Master Of Mosquiton Fan Fiction ❯ Master Mosquiton: New Beginning ❯ Starting a new life (prt.2) ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Master Mosquiton: New Beginning
By Mari

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Chapter 2: prt.2

Around 6:00pm, we now come to a small brown brick building with
large windows on the front and sign above the cover entrance that said
'Neutral Ground Coffee House'. It is nestled deep within the Uptown
Residential area. The inside is a cozy space with comfortable chairs
and an array of board games (including checkers, chess and Scrabble).

The Decor is arranged in a hip or hippie college dorm
atmosphere for that relaxed and laid back feel. The whole place is
filled with music of aspiring Acoustic songwriters and folk guitar

This is where Inaho works as a waitress. She's wearing a red
T-shirt with the coffeehouse's name on the front. Loose black pants
with a matching apron, that includes pockets for tips and spare change.
In a small corner of the coffeehouse there's a table reserved for
Tearesa where she can do her homework and have a small snack so that
Inaho can keep an eye on her. They have been living in New Orleans for
about two years and Inaho still doesn't know anybody who can take care
of Tearesa while she's working. So Inaho decided to take Tearesa with

The owner doesn't mind as long Inaho works on over time once a
week. "Lets see, that one Cappachino Mocha, one Expresso lite, and two
chocolate bisquits." Said Inaho taking down an order. "Yes miss that is
correct." Said a male customer with his female companion. "Okay coming
right up." Inaho left the couple and went over the kitchen to send out
the order. Tearesa was calmly doing her homework and having some milk
and chocolate cookies for a light snack. Seconds later Inaho came back
from the kitchen and brought the couple their order.

"Here you go and enjoy." Said Inaho with a smile. "Thank you
miss." Replied the female customer. Inaho decided to check on Tearesa.
"And how are you doing today miss?" She joked a bit. "I'm fine thank
you for asking Inaho." Tearesa responded politely. "I'm almost done
with my homework." "That's great." Replied Inaho cheerfully. "And I'm
almost done with my shift." "Just ten more minutes and we can leave for
dinner." "Okay." Added Tearesa. Just then she notice Inaho's earring is
starting to glow brightly again.

"What is wrong with your earring Inaho?" Tearesa asked. "I-I-I
don't know Tearesa." Inaho confessed. "It's been doing that all day
this afternoon." "And I keep getting this weird feeling." "What kind of
feeling?" Tearesa questioned. "I'm not sure really." Inaho answered.
"It feels like a small surge of energy that flows through me every time
my earring glows." "Did Grandma Elenore tell you about the earring
before we left?" Tearesa asked again. "No, she told me to take it with
me and remember her." Said Inaho. "Maybe you can asked her about it
when we get her from Transylvania." Tearesa quipped.

"Okay I'll do that." Replied Inaho as she mussed with Tearesa's
hair and they both giggled. Alas, what the poor girls don't know that
their grandmother passed away about a year ago. Just then the glowing
has stopped. "What happened to the light?" Tearesa inquired. "That's
another mystery." Replied Inaho. "Well time for me to get back to
work." Inaho announced. "See you later Tearesa." She gave her little
sister a small kissed on the cheek. "Okay Inaho." Said Tearesa and went
back doing her homework. Unaware of the Hitomebore sisters, there is
that black mini van parked across the coffeehouse.

And inside the car is our favorite couple, Malariya in her
human disguise, and Mahno who seemed revitalized after their 'rest' in
their room. The locket pin that Malariya is wearing is glowing again
and it seems to be brighter than ever. "At last we have found them!"
Malariya announced. "Are you sure Malariya?" Mahno asked. "Yes
definitely!" "They're in that building!" Answered Malariya as she
pointed at the coffeehouse. "I'm not so sure about this." Mahno
pointed out. "I feel like we're stalking them." "Nonsense my darling
Mahno." Malariya reassured him.

