Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Bullies ( Chapter 7 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
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It was lunch and Brent was out in the courtyard under a tree watching over his angels. Though only four of them were in the courtyard now, he sat watching the four sports girl; Akira, Makie, Ako, and Yuna, play volleyball with out a net. They seemed peaceful and happy as they talked and laughed. He closed his eyes to take a nap and listened happily to the girl’s laughter. He dreamed of a huge pool full of skittles and a waterfall of Game Fuel he walked over to the soda waterfall and filled a container when he heard shouting. He woke up and looked around to see a large group of girls bothering Akira and Yuna. He briefly wondered where Ako and Makie had gone but stopped when he noticed that they seemed upset. He walked closer and listened in on there conversation.

“Leave us alone!” Shouted a teary Yuna.

The group of girls appeared to be wearing high school uniforms and was glaring at the two younger girls and was insulting them. Then one of the girls picked dup the volleyball and threw it at Yuna as hard as she could. It hit Yuna in the head knocking her to the ground as the ball was caught by the unknown girl again.

“Please stop! Who are you? Why do you keep doing this to us?” Akira asked as she helped Yuna up.

The older girl threw the volleyball up into the air and leapt up at it.

“IT’S ME EIKO THE HIGH SCHOOL ACE!” She shouted as she hit the ball as hard as she could at Akira.

Brent moved faster than the blink of an eye and got in-between the ball and Akira. He felt the ball hit him in the back quite hard and heard a small crack followed by a small sharp pain as the ball bounced away and the girl named Eiko looked stunned. He winced in pain since it hurt unusually badly… must have been the spin he surmised. He knew that would have hurt his classmate a lot more than him as he looked into the grateful eyes of Akira and Yuna.

“Are you two okay?” He said wincing again.

“Thank you Brent-kun!” They both shouted happily clinging to him.

He winced again as they hugged him and they backed off looking guilty. Brent smiled reassuringly and the girls hugged him a bit more gently.

“Hey who are you moron?! This is a girls school what are you doing here and interrupting our fun?!” Eiko shouted “Even if you are kind of cute.”

Brent slowly turned around to look at the High school girls with a blank expression.

“Oh he’s so handsome!” One of the girls shouted.

“Hey cutie, why do you protect these babies when you could be with real women like us?” Eiko asked seductively.

Brent turned back to Akira and Yuna with a worried expression, ignoring the older girl entirely.

“Are either of you hurt?” He asked ignoring the shouts of anger from behind him.

“A little beat up but okay.” Yuna said.

“Where’s Makie and Ako?” He asked.

“They went to get Negi-sensei.” Akira replied.

“QUIT IGNORING US!” Eiko shouted angrily.

Brent turned to look at them slowly putting on the blank expression again. He looked at the older girls for a few seconds before glaring at them angrily.

“You ‘Ladies’ are rude, inconsiderate, and mean.” Brent said angrily.

“What does that mean!?” Eiko asked.

“It means… that I think you may be beautiful but your personality is that of a toad. You treat others like scum which is something I despise.” Brent explained “These are my classmates and friends. Flattery is useless as nothing will change my mind. There is no way I’d do anything with you.”

The High school girls seemed to have ignored him completely as they looked at him hungrily.

“So the rumor was true!” One of the girls squealed.

They started to rush at him now and he sighed and spread his feet apart slightly putting his right hand down by his hip balled up in his fist and his left hand forward palm open and facing the older girls. They stopped and looked at him in confusion.

“Take one step closer you hags and I’ll be forced to make you leave by force.” Brent said icily.

“Why are you protecting these babies when we’re so much more mature and developed?!” Eiko shouted in angry confusion “They’re worthless and flat!”

Brent heard Yuna and Akira sniffle behind him and he glared at the older girls with renewed anger. He heard Negi’s voice behind him suddenly.

“How dare you pick on my girls! I’m their instructor! Don’t make me angry! You… you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry!” Negi shouted waving his arms franticly.

“Oooooh Negi-sensei’s dead.” Makie whispered.

The older girls whispered among themselves and Negi started to get nervous. Brent meanwhile hadn’t moved an inch and was still in his fighting stance as the older girls rushed the now panicking Negi. Suddenly the forgotten volleyball flew out of nowhere hitting Eiko in the head accompanied with a shout.

“Yo! Girls! Take a cold shower!” A voice shouted.

