Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Demon of Mahora ❯ Vacation: Exploring ( Chapter 29 )

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Vacation: Exploring
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The next day the three cheerleaders where playing with a volleyball in the shallow knee deep water.

“A south island vacation, wow!” Sakurako said happily.

“It really is a paradise!” Misa shouted.

“Chizuru, your-“ Fuka started to say only to be finished by Fumika “Boobs they’re huge!”

“Well she is ranked number one in the class.” Kazumi pointed out.

‘I wonder where Brent-kun is.’ she also thought ‘I hope he isn’t doing anything dangerous like yesterday. Ku still hasn’t calmed down.’

-Three miles out to sea.-

Brent was snorkeling and trying to find that wreck. He was sure it had some very powerful weapons on it and if he could get them they would be safe from evil. He had already identified the sword he had killed the shark with the other day as ‘Lladre de Temps’. He learned that even if the shark had gotten away the magic in the sword would have at least shaven a couple hundred years off its life.

He passed a school of Tuna and a couple Marlins, even saw a Green sea turtle before he found the wreckage. He took a deep breath and dove down into the hundred foot deep water. It looked like a desert underwater… there was nothing in sight save a few lone crabs and the wreck. He pumped his finned feet till he reached it and pushed off a piece of rotten hull to reach the hold again. He finally got a good look at the myriad of swords and noticed that while most of them were corroded there were still at least twelve swords that were worth retrieving from the wreck.

It took him three trips to the surface for air before he had retrieved most of the swords. He still had a half foot wide by six foot wide bronze chest encrusted with sea life to investigate so he took another deep breath and dove down. He reached the sea floor and found the chest but was surprised by what he found when he scraped some of the accumulated sea life… there were five different languages etched on it. He understood three of them but there was a fourth he only knew pieces of and the fifth was a complete mystery to him. Not only that but none of them said the same thing. It seemed to be a riddle of some kind. He decided that he should bring it back with him and see what Negi thought about it since the one he partially understood was Welsh and he assumed that Negi would understand it. He opened up a shadow in the ship ,which was quite difficult, and shoved the things into it before heading towards the island to spearfish. He wondered if he could catch any of the Tilapia he saw on the way out.

Ku Fei Meanwhile was sitting on a beach blanket under an umbrella with moist eyes. She currently the complete opposite of herself and didn’t truly understand why. Normally she would be back to her usual happy-go-lucky self by now but she was still in tears over what almost happened to Brent.

“Ku-san?” A kind voice asked “Are you okay?”

Ku looked and saw a worried Konoka with her ever present friend Setsuna.

“I is fine Konoka-san!” Ku said happily… or tried to say happily.

“Come on! You need to stop being so depressed!” Konoka said cheerfully “Brent-kun’s
okay and he’s even gone out snorkeling. He asked me where you were earlier so he could invite you!”

“He did?” Ku asked in sad surprise.

She was really out of it now and was starting to tear up again. She felt silly now when she thought about it but she still was ad to not have been able to have gone with Brent and see all the fish on the reef. She sniffed and wiped her eyes before smiling at her friend.

“Okay you right. Let’s go play volleyball!” Ku said happily as she stood up.

An hour later and Brent was swimming into shore with a bag full a freshly speared fish for dinner. He hoped he could convince the chefs to let him use the kitchen but if that failed he could always con Ayaka into ordering them to let him use it. He reached water shallow enough for him to stand in and took off his flippers before walking the rest of the way to shore. He noticed that a lot of his angels were harassing Negi and walked towards a palm tree to watch the harassment. He was particularly envious of the ten year old when he crashed into Chizuru… and got stuck in her bikini top. He was finally close enough to hear their word sand had to bite his lip to stop from laughing.

“Mwah?! Th-ey’re so soft l-like marshmallows, or…!” It was then Negi realized what they were and started to thrash about

“Oh! Hel-lo!” She said kindly.

“Oh come on!” Ako shouted.

“CHIZURU-SAN!” Ayaka screamed “What’s the big idea trapping sensei between those huge giant!”

“But it was sensei, not me!” Chizuru tried to explain “Oh dear! I think he stuck.”