"Lady Elenore instructed me to find the girls so that we can
take care of them." "And what are you going to say once we meet them?"
Mahno questioned. "Hello girls. Your Grandmother told me to look for
you before she died. And we've been searching for the two of you with
this locket pin that she left with us. By the way Inaho, I have
brother that's been ashes for about over 176 years and he is perfect
for you. If you would be so kind as to let me have a small droplet of
your blood so that you can revive him. Oh and I almost forgot, I'm
1/4th vampire that know a little bit of witchcraft and my husband is
half warlock and half werewolf."

Malariya playfully whack him on the head with her fan. "Do not
fret my husband." Malariya conforted him. "I will think of something."
The two of waited patiently inside of the mini van for the sisters to
come out. Five minutes later, the Hitomebore sisters came out of the
coffeehouse in their school uniforms and headed towards their car.
"There they are!" Said Malariya in a whisper as she pointed at the
girls. "I don't believe it!" Mahno replied. "It's really them!" "Oh my
looked how they grown." Malariya concluded with small tears of joy in
her eyes. "Little Tearesa looks like a little lady." "And Inaho, my she
has become a lovely young woman."

Inaho started their car and drove out of the coffeehouse's
parking lot and took off. "Don't just sit there Mahno, let's go before
we loose them." Malariya franticly told him. "Okay then." Replied Mahno
as he started their mini van followed the girls. "What are we going to
have for dinner Inaho?" Tearesa asked innocently. "Well I was think
about making some that chicken alfredo that you liked so much." Inaho
answered with her warm smile. "Yay!" Tearesa cheered happily. Just then
Inaho's earring started to glow again. "Not again." Inaho sighed

Then she notices the mini van that's been following them.
"Great, first my earring is acting up again now this?" Inaho asked
herself sorrowfully. "What is it Inaho?" Asked Tearesa as she looked at
her big sister with concern. "Just someone trying to get through."
Inaho replied in a simple manner "I'll just go ahead and let them
pass." Inaho gently slide the car to right but then the mini van
followed them to the right as well. "What the..." Inaho baffled as she
saw the van doing the same thing as she was. She tried to go to the
left but the mini van went to the left as well.

"I think that mini van is following us well Inaho." Tearesa
implied. "I think you might be right Tearesa." Inaho confirmed. "But
who can possibly know us and knows where we are?" She thought to
herself. Just then a certain thought came to her. "No it can't. It
can't be. She couldn't possibly have found us." Said Inaho in a small
whisper so that Tearesa couldn't hear her and trying not to make her
panic. "Hang on Tearesa. I'm going to try to loose them." Inaho
announced as she stepped on the gas to move faster. "Hurry up Mahno!
We're loosing them!" Malariya urged Mahno.

"Alright hang on!" Said Mahno as he stepped on the gas pedal
and speed up the mini van. "They're still following us!" Tearesa called
out, looking from behind the car. "Is that so. Well then we'll just see
about that." Inaho corroborated as she took a small sharp turn to the
right and into a small ally. "Faster my love faster!" Malariya
encouraged Mahno. "Okay here we go!" Mahno responded as he did what
Malariya told. But unfortunately, they drove past the ally that Inaho
and Tearesa were hiding. They slowly got out as they saw the mini van
left and simply took off.

"Ha we showed them didn't we sis?" Tearesa laughed. "Oh yeah we
did!" Inaho respond as they gave each other a high five. The two of
them we so busy celebrating their little victory that they didn't
notice that the mini van managed to found them again, but this time it
managed to stay low so they wouldn't be notice. "Now lets try stay with
them but not to close this time." Said Malariya. "Not to worry my
dear. Soon we'll be able to explain the whole situation." Mahno
reassured his wife. "Do not worry my dear brother. I'll make sure that
you and Inaho will be together soon." Malariya cooed to the coffin that
was under the back seat.

