugged himself. He felt extremely embarrassed as he answered.

"Yes. I had to make sure he was still alive."

"Legolas, it was just a dream," Gimli said in exasperation.

"No!" Legolas snapped. "Dreams are full of trees and silver-haired Elves who dance in the moonlight. You died Gimli."

"I am fine," Gimli said gently. "Is that all? Can we go back to sleep now?"

"Yes," Legolas muttered, lying down in his bedroll. He felt as if Gimli had slapped him with his gentle words.

An hour later, Legolas still couldn't fall asleep so he got up and dragged his bedroll closer to his friend. He smoothed it out then slipped in it. He could smell Gimli's earthen scent now and hear his breathing so he relaxed and fell asleep. He woke up to amused voices.

"You are trapped, dashatê," Glóin said pointedly.

"I noticed," Gimli answered, chuckling; why was his voice so close, Legolas wondered.

"You don't seem to mind."

"I like being close to him, a'dud. He's a good friend. Besides, after what the Orcs did to him, he needs me." There it was, close again.

Legolas shifted ever so slightly and noticed his hand was tangled in hair. With dawning horror, he realized he was snuggled against Gimli, his face in the warm beard along with his hand. How was he supposed to wake up now? His best friend answered that by poking his head. Legolas didn't move.

"I do believe he's awake," Gimli laughed and Glóin joined in. "Come now, Legolas," Gimli said. "Get up. I'm not angry."

Legolas sat up and carefully untangled his hand, purposefully not looking at either Dwarf. His cheeks were on fire, so he sat there and played with his hands, mumbling an apology.

"That nightmare shook you to your core, didn't it?" Gimli asked.

Legolas nodded. "I can't lose you, Gimli," he whispered, glancing up into the Dwarf's blue eyes.

"It's all right, bahaê. I'll be around for a while yet."

A pained look crossed Legolas' face. "I don't want you to die. Either of you."

"We must."

An idea hit Legolas. "We'll go find the Hobbits then we go to Fangorn, but not to find out my past."

"What are we finding then?" Gimli asked.

"Legend has it that the Immortal Fount resides in Fangorn. Elrond searched for it for years but never found it. To the day he left, he swore that forest was tricking him."

"And we're going to find it?" Glóin asked dryly.


The Dwarves looked at each other.

"Well, we fought Orcs and you survived your little run in with them," Gimli said, sounding unsure. "So maybe we can succeed where those Elves couldn't."

"I have two Dwarves with me. My odds could not be better," Legolas said with a smile.