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Love Hina
Chapter 3
The Great Prince Chase
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Sara sat on her bed, fidgeting with her hands, the talk with her Papa still running through her mind.
True, they were married, but she was far from ready form...consummating...their relationship. In truth, she had jumped into it simply because of a few things.
One was that despite the fact he was a dork, she knew Keitaro would be a great husband.
The second was because...well...he was a freaking Prince!
Okay, she'd admit that maybe the dork had wormed his way into her heart, as he had done with every other woman in the dorms. She'd admit she had a crush on him...a little crush...not even a crush, really, just a passing thing...
Okay, so she thought he had a great ass. No need to beat it out of her.
Sara shook her head, deciding that Kitsune must have spiked the orange juice again, since she was talking to herself.
“Man...I ain't ready for...that!” she exclaimed, before throwing herself back onto the bed. Well, it's not like the dork would just bust his way into my room and have his way with me.
That was a comforting thought, until said dork—out of breath and now missing his shirt due to the close call with Kanako in the laundry room—busted into her room, slammed the door shut, and dived under her bed.
Keitaro had been out of breath and equally out of options when he threw open Sara's door, praying that she was neither indecent nor on the hunt as his sister was.
He wouldn't put it past Sara, even if she was so young. After all, he never would have thought his mentor's child would want to be married to him, and now she was...the fourth if he remembered correctly. Truthfully, he would have never considered any of the girls the type to marry him, let alone as a group.
So, as he entered her room, he looked at her, quickly trying to decide what his course would be, knowing that his...excited sister...would be behind him soon to claim him to perform his husbandly duties. “I wasn't here, and I'll buy you anything you want within reason!” he exclaimed, before diving under her bed.
“Is Onii-chan in here?” asked Kanako; as she threw open the door again.
Sara, being slightly frightened at what Keitaro would do if she failed his request—forgetting that octopi had more backbone than the crowned prince of PolPol, shook her head no, causing the girl to shake her head and head off in search of her elusive partner for the honeymoon she had been dreaming of.
After a minute, Keitaro crawled out from under her bed, thanked her, and disappeared into a hidden tunnel in her room to lose himself in the maze under Hinatasou.
Sara let out a breath she had been holding, allowing her heartbeat to come back down, and re-oxygenate her blood from the near scare.
But, sadly, Fate was not done. As anyone who has been exposed to the girls of Hinatasou knows, they can traverse the spectrum of emotions from one end to the other in under 0.005 seconds.
Wait...why didn't he try and sleep with me?
Am I not good enough for him?
Her face hardened, as her hands released her sheets and formed hard fists. That's it, isn't it! That dork doesn't think I'm good enough for him!
She ran to her closet, opening it to retrieve her fabled sun disk, before taking off after Keitaro in the tunnels. No, she was no longer afraid that Keitaro would want sex.
She was pissed that he didn't. is a wife's prerogative.
While members of Hinatasou were on yet another “Great Keitaro Hunt”, the royal court of PolPol was executing plans at a frightening pace.
A wall was quickly erected around the Hinatasou lands, complete with security cameras and patrols of armed males with miniature shitzus to attack if necessary. Many a spy or assassin had learned not to cross these dogs, trained from birth to be able to not only kill the intruder, but feed off him in a pack mentality to not even leave a corpse behind. A special section had been made so that Haruka could continue to run her tea shop—not that she had decided she would. After all, as a Duchess, she might have other things to do: like plan the invasion of a Third World country...a First World country...or even a local competitor's establishment, and secure that damned Starbuck's that had been stealing her business all year long, for the glory of PolPol.
On the grounds, several new items had been installed and built. One unused area of the land had been converted into a security/diplomatic building, which ran the security operations, as well as helped fortify the declaration that the land was now the official embassy of the PolPol government to Japan.
Of course, they had yet to tell Japan this—much like the MolMol government had done when Kaolla Su had moved in to Hinatasou. But...they'd get to that...eventually.
A heli-pad, a residential section for the guards and staff, and finally a flag pole with the PolPol flag on it were set up.
Though how this all was managed to be built and the staff moved in during the few hours since Prince Keitaro Me agreed to his royal duties—not that anyone had bothered to ask him, but if he wasn't a PolPol, then the Japanese Government might not look too kindly on his polygamous marriage—was beyond the understanding of normal people.
Luckily, the PolPol Intelligence Community knew of many areas of Japan that had excellent and quick working contractors. After all, Japan had the highest density of strange and violent explosions, which opened the way for such contractors.
As for the staff... Well, most males wanted jobs where the likelihood of waking up in a cage was not a strong possibility. As such, if you did, you could rest assured that your broken corpse would be properly buried by the end of the week.
As Faul Gai and Loo Cout stood before the now fluttering flag of their nation, they began to openly weep. Finally, Faul Gai was able to compose himself, and summoned the staff before him. Faul raised his hand. "Now, as is tradition, to start the ceremony, release the Dobermans!"