A small whined was also heard from the back. "You too Max."
Mahno comforted the dog from the driver seat. "My my, how cleaver of
them for loosing us like that." Malariya compliment Inaho's attempt
from awhile back. "Inaho will be the perfect bride for my brother."
With that Malariya smiled a wide smile. Meanwhile in downtown New
Orleans. The five villains, who are staying at the Queen and Crescent
Hotel, are having a conference in the hotel's lounge. Rasputin was
slowly waving his left ringed hand with the yellow hair ribbon on his
fore finger over a map of the city that they have recently bought from
the airport to find the location of the missing girls.

Everyone was waiting with anticipation for the rings to react.
Except for Natasha who has been irritable since they got here. "What
the hell is taking so long!?" Barked Natasha as she slammed her
martini on the table. "Have patients milady." Said Sangermaine coolly.
"Master Rasputin knows exactly what he is doing." "These things take
time to work if we want to find the missing sisters." Added Camille,
taking a small sip of her Shirley Temple. "But we've sitting in here
for about an hour." Natasha confirmed. "When I want results I want
them now!"

"Please calm yourself Lady DeMon-Hitomebore and have another
drink." Said Srg. Crondar nervously while trying to hold his beer mug.
"Are you telling me what to do?!" Natasha asked irritably as she gave
the Sargent the look of a thousands deaths. "No no of course not
ma'am." Crondar replied with a sheepish smile. Finally the rings on
Rasputin's left hand had started glowing. " I have found them."
Rasputin announced as he pointed to the location that has the most
energy reading. Everyone was looking into the map where Rasputin was

"Excellent!" Natasha praised. "Now lets go out and get them."
"Not quite yet my dear Natasha." Said Rasputin in a calm voice.
"What?! But you have found out where they are!" Natasha bellowed. "Yes
but it quite late and people might get suspicious around here."
Sangermaine pointed out. "It's best if wait until morning so we work on
a plan about how to get them." Camille suggested. "Very well then."
Natasha growled. "We'll meet here tomorrow morning dawn." "Come Srg.!"
"Yes My Lady." Crondar obeyed as he got up and saluted and they all
went off with Natasha.

Moments later Inaho and Tearesa are now safe at home and eating
their dinner when they heard the doorbell rang. "Who could that be at
this hour?" Inaho asked. "I'll get it." Said Tearesa as she got out of
the table and ran to the door. "Wait Tearesa, first we must check to
see who it is before answering the door." Inaho instructed. Tearesa
peek through the window at the front. "It's a pretty lady and nice
looking man." Tearesa announced as Inaho catches up with her. "Is it
anybody we know?" Inaho asked. "I don't think so Inaho." Tearesa

Then Inaho starts to get concern. "Go back to the dining room
Tearesa, I'll handle this." Inaho directed and Tearesa obeyed. She
carefully open the door and there stood a woman in her twenties with
platinum blonde hair, cream colored skin, and crystal blue eyes. She
was wearing that same outfit when she arrived at the New Orleans
Lakefront Airport and the pin in the front. Behind her was a man in his
thirties with tanned skin and chestnut brown hair that is wavy on the
front and clean cut at the back. He too was also wearing his same
outfit from the airport and is carrying light brown duffel bag over his
right shoulder.

"Hello, may I help you?" Inaho greeted the strangers politely.
"Are you Ms. Inaho Hitomebore?" The lady stranger asked. "Yes?" Inaho
answered with some suspicion. "At last we have found you!" The lady
said happily just as she was about to hug Inaho, but she abruptly
stopped when Inaho grabbed the coat rack and holds it against her.
"All right who sent you?" Inaho demanded. "Pardon?" Mahno questioned.
"Who sent you? Was it my stepmother?" "Because if she did then you can
just go tell that bitch to forget it!" Inaho replied with such force.

"She can keep the castle and the property but I'm keeping my
little sister!" "Now now Inaho darling there's no need to use just
language." The lady stranger lectured Inaho, which seems to annoy her.
"Listen, I don't have time for this!" Inaho pointed it out. "It's a
school night and my sister and I need to make lunch for tomorrow." "So
if you two don't mind, please leave." Inaho was about to close the door
but it was block by the lady stranger's gloved hand. Inaho tried and
tried but it was no use. "How can anyone that thin be so strong." Inaho
thought to herself.

