Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Mai Hime: Answers and Questions ❯ Chapter 3

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Mai Hime: Answers and Questions
Part Three

Miyu Greer walked with the younger girl along the path to the church, the blue haired young woman’s expression oddly gentle. “My lady,” Miyu said softly, “there are people waiting at the church for us.”

Alyssa Searrs nodded agreement, the little blonde girl holding on to Miyu’s hand. “I know,” she said calmly, “in fact I think I expected them to do this weeks ago, just after the Obsidian Lord’s defeat.”

“Do you want to see them?” Miyu asked, a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

Alyssa gave her an affectionate gaze, “No fighting, please. That’s what got us into trouble in the first place.”

“Understood,” Miyu smiled back slightly.

The two entered the church to see Sister Yukariko standing to one side, a group of young women nearby. “I’m sorry about this,” the brown haired nun said, a bit of a bump in her belly indicating her developing pregnancy.

“It’s all right, Sister” Alyssa smiled gently to her then turned to face the band of Hime that waited to confront them.

Akane Higurashi met her gaze with cold fury, the brown haired girl standing in the lead of the Hime. Beside her Natsuki Kruger, Mikoto Minagi and Mai Tokhia looked rather uncomfortable, while Nao Yuuki gave Miyu a challenging glare. Over to one side Yukino Kikukawa pushed up her glasses nervously, her companion and protector Haruka Suzushiro standing by her side. Finally there was Midori Sugiura, the dynamic former waitress and often over the top teacher.

“Welcome back,” Nao said dryly, the redhead adding irritably, “now could we get on with this, please?”

“I’d like that, too,” Alyssa said. She looked up to meet Akane’s gaze, “Well?”

“You...” Akane looked furious, shaking her head, “how can you still be so arrogant?” Bursting out in anger, “You killed Kazuya!”

“No,” Miyu corrected flatly, “I was the one who killed your Childe. It was just Kazuya’s misfortune that he was your Key.”

“Don’t,” Mai grabbed Akane when the smaller girl looked like she was ready to lunge at Miyu. “You’ll hurt yourself.”
“You tried to blackmail the hime and threaten innocent lives at Fuuka academy,” Haruka declared dramatically, “what do you have to say for yourself?”

“You weren’t even there,” Alyssa noted with amusement.

“Yukino was,” Haruka unconsciously look the other girl’s hand, “and I won’t tolerate anyone hurting her.”

“Haruka,” Yukino blushed, looking down at her notebook.

“What do you want me to say?” Alyssa asked them all mildly.

“I’m sorry, maybe?” Mikoto offered, the black haired younger girl standing protectively close to Mai.

“But I’m not,” Alyssa shocked them by saying.

“What?” Natsuki said flatly, her eyes narrowing as she stepped forward, her stance signaling she was ready to fight.

Miyu moved forward, “Don’t even consider it.”

“Miyu!” Alyssa said quickly, “No fighting.”

Miyu looked back with a expression of fond exasperation but said gently, “Yes, milady.”

“What do you mean,” Nao asked curiously, “you’re not sorry?”

Alyssa met her eyes, “You must understand that when we fought I was fully committed to the goals of the Searrs Foundation. I believed that Searrs were the only ones capable of safely controlling the HIME’s powers, as well as guiding the fate of the world.” She paused, “In pursuit of that quest I was willing to do anything.”

“And now?” Midori asked, the busty teacher having noted that Alyssa was speaking in the past tense.

A bitter smile flickered on Alyssa’s face, “Having Joseph Greer attempt to murder me on orders of my parents in Searrs has altered my opinion of them.”She met their eyes, “But I still believe my decisions at the time were correct, based on what I knew.”

“I’m getting a headache,” Mikoto sighed.

“You all forgave Mikoto for her misguided actions under the Obsidian Lord,” Miyu said calmly, “will you forgive Alyssa for her past deeds, too?”

