Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction / Pani Poni Dash! Fan Fiction ❯ I Am Negima!?, AND SO CAN YOU! Act I ❯ The List of References ( EndNotes )

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Scheme!? Final Mix
The (Not-So) Comprehensive Reference Guide
(Plus maybe some stuff for a sequel)
Consider these the TL notes for the story, for those of you less internet/Sonic/Pani Poni Dash savvy. I probably won't net every reference, but if you could tell it was a reference, I'll be certain to note it here. I'll be listing each by category and then chronological order (in the story, duh).
You'll also notice that I didn't use all of the pactio powers for Becky's crew, even though by this note that I've already decided on their pactios. For this, I say the story may be over, but the idea is still very much alive.
The PPD Crew's Pactios:
Rebecca Miyamoto (Pactioed with: Negi):
Armor: Alchemist (I've imagined her being highly intelligent in Chemistry and such, thusly magic catalysts seemed to suit her best. Some of her more “magic” powers are activated Fullmetal Alchemist style.)
Cosplay: Cat suit (Inspired by KC Comicker's vision of her pactio)
Suka: Rabbit (For all intents and purposes... Mesousa. LOL)
Himeko Katagiri (Pactioed with: Negi):
Armor: Keyblade/Pink Clothing (Sora's KH2 outfit felt a bit too masculine for Himeko, so I gave her Kairi's outfit instead)
Cosplay: Red Dress/Mega Hammer (Amy, her style from Sonic Adventure 1 onwards.)
Suka: Crab (Himeko's obsession with crabs = irony + jackpot!)
Miyako Uehara (Pactioed with: Negi):
Armor: Pink Dress/Frying Pan/Psychic powers (Paula from the Earthbound series... fits, don't you think? Also note that the whole SSMMMASSSHHHH deal comes from Earthbound as well.)
Cosplay: Red suit/ forehead laser/ mirror manipulation (Paranoia, a boss from Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Why? LAZAH. That's why.)
Suka: Ladybug (Random choice, I thought it'd fit when I picked it.)
Suzuki Sayaka (Pactioed with: Cygnus):
Armor: Arrancar suit (Grimmjow, from Bleach. I mean, he's also number 6, am I right?)
Cosplay: Maid (Saw her in a maid suit in art with Media. Very cute. Moe, even.)
Suka: Swan (A fitting mix for being with Cyg. It's cute even.)
Kurumi Momose (Pactioed with: Negi):
Armor: Nico Robin (Surprise! Kurumi's card would allow her to grow multiple flowered arms from anywhere and royally mess things up, just like Nico Robin from One Piece. Even though I didn't use Kurumi's cards this time around... MAYBE...)
Cosplay: Shadow the Hedgehog (awesome idea came to me earlier—black biker suit, skates, focuses on whirlwind kicks and speed. YEEEAAAHHHH-shot-)
Suka: UHHHHH....
Ichijou (Pactioed with: ???):
Armor: Gravity Suit (Metroid, worn by protagonist Samus Aran. All of Ichijou's cards follow the same theme.)
Cosplay: Zero Suit (Metroid, worn by Samus when the suit falls off. Once again, under that theme.)
Suka: Metroid (Namesake. Jellyfish-like creature that sucks energy. I lol'd when I thought of this.)
Rei Tachibana (Pactioed with: Chao Lingshen):
Armor: Chao Bai Zi Suit (Being under the employ of Chao has its quirks, no? Also enhances her cooking abilities)
Cosplay: Dr. Robotnik (Do I even need to tell you why?)
Suka: Basilisk (Not set in stone, but a lizard that has a frill on its face and can walk on water would be an amusing weak form for Rei.)
PPD References:
Car sailing through window: Yes, Becky had this same entrance in PPD ep 1.
Cat in the soda machine: Classic cat that claims it's God. Same cat annoys you all in chapters 4 and 6.
Sonic's World: Many of the places Negi visits in Sonic's world come from different Sonic games. Ignore the paradox of Stardust Speedway.
Azure Lake: Where Rokugou meets Cyg and the latter defeats Egg Cerberus. Is one of the vs. stages in Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
Amazing Arena: A stage from Knuckles Chaotix. It's quite the setting for Cyg's first challenge against Negi, eh?
Stardust Speedway: Hailed from Sonic CD, my favorite Sonic game. Note that this stage takes place on little planet and not Sonic's planet, thusly the paradox I told you to ignore!