But she is. "Please Inaho darling?" The lady stranger pleaded.
"If you just give me a chance then everything will be explain." Just
then Inaho heard a loud bark from the corner of the house. "Is it? Can
it be?" She asked herself. The next thing she saw a large German
Shepherd running out of the corner and jumped on her. Causing her to
fall on the floor. The dog started to lick her face with extra effort.
"Max, I told you to hide behind the corner till we call for you!" The
man scolded the dog. Max whimper apologetically. "Max?" "Max! It is
you!" Inaho cried out cheerfully as she hug the dog with might.

"Oh I miss you so much boy!" "Are you all right Inaho?" "I
heard a loud thump and I thought...." Said Tearesa as she stepped out
of the dining room. Then she sees Inaho hugging their only friend from
back home. "Max!" She shouted happily as Inaho let go of the dog and he
started running towards her. Tearesa quickly caught Max and gave him
the biggest hug that she can give him. "Oh Max, did you followed us all
the from Romania just to be with us?" Tearesa asked as she scratches
the dog's ears. Max gave a numerous amounts of kisses on her face.

"Oh I'm so sorry darling." The lady in the door way apologized.
"It was suppose to be part of the surprise." "That's okay." Inaho
accept as she got up from the floor and dusted herself off. "If Max was
able to be with you without any suspicion, then you are not working for
my stepmother." "Sorry for the accusation." Inaho bowed. "That's quite
alright my dear." The lady forgave. "Your grandmother has been telling
us about how your stepmother has been treating you and you sister."
"Personally we don't blame you." "You know my grandmother?" Inaho
asked curiously.

"I used to serve her." the lady replied solemnly. "She must be
new that Grandmother hired." Inaho thought. "I've never seen her
before." Then she noticed the pin on the lady's black top. Both the
pin and the earring suddenly started to glow at the same time. Inaho
felt the energy that is even stronger than the last time. The glowing
now stops. " Pardon me for asking but where did you get that?" Inaho
questioned while pointing at the pin. "It was your grandmother's" The
lady answered kindly with a smile while gently removing the pin and
showing it to Inaho.

"She told us that we can find you and your sister with it."
"She was the one who sent us to find you." The man behind the lady
implied. "She has?" Inaho inquired. "Oh where are my manners?" "Would
you two like to come in please?" "But of course and thank you." The
lady accepted Inaho's invitation the two of the entered the house.
Inaho bowed down to her guest with a slight blush. "Would two care for
something to drink?" Inaho offered "Thank you but no." The lady
declined delicately "Please let us introduce ourselves."

"Oh yes of course, how rude me, please." Said Inaho shyly. "I
am Malariya Von Mosquiton-DuBua." Malariya presented. "And this is my
husband, Dr. Mahno DuBua." Motioning her fan to Mahno. "Please to meet
you." Inaho shook their hands. "Tearesa, these kind people are Mr. and
Mrs. DuBua." Inaho introduced her to them. "They used to work for
Grandmother Elenore." "Hello." Tearesa greeted them shyly. Max urged
her to walk up to them. "Hello darling, please you and your sister can
call us Malariya and Mahno." Malariya addressed Tearesa by extending
her hand. Tearesa kindly shook it.

"Now that we've all got aquatinted with each other, would like
to join us in the living room?" Inaho offered. "Oh yes, thank you Inaho
darling." Malariya accepted and Inaho lead them to the living room with
Max and Tearesa following them from behind and asked them to sit "Now
you said that you were sent by my grandmother?" Inaho asked them
politely. "That is correct." Malariya assured her. "Then please tell me,
how is she?" "Is she okay?" Malariya and Mahno's smiles softly faded
into sorrow. "Is something a matter?" Inaho queried with concern.
"Was is something I said?" "No my dear." Malariya confirmed. "I'm
afraid that there's something that I have to tell you about your
Grandmother." Mahno added with sympathy. Max whined in sadness. "What
is it?" Inaho asked Malariya with worry. "What's wrong with Grandma?"
Tearesa questioned innocently. "I was hoping to wait for the
appropriate time for the both of you tell you this." Malariya replied
with a mournful tone in her voice. "Your grandmother past away about a
year ago." Mahno completed for Malariya with the same mournful voice.

