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Chapter 7
Approximately a month after Gilliam's disappearance, Aegis was sure that he had been marked as KIA, since there was no hint of contact from Gilliam. Now saddened by this tragic occurrence, Aegis' mind was never at rest ever since his disappearance during Snow White. He had very well earned the Captain's respect, flying on missions with him. However... regrettable as it is, it was through Gilliam's guidance that he could improve on his skills and assigned Wing Leader of Alpha Squadron...
Also in the same month, Aegis and crew were shuttled back to Earth...
A simulation test was just over; Aegis standing high against the room's unlit walls. He exited the machine without much sway, stepping into the control room where Eimi was in. Reviewing the test results individually, he listened without much attention paid... Obvious to Eimi... what Aegis could have been thinking... Exiting silently, Eimi and Aegis then trudged their way up the elevated pathway leading to the lounge, silently without a word uttered...
Eimi: “Aegis...? AEGIS...?”
Aegis: “Uh... sorry... what is it?”
Eimi: “ Are you sure you're alright, you have been looking pale and uptight ever since Gilliam's disappearance... Is he the reason...?”
Aegis: “Uh...”
Eimi: “I feel the same... Captain Gilliam was in command long before I came into service in VF-X Ravens... He was already piloting since the age of 20 and served 24 years in Alpha Squadron...”
Aegis: “You seem to know his history very well...” Glancing at Eimi...
Eimi: “Don't be mistaken... He was an admirable Captain underneath that tough exterior. Even Commander would praise him openly for his efforts. It was only not long ago that he earned his commanding fighter “Excalibur”...”
Aegis: “I see... Gilliam...”
Eimi: “But let's not dwell on it shall we? For all we know he might very well be alive somewhere but just can't find a way to return here... I'm sure that's the case... Captain Gilliam won't be taken down that easily...”
Aegis: “Thanks... you sure are optimistic...”
Eimi: “VF-X Ravens would have been finished if everyone thought pessimistically...”
They finally reached the red little room just as they finished their conversation. The decor of the lounge was splendid... Carpets... well-plastered walls and even a mini library stocked with books about the Renaissance... It felt like more than a lounge... it's a haven for any quiet mind, anyone who enjoys reading through books alone in his or her personal world... only smaller...
Aegis fell dead on the couch exhausted by all his thinking about Gilliam for the past weeks, Eimi was busy scanning some books to see if she could find anything of interest. Just before she was about to pull out a hard-covered book, Eimi thought she heard something from Aegis... soft snores... the poor man was dead beat... Eimi relaxed at the sight of Aegis in his peaceful sleep. Staring in awe as if he was a diamond, Eimi lowered her body by Aegis' side, crouched even lower until she almost knelt and pecked him lightly on his cheeks that left a faded trail of lipstick marking. As for Aegis whom was already dreaming in Wonderland, he could hardly feel the soft sensation of lips against his fleshy cheeks- for Aegis was well-built and tall, muscles in the right proportions.
She left the room to attend to unfinished business, reluctant to leave Aegis alone, yet again reluctant to wake him from his slumber...
Seems like hours that Aegis had slept, as he stretched his stiffened body, limp from the position he slept in. Unaware of the lipstick marking on his cheek, he walked out of the room towards the hallway, so happens that Tohma and Suzie were passing by.
Suzie & Tohma: “Hmm...?”
Aegis: “???”
Both together: “Who's your girlfriend Captain Aegis?”
Aegis: “What are you talking about?”
Suzie pointed to the part of his cheek with the faded lipstick, but surprised that Aegis really didn't know it was there at all as he stared at the mirror reflection of the wall, indeed the mark was faded but present... Throwing his mouth agape... he knew who was the only one who could have done that...
Aegis: “I have no idea how this could have got here... I was sleeping in the lounge since noon...”
Tohma: “Aren't you going to clear the mark first?”
Embarrassingly, Aegis searches his pockets for his handkerchief and wipes off that red mark...
