Mai Otome Fan Fiction ❯ Sounds in the Night ❯ Chapter 2: Chain of Command ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2:
(Next morning, Parliament Building Aries)
“President Chrysant.” A council member said looking over at the president seeing her lean on her hand.
Haruka stood behind Yukino and gently tapped her shoulder leaning down whispering, “Yukino.”
“Huh?” Her eyes darted to open but then she remembered where she was and sat up instantly and took a gulp of coffee but found it cold. “Meister Armitage, could you get some fresh coffee?” Yukino said looking up at the blond a small smile on her face, “What were you saying representative?”
“He was saying that after the attack last night we may want to increase security around here. Heaven forbid they would have succeeded in kidnapping you last night.” Another Council member scoffed as he crossed his arms.
“Sure love sugar and cream?” Haruka asked keeping her voice low enough that only Yukino could hear her, “Or would you prefer it to be black?”
Yukino just nodded and pointed to the cup of cold coffee then looked up at Haruka and she went off to the corner where the coffee machine was. “I see no need to increase security. The general is with me at nearly all times and we have two squads of paramilitary Otome, one or the other of which is always on call. I think that their efforts along with General Armitage's were sufficient in handling the threat we had last night.”
“Still had the General not of been there we would have a serious problem. Even so the General was lucky to be able to fight them without materializing.” A third council member said brushing her hand to her hair putting a strain of red hair back.
“Are you saying that Meister Armitage is not sufficient to be my bodyguard? She is an Otome and that is her job after all?” Yukino said raising her eye brow and looking around the room.
“Yes, representative, are you saying that aside from the fact that I've scooped more attempted kidnappings then I can count. I'm not qualified to protect the president?” Haruka said coming back and putting the coffee cup in Yukino's hand it being straight coffee like the last cup. She flinched a little when Yukino quietly corrected Haruka with stopped instead of scooped but Haruka made no other moves staring the representatives down.
“There is also the issue of the romantic involvement between you two. You are both lucky you are so loved by the people of Aries. Factions within the government do not approve of your relationship or what kind of message it sends to the other nations.” The lead councilor said.
“Relationship? My personal life is not the concern of this council and it does not interfere with my duties or Meister Armitage duties.” Yukino said crossing her arms before her.
“It is becoming a problem for the councils. They still have a bad taste in their mouth from both of the Hallard's affairs.” The lead councilor said huffing as he mentioned the junior Otomes' name.
“Councilor Johnson do you hold some personal grudge against the Hallards? I seem to recall you pressing to have both of them executed at some point.” Yukino said finally addressing something she had suspected for a while now.
“Both of them have cost this nation face and nearly a president! You bullied the council into revealing classified information to save the skin of an unruly soldier that can't keep her hands to herself and then used your power to save her sister from execution after her actions had nearly killed you. No ma'am it is you that has become the liability! No government should have to take up the shortcomings of such an unfit leader and politician.” Councilor Johnson said standing up slamming his hands down on the table.
“Short comings, if I recall correctly this council wanted to execute a war hero for crimes that the council instructed her to commit then later plan on executing a fourteen year old student without even sending either of them to a trial. Aries is founded on its fairness and its belief that the people come first tell me councilor how sentencing a war hero and an untried student to death follows those principles?” Yukino stated as Haruka stepped up behind her a frown on her face.
“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. The Hallards were necessary sacrifices. A true democracy no longer exists, dear President. But the government body though corrupt it is, still mages to keep its people safe. And if we have to spill the blood of street trash that you picked up and dressed in Meister robes then so be it!” Councilor Johnson said.
“Councilor Johnson if you and this council feel that my leadership is faulting then by all means organize a impeachment hearing but I promise you my political career will not be the only one threatened and that when the people have learned of the many things I have kept quiet on there will be quite a few open seats in all three councils.” Yukino said then stood up leaving her coffee on the table and turned to Haruka. “Meister Armitage make contact with Lady Saeko Kruger inform her that I have need of her services.”
“You can't do this! You'll be executed and so will she!” Councilor Johnson said as he pointed at Haruka. “The council will not stand for this! You've bullied us around for the last time Chrysant!”
“Councilor Johnson that is President Chrysant,” Haruka corrected.
“That councilor is up to the people of Aries but if you feel the risk is worth it then so be it.” Yukino said then turned walking out of the room.
“I want to wring his little neck. First he insults my ability to protect you and then insults our relationship. On top of that, he tires to belittle probably two of the best soldiers I have under my command. It makes me want to smooch him!” Haruka said her hands balled up into fists as they walked down the hallway.
“Don't worry about it. The council won't act on this far too many of them know it would be political suicide. My father always said true power belongs to the people and right now the people support us. We have nothing to worry about. Oh and Haruka it is smash.” Yukino said then pressed a quick kiss to her cheek.
“Yukino; can't I just have the Lt Col take Delta Squad and go to his house to you know...” Haruka said smirking and totally forgetting that Yukino had just kissed her in pubic.
“You know I can't do that. Come on Haruka aren't we having lunch with Saeko today anyway?” Yukino said as they walked towards the entrance.
“Hai, she wants to tell you how thankful she is for helping her get Alyssa-chan into Garderobe again really she has been there a year now.” Haruka said opening the door for Yukino.
“It really wasn't that hard to convince Natsuki that she should let her sister attend.” Yukino said thanking Haruka. “I think it's just an excuse to have lunch with us.”
