Marvel Avengers Fan Fiction ❯ Marvel Imagines ❯ Hulk Out ( Chapter 4 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Pairing: Bruce Banner x reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst



Being a member of the Avengers was the best thing in the world. You had gained a life-long family overnight and you could use your powers for good. However being the newest member of the team means that you haven’t fully experienced everything yet, which includes seeing Bruce ‘hulk out’. You didn’t expect to react the way that you did, considering you and Bruce had grown pretty close since you joined the team. 


“Y/N, I need you and Bruce over there. But Bruce, don’t bring the Hulk out unless you absolutely have to.” Steve pointed to the bottom of the street, you and Bruce nodding before setting off to your destination. The street that you were currently protecting was under threat from a mass of HYDRA agents due to the highly dangerous weapons that were being housed there.


You heard footsteps coming closer to the corners of the street and you readied up your powers. You had the ability to immobilize your enemies motor functions temporarily but you were also trained in hand-to-hand combat which made you a hard person to beat. As soon as the agents rounded the corner you blasted them with your powers, causing them to fall to the floor in paralysis.


 More and more agents were rounding the corner. You were able to hold them off by yourself at first. But when the immobilized agents began to move again, you were beginning to get overwhelmed. “Y/N, now’s the time.” You turned back to look at Bruce whilst holding the agents back. “No, Bruce. I can hold them off -” In that moment, one of the agents landed a hard punch to your face which sent you flying to the floor.


Bruce watched the scene play out in front of him in what seemed like slow motion. He head the fist connect with your face and the thud as you hit the floor. Seeing you on the floor, hurt, caused a rage of anger flow through Bruce. He balled his hands into fists and his skin began to visibly turn green. His body began to grow dramatically, clothes tearing to shreds. 


You groaned as you came to, holding your head with your hand. Turning around, you seen the last remnant of Bruce’s transformation. You stared in horror as the Hulk towered in front of you and roared at your enemies. Scrambling up you ran into a doorway and hid, sliding down the wall and cradling your knees. You knew that the Hulk would never hurt you, but that didn’t stop you freaking out over seeing him. 


In the background, you could hear the Hulk’s roars as he smashes the agents into the ground, completely knocking them out. You covered your ears with your hands, trying to block out the noise as well as squeezing your eyes shut. After a few minutes, the whole street was silent; no roars, no gunfire or moans of pain. 


You slowly opened your eyes and looked around before removing your hands from your ears. You could hear footsteps heading towards you so you curled your hands into fists to protect yourself. When the footsteps stopped by you, you punched forward but your fist was caught in their hand.


Looking up, you could see a pair of brown eyes staring back down at you. “Bruce?! Thank god!” You jumped up and wrapped your arms around his waist. He placed his hands at the small of your back and deepened the hug, letting out a small sigh. “What happened out there, Y/N? One minute I was turning into the Hulk and you were there, but the next minute you were gone. I got worried about you and the Hulk turned it into anger. I thought something had happened to you.”


You let go of Bruce and stared down at the ground, kicking the stones around your feet. “I had never seen you transform before so when it was happening in front of me, I guess I kinda freaked out and ran off. I don’t know why.” Bruce stepped forward and linked his fingers under your chin, bringing your eyes to meet his. “You know that we’d never hurt you. We’d never let anything happen to you. Me and the big guy care about you a lot.”


A small smile crept onto your face and before you knew it, you had wrapped your arms around Bruce’s neck and smashed your lips onto his. “I care about you to, Bruce. Both of you.” He smiled down at you before taking your hand in his and leading you back towards the rest of the team.