Both Inaho and Tearesa gasped in shock. They can't believe what
they just heard. "Grandmother Elenore is gone?" Said Inaho with tears
welding up in her eyes. "Yes. I'm so sorry darling." Malariya responded
with condolence. "No, no, it's not true!" "She can not be dead!"
Tearesa protested. But with the looks on her sister and their guests'
faces, it was no lie. They just learn they have lost the last member of
their family who love them and loved back. With that knowledge Tearesa
broke down into crying and tears were streaming down their faces.

"This is my fault." Inaho blamed herself. "I should've taken
her with us when we had the chance." "No it isn't Inaho my dear."
Malariya reassured her. "Even if she had come along with you, she knows
that she couldn't make it half way." Mahno added. "We were saving most
of our money so we could get her an airline ticket so she can live with
us." Tearesa cried. "We even made a room for her." "And I know she
would've love it too." Malariya comforted the girls. "But there are
something that people can not prevent."

Malariya pulled out a small handkerchief from her purse and
dried up their tears. "There there darlings." She cooed them.
"Everything is going to be all right." "Before your grandmother left,
she has made some sort of video message for you two." "She has?" Said
Inaho calming down her tears. "But of course. Mahno, would you please
give Inaho the tape?" Malariya requested. "Yes dear." Mahno obeyed and
search through his duffel bag. He finally found the tape and casually
gave it to Inaho. Inaho got up to the other end of the room and turned
on both the TV and VCR.

She inserted the tape and pressed the play button. The tape
starts playing as Inaho went back to her seat. The beginning started
black at first, then a picture begins to appear. An old woman came
into the scene. It was Inaho and Tearesa's late grandmother Elenore.
"Hello there my little ones." Elenore greeted with a warm and wrinkled
smile. "Hello Grandma." Tearesa greeted back, believing that she could
hear her. "If you two are watching this then you know why." Said
Elenore with a mournful tone. "I've recently joined up with your
grandfather and your parents."

"I'm so sorry that I can't be where you are my dears." "But
let's not go into that right now." Elenore made her smile again. "Now
lets get started shall we?" She stated. "Inaho, if you still feeling
bad about running away from home, then don't be." Inaho smiled a little
bit at that part. "You and Tearesa did what you have to do." "I just
couldn't bear the thought the two of you being alone with that awful
Natasha." Elenore proclaimed. "Plus the fact of her having the castle
and property till you come of age." "But still, you two needed to be
look after." She established.

"That's why I sent my two loyal servants and best friends,
Malariya Von Mosquiton and Mahno DuBua, to look for you so I can leave
you two in their care." Inaho and Tearesa looked and Malariya and Mahno
and gave each other smiles. Then they went back to Elenore. "Please
don't fear them my dears." "They have been a great service to me before
your parents were even born." Inaho looked at the tape funny. "How can
they know Grandma for that long?" Inaho asked herself. "If you are
wondering about that Inaho, I'll let them explain."

She was surprised when Elenore said that. "They know that you
two needed guardians till your time of age." Elenore settled that
statement. "Oh there's one more thing." "If you are still wearing that
earring that I gave you before you left Inaho, there's something that I
must tell you." Inaho looked closely at the screen with great interest.
"Centuries ago there is a great treasure that proclaims to be the giver
of life." Said Grandmother Elenore. "This treasure was called the
O-Part!" "It was suppose to grant to who ever was holding it eternal

"I myself was tempted to make that wish, but then I realized
something." Elenore confessed. "If I was going to be eternal, what
about the people that I care about the most." "I could've never make
them eternal against their will." "So I had Malariya and Mahno to
scatter bits of the O-Part in different directions of the world."
Malariya and Mahno sit up straight very proudly of themselves. "The
earring that you are wearing Inaho is made by the piece of the O-Part."
Inaho reached to her earring. "I also gave Malariya a small pin that
was also made by same material as the earring."

