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Chapter 8
Aegis was leading a good and successful life as ever since his first “debut” mission and as Captain in VF-X Ravens' Alpha Squadron. With two interesting wingmen whom have became more than just military friends to him and a whole lot more other interesting happenings inside and outside VF-X Ravens. The only thing missing was a girl partner though. Thinking about this for so long, Aegis begins to realise he hasn't asked Eimi about something... something he wanted to talk to her about long ago... Deciding on it, he went in search of Eimi... Trying out his luck of finding her in her personal room. No response... no luck... “Couldn't have gone far...” he thought to himself...
He wanted to make today special with Eimi, but that means he must find Eimi first. Bumping into Bridgette along the way towards the viewing gallery, she told him that Eimi had gone into the city alone... somehow depressed, as she described to Aegis. Thanking her in a fluster, he jogged past Bridgette, heading for the exit hallway.
Bridgette: “I wonder...”
Aegis then met up with the entrance guard whom saluted him briefly before permitting his exit. With only the clue “city” to begin with, Aegis tried hard to search for her. In the midst of his search, he stopped by this special shop...
... Hours later... Aegis still could not find Eimi in spite of having combed almost the whole city for a full 5 hours. Saddened by his unfulfilled wishes, Aegis whom had ridden his motorbike out to town, parked it on the empty pathway that he was on, clutch locked down in place. Watching the sunset over the vantage point at a park, he couldn't help but notice some loving young couples, even younger than him... “16-18”, he'd reckoned from their looks. Kind of rude to stare, but Aegis just couldn't help shaking off the loneliness he was feeling...
Another hour had past, he contacted Bridgette back in the base... still no sign of her return... Tired yet unwilling to return to the home base yet, Aegis found a long bench nearby. He shifted his bike towards the bench, and fell asleep...hands behind his head for support, lying down peacefully along the hard length of the gravel-ridden bench. Unbeknownst to Aegis who was still in slumber, a young girl had walked right up to the railings where he last stood, only nearer to him. The girl began to watch the stars in the sky... as she mumbled to herself... “Orion Hunter” which was the current constellation she could see in the dark sky.
In the quiet of night, there could only be the possible sounds of gently splashing waves and some insects, perhaps crickets and cicadas amongst flora and fauna. Somehow rather, soft snores could be heard some distance from her... She tapped her ears in curiosity, trying to detect the source of the sound. She moved to her left, noticing the motorbike that had been there since she came, but not Aegis as the bench faced opposite her. The snoring stopped, and Eimi had taken a good look at the dark figure lying motionless on the bench.
Eimi: “Ae...Aegis?”
Turning to the other side of the bench, she noticed his right hand had fallen off the bench hanging still. Yet on that very hand, bathed in the bright moonlight, two sparkling pieces of items in his grip. The hold on them was loose and Eimi slipped them off easily. Staring at the dazzling items in surprise... they weren't just items... but two gold plated necklaces, and two pendants, seemed to have broken in half. One encrusted with a small ruby and another with a sapphire. Not long after she replaced them gently in his hand, a stray puppy that was breathing up her slender legs surprised her that she gasped quite loudly, enough to wake Aegis from his sleep. Now in shock at Aegis whom was suddenly awake, she flustered in panic to get away from him. Hoping he would not recognize her even in the moonlight alone. With quick reflexes, Aegis caught the mysterious girl by her arm, thinking she thought tried to snatch the necklaces in his hands. Now replacing them in his pockets, he demanded from the girl what was her intention. To be scared or shocked, she could not decide, all she could bear was the look of sadness as tears streaked down her smooth skin and cheeks. Aegis turned the girl around gently, in a mixed emotional rampage of joy and sadness, he confirmed her identity and took her into his embrace. Eimi gasped softly at his sudden reaction, as she instinctively wrapped her hands gently and seductively around Aegis. Both kissed and hugged under the bright moonlight, set into a romantic ambience. In a gentle yet teary smile...
Aegis: “Where have you been... I was searching for you for hours...”
Eimi: “I'm sorry... if I hadn't felt jealous...”
Aegis: “Wha?...”
Eimi: “Yesterday, I saw you and Clara walking out together headed towards the plains on your bike... I thought... you had found someone else... that's why...”
