Love Hina Fan Fiction ❯ Prince of PolPol ❯ D In Laws Day ( Chapter 4 )

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Love Hina
Chapter 4
D-In-Laws Day
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Keitaro sighed as he looked at the outfit he was now wearing; something that was supposed to be formal wear for one of PolPol royalty.

Frankly, except for the slight color differences, it reminded him of what he wore when he was pretending to be Prince Lamba Lu. The only differences in the appearance were the patches on his left arm, which had an embroidered image of each of his new wives, as well as a piece of their hair stitched in with it.
How they got the hair from each girl...he though best not to ask.
Turning from the mirror, he saw his...escort: twelve highly trained combat veterans who would not only ensure that his new in-laws didn't see to it that his wives became widowers, but to ensure that said wives did not get overly violent with him.
Apparently, being wed to violent females was a family tradition.
That really explains Aunt Haruka.
Sighing, he tried to look like he had pride, confidence, and authority.
After his escorts began to laugh, he decided to quit trying.
“Okay, am I missing anything?” he asked. Considering the run from his wives yesterday had tired him out, he had too little time to go over PolPol law, and the last thing he needed was to accidentally declare war because he hopped on his left foot.
“Well, let's see,” said Loo Cout. “You have the formal dress of a Prince; you have the full check for unusual explosive devices.”
Keitaro really didn't want to know how Kaolla got a mecha-tama up there without him knowing.
Let alone what she had planned to do with it.
“We've also given you a suicide pill in case you're captured a NAGS member.”
Keitaro really didn't see how a Flintstone's kid vitamin would kill him.
“That should be about it,” said Loo Cout. “But you shouldn't be too afraid, my Prince. Faul Gai is making certain no weapons of any kind are brought it.”
Keitaro shook his head. These people just didn't know his luck.
“What the hell do you mean I can't bring in my shotgun?” screamed Mr. Maehara.
The guard shook his head. “I'm sorry sir, but we don't allow in-laws to shoot our royalty. Now if he was a commoner, we might allow it, but we are under orders from Princess Maehara-Me to not let her husband be executed by... How did so put it, Loa Shin?”
“I believe she said that “if someone takes out Sempai before I get my time, I will skin them alive and torture them slowly over years until their soul tries to slip into the ether, and then raise them from the dead, so that I might continue to torture them forever” were he exact words.”
Both Maehara parents blinked, before they let loose their responses.
“WAH! My daughter's been driven insane by the insatiable lusts of this pervert!”
Mrs. Maehara was a bit calmer, choosing to write down her daughter's suggestion for her next divorce hearing.
Her ex just wasn't giving her what she thought was the appropriate alimony.
Those two weren't the only ones having troubles.
The MolMol envoy was having trouble leaving their helicopter, as the PolPol security forces were going over it with a fine-tooth comb...literally.
“Is this really necessary?” asked Amalla.
The guard nodded. “Though this marriage has in fact ended the war between our countries, we still cannot relax. After all, NAGS would give their souls to take a shot to eliminate our Prince.”
Despite her pet albino alligator's growl, the guards were not at all put off with examining Shiro as well.
One guard decided to approach King Su. “Excuse me, sir; but may I ask a question of you?”
The King nodded, wondering what foolishness he would have to put up with, before he could convince his daughter the error of her ways.
“Since the marriage of Princess Kaolla to our Prince, would that mean that they will rule both Kingdoms?”
The royals all stood quiet: the king, the two queens, and the Prince and Princess, as they contemplated that question.
Needless to say, they remained quiet while the inspection was finished.
“They did this all in one day?” asked Mrs. Konno, in pure amazement.
“We got some contractors from Tokyo: Nerima Ward and Minato Ward, to be specific,” said their guide, Pii Soff.
Mr. Konno nodded, wondering how they had gotten approval so fast to build it, let alone set up an embassy.
“Very nice work,” said Mrs. Konno.
As the other parents began to arrive, the Hinatasou girls began to prepare.
Kitsune was wearing a distinguished formal kimono that her new assistants had gotten for her. It did show some of her figure, but it was far from the revealing and tight clothes she often wore.
Yes, one would be hard pressed to ever consider her loose now by her appearance.

