Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Exclusive! Brent's Weekend Adventure! ( Chapter 5 )

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Exclusive! Brent’s Weekend Adventure pt. 2

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“Brent-san!” Kazumi shouted as the enormous man aimed a punch at Brent’s head.

Ku Fei leapt in Brent’s direction in hopes of preventing as much damage as possible but stopped suddenly her eyes blank and her mouth hanging open. All the punks were on the ground and because she wasn’t focusing she hadn’t seen what happened. Brent looked perfectly fine although he was rubbing his forearm gingerly.

“Uh what happen? Why they out cold?” She asked an equally confused Kazumi.

“I’m not sure but it’s on video. Let’s see what happened.” She said with her sly smile on.

She rewound the tape to the right point and played it at two-thirds speed. She saw the big guy moving slowly but Brent moving at a much higher speed despite how slow the video was running. First he dodged the guy’s fist and punched him in the jaw with a right hook then he flipped over the next guys punch and landed the guys head slamming it to the ground. He leaned back and avoided a kick and flipped back using his left hand while simultaneously kicking the guy… in a VERY tender spot. The next two guys tried to punch him at the same time but he dodged them and grabbed their wrists and flipped them onto the ground and punched them in the head. The last four guys all came at him but he got up into a hand stand and spun around knocking them to the ground before flipping and landing on his feet rubbing his right forearm again.

“Wow… him good.” Ku Fei said.

“Yeah he is good.” Chao agreed.

“Really good.” Satsuki stated.

“It’s not polite to look over someone’s shoulder!” Kazumi shouted angrily.

That’s when they noticed that Brent was on his knee’s clutching his arm and grimacing.

“Brent-kun/san!” The girls shouted as they all rushed over to him.

“You told me you were fine!” Katsumi said as he was pushed onto a bench at the restaurant.

“I am… I think.” Brent replied as he looked at his arm which was now purple.

“Chachamaru scan his arm and diagnose.” Hakase said.

Chachamaru walked over and her eyes turned orange as she stared at his arm.

“Hey what’s she doing? What do you mean ‘scan his arm and diagnose’?” H e asked.

“Chachamaru is X-raying your arm and will tell us what’s wrong.” Chao explained as she rummaged around in the freezer

“How can she X-ray something? Does she have some kind of high tech implant in her eye?” Brent asked.

“She’s a robot.” Hakase replied.

“Oh she’s a robot.” Brent said.

His face went blank for a few seconds.

CHACHAMARU-SAN’S A ROBOT?!” Brent shouted.

Everyone deadpanned. Brent already knew she was a robot since he had seen her do inhuman things as Kaore the Demon of Mahora.

“You’re serious? You really didn’t realize she was a robot?” Chao asked.

“No. I thought those things were headphones or something.” Brent replied.

“They are my antenna.” Chachamaru told him.

“Really… ROBOTS ARE COOL!” He shouted before moving to right in front of her face.
She didn’t really seem to react but he noticed her eyes widened a bit.

“Do you have any cool weapons? Do lasers come out of your eyes? Can you turn into a Scooter?” He asked excitedly.

“You watch too many movies Brent-san.” Satomi said.

“No I cannot do any of those things.” Chachamaru said calmly.

“I like you Chachamaru!” Brent said happily.

“Is he stupid?” Hakase asked.

“No. I think he’s in the top ten in test scores. He’s just inattentive and maybe a bit Naïve.” Katsumi explained.

Brent was examining every inch of Chachamaru who wasn’t reacting at all when he hit his right wrist on a table.

“OW!” He screamed and plopped back down on the bench.

Chachamaru finished her X-ray of his hand and looked at Satomi Hakase.

“His forearm has suffered a complete break and has separated from the other bone. That he is still able to use his hand without showing much pain is remarkable and that he could fight with it so easily is a mystery.” Chachamaru explained.“Really?” Satomi asked curiously.

She turned her head slowly and looked at Brent with an odd look in her eyes as
Chachamaru wrapped a splint around his arm.

“Well it looks like your really busy now so we’ll have to go now so we’ll see you later.” Katsumi said as she pulled Brent away.

She quickly pulled him in the other direction away from the scary mad scientist girl till they were about two blocks away. Brent noticed the student co-op seemed unusually busy now and walked towards it with Kazumi.

“Hey Kazumi what’s going on?” Brent asked.

She looked at the store and gasped before turning to look at him sadly.

“There’s going to be a power outage tonight so some maintenance can be done.” She said sadly “So we can’t go on our date.”