Aegis heaved a gentle sigh...
Aegis: “Actually I took her out on a date... *giggling* on a bike riding trip in the plains only because that's the only place I can speed on my bike. Clara liked this kind of excitement so I though I'd take her out for that purpose.
Eimi: “Yes...”
Aegis kissed her passionately against, with Eimi letting out a loud `Mmmph~~~' as her body was caressed together. He lied her down on the cold park bench, with his large Honda-AMX motorbike and some large shrouding trees nicely in position as cover. He massaged her body and made her relax, as he stripped half of her clothes... pleasuring her deep under the bright moonlight...
Sleeping side by side together in arms embrace, the sunrise had caught up with them shining its benevolent rays on plant and human life alike. Waking up from the glare, Aegis rubbed his eyes and gently nudged Eimi, who was sound asleep still. On the moment she woke, she bent her waist over and kissed Aegis again, who in return rubbed her chest in comfort.
Eimi: “Naughty~~~”
No sooner had they prepared to return to VF-X Raven base, Suzie rang Aegis up through his cell phone.
Suzie: “Captain, another mission incoming, you've got an hour to get back and prepare. See ya!”
She had immediately hung up but he got the message, told Eimi and left the together park on his bike.
Mission 7: "Pinocchio" - December 1st, A.D 2050.
Aegis led the mission with Tohma as wingmen, while Suzie had joined another squadron leading a diversionary attack. Piloting a specially designed VA-3M Invader with Fighter/Sub mode meant for underwater operations, Aegis took to the ocean following the destruction of 5 enemy submarine carriers patrolling the waters deep below the Colony, Eden 3.. Specifically, the objective- clear out the submarines for their AA capabilities, then infiltrate and destroy the new and devastating weapon of the Critical Path Corporation- The Laser Flagship. Manfred Brando once again made his appearance with his Target Jamming Device to protect his new creation; he was defeated but not destroyed. Efforts to follow Brando by Tohma were useless as he lost him through stealth.
December 25th.
It was Christmas season in VF-X Raven base, as committee members planned for some festivities to be held inside and outside the base(Of course while maintaining battle functionality and putting auto-weapons on defense) Christmas trees, trinkets, mistletoes and what not, you name it, they had it. All these decorations stored away in a remote section of the base where such items are kept. The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter as people exchanged simple; some expensive gifts with one another. As a gift from the commander himself... he dismissed the usual base protocols and regulations and offered everyone free time from daybreak until the next day, where everyone should be at least operationally ready for anything that happens(which was the same every year).
In and around the base parameters, couples were seen walking about, holding hands, kissing and what not... except for sexual promiscuity, the only rule that should be kept enforced... unless behind closed and locked doors... Aegis and Eimi had no intention for that. Tonight was a graceful and holy night, nothing of such should be done, that... they both agreed on.
Amongst the noticeable pairings, Bridgette was approached by one of the squadron pilots and they both took their hands. Clara was talked into going with Tohma while Suzie picked a cool looking veteran-elite pilot whom she kinda admired... second to Aegis that is. Aegis thought... If Gilliam had been here... he would have wondered whom Gilliam might have picked up. But knowing Gilliam's attitude, he'd probably pick a nice spot, with a bottle of liquor or two, drink to his satisfaction for the night alone... or perhaps with his squad lackeys. Remembering Gilliam again, Aegis couldn't help but feel depressed again.
Alas, its time for the fireworks to begin... from the opposite end of the runway section, firework launch tubes were setup by volunteer staff, usually the engineers. Couples waited in anticipation as they managed to see from a mile away, the engineers trying hard to setup fast. Until the final minute, the engineers gave the clear, and by procedure... about a hundred rockets launched. first one by one, then in pairs or triples, then down to the last 24, an awesome blast of 6 rockets in 4 successions, forming a spectacular shower of light and flares in the sky. Come to think of it, it's also a free show for the city people, if they caught a clear view of the fireworks display that is.
12midnight, closing time. The night was declared over, as couples gave their final kisses and hugs for which they won't be able to enjoy for a while. Eimi and Aegis bade farewell to each other as they headed into their rooms, thinking of each other throughout their dreams... dream all they can... for another mission was inevitably awaiting them the next day...