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Kagami's Secret Passion

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Kagami Hiiragi is one of those students who, one would call a social snob. However, that really isn't true. She is just a person who likes to study a lot. Her attitude towards those like Konata Izumi...and her own younger sister Tsukasa is a bit harsh. At school, Konata has had one of those weird outbursts of something that only happens in the anime, games, or manga. Kagami then had to interject in this.

"That can't happen in real life," Kagami said simply.

"Well, you never know," Konata then said.

"Whatever," Kagami said, "It really is a miracle that you're here at this school."

"Hey, the real miracle is that Tsukasa is at this school," Konata then returned.

This caught Tsukasa off guard. Well, Konata's grades aren't anything to brag about. However, she does try when she's bribed by her father. That's how she got her computer. However, Tsukasa is just too simple for even Konata. Later on that day, Kagami dropped by Konata’s homeroom and smiled. She got the latest light novel just yesterday. Konata smiled as she saw the artwork.

"So, you're a romantic type," Konata then said. "I thought you'd be an old maid."

"Shut up," Kagami said, "then again you must not want to go to Gamers this afternoon."

"ALRIGHT I'LL BE GOOD!" Konata cried out waiving her arms.

'She's too simple that it's sickening,' Kagami thought, 'I like it!"

"Hey, Kagami," Konata then said, "when you read a light novel, don't you hate when they have a cliff hanger?"

"Oh yeah it's annoying," Kagami then said, "but then I can imagine the outcome."

"You know, that's exactly what happened when I read a volume of Fruits Basket," Konata then said.

"I never figured you for the one who likes the romance novels," Kagami said.

"Well, you're so simple," Konata the background grew dark for some reason, "I can just depend on a hentai drawing."


They went to Gamers...and Konata actually had enough money to buy quite a few manga. Kagami decided to see what perversion Konata has with manga here. Kagami reads them on occasion...but her interests lie in light novels. Konata then saw Kagami pick up a manga, and was one of those educational-type books.

"So, you don't quit studying even when having fun?" Konata teased.

"Wait this is for Tsukasa!" Kagami protested.

"Sure, and I won't play a video game for a week," Konata said dully.

"You're too blunt," Kagami said.

"Ah, here's one that'd be more your speed," Konata then said picking up the first volume of Fruits Basket.

"If I wanted to read that, I'd done so already," Tsukasa then said.

"Your personality is like Akito's," Konata teased.

'Damn it, she has a way of roping people into reading stuff they don't want to."

They went to the counter and paid for their purchases. The clerks there were happy that Konata actually got something. Even so, they knew that they had to keep her in. From the first time she shopped there, they had called her Legendary Girl A. From then on...unfortunately, she'd either look, or not have enough money. Later on, Kagami came home with a whole lot of light novels and Manga.

"Oh, Kagami, you're back," Tsukasa said, "did Konata give you a hard time?"

"It was nothing, she decided that I should read at least one manga," Kagami said....rather dully.

"Oh, if it's Fruits Basket it's sad," Tsukasa then said.

'I got a feeling, we have gone though this,' Kagami then thought.

"Oh, you're not an Akito-type person," Tsukasa then said, "you're more of a...Kagura type person."

Kagami began to spit fire as Tsukasa ran away. However, once Kagami finished her homework, she went into her secret manga stash. She really didn't let on that she loved the stuff. She locked her door so she wouldn't get caught. She took out a manga her sister just dropped in while she was cleaning. However, she loved the Weather Report Girl manga.

'I can't imagine Konata as the weather report girl,' Kagami thought.

"Hey, Kagami," her mother started, "c'mon down for dinner!"

"Alright, I'll be down in a moment," Kagami then said.

Kagami was careful to put the manga away. She knew that she'd not have any privacy. She replaced it with the Fruits Basket manga and she went to dinner. The next day, Konata, and Miyuki came over. They were all doing homework...well, Konata copying off of Kagami again. However, she found the manga that Kagami was reading last night. She got careless and had it under her bed.

"I didn't know you were a hentai freak," Konata said, "I'd have trouble picturing you as the weather report girl."

'Damn...I've just been humiliated,' Kagami thought.

"Then again," Konata said, "I'm an airport runway, so I can't comment."

"Konata, please be quiet," Kagami then warned.

"Well, if you want, I have plenty of these kinds of manga, it's nothing to be ashamed about," Konata then said, laughing.

'It is my fault for holding Gamers as a carrot,' Kagami then said.

Kagami then explained that she got the comic from her sister. Konata understood. She then had a thought that even Konata thought were scary...however, that is too naughty! That aside, Konata found out about Kagami's secret passion for manga. Kagami vowed that she was going to get Konata back.