Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ History Lesson ( Chapter 3 )

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Brent sat on the floor of the relatively empty room that was his Dorm. He didn’t mind really since all he really needed was a fridge, small table, couch, T.V. and microwave and he’d be fine. He had those of course but he liked to sit on the floor. He heard a knock at the door and got up to answer it only to find Asuna and Negi there.

“So you came for some answers?” Brent asked as he invited them in.

“Yes Brent-san and we’re not leaving without them being answered!” Asuna stated.

“Fine Fire away.” Brent said calmly.

“Okay. Are you really a demon?” Negi asked.

“No… I’m only part demon.” Brent said.

“So you’re a Hanyo?” Negi asked.

“A half-demon? No I’m not a Half-demon.” Brent said.

A vein appeared on Asuna’s forehead.

“THEN WHAT ARE YOU!” She screamed kicking him in the head.

Instead of flying into the wall or even hitting him she found that he had caught her foot in his hand. He looked at her and grinned as his face turned pink.

“I can see your panties.” He said.

The vein on her forehead got bigger and she put her foot down and stomped out of the room. Brent scratched his head before shrugging.

“It’s her fault.” He said.

“Well if your not a Hanyo than what are you?” Negi asked flustered.

“Yes well… I’m only part demon.” He said.

“That still makes you a half-demon.” Negi said.

“I’m one part human, one part demon…” He started.

That was when Asuna came back in and kicked him in the back of the head.

“THAT STILL MAKES YOU HALF-DEMON!” She screamed as her vein looked like it was about to burst.

“I DIDN’T FINISH!” Brent yelled back.

“Ahem… Like I was saying. I’m one part demon, one part human… and two parts western fire dragon.” Brent explained.

“WHAT!” Negi shouted in surprise.

“What? Is that odd?” Asuna asked.

“Yeah! Those dragons are really powerful and rare. The last sighting was over 1500 years ago! They can assume three forms, one as a solid red and black dragon, one is a dragon made out of nothing but fire and they can also become human. I’ve heard of several human-dragon hybrids as well as human-demon hybrids. But I’ve never heard of a fire dragon hybrid.” Negi explained “Or even someone with ancestry like yours Brent.”

“Yep and it’s even sadder that both my demon ancestor and my Fire Dragon father’s kind are extinct. I don’t even know what kind of demon my Grandfather was. All I know is that it was some kind of shadow demon a very powerful kind that could as well as moving through shadows and using them to attack and defend. At the moment though all I can do though is move through the shadows.” Brent explained sadly “I am a hybrid and the first of my kind.”

Negi nodded his head following most of what his odd student was saying but Asuna had a sweat drop on the back of her head since she wasn’t following it at all. She’d ask Negi about it later.

“Sorry to interrupt but I’m thirsty got anything to drink?” She asked.

“Yeah there’s a couple soda’s in the fridge.” Brent said.

Asuna opened the fridge and the vein on her forehead returned.


“Yeah I need to get some more later.” Brent said thoughtfully.

‘This guy drinks too much soda.’ Both Asuna and Negi thought as a drop of sweat appeared on the back of their heads.

“My brothers and I were born on what comes out as February 10th 79 AD.” Brent said “The same day that Pompeii was destroyed.”

Negi thought for a few seconds.

“THAT MAKES YOU 1929 YEARS OLD!” Negi shouted.

“Really? I lost count around 1000 years old.” Brent said dully.

“So you have brothers?” Asuna asked.

“Not gonna tell you about those two jerks.” Brent growled.

“Fine… will you at least tell us what your real name is?” Asuna asked sipping a Mountain Dew.

“Forgot. Didn’t like it. When I was born the demons hunting my Grandfathers kind found my mother and killed her which sent my father into a rage. He caused the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. He saved me and took me away as the last twelve members of my Grandfathers kind fought the six hundred demons sent to kill me.” Brent explained “None of my Grandfathers people survived thought the last three were killed by the eruption since the other demons were already dead. My Father raised me for a hundred years though I stopped aging physically when I was fifteen. He taught me how to survive and he also taught me how to use the Kensei sword style as his gift to me. I mastered it just before he died at the age of 25,122. He was the last of his kind.”