“That’s okay… I got a generator in my room we can just watch a movie and eat some popcorn tonight and go to dinner tomorrow.” Brent said hugging her suddenly.

She blushed and smiled sadly.

“Well I guess I have to go and get ready for tonight then.” She said as she hugged him “Bye.”

“Bye.” He said as she left.

‘Evangeline is gonna try something tonight. I know she is.’ He thought as he walked away.

He wasn’t paying attention as he walked around for a few hours trying to think of what she might do to Negi when he bumped into someone who was running down the street in the other direction and knocked them both to the ground.

“Owww… Hey why you not watch where you going?!” The white haired girl shouted.

“Fei Ku-san?” He asked surprised.

“Brent-kun?” She replied with a big smile “I be looking for you!”

“Really? Why?” Brent asked.

She bowed.

“I wish to fight you once your arm is better.” She said.

“My arm’s just fine.” He said as he got in an odd stance.

His right hand was out palm open and his left hand was by his waist and closed in a fist with his feet together.

“You sure?” Ku Fei asked worriedly “I no want hurt you.”

“I’ll be fine.” Brent said as she got in her stance.

She leapt at him and tried to kick him but he leaned back and dodged it by leaning back and flipping delivering a strong kick to her jaw before twisting in mid-air and landing in his stance again as she slid across the ground. She got to her feet and rubbed her jaw smiling.

“Ooh. You good Brent-kun. That move have name?” She asked.

“Um… not really.” Brent replied.

“Okay Brent-kun.” Ku Fei said.

‘Wait… Brent-kun? When did she start calling me Kun?’ Brent wondered.

He wasn’t paying attention as the martial artist leapt at him aiming a kick at his head. He only noticed it just before it hit and managed to roll with the kick limiting the damage done but it still sent him flying into an alleyway. After rolling back to his feet he saw that he had flown twenty feet back and she was coming at him again. This time however he did something stupid. As she kicked at him he brought up his right arm to block the kick and when it impacted his forearm bent awkwardly and he collapsed clutching it in pain

“You okay Brent-kun!?” Ku Fei asked in concern.

“Not anymore.” Brent said.

He grabbed his hand and snapped it back into place grunting in pain.

“Sorry Ku-san but I need to get to the nurse’s office or something.” He said as he dashed off.

He ran down an alley and into the shadows. He looked around and saw that no one could see him so he phased into the shadow world. . With in the shadow world he healed at a highly accelerated rate… but unfortunately it drained him quite a bit so he only reduced the damage to a painful crack. He would still be at only seventy percent of his strength after healing it to that point. About three hours had passed by the time he left the shadows and the entire campus was quite dark. He left it in his costume and weapons near the bath house and heard a large explosion followed by Negi flying out on his wand with Makie, and Yuuna wearing skimpy maid out fits in close pursuit. They landed on a lamp post and Brent noticed they had vampire teeth and blank eyes.

“Thrall.” He mumbled as he appeared from their shadows with his blue wrist blade extended.

He kicked Yuuna in the head and stabbed Makie in the neck rendering them both unconscious. He caught them before they hit the ground and tied them to a flagpole. He then looked up to see Evangeline and Chachamaru on the lamp post looking down at him.

“Demon… do you have a name?” Evangeline asked.

“I am Kaore.” He replied as his eyes flashed.

“Why do you protect these mortals? They’re weak and should die because of it.” She said smiling evily “Why don’t you join me? We could take over the world if you can break my curse.”

“Chachamaru-san… I’m sure you have been programmed to do whatever the vampire asks. But I’ve been watching you and you seem nice…” He replied completely ignoring Evangeline.

STOP IGNORING YOUR ELDER’S DEMON!” Evangeline shouted angrily.

“You are not my elder.” Kaore said coldly.

“What do you mean? By the way you treat the mortals you could only be a hundred twenty years old at best. I am nearly five hundred years old.” She said in smug anger.

“Then you are not even half my age.” Kaore said in cold fury “I am nearly two thousand years old.”

“Than it seems that I must show you my strength.” She said snapping her fingers.

There was a crash and he found himself surrounded by a hundred girls wearing maid outfits.

“Meet my puppets. They’re more than strong enough to defeat you. But before I go let me ask you. Has anyone in your past thanked you for helping you or treated you the same after they told them you’re a part-demon? Has anyone ever cared for you after you told them?” she asked before vanishing with Chachamaru.

Then all the puppets leapt at him including a really small one with two large cleavers.

“Mistress told me that I’m in charge and that I shouldn’t kill you.” The puppet said smiling “I’m Chachazero by the way.”