Mai looked uncomfortable, “We’d be a bit hypocritical if we didn’t.”

“Mai,” Akane protested.

“She did help save us all from the Obsidian Lord,” Nao shrugged. She looked down a bit uncomfortably at her red fingernails as she added, “And I think that we all have things in our past we may regret.”

There was a silent moment then most of the group began to nod their agreement. Akane’s eyes glistened with tears as she shook her head, “You may forgive her,” she cried as she hurried out of the church, “I won’t!”

“Akane!” Midori called, ready to go after her.

“No,” Natsuki surprised her by putting a gentle hand on her arm. “Let her calm down first,” she advised, “then talk.”

“There’s only one other thing that concerns me,” Mai said, looking very uncomfortable about being a spokeswoman.

“Yes?” Alyssa said politely.

“The rest of us seem to be powerless,” Mai hesitated, “but Miyu is a cyborg, she still has her abilities. What’s to keep her from misusing them?”

“But...” Miyu started then stopped herself firmly.

“Miyu is fiercely loyal to me and I have no reason to harm any of you, any longer,” Alyssa said to them calmly.

“Could I make a suggestion?” Sister Yukariko said after a moment.

“Please do,” Midori nodded.

“I would be willing to allow both Alyssa and Miyu to stay in the church if they wish,” Sister Yukariko said to them calmly, “I think it might make you all feel more comfortable while I keep a eye on them.”

Natsuki gave her a long look before nodding reluctantly and saying, “That might just be a good idea.”

“I’ll need the help as my pregnancy proceeds,” Sister Yukariko admitted ruefully. She looked over the group of women and smiled, “Oh, Nao?”

“Yes?” Nao gave the nun a long and wary look. She had once ‘confessed’ to the nun... in fact she had made up lewd escapades to shock the woman, and now she wondered if it might just be payback time.

“I was wondering if you would be interested in assisting me, too?” Sister Yukariko smiled at her sweetly.

“You’re crazy,” Nao blurted.

“Should we leave them to this discussion?” Midori asked the others quietly.

“Lets go,” Mai agreed as they filed out, leaving Nao, Sister Yukariko, Miyu and Alyssa all together in the church.

“I wish that had gone better,” Haruka scowled, the blonde walking by Yukino’s side as they headed back to report to the president.

“At least we can be fairly confident they won’t do it again,” Yukino said, her notes on the meeting in hand.

“I hope so,” Haruka frowned. “I wonder if I should have a few members of the Executive keep a eye on her....”

“Haruka...” Yukino started as they passed the gardens, a tree shading them from the sun, “thank you, for what you said in there.”

Haruka stopped them there, a faint smile on her face, “Don’t be foolish, Yukino. You’re very important to me.”

Yukino looked up at her searchingly. “I’m glad, but...” she started.

Haruka’s expression was faintly regretful as she put a finger to Yukino’s lips. “I’m sorry,” she said gently. Yukino nodded, gulping, then took her glasses off a moment to wipe at her eyes. “I wish things could be different,” Haruka said gently, “but as strongly as I feel for you, it’s a different emotion than the one for have for me.”

“I know,” Yukino sighed, “I guess I’ve always known.”

Haruka reached out to draw Yukino close into a chaste hug. “I have never wanted to be different than what I am before now,” she softly confessed, “which tells you how hard this is for me, too.”

“I know,” Yukino made herself smile, “thank you.”

“Now,” Haruka cleared her throat, “let’s go give our report to tea man and woman... then we’ll talk about finding you the right girl.”
“What?” Yukino blurted as Haruka tugged her along.

“You just have to approach the search synergetically,” Haruka said with determination.

“Systematically,” Yukino corrected.

“Whichever,” Haruka laughed.


Notes: Much like chapter one this was spawned by wondering why Alyssa never got into shit for threatening the Hime and so on. This also is my explanation of how the unlikely duo of Miyu and Nao got into nun’s uniforms in the final Mai Hime.