Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Feelings From the Continent ( Chapter 8 )

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Feelings from the continent
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Now after this chapter we go to Kyoto and get in some trouble there.

Brent groggily woke up smiling as he remembered last night. He looked at the clock and saw it was time to go to Ku Fei for training. He got up and quickly got the things he’d need for training. He grabbed his weights, his bandages, and he pulled a 7 foot long 2 foot thick stone pole with a sharpened base out of a shadow for a second before returning it and his weights to the shadow. He would get them when he was closer to the place Ku Fei told him to meet at. He left the building and dashed down the stairs and out into the dawn lit campus heading towards a field that Ku Fei told him to meet at. He soon arrived to find Ku stretching in what looked like a short Chinese outfit.

He pulled the pole and weights out of the shadow putting the weights on the ground and throwing the pole into the air as he tied 250 lbs to each of his wrists and onto his ankles before putting a five hundred pound weighted vest on and walking out to Ku Fei just as the pole landed with a loud thud ten feet from her embedding itself one foot into the ground. Ku screamed loudly as she was startled making Brent laughed at the look on her face.

“Like my target Ku-san?” He shouted.

She turned and looked at him angrily.

“Brent-kun! Why you scare me? I near have heart attack.” She said angrily.

Then she brightened up as she realized he was there. She smiled as she walked up with her characteristic grin on her face.

“Oh Hi Brent-kun! I happy you here now we train together.” She said as she looked him up and down “Uh… what you wearing?”

“Well the things I’m wearing are weighted for my martial arts training.” Brent explained as he walked forward.

“I think I’ll follow your routine for a few minutes before I start mine.” Brent said.

“Okay. First we warm up with stretches.” She replied as she started doing some unusual stretches.

Brent followed her example for several minutes before stopping and wrapping his hands in bandage’s and got into a boxing stance before starting to punch and kick the air.

“Hey Brent-kun. Why do you wear weights while training? Why not just lift weight at other time?” She asked.

“Well, wearing weights while training not only helps build body strength, it helps increase my endurance, stamina, and speed. As I get better with them on it’s like getting ten times better when I take them off.” Brent explained.

“Ooooh. Can I get weights like those?” She asked excitedly.

“No… these are very special and quite expensive.” Brent explained.

Brent finished his stretches and moved over to the wooden pole. He got into the fighting stance he used and stood there for a few minutes before he started to punching and kicking it forcefully. Ku watched Brent for a few minutes and lingered on the focused expression on his face before turning slightly pink and going on with her own training. Brent continued this for two hours before stopping to examine the post. It was cracked badly and he was sure he would need to replace it soon so he took off his left leg weights and kicked it over. He put the weights back on after examining his bruised hands and looked at the field. He estimated it had a circumference of about a half mile. He decided to start jogging now so he started running along the edge at a steady pace when he felt Ku run up behind him.

“Hey Brent-kun how you doing? You like it here at Mahora?” She asked rapidly “What style do you fight with?”

“I’m fine Ku-san.” Brent said happily “I think that Mahora is fine but it needs more arcades… and the security people are really lousy. Can’t even catch me on a skateboard, not to mention all the thugs.”

“Oh they not thugs, they students. Most of them in one of the schools martial arts clubs. I vice president of Chinese martial arts club.” She said happily.

“Oh… they really need to take a few thousand chill pills because they’re really rowdy.” Brent said.

“Yeah they rowdy but fun to fight… just need to remember not to fight near Chao Bao Zi.” She replied.

“Yeah I should really drop by for dinner or something.” Brent said.

“Ooh, you come at 6 and I eat with you! Get you discount!” She said blushing noticeably.

“Okay… I would love to.” Brent said looking at her and smiling.

He noticed she was blushing and blushed himself. He may not have Negi’s magic but he had some of it. He wasn’t paying attention and tripped falling into Ku and knocking her over. They tumbled for a few feet landing with his head between her legs with a clear view of her panties. He blushed and closed his eyes before lifting her off him and setting her to the side.

“I’m really sorry Ku-san it was an accident I swear.” He said.

“Is fine Brent-kun.” She said as her cheeks turned pink.

They got up and finished their jog.

‘He called me Ku-kun.’ Ku thought happily as she turned red.

Ku Fei quickly ran back to finish her training excitedly expecting the upcoming spar. Brent finished his training at 11 am and went to find Ku but not before taking off his weights and fading them and the pole into shadow again. He went to find Ku but she wasn’t in the field, and as he wandered around looking for her he noticed a note on a tree. He grabbed it and it said.

It was nice to train with you this morning. Please come back at five for spar… I need to talk to a friend about something.
Love Ku Fei.

Brent wondered what Ku Fei had to talk about and with whom. He shrugged and left to get something to eat.


Ku Fei was looking for Asakura so she could get her advice on how to tell Brent her feelings since she wasn’t very good at it. She knew that Asakura would know since she had talked to her the previous day about it and she had said something odd to her.


