Mai-HiME Fan Fiction ❯ The Manga Reaction ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Mai Hime: The Manga Reaction
Part Two

Nao blinked as she read aloud, “Open up my keyhole?!” Tossing down the script for volume two the redhead growled, “This makes me look like a complete slut!”

“Like that’s new,” Haruka muttered, the blonde pouring over her own copy of the script, a spicy meat bun beside her.

“Bitch,” Nao glared at her.

“Don’t call my Haruka that,” Yukino said, the brown haired young woman’s glasses flashing as she frowned at Nao.

“Aren’t you cute when you’re fierce,” Nao backed down a bit while giving Yukino a much more thoughtful look..

“Besides,” Haruka flipped through her own copy of the script, “I’m less than pleased with how underhanded I have to be.”

“Oh?” Chie noted, the black haired girl sitting with Aoi nearby. She smirked, “At least I got the announcer role for the big fight.”

“Our very own Don King?” Reito chuckled.

“She’s much cuter,” Aoi noted with a smile.

“I was,” Yukino blushed faintly as she said, “really impressed with how you summoned your childe, Haruka.”

Haruka blushed. The scene in question involved a very intimate hug between Haruka and Yukino, much closer than what would have been really necessary just to summon the childe. “Yes, well....” she trailed off.

“Anything you want to confess to the rest of us?” Nao asked, her eyes twinkling as the others looked on with interest.

“Not to you,” Haruka said flatly.

The door slid open and Mai strode inside, dragging a smoking and battered Yuuichi behind her. “We’re back,” she called out.

“Mai!” Mikoto squealed, racing up to glomp her.

“Thanks for lending me your sword,” Mai hugged her, “it really came in handy cutting away all that fake gold chain he was wearing.”

“You’re welcome Mai,” Mikoto snuggled up to her breasts happily.

“You make a good target,” Natsuki added to Yuuichi as she and Shizuru went in after them, “but remember to zig zag more.”

“Oh god...” Yuuichi groaned in pain.

“Big brother,” Shiho raced over to his side and helped the battered hero up. “Wasn’t this a bit much?” she asked.

“You wanted him still doing the pimping thing?” Shizuru asked her sweetly while keeping a hand on Natsuki’s arm.

Shiho sighed, “Point.”

“Gee, thanks,” Yuuichi sighed weakly as Shiho helped drag him over to a chair, coincidentally right beside where she was sitting.

“Aspirin?” Yohko asked, the older nurse giving him a look that could almost be described as predatory.

“Ah, no thanks,” Yuuichi paled.

“What’s with her?” Mai blinked.

“With everyone chasing after Yuuichi, she might figure she’ll get more screen time if she’s lusting after him too?” Natsuki guessed. She shrugged eloquently as she added, “Better her than me, anyway.”

“Here’s the next script, Shizuru-sama,” the little redhead offered the documents to both Natsuki and her.

“Arika?” Natsuki frowned at her, “What’s a Otome scab doing here?”

Arika looked sheepish, “It wasn’t my fault I got picked for that, ma’am.” She paused and dropped her voice, “Besides, I’m readying myself.”

“For what?” Mai asked as she finally got Mikoto away from her breasts.

“I heard about the Otome manga,” Arika sighed glumly as she said, “and the horror of... MANshiro. I figured hanging with all of you might prepare me.”

“Poor thing,” Nao said, shuddering slightly at the idea. It was odd enough having Akira dressing as a guy, the thought of a boy posing as Mashiro was creepy.

“Look at page 117,” Aoi said, a impish little smile on her face.

Flipping through the script Natsuki stopped, her eyes widening as she read. “Natsuki’s already mine?” Natsuki pointed out a bit of script to Shizuru as she added, “Getting awfully possessive, aren’t we?”

Shizuru smoothly wrapped her arms around Natsuki as she purred, “Well, you are mine aren’t you, Natsuki?”

Natsuki blushed, “Shizuru!”

“Mostly anyway,” Shizuru nibbled her ear.

“Would you two mind not doing that?” Nao asked. “I think I’m getting ill.”

“Well, I find it quite entertaining,” Chie smirked, using her camera-phone to record all of the action.

“Hentai,” Aoi smacked her gently.

Chie abandoned filming to give Aoi a sultry smile, “And you love me like that.”

“Mai, what does hentai mean?” Mikoto asked innocently.

With a blush Mai answered, “I’ll explain it when you’re older.”

Mikoto pouted, “That’s what you said when I asked about cunningulis too.”

You could have heard a pin drop as a silence descended on the room. “Something you’re not telling us, Mai?” Reito asked, a slight frown on his face.

“It’s not quite what you think,” Mai sighed, “you see, Mikoto found one of Natsuki’s magazines and...”

“Shut up,” Natsuki quickly slapped a hand over Mai’s mouth.

“And how did Natsuki’s magazines end where Mikoto could get to them?” Aoi blinked.

“Cause Natsuki’s sleeping with us!” Mikoto beamed.

“What?” Haruka blurted. “Kuga, you’re corrupting BOTH of them?”

“I am not,” Natsuki blushed.
“Natsuki, what’s this all about?” Shizuru purred, eyes twinkling dangerously.

“Oh hell,” Chie grabbed Aoi and hid under the table.

“Shizuru...” Natsuki started then sighed. “I’m using their spare bed,” she confessed, “since Mikoto always sleeps with Mai.”

“Always?” Nao smirked.

“Shhh,” Yukino shushed her, wanting to hear more.

“But why would you...?” Shizuru looked perplexed.

“I’m tired of rooming alone,” Natsuki admitted, “and with my best possible roommate in university, I settled for second best.”

“Second best? Gee, thanks,” Mai grumbled.

“I’m sorry, Natsuki,” Shizuru’s expression softened further, “I didn’t realize you’d be so lonely.”

“It’s all right, Shizuru,” Natsuki said shyly.

“I know,” Shizuru brightened, “maybe I can sneak you into my university dorm room and we can....”

Mai quickly covered Mikoto’s ears. “Mai, I wanna hear,” Mikoto complained as she struggled weakly.

Chie paused in making notes of some of the more inventive ideas, “It’s certainly educational.”

“Chie,” Aoi scolded.

To be continued...?

Notes: A bit of reaction to volume two of the manga, mixed with general Hime wackiness. Some references to the ‘Directors cut’ final episode, including Natsuki sleeping over at Mai & Mikoto’s.