Malariya took off the pin and presented to Inaho. "That's how I
managed to find you." Said Malariya giving Inaho the pin. "The pin and
earring were once part of the O-Part." Mahno declared. "When either
them started to glow it means that they are very close." "That would've
explain weird glowing I keep getting from my earring." Inaho pinpointed
out. "Correct my dear." Malariya complimented as Inaho returned the
pin. Grandmother Elenore continues to go on. "The reason I'm telling
you this is because who ever has the O-Part will have great power over
life." Elenore announced.

"But if falls into the wrong hands, it will be a device of
destruction." "And knowing Natasha, if she ever finds out about this,
she will be more dangerous than before." "You must find all the missing
pieces of the O-Part before Natasha, or else all is lost." "I must go
now dear little granddaughters." "Good-bye my dears." "Malariya and
Mahno, please protect them at all times, no matter what cost." "And may
our ancestors be watching you." The screen faded back to black and
Inaho stopped playing the tape. "Grandma is gone isn't she." Tearesa
stated with her sad eyes.

Inaho just looked at her and try to think of something to say.
But all she could do is bring her head to her to the crook of her neck
and said, "Yes but she's with Mom and Daddy now." "I know that this is
very difficult for you two right now." Malariya confounded. "But do not
worry, soon everything is going to be alright." Added Mahno, trying to
comfort the girls. "But this is all happening so fast." Inaho
confessed. "Tearesa and I have already got our lives back to normal and
all of the sudden this happens." "It's alright Inaho darling." Malariya

"I promised your grandmother that Mahno and I will take care of
you and Tearesa." "But what are we going to do now?" Tearesa asked. "I
don't know Tereasa. I just don't know." Inaho admitted. "And what that
talk about something called the O-Part?" She questioned both Malariya
and Mahno. "It's exactly what your grandmother said." Malariya spoke
up. "It's a supernatural device that is suppose to be a generator of
life. Who ever posses the O-Part will have control on life itself."
Mahno explained. "And that's its up to us to find all the missing
pieces of it before your stepmother finds out about it." Malariya
reminded the girls.

"But we don't have time to go on some sort of treasure hunt."
Inaho asserted. "Tearesa and I just started school and I have to work
to make a living here." "And were just getting our lives back in
order." Inaho was about to go into hysterics when Malariya drew them
closer and calmed her down. "Easy there my dear." Said Malariya gently
rocking the girls. "Nobody said that you have to look for them right
away." "We'll give you some time to think it over." "Thank you." Said
Inaho meekly. "Now then I've gotten a surprise for you Inaho." Malariya
chimed with a wide smile.

"After tonight, I'm not sure if I can handle any surprises."
Informed Inaho with a tired voice. "Oh I think you might like this
one." Malariya declared sounding convincing. "Mahno, would you please
bring in the 'package'?" She asked her husband. "The package? Oh yeah
sure, I'll get it." Mahno obeyed and left the room and went out the
door to the garage. "What's this surprise that you want to give to me?"
Inaho asked with curiosity. "Oh it's just a little something that I've
been putting on hold for awhile." Malariya remarked trying to act all

A few minutes later, Mahno came back into the house wheeling in
the life-size white box. "Okay here's the 'package'." Mahno announced
as he brought it into the living room. Malariya quickly got up and
helped him carry the box. "Very good Mahno." Malariya complimented.
"Now let's bring it over to the coffee table." She directed. They
carefully bring the box to the coffee table and gently placed it on top.
"What is it?" Inaho inquired with interest. "Why don't you open it and
find out." Malariya responded with a sly smile.

