Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction / Pani Poni Dash! Fan Fiction ❯ I Am Negima!?, AND SO CAN YOU! Act I ❯ Epilogue: "I WROTE THIS SCHEME!?" By the Author ( Epilogue )

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Scheme!? Final Mix
Epilogue: I WROTE THIS SCHEME by the Author
So the end of this tale came to pass.
Even as I wonder just why all of these events have occurred, there was little I could vary. What I have told in these words on the interwebs has been the tale as it had happened in legends, no deviations whatsoever. I swear upon my— “GET ON WITH IT!” Geez, you're all an impatient lot.
Negi's team stepped into Evangeline's cottage after arriving back from their world. Of course, they were met with many cheers and hugs.
“Negi-sensei!” Nodoka cried happily, leading the brigade of girls that showered him with hugs.
“Becky!” Of course, the other child teacher was not left out of the praise. Kurumi hugged her as well, and all the students swarmed her with equal fervor as Negi. "You saved the whole universe!"
“What are we, chopped liver?!” Misora complained.
“Aw come on, let the Negi brigade have some fun,” Chao pulled her back.
Hell, even Eva had some congratulatory laughter to offer to the boy. “Not bad, not bad! Just as I imagined, you work well with Miyamoto. Chao was right in calling her here.”
“But I bet all of your are tired, yes? Staying up all night to keep hope in the fate of the universe and all that good stuff.” She noted with amusement that indeed, everyone that wasn't Chachamaru or Chao appeared fairly tired and weak. “Too bad for you, it's seven in the morning, two hours away from classes...” She took a last sip of some warm and likely caffeine-ridden beverage. “...and I am fresh out of coffee.” There were suddenly very dangerous looks in her direction. “Don't even think about it. Even in my current state I could tear all of you apart.
Luckily, Takamichi appeared, averting potential disaster! “Hey guys. I heard you were up all night, saving the world. The dean wanted you guys to have this tea.” He presented a prepared tea set. The mere fragrance of the stuff seemed to revitalized the tired students' spirits. “It'll help keep you awake... just for today. You'll be responsible for your own sleep after that.”The students swarmed him for the tea. Evangeline merely harrumphed from her ruined moment of superiority.
Another week of studying and general nonsense passed, and with it, a second test from the brutal Nitta-sensei arrived at its end. To everyone's slight but pleasant surprise, Negi's class did much better this time around. As a matter of fact, nobody failed. Not even Asuna. The man was so suspicious he challenged the dean of all people with the scores. However when presented with the truth, it was said even the cruel Nitta-sensei shed manly tears of happiness.
And there was much partying that night. And it was good.
“Negi-kun?” Konoka peeked in his office. “You wanted to see me?”
The office was largely silent, minus Negi's scribbling various notes. Nobody but the two of them were there. “Thank you, Konoka-san. To tell you the truth I'm somewhat curious... you acted largely on your own during those last attacks from Cygnus. And that power... are you...?”
“Yep, Negi-kun! Secchan was hired to protect me because I'm the heir to a powerful line of healing magic, ya know.” Konoka smiled. “Supposedly I'm the descendant of the legendary Fujiwara Clan! Normally my father wanted me to live an ordinary life before I went into magic, but after those incidents with Secchan... I couldn't be oblivious anymore.”
“If you're that powerful, then won't the magic associations start worrying? Especially with you moving about on your own.”
“Why should they care? I'm still here, right?”
“Konoka-san,” Negi said, as sternly as he could while adjusting his glasses. “You can't afford to be reckless, especially since you are still inexperienced with your powers!” He groped for words for a bit before finally thinking of something that would appeal to her logic. “Think about how much work that would be for Setsuna-san!”
“But Negi-kun... that's why I want to be my own mage now,” Konoka said sadly. “I want to protect Secchan too... she can only do so much on her own, and I can only do so much under you. I admit I'm just a little bit selfish when I say that I fear for my sanity should anything happen to Secchan. So please...”
