Lucky Star Fan Fiction ❯ An Akira Kagami Valentines Nightmare ❯ One-Shot

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An Akira Kagami Valentines Nightmare

I don't own Lucky Star. It's owned by Kagami Yoshimizu. Note: Now I get to use Shiraishi and Akira.
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Akira Kagami really was in a foul mood today. She knew that it was Valentines day was coming up. She was in a foul mood as she had nobody to celebrate it with. Sure she was busy with Lucky Channel...but she was also on very bad terms with Shiraishi. That is, after that Mount Fuji incident. Still, she was pissed that nobody remembered to get her anything. Not even a lousy card. Well, that's not entirely true. Konata and her gang sent her cards and chocolates through the mail. She at least appreciated that effort. Kagami just sent cash since she wasn't that domestic. Akira wasn't complaining. She needed the cigarette money. Still, she decided she'd be nice to Shiraishi. After being called out in public during the culture festival at really wasn't the best thing to happen. Still she put her feet up on the desk and she called Shiraishi into her office. The producers decided that those two now were bringing in ratings after that major fight.

"Hey...what's this all about?" Shiraishi asked suspiciously.

"Valentines day is coming up and I ain't got shit to give," Akira snapped.

"Well, if you would quit acting like a spoiled brat you'd have more than zero friends," Shiraishi then

"How many friends do you have?" Akira then asked...before attempting to bring poor Shiraishi to earth...hard.

"Let's see, I have a lot more than you," Shiraishi then said.

"'re right!" Akira then said. Still, she went in her desk and got the money Kagami sent her. "It ain't chocolate so don't say I didn't do shit for you."

"Thank you...I'm on my way to work," Shiraishi then said.

"Huh...where'd you get work at?"

"Didn't you hear, I'm doing an audio drama for Haruhi Suzumiya later this afternoon."

'He's rubbing elbows with the best in the business!' Akira thought.

Well, she then decided to go and make nice with Shiraishi just this once. She put her shoes on and bolted down to the candy shop. She was going to want something in return on March 14 from Shiraishi. However, she didn't know that he was steady planning her White Day since December 26 of last year. Once she came from the candy shop...she went to the anime recording studio. She was dismayed when they banned her from there after that incident with Daiskue Ono...trying to jump him for the wrong reasons. She grumbled and went to his apartment. He was there, cooking dinner.

"I thought you had to record today?" Akira then said.

"I did too...apparently Daiskue ended up catching the flu yesterday and everybody had to cancel their plans," Shiraishi then said.

"That sucks royally," Akira then said.

"I know...but your flu came when you were tapped to be on another TV show."

"That really sucked you know," Akira then said.

"Here you are," Shiraishi then said. "I'm out on my own, but I always cook for two."

"At least you have leftovers," Akira then said.

"Oh, is that chocolate?" Shiraishi then said.

"Yeah, It's supposed to make you all horny and stuff."

"Trust me...if I were that lucky...I'd try it."

Akira then let out a laugh. It appeared that she really didn't know Shiraishi at all. Shiraishi also knew that he really didn't know Akira. Still they decided to keep up the persona that they hated each other. Still, they knew Valentines day was coming up. However after dinner, Akira decided to make herself at home. Shiraishi then had one rule.

"You'll have to go outside and smoke," He then said.

"Damn, that really blows chunks," Akira then said harshly.

Well...she really couldn't win every battle...