Macross Fan Fiction ❯ Heroes ❯ Introduction Chapter ( Chapter 1 )

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A/N- Well after being a fan for so long, I have finally tried to write my first Robotech story, and though the first chapter only basically has OC's, the story will have the main characters of the SDF-1 in it.
Chapter One
On the deck of the recently finished Promethus, stood a man, he was not a tall man, being only 5'9, but then most pilots were not tall. He was a thin guy who if you saw look like must of a threat, he blue eyes, and short brown hair added to this image, but that image would have been deceiving. Looking out to the island, and the huge super-fortress that was sitting on the island, he sighed, thinking of all the events that had occurred to make this say happen. He raised his hand to the back of his neck has he remember a very different time, a time were the whole world was mad with chaos and violence, the time of the Global War.
He had been involved in the late part of the war, joining the Untied States Navy in April of 99. He flew mostly over Southeast Asia for the months before “the vistor” arrived. Thought there was still much over the next ten years, it was nothing compared to the violence that racked the earth Before the UEG came into being. During the 10 years, he had been stationed in Bosnia, and in 2007, he was became a test pilot for both the Lancer II, and for the Valkyries. Then just 2 weeks earlier he had been reassigned to the Promethus, and given command of one of two of the Carriers squadrons, the Crow Squadron.
He then though back to the first meeting that he had with his new squadron. He had just arrived on board the large aircraft carrier, when he was told to have a meeting with the rest of his squadron to get to know who would be under his command.
He walked into the room where the other pilots had already assembled, there were five pilots sitting in the room. He was stunned at the age of the five none of them could have been older then 22. The thought this because after the war he figured that the squadrons of made of more experience fighter pilots, like Wolf squadron, the other Veritech squadron on the Promethus was.
He the looked out and said to the group of pilots, “Good to see you all made it, as I am sure you know by know you have been picked to be in my new squadron, I am you know am First Lieutenant Jack Russell, I would like to know just who I now have under my command.”
When he finished he watch as a tall blond stood up with a large smile on his face, and said with a Norwegian accent, “I am Sergeant Agar Kinsley, it is a honor to be serving under a veteran like you.”
“Agar, stup sucking up,” said a short Brown haired mad who was sitting next to Kinsley who spoke with a Southern accent, “Sir, I am Private Jonathan Aris.”
“Now, you two keep it down, I am sure the Lieutenant does not was to deal with you two, I am Private Jeremy Benton,” Jeremy said in a obvious British accent. Jeremy looked the role of a young noble that he was rumored to be. He was tall and well built with long brown hair, and brown eyes.
“Now that is all good, but I am the only who can fly worth anything, Lieutenant, I am Private Juan Gonzalez,” Juan said with a very Brazilian Accent. He was a large man with brown eyes and short dark brown hair.
“All of you boy are really something, I am sure Lieutenant is regretting getting us for his command,” A tall redhead woman said with a very heavy Russian accent, “I am Sergeant Major, Tasha Nickolisus.”
“Well from what I am told each of you are pretty good, I want to make sure of that, you never know when war will break out, and after the last war, I don't want to be prepared for anything, I am assigning you double the sim pratice these next to weeks, that is all,” Jack said as he left the room.
“Wow, he is going to be a hard commander,” Jonathan said with a worried face.
“Well that man is a long time vet, I am sure he has his reason, hey it not like we can afford to get any better right,” Agar said.
“True, hey I bet I bet you best score,” Jonathan said with a smirk.
“Your on, you could never beat me,” Agar said as they left the room
“I guess boys will be boys,” Tasha said following them.
Jack been watching the actions of the pilots from outside the room and moved aside as they walked by him, he knew that this was going to be a interesting go.
:End of Flashback:
Jack smiled, at the progress the pilot had made in the two weeks since he first meet them, each were improving at a high rate, and he was slowly getting used to all of the pilots.
“Hey Russell, what are you looking so down for man, it the big day remember, the day we get to show the world what are Veritechs can do. This is not the time to be in a down mode,” A voice said.
Jack turned around to see who was speaking to him, and not at all to his surprise had he seen a man with unruly black hair, and very confident look to him. He knew him as Wolf Leader, and as the man he had know for his whole life as the other Jack, Jack Archer. He and Jack had meet at the end of the war, and the two men became good friends, mainly because Archer was so different then he was, He was confident, and never took anything serious like, where as Russell was always planning the next step, plain what would be the right move.
“Well Archer, I was just admiring how large that ship over there is,” Russell said, “Oh did you see that civilian pilot enter into the demonstration earlier, he was pretty good.”
“Yeah sure did,” Archer said, “He was..”
Before finishing his statement, something totally unpredicted happened, the SDF-1 fired a huge beam of light into the sky. At that second the red alert signals went off all over the ship.
“It looks like our days of fighting aren't over yet,” Archer said.
“I am afraid that your right,” Russell responded with a serious tone.