The door opened, revealing a group who had seen better days. "You mean we can go home now?" asked Frans Doberman.
Loo Cout smiled. It wasn't often they could have this ceremony. After all, it required a visiting Doberman who could easily be suspected of doing something illegal.
Then of course, you had to train them, so that the shitzus would not have an easy kill.
Sadly, they could only do this a few times, before the UN would begin asking weird questions; like “Where are they?” and “What do you mean they disappeared?” and finally “What happened to our men?”
Ah, the glory of traditions.
Keitaro, meanwhile, was still running for his life, his sanity, and the slim hopes of preserving his virginity for a few precious more hours.
Currently, we have...
Sara, who is currently chasing her husband to beat him for not wanting to take advantage of her, despite the fact that she both doesn't wants him to and is afraid he will.
Kanako, who had once again picked up her adopted brother's scent, and was once again determined to have her Honeymoon.
Shinobu, who was latched onto Keitaro and nibbling his ear, thrilled that he had popped up in the hot springs while she was soaking. This of course happened because he had been trying to avoid head injury when Sara had both cut off a closer escape route and tried to decapitate him.
Mutsumi, who had waved hi to him from a balcony, passed out, and was caught by him, and was currently snuggling into his chest.
Su, who had witnessed the chase, thought it was fun, and joined in. Though no one—except Keitaro—missed the fact that she was currently wearing an old school uniform that she had grown out of two years earlier.
Motoko was in her room, preparing for the ceremonies that would occur tomorrow when her clan came to evaluate her new husband. Normally, she would be teaching Keitaro as well, but given his would be safer for the equipment of the ceremonies that he be kept away from them. She would educate him on it later.
Naru was in her room, slightly drunk. Normally, she would be upset with Keitaro and assume he was being perverted. Of course, now that they were married, the activities that he should be enjoying were being...postponed by him. Of course, this led Naru to drunkenly believe that maybe he was either cheating on them—which she couldn't accept, as that would mean he would be in danger of losing the “Little Prince”, he was gay—which was not possible because while single, he was always groping them, or he was trying to get yet another wife. Nyamo? Maybe. She does look like Shinobu.
Wait, there's that bitch in class! She's always passing him notes and such.
She had already forgotten that the woman had to do that as it was how all tests were passed out in class.
Kitsune was currently in the living room, watching as the Virginity 500 made their laps around Hinatasou. Sometimes, she would stand in the path and flash some flesh to get Keitaro to choose a new route, or stun him long enough for the other girls to catch up, laughing all the time. She was not about to sleep with him; she wanted to be able to look in her parents' eyes and tell them they had not slept together, just for the look on their faces that she hadn't won him by bedding him.
Afterwards though, he was hers as soon as the last guest left. A man that could run around that long with one girl on his back and another one in his arms was sure to have some stamina in the bedroom.
Tama and Kuro just shook their heads, wondering if the Kind One would survive all of this, and exactly where were Mutsumi's hands?
The future King of PolPol woke up inside the hot springs, the warm waters having long sense removed the tired ache of his muscles incurred after his long run for freedom.
Yesterday had not ended well for him. From Kanako grabbing him and nearly having her way with him—something she informed him that if he made her work for it like that again, she would do something to him that made the PolPol divorce look like a mild slap on the wrist—to Shinobu whispering...those things...into his ears that nearly made him shoot all his blood out his nose—with no idea how she knew about such things, he was sore and exhausted.
And he was not even going to think of what Mutsumi had been doing while she was---passed out. Innocent acts, my ass. She knew damn well what she was doing and what she was doing it to.
Opening his eyes, he scanned for any of...them. Normally, he knew any guy would be happy with what he had, despite his youngest...wife...trying to kill him for not trying to nail her, despite the fact she didn't want him to. Women, I'll never understand them.
Thankfully, all that was there besides him was a sleeping turtle.
Sighing at the small bit of good luck he had had in the last few days, he left the water to scrub his body once again; still feeling somewhat dirty at what Shinobu had been whispering into his ear.
Where did she learn all of that?
Shinobu smiled as she once again hung up the phone.
Turning back to the computer Su gave her last month, Shinobu began to search the things that the call-in show on the radio had suggested she do to “jump-start” her floundering sex life.
Too bad the host didn't know that the reason it was floundering was because she hadn't had one...yet.
He shook his head, and tried to ignore the huge shiver he had just felt, before once again emerging himself into the hot springs.
He had other things to fear today.
Today, he meets the in-laws...all of them.
Omake by Shinji_the_good_sharer:
Sighing at the small bit of good luck he had had in the last few days, he left the water to scrub his body once again; still feeling somewhat dirty at what Shinobu had been whispering into his ear.

Where did she learn all of that?

Meanwhile, Shinobu sat in her room watching the Shitzus in the perimeter doing it and howling loudly. "That's the first thing I want to do with Sempai!"