Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ Mai HiME: No Doubt ❯ Chapter 1

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

It's amazing how she can make a simple shrug look graceful and effortless. Hidden within this passive motion, her mind is turning, wheels upon wheels, and I wonder what she's thinking of at that moment.


For once, my tongue is lax, without a reply as I search her eyes in the dim twilight, caught up in their preternatural glow.

It's nothing. An almost imperceptible frown skirts the corners of her mouth as she holds my stare for a moment longer before turning back to her work.  She has a paper due tomorrow for her Motorcycle Fuel Systems instructor; it's an "annoyingly detailed class" (her words) so I know her attention is as focused and precise as a surgeon's scalpel. It's times like these when I'm most tempted to tease her, to drive her to distraction.  This moment, however, is more distracting for me.

Cool breezes from the open window dry the trickles of sweat rolling down her neck, between her breasts, leaving luscious, salty tracks on her skin.  Natsuki distractedly pushes back a stray hair from her forehead giving me a clearer view of those eyes I adore so much.  Whatever kami that is enticing me with this lovely gift surely has a twisted sense of humour.

Oi. What are you looking at?

I shrug. What do you think?

She sighs halfheartedly. Can't you ever give a straight answer?

I could if you would, perhaps, ask a more direct question. A playful smirk dances on my lips. I can't help it; she rises to take the bait every time.

Her hand pauses above the page. It seems I may have gone a bit too far. Nothing to worry about, dear. You finish your work. Patting her arm gently, I gather up our teacups and pot, place them on the lacquered tray she gave me as a Christmas present and prepare to take them into the kitchen.  Before I can stand, however, I feel butterfly kisses on my neck, my shoulders.  She moved faster than I thought possible.  I must make a mental note of that....she can be sneaky when necessary.

Think you can tease me and get away with it, eh?

Oh but that was not necessary.  I was quite serious. Natsuki removes the tray from my hands; I can feel the warmth of her breath, oh so close, raising goosepimples on my sensitive flesh.

We'll just have to see how serious you really are. A ghost of a smile shades her mouth.

My aim is true. Of that, we both have no doubt.