Brent briefly turned to see Asuna and Ayaka before returning to glaring at the high school girls. He ignored the ‘conversation’ until things started getting violent. Asuna, Ayaka, and the High School girls charged each other as Brent charged in behind the older girls. He heard several shouts as he leapt into the air and kneed the nearest girl in the back of her head before putting his hands on her shoulders and using them to flip over the heads of the High School girls and landed in front of Eiko. As he landed he crouched down and leapt upwards aiming a palm thrust at her chin. Suddenly he felt a strong grip on his arm but he was going so fast that it took a second to fully stop at which point he was within an inch of Eiko’s chin. She stood there shaking for a few seconds before backing up. He turned to look at the person who stopped him and found a blonde haired man wearing a white shirt and glasses with a thin smile on his face. Brent estimated his age at around thirty.

“Hey what did you stop me for old man!? These Hags hurt my Angels!” He shouted at the surprised man.

“DON’T CALL TAKAHATA-SENSEI OLD!” He heard Asuna shout as she tried to kick him in the head.

Once again Brent caught Asuna’s foot but this time he pushed her back causing her to fall on her rear.

“You shouldn’t fight in school young man. Regardless of how noble your intentions may have been.” Takahata said calmly before turning to the older girls “And you ladies! My former students… your behavior shames me. Was that what your goal, to shame me?”

“No sir.” They replied meekly.

Brent sighed and pulled out of Takahata’s grip and went to the girl he had kneed that was still on the ground and helped her up.

A little while later the girls were down in the room changing for gym while Brent had already finished and was up at the entrance to the roof wrapping bandages around his hands. He then got into a boxing stance and started to punch the wall. With each punch he heard a satisfying thud and after five minutes of punching the wall as hard as he could his left fist was sore and his right was bleeding slightly. He heard soft footprints behind him and turned to see Ku Fei looking at him. He saw she was slightly pink and wondered why.

“Oooh you train hard Brent-kun.” She said before darkening her blush slightly “You maybe want train with me in morning?”

Brent was curious about her odd behavior and waited for her to finish speaking.

“Then maybe we spar after?” She asked.

“Sure Ku-san I would love to train with you. When do you start?” He asked happily.

“5 o’clock. That too early for you?” She said happily.

“No, I’ll see you then.” He said as the other girls came up and opened the door.

“Hey!” Yuna shouted as Brent looked through the door.

“Hello, ladies and handsome.” Eiko said “Fancy meeting you here.”

“Yes fancy that…” Asuna shouted “High school class 2-D!”

The class walked out onto the roof and stared down the older girls as Brent started losing his patience. A vein on his forehead started to bulge as he tried to remain calm. He heard Negi struggling to escape the older girls fruitlessly and it was only when Asuna pointed out they had their own court. Walking forward, pushing his way through his class mates, glaring angrily and cracking his knuckles loudly.

“I’m getting fed up with you Witches treating my angels and sensei in this manner.” He said angrily “So I must apologize in advance for…”

He never finished his sentence as a large blast of wind lifted up the high school girls skirts and for the next few minutes Brent was mentally reviewing each one of their panties.

“Hey, Brent-san do you agree!?” Asuna shouted.

“Huh? Oh, yeah I do.” He replied.

“Good. So if you win the dodge ball game we leave you babies…” She started.


“Like I was saying…” Eiko said nervously “If you win we leave you alone.”
She smirked as she continued “And when we win Negi-sensei transfers to the high school and Brent-kun becomes my boyfriend!”

“WHAT!” Brent shouted.

“What’s wrong Brent-san weren’t you paying attention?” Konoka asked.

“Um… no.” Brent said quietly as he turned slightly pink.

“Why were you day dreaming about their panties?” Haruna asked.

“Stop being so perverted Haruna-san!” Asuna shouted.

Brad turned even redder though and squeaked something.

“What was that Brent-kun?” Haruna asked smiling broadly.

“Maybe.” Brent whispered.

After a few minutes of teasing the two sides were standing ready as 11 high school players faced of against 21 members of 3-A (plus Negi) as Chachamaru, Mana, Setsuna, Evangeline, Madoka, Kakizaki, Sakurako, Satomi, and Zazie watched. When the game started Brent closed his eyes.

“Kensei style, Way of the Blind Swordsman.” He whispered.

He listened as several girls got eliminated before he heard Eiko shout.

“Now we go for Handsome!”” She shouted.

Brent heard the ball speeding towards him and waited till the last second to twist around it while simultaneously grabbing hold and redirecting it back into the High school team knocking three of them out. Eiko stopped aiming for him after that but Brent kept up his form as they revealed themselves to be the regional champions and whittled them down to eleven players. Then Asuna was knocked out and they started taunting them.

“5 Second rule!” Nodoka shouted.

The other team was confused as Nodoka explained the rule tot them. Several members of the opposing team were then eliminated and when time ran out the score was three high school to ten middle school. As the rest of his class celebrated Brent saw Eiko aim a cheap shot at Asuna and simply let loose as Negi blocked it. He dashed up to Eiko, crouched down and finally landed the open palm strike to her chin sending her flying ten feet back.