“Chizuru-san! Release Negi-sensei right this instant!” Ayaka shouted loudly.

“But he really is stuck.” Chizuru replied.

At this point Brent lost it and started to laugh loudly as he leaned against the palm tree as the girls proceeded to shove their breasts into Negi in order for him to compare them. However he soon saw Negi floating face down in the water.

“Oh no we’ve drowned sensei!” Makie shouted.

“YOU WHAT!” Ayaka screamed.

Asuna and her group of modestly dressed friends decided that was the time to make their appearance. Unlike the majority of the girls who had decided to wear rather revealing bikinis, Yue, Konoka, Asuna, Setsuna, and Nodoka had dressed in one piece swimsuits.

“What idiots.” Asuna moaned with her head in her palm.

“Someone give him mouth to mouth!” Haruna shouted.

“I will!” Makie volunteered.

“No I will!” Ayaka shouted back.

“They maybe idiots but at least they’re entertaining.” Brent said with a wide smile.

“Oh hey Brent-san where’ve you been?” Konoka asked happily “Ku and Kazumi have been really sad and worried about you all day!”

“They have?” Brent asked in surprise “Well the worry doesn’t surprise me but why would they be sad?”

“They think you might go and do something dangerous and get hurt which makes Ku really sad!” Konoka said in a slightly sad tone.

“Well I’d better go cheer them up then!” Brent said happily “Then I’ll make my family’s famous fish stew! Cobomanogo stew! Hm, I wonder if I could use the kitchen.”

He then left to find his girls.

It took him a while to find them but he eventually found them moping in Kazumi’s room… which was very odd considering their personalities.

“Now why are my two favorite girls moping around when there’s this huge tropical island to enjoy?” Brent asked with a smirk.
“Brent-kun!” The two girls shouted simultaneously.

He was immediately glomped by Ku and Kazumi and nearly knocked off his feet by the combined force.

“Where’ve you been all day!” The shouted angrily at him.

“Ummm… fishing?” He said holding up the bag of assorted fish.

“Well don’t worry us!” They shouted again.

“You two know I’m hard to kill and that I can take care of myself!” Brent said stubbornly “Now I have Cobomanogo stew to make!”

He then turned and left the room leaving two confused girls behind.

“What’s Cobomanogo stew?” they asked each other.

Brent spent the next two hours in the kitchen. He started with several liquids used to flavor food and then several exotic spices; he filleted the fish and then smoked them before adding them to the pot. He sprinkled a dozen different spices in and the thick stew quickly turned a reddish brown in color. He added potatoes, onions, carrots, and three crushed habanera peppers before stirring it a little more and putting the lid on it.

-Three hours later-

Throughout the cabins the girls were staying in a delicious scent permeated the air. It was spicy and making them very hungry but they couldn’t quite place what it was. It was close to dinner now and nobody knew where Brent had gone as they walked towards the dining room. As they approached they continued to discuss the mysterious absence of Brent or the delightful smell that was getting stronger. They opened the door and were surprised to see a seafood medley laid out on a table with Brent standing to the side stirring a large bronze pot that had steam emanating from it.

“Hello people it time for us to savor the fish I caught and to try some of my family’s Cobomanogo stew!” He said.

The girls all cheered and went to start loading their plates up with fish and quickly found that the smell was coming from the thickly bubbling stew. They all ladled some into a bowl and tentatively took a mouthful.

Kazumi wasn’t sure about the rust colored slop that she ladled up but decided to try some for her boyfriend’s sake. She lifted some up to her mouth with her spoon and took a bite. She immediately regretted it… she regretted ever being doubtful about the edibility of the Cobomanogo stew. It exploded in her mouth with a rush of spiciness that was accompanied by a earthy sourness and a slight sweetness, the delicious and tender smoked fish gave it a strong robust flavor that she couldn’t stop going over in her mind.

“THIS IS GREAT BRENT-KUN!” She shouted which was soon echoed across the room.

“Thanks and just so you all know there should be more than enough for each of you to have seconds!” Brent said happily as he got some for himself.