Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Chaos ( Chapter 1 )

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The Demon of Mahora

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Okay here’s how it goes. The headmaster is testing the feasibility of making the school co-ed by putting a single boy in the school. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately for the boy he’s put in class 2-A. This starts in between periods two and three.

Chapter one: Chaos
A figure dressed all in black walked down the streets of Mahora academy. The figure was five feet nine inches tall and its face was hidden by a hood and red and black mask. It was wearing what looked like a robe and had a large backpack on its back. A lone girl had been on her way to her dorms when she saw the figure. Out of curiosity she followed it around a corner but when she rounded it she found the figure had vanished. The girl was named Kazumi Asakura.

‘Huh? Where’d that person go?’ She thought.

Over her head the figure looked down on her from the roof of the building after scrambling up it.

‘She’s cute.’ The figure thought before sinking into the shadows.

The next day

Brent sighed as he was led down the halls of Mahora middle school towards his class by a lady named Shizuna. He was 5 foot 9 inches tall and had blue eyes, and messy brown hair. He also had a scar across his nose but he liked it. He didn’t have a uniform yet since they needed to get one from the boy’s school so he was wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans and strapped to his back was a skateboard. He currently had the hood up so that none of the girls in the hall would notice him but when they reached his class he felt a sudden chill go down his spine. Many past experiences meant that danger was near. Shizuna had already told him about his sensei being a ten year old and despite not liking it he would give the kid a chance. Shizuna slid the door open and addressed the kid who was named Negi.

“Okay everyone I have big news today.” Negi shouted excitedly.

The class of girls stopped chattering and looked to the front of the class excitedly.

“The headmaster has decided to investigate the feasibility of making Mahora co-ed and thusly you are going to have a boy as your new classmate. Here he is. I’ll let him introduce himself.” Shizuna said as she pulled Brent into the room.

“Yo. Name’s Brent Nakitaka…” He started before Shizuna pulled off his hood.

He hadn’t yet had a look at the group of girls he was going to be with till he graduated high school. Now when he saw them he had the same reaction as they did… well all those who weren’t already in love with Negi. His eyes got starry and big hearts were in his eyes.

“This isn’t a Girls school…” He stated getting confused looks from everyone “It’s a school full of beautiful angels!”

This caused the girls to all squeal and blush though two were blushing brighter than the others. Kazumi Asakura was entranced by the boys smile but the way his eyes looked there was something about them were different. She became lost to the world and hadn’t noticed Brent getting within an inch of her face. Apparently she was so lost in the thought that she hadn’t noticed him get so close, her eyes were half closed and glazed over and she was drooling a little. Several of the girls giggled quietly as he started blowing softly on her face which finally snapped her out of her daydream. Brent had several thoughts on his mind at that time. First and foremost he wondered what she was thinking about. When she snapped out of her daydream she noticed Brent’s face filled her vision and blushed.

“You seem nice. What’s your name?” He asked with a big smile on his face.

She started doing an impression of a tomato and he arched his eyebrow.

“M-m-my names Kazumi Asakura” She said nervously as the other girls crowded around them expectantly “W-w-why are you so close to me?”

“Well I-I-I-I-I” He stammered as he started to turn red himself “think you’re really cute.” He finished quickly.

Kazumi’s blush darkened. As he said this her mind started reeling. No one had ever said that to her before.

“AWWWWWWWWWW.” The girls said before crowding around him and started to bombard him with questions.

“Okay if you want to ask me a question you must tell me your names before hand.” Brent said.

“I’m Konoka! When’s your birthday?” A girl with long black hair asked.

“I was born on February 14th 1988. I’m a Valentines baby and it’s nice to meet you Konoka.” Brent said happily.

“I’m Fuka.” Said a short girl with blue green hair.

“And I’m Fumika!” Said another girl who must have been her twin.

“Where are you from?” They asked in unison.

“I’m from Okinawa.” Brent replied.

“I’m Makie! Where are you going to stay? Are you going to stay with one of us like Negi-kun?” A girl with pink hair asked.

“No I won’t but I will be at the dorm .” Brent said smiling deviously.

When he said he wouldn’t be rooming with one of them the entire group of girls sighed sadly as one.

“I Fei Ku. You have hobbies?” A white haired Chinese girl asked.

