Macross Fan Fiction ❯ Macross "VF-X Ravens" ❯ Chpt1 - Mission 1: Giant Lullaby ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 1
Mission 1: Giant Lullaby - August 15th, A.D 2050
Footnote: This chapter is basically a starter and has lots of dialogue(and kinda shows you what the remaining chapters will look like) The story focuses more on individual character development rather than the battles but I'll still add spice to them. Unless you're willing to read through the initial lack of excitement... then otherwise just stop reading, I didn't force you to come here anyway. Thanks. =) No insult was meant.
In low-orbit, four VFs begin to approach the planet Earth...
“Alpha team, preparations check report!” ordered a voice.
“Alpha 2, ready”
“3, ready”
“Uh... 4... standby”
Gilliam Angreat: “Still in standby!? What do you think you're doing!”
Aegis Focker: “Hey, I'm still adjusting to the new piloting system here, give me time already!”
Gilliam: “This is pathetic, you get assigned as my wingman and produce such “newbie” results”.
Aegis: “Hey! I'm a qualified top gun of my group!”
Gilliam: “Then show me what you've got then.”
Aegis: “Hmmph... Alpha 4! Ready!”
Gilliam: “ Good... Alpha Squad, proceed!”
The fighters begin to descend into Earth's atmosphere, as their VF's burn up during entry. Moments later, hostiles were detected within range.
“Alpha 2, enemy sighted.”
“3, enemy sighted.”
Aegis: “That... that is...”
Gilliam: “That's right, our mission objective... the SDF Macross!”
Another voice, a female's, follows up with the mission commencement orders.
Eimi Clocks: “Commencing mission start countdown.”
With a T minus 10 second countdown in the background, Captain Gilliam does a final check.
Gilliam: “Alpha 2, 3! Take the right flank.”
Gilliam: “Let's see what you've got... Cherry Ace =)...”
Aegis: “Alpha 4, Roger!” Just watch it, I'll show you just what I'm made of!”
A squadron of five “Valkyries” follow up ahead and Aegis watches them carefully, aligning his targeting reticule at the five fighters, hearing the familiar lock-on signal, Aegis releases a salvo of missiles at each of the fighters. (In their age, technology has advanced to the level that missiles need not be big to deal big damage. Missiles are much smaller and yet carry explosives enough to cripple a fighter easily. Now, they can easily carry at least numerous loads of these missiles with an auto-reloader fitted into their jets.) Striking down four of them, Aegis gets slightly pissed and chases the last fighter, tearing the skies with machine gun fire. While Gilliam quickly circles the sky and traps the desperate fighter craft with his “Excalibur”. With a stream of machine gun bursts, Aegis successfully takes the fighter down.
Aegis: “Heh... simpler than I thought...”
Aegis and Gilliam continues to intercept the remaining incoming fighters while another conversation goes on between them...
Gilliam: “Don't be too cocky! Cherry Ace =)! I once had a wingman whom was too proud for his own good, he carelessly got shot down in battle and it was a big humiliation even after his death.”
Aegis: “Ya... I got what you said~~~”
Gilliam: “Don't use that tone... just acknowledge it right”
Aegis: “Hai Hai... ...”
Gilliam: “Drop those words would you...”
Aegis makes scrap out of the last fighter plane in sight, while Gilliam comments slightly on his performance.
Gilliam: “Heh... at least you're showing some good performance, but let's see you keep that up!”
Eimi: “Captain, incoming “Thunderbolt” fighter from low altitude!”
A white fighter of the “Thunderbolt” classes zooms vertically between and puts up a serious fight. Aegis breaks away quickly and launches two missiles at the Thunderbolt. But it avoided them and returned fire at Aegis' Valkyrie. Transforming into Gerwalk mode, Aegis attempts to hover around and hit the Thunderbolt from a position, busy avoiding the assault from Aegis, Gilliam sneaks from behind and deals a cheap shot to the Thunderbolt fighter.
Aegis: “Hey! No fair!”
Attention is then paid to the SDF Macross, as a rocket propels out of the water. Rising to high altitude, the rocket shell bursts open, revealing a crimson red and unmanned jet fighter called the “Ghost”. Aegis stares at the “Ghost” and suddenly it bolts around in front of him, Aegis is surprised by the astonishing speed of the fighter.