Whipping out a paper fan, she unfolded it and fluttered it in front of her face, as she had seen geisha do. For all appearances, she was a distinguished lady of high repute.
Of course, her inner thoughts were far from...prudish. She was going over her plan for the day.
First, she introduced Keitaro to her folks, as well as finding a way to slip it to both that both of them were completely sex or anything of the like. In fact, she might have kissed him once, but she was a little drunk at the time.
Second was to highly impress the other in-laws.
And when everyone left...she was dragging his ass to her bed, tying him down, and God help the poor soul who interrupted her nookie time.
Hey, I waited a long time for this.
Smiling as gently as possible, she embraced the role of dutiful wife, and waved her fan in front of her face. “I am ready to meet my husband now.”
Motoko looked on in the mirror at her own formal wear. As befitting, she had spent yesterday rehearsing the formal ceremony for her family's arrival, as well as prepared a battle plan.
Her family would state that as their heir, she was not allowed to marry.
She would point out that Tsuruko had been the original heir. So it was not set in stone.
She would then point out in rapid succession her monetary allowance, as well as the genetic fact that her new husband was likely to give her nothing but girls.
For a female run dojo...that was a good incentive on its own, since only girls could run it.
Basically, she was married with no outs, as she doubted very much that Shinobu or Kanako would want to divorce Keitaro. She could afford to support the school forever, as well as ensure their were plenty of heirs; something she could now tease Tsuruko about, since they had been married for a while, and she had yet to become an Aunt.
Of course, she would neglect to mention certain what her unpublished novels were really about, or that she now had the man of her dreams.
Well, they would only learn what they could understand.
Kaolla was dressed, and making some last minute checks.
Her divisions of mecha-tama were on standby, in case the new in-laws failed to get together. She had several escape routes planned, as well as family-suppression systems based off a paste used by SWAT members to immobilize suspects.
Making a last check of her traditional MolMol formal wear—which was a halter top and a short skirt—she smiled as she left the room, wondering which wife would catch Keitaro today.
After all, he couldn't run forever.
Now, if she could figure out how they found the tracking device she had on him. It was much easier than using the Keitaro Radar.
Keitaro sighed as he slipped back into the hot springs. Today...well, it was one of those days he would trade for a Naru-punch to his manhood.
The Konno family had been very kind, and seemed surprised at how Mistune was acting. Even he was confused, as the woman seemed a mirror opposite of herself. She only drank water or juice, was quiet—but more importantly—kept her hands to herself.
The Aoyama family was very weird. Tsuruko had teased him slightly, but that stopped when Motoko asked when she could expect to be an Aunt. They then went to Motoko's room, only to come back an hour later, where Motoko's mother informed him that if necessary, Motoko had some single cousins who would love to meet a man like him.
He decided to keep quiet about that, or Motoko would “divorce” him without a vote; as well as how her family was the true perverts.
Next came the Otohime clan. At first, Keitaro had been glad to see the kids, they were all so nice. Then they brought out the baby clothes.