Just before he could replace his handkerchief into his pocket, the mission alert siren sounded briefly, followed by a detailed announcement for Alpha Squadron to assemble. The trio headed post haste into the briefing room, saluting their Commander as he quickly introduced yet another Mission Controller, Clara Calette. Having transferred from UN Spacy HQ to assist VF-X Ravens, she was assigned to control this mission just as she had arrived... Lucky...
Mission 6: "Singin' in the Rain" - November 14th, A.D 2050
It was currently raining in the brightly-lit city at 2125hrs... The designated time for the mission to commence was 2130hrs. Aegis does the routine check on his team members who were responsible for covering the skies over the city.
Aegis: “Tohma, Suzie, check in...”
Tohma: “Skies clear, no sign of enemy.”
Suzie: “Nothing else would be intruding I guess.”
Aegis: “Continue covering the skies while the mission commences.”
Aegis slowly descends from Gerwalk mode into Battroid mode onto an unused highway and scans his surroundings. All seems quiet... however, Black Raven mechs were scouting within the city for any signs of VF-X Ravens. Not long after, a gun mech steps into view around the corner of a building, surprised by the presence of a VF-17D Nightmare. It turned towards Aegis but too slowly that it was crippled before it could fire off a single round. Silently moving across the city area in stealth, Aegis kept the laser rifle near his Nightmare's torso, ready to seek and fry any Black Raven mech immediately. Spotting two white mechs that looked like the type seen in “Star Wars”. converting into Gerwalk mode, Aegis briefly locked his missiles onto their targets and skipped sideways across the shroud of buildings releasing several of them at the mechs. Trapped like caged mice in a single path of fire.
As he was conducting his mission, Clara patched in...
Clara: “Captain, I understand the loss of Captain Gilliam has been hard on you, so I hope... I'll be able to do anything for you during this mission to keep your spirits up.”
Aegis: “Haha... thanks but no worries, I'm fine as always... But I believe... someday Gilliam might return... It doesn't matter how it is done...”
Clara: “I suppose you are right Captain, we should always look on the bright side of things...”
The transmission ended... No signs of reinforcement... Aegis thought to himself. Proceeding to the city center, atop the administration building stood a black mech, tall and shining in the bright moonlight. Unknown to Aegis, the mech pilot watched him move toward the adjacent corner of his position.
???: “Look who we have here... some pipsqueak in a place where he shouldn't be...”
Aegis: “That voice...?!”
???: “Heh... time for me to settle you...”
The enemy mech in Battroid mode leaped down gliding along the path towards Aegis- Aegis knew... it was Black Raven's leader, Timoshie Daldahnton. Although Aegis was prepared for his presence, one little setback had foiled his plans...
Aegis: “No radar signature... is his mech a Nightmare version?...
Worst still, being under the night sky fighting a dark-colored, in fact almost black enemy mech is most undesired. Relying on visual contact was the only way out of this mess, and Aegis was not too enthusiastic about this... Roaming around the city silently, Timoshie let out multiple bursts of vulcan fire from all around Aegis is quick succession. It was obvious that Timoshie's mech in Battroid mode had more mobility over his own Nightmare... Not knowing where your enemy is especially without radar is painstaking to deal with. Aegis jumped out of the building cover and tried to spot his enemy from the clear. No results... Aegis headed backwards towards the open field areas, trying to lure Timoshie out...
Timoshie: “Nice try... but I'll take you on anytime...”
He pulled his Nightmare out from the building cover into the vast open fields and saw nothing.
Timoshie: “What...”
Up above, A Nightmare in Battroid mode, Aegis prepped to immediately fire the laser rifle beam. Sensing the danger, the Black Raven leader quickly moved out of harm's way, fortunate enough to avoid the laser shot.
Aegis: “Heh... you're good...”
Timoshie: “It's called experience... loser.”
