Mahou Sensei Negima! Fan Fiction ❯ Upgrade ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Notes: I’m juggling around some of the events of the Negima manga, sorry. Consider this an AU if you like....

Negima: Upgrade

Changes... yeah, Asuna Kagurazaka knew a lot about them. Over the past few months she had felt like she was on a roller coaster with everything she was going through... first she made the pactio with Negi and got her magic dispelling harisen, then learned magic cancel was a innate ability of hers, found out she had the same fighting skills as Takahata-sensei AND had flashes of memory implying she had met Nagi Springfield and friends.

“Asuna!” Setsuna Sakurazaki called cheerfully as the black haired samurai in a modest swimsuit watched Asuna practice, the environment around them resembling a hot summer beach. Within the resort belonging to Evangeline they could practice fighting all day, while only a hour passed in the real world.

Leaping Asuna swung her massive sword at the wall, eyes narrowed as the orange haired girl cleaved through it like a hot knife through butter. With a satisfied smile the bikini clad girl walked to Setsuna’s side, “Hello, Setsuna. How’s it going?”

“Konoka and I brought some lunch,” Setsuna smiled back at her friend, “that was very well done, by the way.”

Asuna shrugged as she let her sword disappear, “Just trying to get used to using the sword and the kankaho technique at the same time.”

‘Kankaho’ was a powerful fighting mode, developed by one of the allies of Nagi Springfield. By combining magical energies with a fighter’s Chi, the user could generate periods of immense speed and strength. The difficulty was in balancing the energies so you didn’t hurt yourself or explode....

“You seemed quite capable at the tournament,” Setsuna noted as they walked along the beach towards the trees.

Asuna grinned, “Yeah, but at the time I never had the chance to think about it, I just went with the flow.”

“Ah,” Setsuna nodded in agreement.

“Asuna, Set-chan!” Konoka Konoe waved from where she was setting up lunch, her long black hair flowing around her. Unlike Setsuna she wore a racy two piece swimsuit that hugged her body, making her seem more mature than she was.

‘Poor Setsuna,’ Asuna thought as she saw the samurai blush, unsure where to look at Konoka without letting her desire show through.

Just then Konoka gave Asuna a impish wink. “Would you like some tea?” she asked Setsuna, bending over to grab the jug and making her cleavage more visible.

Setsuna gulped, her cheeks going red as she stammered, ‘Of course.”

Deciding to take some of the heat off Setsuna Asuna asked, “Did you pack those sandwiches I like?”

“Sure,” Konoka turned, not incidentally flashing Setsuna with her partially revealed ass.

“Konoka,” Asuna scolded her softly.

Konoka shook her head with a smile, though she did relent on teasing Setsuna. “I just finished a training session with Evangeline,” she reported as she settled down beside Setsuna, “and Set-chan fought Chachamaru.”

“How’d you do?” Asuna asked curiously. After weeks of training she could hold her own against the android, but just barely.

“Managed to pin her,” Setsuna admitted.

“It was SO cool!” Konoka gushed happily, “They fought in the sky and Set-chan looked just like a angel!”

“Konoka,” Setsuna blushed.

“Way to go,” a smiling Asuna patted her on the shoulder as she began to eat her lunch. ‘I don’t pin her,’ the thought a bit enviously. Still, Setsuna had been doing this sort of thing a lot longer than she had.

“Here, Set-chan,” Konoka speared a sausage, “open wide!”

“Ahh,” Setsuna opened obediently and Konoka cutely popped the food into her mouth.

‘That is just too cute,’ Asuna found herself thinking irritably.

Speaking of changes, she supposed Setsuna and Konoka had been through quite a few too. Just from what little she knew they had been child hood friends, broke up, Setsuna went off and trained for years, met up as mistress and bodyguard and only recently got back to being close friends again.

And now Asuna found herself feeling just a bit left out of it all. It wasn’t that she wanted her friend Konoka to be apart from her childhood crush, but for the whole time they were roommates it had just been her and Konoka. Now she was second in Konoka’s life, and it felt a little... bittersweet.

“So, are we getting everyone together for dinner?” Asuna wondered.

“Yeah, sort of a informal meeting of our new Crimson Wing,” Konoka agreed.

Setsuna drank some tea, still blushing faintly. “And I understand that Chachamaru 2.0 will be making her debut.”

“Huh?” Asuna blinked.

“As she was leaving, Chachamaru told me that Hikase planned a major upgrade,” Setsuna explained.

“I hope that mad scientist doesn’t do anything too extreme,” Asuna sighed.


Chachamaru’s new look was a bit surprising, but Asuna thought everyone handled it pretty well. She looked much more human, if smaller and cuter, and everyone commented on how good she looked. Oddly she was accompanied by Chisame, the redhead hovering protectively by her friend.

“Well, isn’t that interesting,” Kazumi Asakura noted, the brown haired class reporter looking on interestedly as Chisame and Chachamaru talked together. “Do you think something is developing there?” she wondered.

“Don’t get strange ideas,” Asuna advised.

“Where’s the fun in that?” Konoka chuckled.

“Chisame acts different around Chachamaru,” Fu Kei noted, the dusky skinned blonde eating her food cheerfully.

“She does have a point,” Setsuna noted. She smiled slightly as she said, “Chisame certainly seems more outgoing with her.”

“Hmph,” Evangeline frowned, the ten year old blonde looking annoyed. Well, physically she was ten, Asuna had no idea how old she really was....

Changing the subject Konoka looked at Asuna and winked, “How’s the training under Evangeline going?”

Asuna rolled her eyes as she growled, “I thought I was going to die when she dumped me in that sub zero environment!”

“You needed to toughen up,” Evangeline noted with some amusement. She grinned, “And you have to admit you’re tougher for it.”

“Maybe,” Asuna reluctantly conceded. “And what’s with calling me a mid-level evil boss?” she demanded.

“I’m your master,” Evangeline gave her a dangerous look as she purred, “I can call you whatever I want.”

Konoka laughed softly as she noted, “I thought the gothic lolita outfit she made you wear was cute.”

“Lolita?” Kazumi noted.

“It was SO embarrassing,” Asuna winced.

“Are you criticizing my taste?” Evangeline asked.

“Hell yes, you stupid vampire,” Asuna said firmly.

“Why you...” Evangeline sputtered.

“And there they go again,” Konoka murmured as Asuna and Evangeline bickered.

“Well, at least with Asuna’s magic cancelling ability they’re pretty evenly matched,” Setsuna noted as things quickly deteriorated.

“Why you little...” Asuna smacked her with her paper fan.

“Overgrown...,” Evangeline yanked her hair then head butted her.

“You know, they really remind me of a old married couple,” Kazumi smirked.

“WE ARE NOT!” Both Asuna and Evangeline stopped to protest indignantly.