Gilliam: “Ghost fighters are very fast and extremely difficult to strike down. If you're skilled enough, you'd know how to outgun them.”
Gilliam deliberately breaks away and let's Aegis handle the Ghost. Watching the speedy Ghost move, Aegis desperately tries to get a lock on the fighter. Having no combat experience against such a fighter craft, Aegis relies on his wits to deal with the situation, however, the Ghost wasn't letting Aegis relax yet, launching a trail of missiles while it bolts vertically towards Aegis, he quickly blasts off and dives away from the missiles' trajectory. Much to his annoyance, Aegis switches to Battroid mode and tries to gun the Ghost down with his luck. It was a vain effort as Aegis notices nothing seems to hit... not even one bullet! (The bullets specially releases a spark upon impact to show a hit/ and if not, a miss.) Annoyed more than before, he reverts to Fighter mode and looks at his arsenal... Standard missiles... Chaff... Micro missiles...?... remembering what he saw from his training manual, he switches to micro missiles and tries again to lock the Ghost fighter. Bolting quickly around, Aegis manages to lock a number and releases a quick salvo, the micro missiles immediately stream towards the Ghost fighter and takes the engines out, rendering the propulsion system useless. With pleasure, Aegis simply guns the shell of the fighter down and up goes the Ghost fighter in flames.
Gilliam: “Great work Aegis~~.... Eimi, performance report?”
Eimi: “Battle rating, 140%”
Gilliam: “Good. Alpha squad check in!”
Aegis: “Roger, Roger...”
Gilliam: “?... What?”
Aegis: “Roger, over and out.”
The mission ends immediately as Aegis and the others eject out of the simulation system pods. Aegis stretches himself as he walks towards Gilliam and the other two pilots towards the debriefing room. Moments later, debriefing commences, and Captain Gilliam evaluates Aegis' performance and dismisses the others, wanting a private word with him.
Gilliam: “Well, from now on, you're now my wingman from the next mission onwards.”
Aegis: “Well thanks captain, I showed you didn't I?”
Gilliam: “We'll see about that from now on... Cherry Ace =)”
Aegis gives him the usual frown on hearing the name “Cherry Ace” and simply walks away...
In the changing room, Aegis displaces his pilot suit and changes back into his regulation pilot's uniform. Decided he needed to cool off from the constant name calling from Captain Gilliam, Aegis takes a stroll to the lounge. Surprisingly, nobody is there except Eimi Clocks(Cmmdr Wilbur's secretary and Aegis's mission controller), whom was staring out the viewing hall. Aegis then silently orders a glass of wine from the bartender. Walking up to her, Aegis greets her and offers her the drink. Taken by surprise, Eimi turns around swaying her long, green hair across her shoulders. Aegis hides his blushing and holds his hand out, offering the goblet of wine in his hand. Staring at the delicious red wine, Eimi kindly accepts his offer and sips it slowly, while the duo talk about their current day affairs. Noticing that Aegis has a nice, approachable attitude, Eimi couldn't help but stare at him. With a slightly confused look, Aegis simply smiles at her. While inside Eimi, her heart was melting... she was falling in love with Aegis Focker, she told herself.
Aegis: “Why is it so empty around here...?”
Eimi: “That's because... most of them are probably on duty...” she said shyly with her face down.
Aegis watch the bartender turn away wiping his glasses and quickly approaches Eimi to her face and again taken by surprise, kisses Eimi there and then.
Eimi: “ *Gasp*... mmm~~~”
Aegis had already noticed how Eimi reacted to him in the beginning ever since he was transferred to the VFX-Ravens mobile base. And Aegis himself found a liking for Eimi as well, although not in a complete relationship yet, it was just the beginning. The kiss... was the beginning.
Eimi, completely flush red, held her clipboard file against her chest and covering her face with her shroud of hair, completely dazzled by what Aegis just did to her. He stood up and bade farewell to the young lady, paying for the drink he ordered and left the lounge. Eimi trailed her fingers to her lips, slowly licking them in satisfaction... Aegis' life... and love life onboard the VFX-Raven base is just beginning...