“Heh, not after I talked to her. She agreed probably because that Bubuzuke woman whined to her. But I think she was going to let her anyway.” Haruka said leading Yukino across the courtyard snickering that her idea of talking to the headmistress involved a Butou between the two which Natsuki lost.
“Hai, Natsuki is just stubborn but if Alyssa is anything like her then she will be a fine Otome.” Yukino mused taking Haruka's hand in hers as they walked.
Haruka timidly took her hand but relaxed shortly after, “You want to know where I think she'll end up after she graduates?”
“Isn't it getting close to the time Akane-chan agreed to retire?” Yukino said.
“I can't get anything past you. Even when we were kids you always seem to know why I didn't do my homework. Not even my father was that good.” Haruka said smiling at her lover.
“Haruka nine times out of ten you didn't do your homework because you were too busy flirting with me it wasn't that hard to figure out. You're father was just clueless still to this day I have no idea how your mother managed to get him to marry her.” Yukino giggled.
“Papa has a good head. It's just not always aware of anything outside of his circles.” Haruka said then she sighed clutching Yukino's hand tighter.
“What's wrong Haru-chan?” Yukino said looking over at her partner concern in her eyes.
Haruka looked at Yukino then away before softly saying, “I was really scared last night. Scared that this might be the time they get you. I was so angry; I think that was why I didn't even realize that I was naked until that ruffian selected my ass.”
“I knew I had nothing to worry about because you were there. Haruka I trust you more then I do anyone else on Earl.” Yukino said ignoring the correction then leaned over and kissed Haruka. “And with a rear like that it's hard to resist.” Yukino said playfully tapping Haruka's butt making the blonde jump.
Haruka hissed “Y-Yukino! Not here!”
“Always so shy, Haruka it's not a secret anymore the entire country knows about us and what's more they approve.” Yukino said leaning into Haruka's arm as they walked.
“Still, I'm not like that Bubuzuke woman. I'd like to keep my love life private.” Haruka said though she made no move to pull away until the reached the presidential limo and she opened the door for Yukino.
“Hai, Haru-chan,” Yukino said as she got in followed by Haruka. Yukino smirked gave the driver directions then closed the screen between them and the driver before cupping Haruka's face in her hands and kissed her passionately. “Is this private enough for you?”
“How about I burn those candles you like tonight the ones from Florence? We can spend all night together, I love Fridays.” Haruka said after Yukino ended the kiss holding the young president close to her still.
“Remember to pick them up on the way home. We'll have to stay at the manor for a few nights until they make the repairs to my room. Which reminds me we'll need to have a few members from Delta and Echo over to augment you incase they attempt another kidnapping. Any preference on whom?” Yukino said enjoying being close to Haruka.
“Depends, Captain Hallard is more likely to listen to me but the Lieutenant Colonel is a better tactician, and I'm not to keen to having Marcus lead a team right now.” Haruka mused.
“Whatever you decide love this is more your thing then mine but we've still yet to punish the Lieutenant Colonel for her stunts perhaps have both of them assigned to the task for the weekend with the Lieutenant Colonel reporting to the Captain.” Yukino said knowing she could always influence the general.
“This is why I love you so much! You got so much brain in that little head of yours.” Haruka said then kissed Yukino on the forehead before then pulls out what looked like a keyboard and started typing.
(Common room, barracks, Hexagon, Aries)
A machine on the wall of the barracks started beeping and then spit out a piece of paper with the seal of the president and Haruka's signature. Shie Hallard sat on a sofa kissing the neck of a young blonde girl wearing the royal colors of Zipang. “Hang on Imari.” Shie said then kissed her walking over taking the sheet of paper and reading it before dropping it to the ground. “Imari, this is just great!” Shie said.
“What is it Shie?” Imari said straightening her clothing and smoothing her hair.
“I have to work this weekend but this is so awesome!” Shie said bending down to pick the document up.
“I thought you had this weekend off. That Chie-sempai's squad was on call.” Imari said. “Does this have something to do with the attack last night? I can stay in town, Takumi has Akira protecting him. What's with the formal document?”
“I'm to report to Chrysant Manor I'll speak with the General later and see if you can come too. Turns out I was right after that stunt Onee-chan pulled last night she's under me.” Shie chuckled as Chie entered hearing the last of the statement.
“What are you talking about? You're the secondary!” Chie said walking across the room.
“Not anymore Onee-chan” Shie said as she handed her the document.
Chie took the document and read it shoving it back at Shie. “What the hell! This is going to change!” She said then taps her GEM. “General, Shie isn't qualified to command and I outrank her!”
“Major are you questioning my orders?” Haruka said not sounding pleased to be interrupted.
“N-no ma'am,” Chie grumbled then cut the connection. “Upstaged by my kid sister, this sucks!”
“Way to go snap shot. Anyway I want Kazue, Jenna and you ready to report by 1700hr.” Shie said puffing her chest out. “Oh and let Jenna know she'll be my second”
“I'll get you for this mini me.” Chie growled starting to walk off.
“Lieutenant, be sure to address me properly.” Shie said as she pointed to the fine print on the document saying Chie is temporarily a Lieutenant.
“Yes, Ma'am,” Chie growled then she stormed off to her office.
To be continued…
Author Notes: The Butou between Haruka and Natsuki happened in New Beginnings so if you are curious and haven't read it that is where you will find it; while Akane retiring happened in the one-shot Mother-in-law.
Councilor Johnson: Member and lead representative of the highest council in Aries. Has never liked either of the Hallards and has tried to have both of them executed.