The previous morning.

They were alone in Asakura’s room.

I had a feeling you’d come sooner or later.” Asakura said.

Why that?” Ku Fei asked.

Well… I can tell you have a crush on Brent-kun and that you want to tell him…but you aren’t one for words.” Asakura replied “But my question is why come to me? I love Brent-kun too.”

I no want you do anything bad if find out about me telling Brent-kun how I feel.” Ku said nervously.

Ku-san… Brent-kun’s the kind of boy that can’t help to have girls fall for him… actually I knew this would happen sooner or later. I don’t mind sharing him… what about you?” Asakura said calmly.

Uh… how we share boy?” Ku Fei asked.

We both date him at the same time.” Asakura explained.

Oh… Is okay I no mind.” Ku said happily.

Unfortunately it’s also up to Brent-kun. I suggest that you invite him to train with you tomorrow, then invite him to spar afterwards, oh and you should invite him to Chao Bao Zi for dinner.” Asakura instructed “If you can’t find the words to tell him how you feel just kiss him.”

End Flashback

After having another talk with Asakura and feeling relieved knowing that she would help her get ready for the date she confidently waited for Brent to arrive back at the field. She needn’t wait long for there Brent was running as fast as he could. She smiled shyly and waved to him as he slid to a stop.

“Hey Ku-chan!” Brent said happily “I can’t wait to go to dinner with you later… but I don’t know how Kazumi-hime will feel me going on a date with you.”

“I have idea. If you win I tell Asakura-san, if I win you tell her.” Ku said happily knowing it wouldn’t matter either way.

“That’s fine… I guess.” Brent said.

“No more talking! Now we fight!” She said getting in her stance.

Brent nodded and did the same. They stared each other down for a few seconds before Brent made the first move as one second he was three yards away next he was directly in front of her but slightly to the right. He brought his fist up in a powerful left hook landing a hit to her gut. She felt the air whoosh from her lungs as the shock from the punch rattled her bones and sent her skidding back a few feet.

“Owww… Brent-kun did you use chi in that punch?” Ku Fei asked.

“No… just really high speed and air pressure.” Brent explained “But you go ahead and use yours when fighting.”

“Ok!” Ku Fei said excitedly.

She closed the distance between them in a second and started their sparring match. They each seemed pretty evenly matched as they fought. After an hour they were both exhausted and covered in sweat and grime.

“Ku-chan… how about… we go one… more round… and one… last move… then we… decide.” Brent panted.

“Yeah… this… was fun… I hope… we can… do… this more… often.” Ku Fei gasped.

They got back into their respective stances and charged again. Brent side stepped her punch but found it to be a feint and got a powerful kick to the head. He managed to grab hold of her neck since he was planning to trip her and then knee her in the back. They both went flying and tumbled ten feet before coming to a stop with Ku Fei on top of him straddling his hips. They panted for a few seconds before she collapsed against his chest panting and inhaling his scent. Brent instinctively wrapped his arms around her and held her close as he tried to catch his own breath. They fell asleep in that position, totally exhausted with their round. They woke up a half hour later side by side. They woke up at nearly the exact same time and opened their eyes to see their faces were with in an inch of each other. They blushed, rolled away and sat up. Brent checked his watch.

“Ku-chan we only have 30 minutes before we need to be at the restraint!” He said as he dashed off.

Ku Fei soon followed suite and a half hour later they had both miraculously managed to wash up, change and meet at the restaurant. Brent was wearing blue cargo pants and a dress shirt with a dragon pendant around his neck, Ku Fei was stunning. Knowing her someone had helped her get ready… though he really didn’t know for sure. Ku smiled when she saw how handsome Brent looked and blushed as she saw him gape at her. Her hair was done in a single bun at the back of her head with a butterfly hair ornament on her temple, she had a little eye shadow, blush, and lipstick that amplified her (Though in Brent’s opinion this wasn’t necessary) and she was wearing the same kind of robe she wore during training only much more ornate. It was light blue with pink flowers on it. They were led to their seat by Chachamaru and ordered something. They talked a little while as they waited but Ku Fei simply couldn’t work up the guts to simply tell him how she felt. So she went to plan B. She quickly crossed the small table and kissed Brent on the lips feeling the jolt of electricity that Asakura had described when they broke apart both of them gasped. It was just like with Kazumi, since Brent felt the same thing that Ku did.

“Ku-chan…” Brent said after a few minutes “I think that if Kazumi-hime found out about this… she would probably attempt to do us bodily harm.”

“Brent-kun… I already talked to Asakura-chan… and she told me that she doesn’t mind me going out with you too… she said that it your fate or something. She said that if you don’t mind then she won’t mind.” Ku said.

“Well… if you two don’t mind… then neither do I.” He said leaning across and kissing her again.