Ocean Base: Eggman's base of operations in this fic. I went for a feel between Sonic Advance 3's Ocean Base and Sonic the Hedgehog's (360) Aquatic Base, because that music is AWESOME.
White Labrynth: Actually Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 from the original Sonic the Hedgehog. I thought despite the watery nightmares it was the coolest stage in the game.
Green Hill Zone: The classic zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog, plus a few other areas Valley of Spikes and the Random Sumo Pig refer to the Game Gear version of Sonic 2, perhaps one of the most brutal Sonic games to date. Note the sunset at the end of the chapter also references Sunset Hill from Sonic Advance 3!
Skeleton Dome: A random reference to Sonic and the Secret Rings. I included this for no other reason than to spice up the scenery, since our heroes had already been at Library Island.
Heart of Darkness/Dark Dimension: The intro to Negi's final assault on Cygnus references the opening movie of Sonic and the Secret Rings. On the other hand, the Dark Dimension where they attack Eggman is a closer reference to Kingdom Hearts, with a feel for Sonic Next's (360) End of the World segment.
Gensokyo: What is this strange place Negi wakes up in the final episode? Strangely enough, Cygnus calls it home, as well as that mysterious phoenix lady, Fujiwara no Mokou. It's not from Sonic's universe, and I don't own it. Perhaps there will be more info later...
The possessed characters: Try your might, some of them were a bit vague, so I'll explain them here.
Fang the Sniper/Nack the Weasel: An antangonist from the Sonic series, the one who possessed Mana. He's only shown up in three games released here (Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic Drift, Sonic the Fighters) though I hear he has a bigger role in the comics.
Blaze: The other protagonist from Sonic Rush. Possessed Setsuna. They seem to share a similar demeanor in my opinion, thusly why I picked her to get possessed by Blaze.
Eggman: LOL true villain of this tale. In recent times he's taken a back seat to other villain in the stretch in most Sonic games. However in this tale he's the real mastermind behind the chaos. Possessed Rei, because they've got a similar streak about them.
Shadow: This hedgehog needs no introduction, Sonic's recent 'clone' and one of the most popular (and hated) to boot. Possessed Kurumi because she'd have the most willpower to least individual thought.
Chaos: The water god, made out to be an antagonist in Sonic Adventure 1, but was merely misunderstood. Possessed Akira because well... it only makes sense because it's Akira. Let's leave it at that.
Mephiles: A powerful demon originated from Sonic Next. He was the other half that led to Cyg's birth, plus the first shadow that attacked and tried to possess Negi.
Sonic: Do I even need to elaborate here? Possessed Misora.
Other characters:
Fujiwara no Mokou: I don't own her, she's the property of shoot-em-up creator ZUN. Indeed she hails from a land called Gensokyo, and thanks to a time warp, Cygnus fought her 1200 years ago. Notice she quotes Axel from Kingdom Hearts 2 (“So you DO remember me!”) and quite a bit of her fight references him as well. I considered making Cygnus reference Roxas at this point, but that won't work... Cygnus is no Roxas to Mokou's Axel. Perhaps more on her will be revealed...
Hazuki: Vampire, only reference to Tsukuyomi Moon Phase I could squeeze in. She looks startlingly like Konoka to me (or is it the other way around?), thusly why I had Konoka pick a fight. Konoka and Setsuna's first team match plays out similarly to the sisters fought in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin.
Those Lovely internet references and such:
The NGG references: For full understanding of such references, visit here:
As for what they are, the following are...
The italicized commercial that began Chapter 5
regular milks
“Are you insinuation...?”
See how many 4chan references you can catch.
Cyg's opening speech in the prologue references several Castlevania titles.
Windia hails from an obscure Cave shooter called deathsmiles. Loved her character design, ran away with it.
“So... you heard? That swan incident over at Mahora finally cleared up.”
“That's good news, if I do say so myself. However, we're still no closer to solving the stolen Star Crystal incident. What a shame. How are things over there?”
“Becky's finally back! I miss her so much...”
“Fufufufu... are things going to go back to normal now that she's there? Or as normal as things get?”
“That's... I highly doubt it. Somebody's up to something. I can feel it.”
“Is that so? What are you going to do about it?”
“Nothing... as of yet. I bet they made friends over there in Mahora, yes? They just might come here.”
“If you say so. Do keep in touch.”
“ guys are a backup plan, alright?! Don't feel so hurt!”
“As you wish. After all, too many legends in one place would drown reality in a deluge of 'awesome', yes?”
Legends are Gathering: the Scheme!? Sequel