“So you’re an orphan.” Asuna said sadly “Like me.”

“Yeah but you’ve been alone your whole life… I think. I at least knew my father. Anyway I’ve always been drawn to excitement and have been in so many wars that I’ve forgotten half of them. I was in the crusades though I was on neither side but if I supported any it was those caught in between the Saracens and the Crusaders. I fought in every major war in American history from the Revolutionary war straight on up to WW2. I changed aliases every sixty years or so and used illusions that my Father taught me to change my age.” Brent continued “Besides my odd heritage the oddest things about me is that the only thing really human about me is how my brain works and my physical appearance though I do have a demon-dragon hybrid form. Also I only need three hours of sleep a month.”
Negi’s eyes were wide at this announcement.

An hour passed as he told them everything he could remember when he heard a scream. He recognized the voice to. He ran outside and looked over the edge of the roof and saw a group of thugs chasing Asakura who was holding a video recorder.

“Hey give us back that camera girl!” One of them shouted.

Brent didn’t stop to think he ran into the shadow of his little roof top building and faded into it. He reappeared in the shadow of a tree wearing in a full out run as Asakura tripped and was about to be caught by the thugs. He slid to a stop in front of them and turned to face the thugs.

“Hey kid! Get out of the way!” The biggest one shouted.

“Make me.” Brent said.

There were four of them and they all charged him. Time seemed to slow down as Brent side stepped the first ones fist and kneed him in the gut before chopping him in the back of the neck. He ducked under the kick of the second one as the first fell to the ground unconscious and gave him a hard uppercut to the chin knocking him out as well. The third tried to punch him in the head but he moved his head out of the way and grabbed his arm and lifted the thug over his head and slamming him into the ground. He turned to see what he suspected was the leader pull out a knife and rush at him with it. The thug stabbed at him but Brent caught it in his left had. He noticed that he had stabbed through his hand as he closed his hand around the thugs. He peered at the knife running through his bleeding hand.

“That stung.” He said before crushing the thug’s hand.

The thug screamed in pain before Brent back handed him knocking him out.

“Are you okay Asakura-chan?” He asked kneeling down next to her.

She opened and closed her mouth as she gazed at his hand in shock. She had thought that the knife had been caught between his fingers nit run through his hand.

“What?” He asked before remembering the knife “Oh. It’s nothing.”

Asakura hissed in pain and clutched her ankle.

“I think I twisted it.” She said.

Brent pulled out the knife from his hand and picked her up bridal style.

“I’ll take you to the nurse’s office.” He said noticing the video camera “So how much did you record?”

“The whole fight. I bet you don’t want me to show it though.” She sighed.

“Go ahead I don’t mind.” Brent replied with a smile.

“Really you don’t mind?” Asakura asked surprised.

“No I don’t mind Asakura.” Brent said.

“I think that those two are good for each other.” Asuna said.

“They are?” Negi asked.

“You’re too young to understand love Negi-bozu.” Asuna stated.

He carried her through the streets towards the nurse’s office and they soon got there. He backed into the office so he wouldn’t have to put Asakura down.

“Hello? Is anyone in here? I’ve got an Angel with a twisted ankle!” Brent shouted.

“Hold on.” A voice called.

A second later Ako walked into the room.

“Oh Brent-san, Asakura-san what happened?” Ako asked.

“A bunch of thugs were chasing me but Brent beat them up after I twisted my ankle. He hurt his doing so!” Asakura explained as Brent put her on a bed.

“It’s nothing, really.” Brent said.

“Well… Asakura’s ankle should be fine in an hour. Let me see your hand.” Ako said as she examined Asakura’s ankle.

She walked over and looked at Brent’s hand for a second before swooning and collapsing in his arms.

“Do you think she’s scared of blood?” Brent asked as he set Ako in a seat and sat down next to her.

“Most likely.” Asakura said.

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