Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Trains and Temples ( Chapter 9 )

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Train and temple.
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It was the day after the training session with Ku Fei and the day before the trip to Kyoto and as usual Brent was at the back of the chatting class sleeping deeply. The reason the class was so rowdy was that Asakura had shown everyone the pictures she had taken of Brent when he was training one afternoon. There were twelve in total each one had Brent doing a different stretch. The girls were all chatting animatedly about how hot he was with his muscles or how scarred he was and what gave him so many. Negi had give up trying to get them focused so he merely graded some papers.

“Oh he has so many scars and some of them are huge! How’d he get so many?” Konoka asked.

‘He has so many… how does he deal with them?’ Ako thought.

“I know lets go ask Brent-kun!” Fuka shouted as she dashed to his sleeping form.

Brent’s head was hanging off the back of the chair and his tongue was hanging out, with a little drool leaking out the side. Fuka giggled quietly as she reached out to clamp his nose shut when suddenly…

“AAAHHHHH EVIL MONKEYS!” He shouted jumping back and falling off his chair hitting his head on the floor.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Fuka screamed when he startled her as she fell back on her but.

Brent was out cold and mumbling about evil monkeys.

“Sensei we need to dump some water on Brent-kun! He fell out of his chair and is knocked out!” Ku Fei shouted excitedly.

“Oh… well than go get some and wake him up.” Negi said.

A few minutes later Ku Fei had a bucket of cold water and poured it on Brent’s head
snapping him awake.

“Hey what’s the big idea?!” he shouted.

“Brent-kun what were you dreaming about?” Ku Fei asked.

“Ummm… Monkeys trying to bite me.” Brent said.

“Uh… you’re scared of monkeys?” Kazumi asked.

“Not really just had a really bad experience with some monkeys when I was younger. Brent said.

‘Damn monkey demons and their nasty attacks.’ He thought disgustedly.

“Oh that’s why.” Kazumi said.

“Hey Brent-kun where’d you get all those scars from?” Fuka and Fumika asked simultaneously.

“Several places… bungee jumping, skateboarding, snowboarding, base jumping, motocross, surfing, basically anything that’ll get the adrenaline pumping.” He half-lied.

Just then the bell signaling the end of the day the girls all got packed up and left the room in groups as Brent looked into the overcrowded hall sighed and headed for his dorm. He needed to prepare for the trip tomorrow. When he arrived he got out his enormous hiking backpack and pulled three twenty-four packs of Game Fuel out of the fridge and see them aside. He then got his favorite out fit and stuffed it into the bag for the free day as well as enough uniforms for the time there before tying his skateboard to the back and putting the soda in. He set it aside and turned on the T.V.

The next morning everyone was at the train station waiting impatiently for the train to leave. Brent sighed seeing as he was in Ayaka’s group… this was both good and bad seeing as Kazumi was in it too… but it also made it harder for him to both convince her to let him visit the Game World or to sneak off to it on free day. He expected that she would probably want to follow Negi all day. At any rate they got on the train and when it started moving Negi freaked out shouting they were going to the moon. A half hour later the class was moving around and Brent had found himself at a table after announcing that he would be doing something fun on the way. Ku Fei, Chao, Fuka, Fumika, Kazumi, Kaede, Sakurako, Makie, and Madoka.

“Okay.” Brent said rummaging in his backpack.

He pulled out the soda and slammed it onto the table.

“Okay this stuff has 78mg of caffeine in it per can… who wants to see how many I can drink in ten minutes?” Brent asked.

Several shouts of approval came from the table while some of those nearby sweat dropped. He took out a notepad and took down the bets and when he was done he sat down.

“Ready… GO!” Ku Fei shouted.

Brent grabbed a can, opened it, and drained it in a half-minute. At the ten minute mark he had downed forty-nine cans. He had started twitching and his pupils had dilated when Ku shouted stop. He put the empty can down and started breathing rapidly his eyes wide open and his hands an eye twitching. The girls checked the notepad and found that Sakurako had won again.

“Sakurako wins.” They said disappointedly.

Suddenly there was a wild shout.

“YAHOO!” Brent shouted as he dashed out of his seat in a cloud of dust.

He began talking at a speed which no one could understand anything he said and was bugging everybody as the group at the table watched in fascination. Brent climbed over seats and people before finally returning to the table.