Racing into the building cover this time, Aegis thought of another brilliant plan. He didn't have much time to consider as Timoshie was closing from his rear, firing endless volleys of vulcan cannon, often shredding concrete and glass off the buildings. Aegis found a perfectly unlit street and disappeared into the darkness ahead of him. Giving chase, Timoshie had not suspected he was falling for a trap. Exiting the building cover again, looking to his left, a chaff pack release caught his attention as the red flares sparkled in the darkness.
Timoshie: “What's the chaff release for...!!!”
Too late, from his right, Aegis released a charged blast from his laser rifle striking the enemy Nightmare in the hip joint, blowing away one gun arm from the shockwave. Timoshie growled in pain as felt the electric discharge strike him and watched the broken gun arm on the field beside him. He'd lost the fight, unwilling to admit it though; simply just flew away into the night skies.
Timoshie: “Can't believe I let my guard down again on you. There won't be a next time!”
Aegis: “Curse you again... stay where you are!”
Timoshie: “Fool!”
Suzie: “... ... Fool eh.... can't believe he'd call you that even when he lost...”
Aegis: “Let's resume the mission.”
Hunting down remnant Black Raven forces in the city, Aegis' radar suddenly picks up a large land unit across the city airfield. Jumping over the parameter fence of the airport, a red land mech races towards Aegis and stops a hundred yards away from him.
Aegis: “That's...”
Clara: “It's a land mech developed by the Black Ravens... it's called “Black Rainbow”.
Tohma: “Fancy the enemy picking a fancy name for this mech...”
With a threatening glare, the machine equipped a sort of cannon mounted on its back, beginning to release artillery fire from a distance. The artillery launcher spread 3 waves of 5 energy shots every few seconds, giving Aegis hardly any space to attack. With only the occasional salvo of missiles and lots of laser gunning was all he could rely on. Slinking around the land mech, Aegis fought hard to avoid the energy clusters and random launches of multi missiles from the enemy. Aegis kept up the strafing until the Black Rainbow pilot began to fume... Spreading a final wave of energy clusters, the laser mounted on its back suddenly swung wide from its left sweeping full blast to its right and back to left again... barely slicing the Nightmare's head away; had Aegis not transformed into Gerwalk mode to avoid the laser that was swinging over the head.
Just as Aegis recovered in time to attack, the land mech yet again attacked just before he could do anything. Suddenly raining from the skies, two cluster missiles were deployed some distance above Black Rainbow, with the 30 micro missiles launching from their free-fall positions. The Black Rainbow took a heavy beating, crippling it almost immediately under the heavy missile barrage. Hovering to the side of the Black Rainbow, Aegis discharged two shots from his laser rifle, setting the rendered-useless machine into flames then shattering the mech apart with the second blast.
Looking up, Aegis saw two Thunderbolts descend from the skies to join Aegis in his victory. Tohma and Suzie gave a thumbs-up to Aegis from where they landed, yards away from the now shattered Black Rainbow.
Clara: Mission “Singin' In The Rain, was a success. Alpha Squadron Captain, please report in.”
Aegis: “Roger... ...I uh...” Aegis closed the multi comm link function before continuing...
Clara: “Yes?”
Aegis: “I was wondering... what are you interested in...”
Clara: “Interested in?... About what things?”
Aegis: “A date actually...”
Clara: “Huh?”
Aegis: “I'll tell you more later when I get back.”
Flying back to base after some debrief, Aegis goes to check his Nightmare for damage, as he starts thinking about his newly acquired date, Clara.
After designating some personal repair duties to the engineers, Aegis makes off for his date with Clara, spotted by two other pilots as they left the compound. Whilst Eimi, whom was searching for Aegis happened to just ask those two others pilots for any signs of him. ... Eimi held back her emotions and tears, unwilling to let the young pilots sense her distress. Thanking them quickly, she ran off in the other direction of the exit hallway.
Pilot 1: “Was it something we said?”
Pilot 2: “No... but something tells me Captain Aegis did something wrong here...”