Marvel Avengers Fan Fiction ❯ Marvel Imagines ❯ Cool Arm ( Chapter 8 )

[ A - All Readers ]

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Genre: Fluff

Characters: Bucky, Y/N, Steve



You had been drafted in to help Steve on a mission as you had a certain set of skills that were imperative to completing the mission. You walked through the front doors of the Avengers compound, grabbed a coffee from the machine and made your way up to the living quarters.


As you were still quite new to the world of superheroes and spies, you seen a lot of familiar faces, like Tony Stark and Thor, and began to feel quite excited as you walked past them all.


At the end of the corridor you noticed a mixture of red, white and blue. “Hey, Steve!” You walked up to him and gave him a side hug. There was another person standing with Steve who you didn’t recognise and you became confused. Steve noticed this and smiled.


“Y/N, this is my best friend Bucky. Bucky, this is Y/N, the best mission partner when you know you’re going to be in a pickle.” You held your hand out for Bucky to take before you noticed his metal arm taking your hand.


“Woah! You’re arm is so cool! I’ve never seen anything like this! What happened?” “That’s a story for another day.” Steve and Bucky shared a knowing look before guiding you towards the garage. “Y/N, Bucky is coming with us on this mission. He has a certain amount of knowledge that is key to help with this mission.”


Throughout the mission, you couldn’t help but stare at Bucky’s arm which, you seen, made him smile. You came to the conclusion that Bucky hasn’t really been shown affection with his arm before so you made it your mission to make him feel special, and to find out what happened to him.