Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Investigation ( Chapter 11 )

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“He’s your twin brother Brent-kun!” Fuka and Fumika shouted excitedly as they hugged him.

“Well we aren’t identical… but we almost are. He has black hair and I have brown hair.” He said nervously “However we have almost nothing in common personality wise.”

“We don’t care! Now there are more twins!” They said as they squeezed him tightly snuggling against him.

“Ow-ow-ow-ow.” Brent shouted.

The twins released him and started apologizing for hurting him. It was the day after Averus showed up and he had latched himself onto 3-A and for some reason he seemed to be hanging around Setsuna more than anyone else. Plus he was talking only to her and more than Brent ever remembered. Setsuna seemed to be enjoying herself around him and Brent wondered why his eldest brother was giving a human such attention… normally he just ignored them. Suddenly he was pulled down a hall and slammed against the wall looking into the face of an excited Kazumi.

“Brent-kun! You’ll never believe what I saw!” She said excitedly “I was walking up the stairs to the street following Negi-sensei and there was a kitten in the street and a car was about to hit. Negi dashed out and grabbed it… then he sent the car flying somehow. We need to find out how he did that!”

‘Oh crap.’ He thought.

“Come on! I‘m your girlfriend you have to help me!” Kazumi said stubbornly.

She was someone he would do almost anything for. On the other hand if he helped her, she would reveal magic to the world and Negi would be arrested, turned into an Ermine, and most likely never be allowed to return to Mahora. They may even erase all memories of Negi from the class and after all the good Negi had been for them they wouldn’t be better off. He sighed sadly.

“I’m sorry Kazumi-hime but while I would love to help you, it would cause so much trouble to everyone.” He apologized.

“Humph… Fine I’ll do this myself. But we’re still gonna have ‘Fun’ later Brent-kun.”
Kazumi said seductively as she rubbed her finger along his cheek and chin.

Brent groaned in defeat.

“Kazumi-hime… I’ll help you and will just have to hope you don’t try what I think you will later. Because that wouldn’t be good… for anyone.” Brent said “What’s your plan?”

“I’m going to dress up as Shizuna-sensei and ambush him in the hot springs. Then I’ll get him to ‘confess’ that he’s a wizard!” She said excitedly “This will be the scoop of the century!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close to her.

“I love you Brent-kun!” She said happily as he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close.

“I love you too Kazumi-hi mmm.” He started to reply.

He was cut off however by Kazumi kissing him deeply and forcing her tongue into his mouth and closing her eyes as they enjoyed the electric kiss. They stayed like that for a few minutes that felt like hours when they heard a giggle. They broke the kiss and turned to see; Yue, a giggling Fuka and Fumika, Haruna, a bright red Nodoka, a wide mouthed Madoka, Sakurako, and Kakizaki; and a fuming Ayaka.

“Ummm… Yo?” Brent said before being bombarded.

“You two look soooo cute together!” Fuka and Fumika squealed in unison.

“Did you Deep Kiss?” Haruna shouted excitedly.

“How long have you been dating?” The Cheerleaders asked.

“WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!?” Ayaka shouted.

“Were you squeezing her butt? Have you two had sex?” Haruna asked loudly.

“NO! WE HAVEN’T HAD SEX!” Brent shouted bright red.

“We’ve been dating for about two months.” Kazumi said.

They managed to escape them and snuck to the Onsen.

“Um… Kazumi-hime… I think Negi-sensei will notice that your breasts are a lot smaller than Shizuna-sensei’s.” Brent pointed out.

“I doubt it. Now where did I hide that disguise?” She said as she rummaged through several lockers.

She finally found what she was looking for. She pulled out a wig, mask, and eyeglasses that would disguise her as Shizuna. She also pulled out one of Brent’s bathing suits.

“Put this on and go out there. You need to convince sensei that I’m Shizuna.” Kazumi said as she threw him his bathing suit and started to strip.

Brent took the suit and skittered off to the other side behind some lockers and changed. He dashed out into the Onsen. He climbed into the hot water and walked over to where Negi was.

“Hey sensei.” Brent said in a bored tone.

“Oh, hello Brent-san. How are you this evening?” Negi said as Chamo waved.

“Fine I guess.” Brent said unconvincingly.

“Hello Negi-kun, Brent-kun. Mind if I join you?” Asked a familiar voice.