“Hey everyone how you doing? Who won? Did you win Kazumi-chan? Huh didya didya?” He said insanely fast with eyes wide and pupils dilated.

“Um… no.” She said nervously.

“Oh that’s too bad.” He said before leaping at her laughing insanely,

He felt a hard hit to the top of his head and landed on top of her unconscious. Kazumi breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thanks’ Ku Fei.” Kazumi said.

“Is no problem. He went crazy on caffeine and had to be knocked out.” She replied happily.

She set Brent in the seat next to her and let him lay his head on her lap as he started snoring. She blushed as she remembered Saturday night and ran her hand through his hair as Ku Fei sat down on the other side with Chao. They started talking about different things and the trip went by quickly. An hour later Brent woke up to find his head in Kazumi’s lap and sat up rubbing his head.

“You feel normal?” She asked.

“Hee hee. Almost. Still got some in my system.” He said giggling.

Suddenly they heard a shriek of fear as the car was suddenly full of frogs.

“FROGGERS!” Brent shouted as he started grabbing one and stuffing it in his empty lunch box “I shall call you Frogger and it shall be so for you are my Frogger.”

They arrived at the station with no further incident and Brent had managed to calm down completely. He put the rest of the soda back in the bag and left with everyone for the ride to Kiyomizu temple. Brent had been there before and found it rather dull but with his angels anything can be interesting. He was lost in the view of Kyoto from the stage. He heard the girls talking about how it was called the ‘lovers leap’ and how lovers would jump off it.

“Actually if you jump off it and survive your wish will be granted. In the Edo period there were 234 recorded jumps with an 82.4 survival rate.” He said.
(A/N: True I looked it up!)

The girls all were amazed since they hadn’t known that while Brent remembered when he had jumped off the 42 foot stage into the foliage below. That’s when Yue mentioned the waterfall shrine that could grant there love wish’s and all of them immediately wanted to go. As they headed for the shrine he noticed Kazumi filming him.

“Kazumi-hime try and film something other than me.” He said.

“But you’re so photogenic Brent-kun!” She replied.

Brent glared at her for a second before sighing as she raced to catch up with the rest of the rushing class. He stayed back with Negi and walked as the girls stopped every once in a while so they could catch up. They reached the top of some stone stairs to where Brent remembered a pair of stones called the ‘love stones’ and remembered successfully walking between them a century ago.

“They say that if you can walk between the two stones with your eyes closed your love wish will be granted.” Yue said.

“Okay, then as Class Rep, I will start things off!” Ayaka shouted.

“Aw, no fair. Me too.” Makie shouted.

“M-me too.” Nodoka muttered.

Brent grunted as the other three dashed off with their eyes closed. He closed his eyes and slowly walked the 59 feet between the stones. He heard Ayaka and Makie scream as they fell in some pit and judged the distance to the noise and walked around the hole. He reached the stone, opened his eyes and kept walking as Nodoka reached it immediately afterwards. They reached the shrine and started milling around excitedly.

“Yue, which one is it?” Someone shouted.

“From the right;” Yue said opening a thermos “Health, Wisdom, and True Love.”

Nearly the entire class crowded around the farthest left fountain and started drinking the water.

“Mmmm.” Someone said.

“D-delicious! Another cup!” Yuuna shouted.

“Whoa what is this!?” Makie shouted.

“It lives up to its billing. This taste… it’s like a miracle from above.” Ayaka stated.

“The more you drink, the more it works!” Fumika shouted.

A few minutes later the almost the entire class was in a drunken stupor as Asuna tried to wake up Ayaka.

“Hold tight Class rep!” Asuna cried “Brent-san help… GET AWAY FROM THERE BAKA!”

After seeing the classes reaction Brent had closed his eyes and smirked.

‘Lightweights.’ Brent thought.

The next thing they knew he had his head under the waterfall drinking down the boozy water. Several of the girls who hadn’t gotten drunk were trying to pull him off of in futility and only moved when Asuna kicked him off. They paniced as some of the other teachers walked past and started freaking out when Shizuna stopped and asked what was going on..

“Some of us are just… y’know taking a nap… right Brent… WHAT THE HELLS WRONG WITH YOU BAKA!” She shouted.

Brent was under the stream again and had passed out from drinking the boozy water. They managed to some how get the boozy girls to their rooms at the hotel and put Brent in a separate room altogether before heading off to their own beds for the night.