When he woke back up, he was once more assaulted by questions of when they would have their own children, as well as what Mutsumi needed with watermelon-flavored body lotion and a bikini made of watermelon-flavored Fruit Roll-ups.
When he woke back up and changed clothes from the blood loss from his nose, he then met the Maehara family.
After security removed Shinobu's father's hands from his neck, he tried to assure the man that he was not chasing after Shinobu's purity.
If they had only known that Shinobu was chasing after his...
Then came the Narusegawa family. Naru's sister Mei was standing like a zombie, while her family was crying. Naru tried to keep them from breaking down, but for some reason, she kept grabbing her head like she had a huge headache. Strangely, she was not once violent to Keitaro, making him wonder if maybe Naru was actually happy to be in this marriage.
Then came his own parents.
The less said about that...the better.
Finally, came Su's family. Lamba chatted with him as friends, Amalla flirted with him still, and the Queens looked at him with a mixture of confusion, rage, and giddiness about their daughter being married to royalty.
Apparently, he was a much better choice than some of her suitors back home.
Why a fifty-year-old duke was even being considered for Kaolla, he thought best not to ask.
The came King Su, who challenged him to a game of checkers for his daughter's hand in marriage.
This of course, was ended with his wives beating him into the ground.
Though why they yelled at the man about panties was beyond Keitaro.
Sighing, he sank deeper into the waters, willing his troubles away.
Sadly, his troubles would not leave. At once, a soaked and quite nude Kaolla jumped out of the water and glomped onto him, as Kitsune came out of the dressing room with only a smile on and a bottle of sake in her hands, as Shinobu slid from behind a rock to strike once again.
Why me?
Sadly, you had to wonder how many people would kill to have that sort of luck with women.
In Nerima, a pigtailed martial artist sneezed, causing him to get malleted for obviously thinking something perverted.
In a plane on its way to Japan, a woman was conversing with a young teenager.
“Now,” said Hoo Ker said, “do you agree to help us?”
The teenager, a woman known as Nyamo Namo, tilted her head. This woman was speaking to her in Japanese, after her friends grabbed her after attending to her grandfather's grave. All she could understand of the conversation was Keitaro, husband, marriage, and wife.
So, being a happy-go-lucky girl still in love with the ronin from when he had helped her find her grandfather, she assumed that she was being taken to Keitaro to become his wife.
As such, the Shinobu-like twin smiled and nodded happily.
Hoo Ker smiled. Yes, they now had an operative to place inside Prince Me's harem. Soon, their operative would help them lure the male into a nice safe cage where he could be studied, and then the women of PolPol would have the power the ruthless males have coveted for themselves.
She, of course, was forgetting that women ran everything else in the island nation, and that the Congress had as much authority as the King, since it was a constitutional monarchy.
Nyamo just ignored the woman who was laughing crazily. After all, the woman hadn't listened to her when Nyamo had told her that she didn't speak Japanese too well, let alone understanding it.
So, the blue haired tanned girl sighed as she leaned on Big Tama, enjoying the naughty thoughts she had planned when she married the handsome foreigner who had won her heart.
And here she thought she'd never have the chance to eat that fruit off his rippling chest.
On second thought, she decided she needed to stop reading those romance novels. They really were beginning to rot her mind.
Still, the fruit idea was still good.
Keitaro shivered, narrowly missing Kanako's newest attack. He didn't know what it was, but he knew it meant trouble. His bones themselves told him a bad omen was before him.
As such, he missed Kitsune's surprise assault, as she grabbed him...well, his towel actually, ripping it off.
The girls now stared.
Keitaro shrieked.
Naru and Motoko had their battle auras spring forth, as they felt a need to punish Keitaro, even though they were now where near him currently.
That said punishment involved whipped cream and their own beds was beside the point.
He opened another door, desperate to get away from his wives...
...and opened it to another one: Sara.
Now, Sara had been willing to concede that perhaps her husband wasn't ready to jump her bones. Keitaro had never been that type of guy, and she'd be willing to wait.
That was; of course, before the door before her opened revealing her flushed and quite nude husband.
Logic, meet imaginary fear.
“PERVERT!” cried Sara, as she produced her infamous sun disk and smashed him over the head, feeling justified as he was obviously out to violate her purity.
The other girls sighed at the realization that their would be no nookie that night, before sending harsh glares to the youngest wife.
“What?” said Sara.
Of course, that was when the newly installed intercom spoke up.
“Excuse me, but would Prince Me and Princess Sara MacDougal-Me please come to the entry hall, the princess's father has arrived.”
Sara could only think of one thing, considering her father had just arrived and her husband was now out cold for the remainder of the night. “Shit.”
Omake by Typhonis:
"Keitero, why didn't you invite me?"

Nodoka Saotome asked her nephew, "Also where is your cousin Tenchi at? I know he would like to see Ranma and you again also I hear little Yui may be getting married soon to that Gendo-person. That's another cousin for you, Keitero."

Thus did he learn of the curse placed on males born into his family......