They both turned to see Shizuna, wrapped in a towel, step into the water. Negi and Chamo gaped at her before Negi looked away. Both were totally fooled… Brent was for about a second. Then he noticed things, her bust was too small and the look in her eyes was the same as Kazumi’s. He sighed as Negi started freaking out.

“Ah! Sh-Shizuna-sensei! I-I’ll just be leaving.” He said as he waded towards his towel.

‘Shizuna’ grabbed him around the neck and pulled him close, shoving his head into her chest.

“But Negi-kun… I just want to talk.” She said smiling.

Negi looked at her face for a few seconds before speaking again.

“Uh Shizuna-sensei your boobs seem kinda… small.” Negi said.

When Negi said ‘Small’ two things happened; Brent snorted with laughter, ‘Shizuna’ moved away quickly too a far corner of the Onsen and started to mope and mumble about having the 4th largest bust size in class and being called small for a few seconds before turning and pulling off her disguise.

“It’s me! Asakura Kazumi the Mahora paparazzi!” She shouted “Now tell the truth sensei!”

“What?” Negi asked.

“I saw you save that kitten earlier and send that car flying. I also have a picture of you flying on that staff!” She shouted showing him the picture on her phone.

Negi and Chamo started freaking out.

“I’m going to have to erase your memory Asakura-san.” Negi said sadly.

“I’m sure I’ll remember to hit the send button still!” Kazumi countered “Then the whole world will still know!”

“Wait! What if we made a probationary contract with Aniki?” Chamo shouted.

“A what?” Kazumi asked.

Chamo explained what it was and Kazumi quickly agreed. She turned to Brent excitedly… to find him sleeping peacefully with his head against the side of the Onsen. She smacked him over the head.

“I told you he was a wizard!” She bragged.

“I already knew.” He countered.

Averus was sitting atop the roof thinking when Brent plopped down next to him.

“Hey bro. How’s your demon pals?” Brent asked.

“Fine.” Averus replied emotionlessly

“Got any new spirits?” Brent asked.

“If you mean ghosts… then yes I now have ten ghosts with which to cast spells.” Averus answered.

“Okay… so in five hundred years you got four more ghosts?” Brent said with an air of disappointment “You’re a disgrace to necromancers.”

“I am not a Necromancer. Necromancers mutilate themselves and other to gain power quickly. I however am a user of the original form of death magic. I only use the dead that I’ve captured, defeated, or convinced to help me when I use spells.” Averus stated with a hint of anger in his tone.

“So what do you have?” Brent asked.

“The crying spirit of Mewari, an elemental from Ireland, a poltergeist from Spain, A moth man from Texas, the malevolent spirit haunting the French catacombs, a demon from beneath a church in Italy, a banshee, a Scottish specter, and what I’m pretty sure is a demon god from ancient ruin in Mesopotamia.” Averus listed.

“Dang… I bet they kick ass.” Brent thought aloud.

“Probably.” Averus agreed.

“What about your bounty? Has it changed in five hundred years?” Brent asked.

“Yes. It’s currently at five hundred thousand yen.” Averus said with a hint of a smirk.

“Any Idea on Falco’s?” Brent asked.

“His is currently at four hundred ninety-nine thousand. What of you?” Averus asked with an air of confidence “We’ve actually committed crimes that warrant bounties whilst the leaders of the magic world as well as the Catholic Church have tried to frame you for crimes. Did you actually do something to earn a bounty?”

“Yes I did…” Brent said sadly.

“What was it?” Averus asked.

Brent paused for a full twenty seconds.

“In 1563… a year after Michelle’s death I discovered that the demons that killed her were from Eastern mages. I quickly began searching out the small groups of Eastern mages in England and when I found one I’d…” Brent paused “I would kill everyone of them. I eventually found her killers but by then I had killed three hundred and twenty three Eastern mages… several of high rank. So they put a bounty of five hundred million yen… they rescinded it after I saved there ass’s in WW2 though.”

“I sometimes forget how much harder life has been for you little brother.” Averus said as he lay back on the roof “You should go to bed.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” Brent agreed.

He stood up and left for his room... he had no idea how it happened but he had somehow been roomed with his group instead of his own. He assumed that this was because they thought he would behave. Ayaka wasn't happy about this of course, Chizuru didn't seem to mind, Natsumi wasn't happy either but was willing to give him a chance. He was worried about what Kazumi might try. He got to the hall his room was on and found several girls chatting with Kazumi.

"Hey do you want the ogre to find you all out of your rooms?" Brent asked "What’s going on?"