“I see,” Negi said seriously. “...if that's the case, I can't blame you. However, we're going to need to start training, so you can master those powers of yours. And you need to talk to the dean about this too! You powers can weaken your body severely if you use them wrong!” He finished chiding.
Konoka beamed. “Okay! When do we start?”
“As soon as I finish some English assignments. You better study for that test coming up...”
But alas, all good things come to an end. After a good month under the walls of Mahora, Becky concluded it was time to return back to Peach Moon Institute.
“It's been nice, but alas I gotta go back, make sure the rest of those losers haven't killed themselves and all that. So long, farwell, et cetera et cetera...” Becky waved to the class in a nonchalant manner.
“We're gonna miss you, Miyamoto-san!” was the general greeting. “And the rest of your class, too!”
“Rokugou-san!” Nodoka smiled and held her hands. “I enjoyed your company. Please feel free to visit!”
“Umm... o-okay!” Rokugou smiled nervously in return.
“Take care now, Rokugou-han!” Konoka smiled kindly. Setsuna, on the other hand, simply leered at all the newcomers.
Miyako, however, was stuck in a deep frown, trying to rack her brain over... something.
“What's wrong with you?” Chisame asked.
“There's something that still bothers me... but... I can't figure it out! And now I'm leaving. urrrgggghhhhh!” Miyako clawed her scalp.
“Good for you.”
“Write back often! You know Negi-sensei's gonna miss you!” Kazumi added slyly.
“You still have to put it in!” Haruna raunchily added. From this point on, for the safety of our possible younger readers, we will have to ignore any further statements from that woman.
And with that, Becky mumbled as she and her entourage left for the supposed bus that would ferry them back into the other side of Tokyo, where Peach Moon resided. Becky ignored the deluge of tears, excited chatting and merely thought inwardly. After all this time... where was Negi?
But of course, life often saves the best for last, because sitting by the bus was the old dean and Negi Springfield himself.
“Hohoho, think you'd be leaving without a word to your partner, did you?” The Dean raised an eyebrow.
Becky stood there, stunned.
Negi smiled demurely and offered a hand. “It was nice working with you, Miyamoto-san... no, Becky.”
There was a moment of silence. Then Becky flew in for a fierce hug, shocking... well, everybody. “Negi!” She hugged him tightly. “You better come visit!”
“Okay, okay! I promise,” Negi eased from his own shock into a gentle smile.
The dean, through all his years, always had to like young love. “Ah... what it is to be young. But here, remember, young Miyamoto. This bond you share with your students...” He raised a finger towards Becky, one eye open. “...and Negi's students, remember it, and keep it close no matter what. Don't betray it.”
Becky, without letting go of Negi, looked at him. “Okay...”
“I knew they looked cute together!” Himeko bellowed, but Rei punched her in the face to keep her from ruining the moment.
“Now's the time for farewell, but don't worry!” Dean Konoe stood up. “You'll see each other again!”
Slowly, Becky let go of Negi. The boy stood back as all of the Peach Moon girls slowly boarded the bus. It was a moment of quiet, perhaps anxiety or sadness, but it was surely quiet. Rei surprisingly broke the silence. “Toodles! Chao and I will keep in touch!”
The bus started up. Hey wait, who's driving?
“I'll be back,” Takamichi grinned. “I'll get these girls safely to their homes.”
“Bye, Negi!” They all said in unison as the bus began to slowly drive away, although it sped up into furious racecar speeds as it hit the stereotypical setting sun.
Negi stood there in silence with the dean for a little while, just letting everything sink in.
Finally... “Hey Negi-kun,” Dean Konoe began.
“What does 'put it in' refer to?”
Negi crashed. “Not you too!”
This ends Act I of this random and amusing play. But since it is only Act I, what stands in Negi's way next time? Will he ever solve the mystery of the Star Crystal? Will the Bedeviled Swan King Return?
Only time will tell.