“Several actually. I like to skateboard, snowboard, practice my swordsmanship, play way too many video games and I love soda.” Brent said.

“I’m Yuna Akashi! Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked seriously.
“Uhhhhh… no. But I’m looking for one.” Brent said nervously as he noticed all the girls seemed to get a predatory gleam in their eyes.

“”What do you look for in a girl?” Yuna asked with a sly smile on her face.

“Well… She needs to be kind and be at least reasonably smart. She needs to be strong in spirit and body. As for appearance it’s not very high on the list of importance. Beauty can diminish over time but personality doesn’t.” Brent said smiling nervously.

“Have any candidates yet?” Yuna asked as she moved closer.

It was then that Brent noticed that he had almost no room around him. The girls seemed to be edging closer each second and the gleam in their eyes hadn’t left yet.

“Um… Maybe since I have sort of a sixth sense for people. But I have to get to know her more before I ask her anything.” He said.

It was at that moment things got interesting. The entire time this had been happening Shizuna had left and Negi had been desperately trying to calm the girls down. After six minutes he gave up since it was nearly the end of the day. It was then he heard the entire group of girls surrounding Brent squealed followed by his shout of surprise.

Brent had been tackled by nearly every girl in the class and they had started hugging his head to their chests chattering about how handsome he was. He was now bright red but he wasn’t trying to escape yet.
‘I’m in heaven.’ He thought as the girls hugged him tightly.

When the girls started to cling onto him the twins grabbed hold of his legs and he fell over several of the girls started to tickle him mercilessly. He was having a good time though since he wasn’t bothered by this… plus they didn’t seem to realize that he was getting peeks of their panties. It was then that the bell rang signaling the end of the day. The girls got off the now rumpled form of Brent and started packing up. Brent sat up with a big smile on his face as a blonde haired girl with a big bust walked over looking worried.

“Are you okay Nakitaka-san?” She asked as she helped him to his feet.

“I’m fine.” Brent said brushing himself off.

“I’m sorry for that. This class is full of crazy people with no sense of restraint.” The girl said “I’m Ayaka the class rep.”

“Nice to meet you Ayaka… why are you apologizing though? That was fun. I need to find out if there are any martial arts clubs here!” Brent said as he got his skate board out from under the desk he pushed it under “If you’ll excuse me I think there are a few girls outside waiting for me.”

He ran out of the room and to the front door. He got his shoes out of his locker and found seven girls from class waiting there. There were the twins, Ku Fei, Yuna, Misa, Madoka, Haruna, Asakura, and Ako.

“Okay ladies. The contest will be to see who can find where I live first. I’ll give you one clue before you start. The prize… will be a date with me at the at the time of place of the winners choosing..” Brent said “Now who wants to play?”

All nine girls raised their hands excitedly.

“Okay here are the rules. I’ll tell you the clue and then you must give me twenty minutes to get away so you don’t follow me.” Brent explained “The clue is ‘From the eagles perch I can see all.’ Now the time starts now. Don’t move for twenty minutes cause I’ll know.”

Brent took out his skateboard and ran a little ways before jumping on and riding away. He managed to get to the dorm using the map Shizuna had given him and quickly climbed to the roof where he had been set up in the managers office which was empty. He unpacked the large backpack he used to carry his things in and waited to see if any of the girls found him.

Twenty minute later and all but one of Brent’s interested classmates dashed off to some of the tall buildings surrounding the dormitory thinking that Brent would be in them but Kazumi knew there was a bird box on the roof of the dorms that was occupied by an eagle at the moment and instead quickly climbed the stairs to the roof. Kazumi was slightly nervous when she knocked on the old managers door and was startled when he heard someone chuckle above her head.

“That didn’t take very long now did it?” The voice asked “Next time I’ll make the clue harder.”

Kazumi looked up to see Brent laying across the roof of his dorm and smiling at her.

“It seems you’ve won the prize Asakura… I was kind of hoping you would.” Brent said before rolling off the roof and landing on his feet in front of her “So when do you want to meet and where would you like to go?”

“I… hadn’t thought about it… how about I tell you later?” Kazumi asked.

“Okay… there no real rush.” Brent said calmly “See you later Asakura.”

Okay there’s the first chapter of my Negima fanfic.