Inaho was a bit suspicious but went over to the box anyway and
simply open the large white box. She went into a complete state of
shock when she saw what it is. "AHHHHH!!!! It's a coffin!" Tearesa
screamed and quickly hid behind the couch. Only her eyes peeping on top
of the couch so that she can still see what's going on. She is right
you know. It's the same human shaped coffin with the larger version of
Inaho crossed earring on the front. Inaho immediately snapped back into
reality and turn to Malariya and Mahno. "Is this some kind of a sick
joke, I don't think it's funny!" Inaho fumed.

"Relax Inaho it's not what you think." Said Mahno trying to
defend themselves. "He's right darling." Malariya stepped in. "This is
just the packing." "The real surprise is what inside." "If it's my
grandmother then I'm calling the cops!" Inaho told them. "Trust us it's
not your grandmother that's in there." Mahno exclaimed. "She's been
buried back home in Transylvania." "Honest Inaho darling." Said
Malariya making the sign of honor. "We would never do anything that
will bring harm on you and Tearesa." Max walked up to Inaho and
whimpered softly as he nuzzles her hand.

Letting her know these people are okay. Inaho's fury simply
faded away when she looked into Max's droopy eyes. "Well if it's not my
grandmother then who is it?" She interrogated. "Just remove the cover
and look inside." Replied Malariya. Inaho still not sure what is going
on but did as Malariya said and started pushing the cover. As Inaho
open the coffin, the cover made a loud thump on the floor. She became
quite bewildered when she saw what's really inside. "This is your big
surprise?" Inaho asked in a confused manner.

"A pile of ashes wearing clothes and sunglasses?" "Oh no
Inaho." Malariya retorted as she walked up to Inaho and the coffin.
"It's much more than you think." "I still don't get it." Inaho
confessed. "Do not worry, you will." Said Malariya. "Now give me your
hand." She conducted. "Huh? What ever for?" Inaho questioned her
methods. "Trust me everything is going to be all right." Malariya
confirmed. Inaho did as Malariya instructed and let her hold her hand.
Malariya pulled out the needle part of the pin and stuck it into
Inaho's index finger.

"Ouch!" "What was that for!?" Inaho demanded as she snatched
her hand back. "It's okay Dearie, it's only for a short while."
Malariya acknowledge as she took hold of Inaho's hand again and placed
it over the open coffin. "Now then repeat after me." "With this blood I
am master thee." "With this blood I am master thee." Inaho repeated,
still not knowing where this is going. Just then, a small drop of
Inaho's blood fell into the coffin and landed on the ashes. The next
thing, a swirl of ash and smoke filled the entire room causing two of
the sisters to cough a bit.

"What is going!?" Inaho asked while the smoke and ashes started
to clear up a bit. But before she can get her answer, two mysterious
figures came out of nowhere. One is male like figure that is made
entirely out of flames. And the other is a female like figure that is
made out of ice. "Who has awaken us from our slumber!" Said the male
fire form. Inaho was completely speechless and Tearesa ducked back
behind the couch. "Who dares to disturb the sleep of our master!" Added
the female ice form. Then Inaho regain her ability to speak.

"I-I-I didn't mean to!" Inaho stuttered with fear in her voice.
"What ever I've done, I'm sorry!" "I was doing what this lady tells
me!" She addresses to Malariya. "Hono!" "Yuki!" "That's enough!" "You
two are scaring the girls!" Malariya scolded at the two elemental
figures. "Mistress Malariya?" Said the two figures confusingly as they
turn to see her. Then they turned and face each other, as they are
wonder what is going on. Next they two elements were bowing down at
the coffin as though they are worshipping it. "Now what is happening?" Inaho asked still a bit scared.

Max growled a bit at who ever was scaring Inaho. But then he
calmed down a bit a he is seeing what is going to happen next. In an
instant the room was filled with a bright white light and out of the
coffin is a tall and lean shadow figure. "Miss Inaho Hitomebore." "May
I present to you my twin brother, Alucard Von Mosquiton!" Malariya
introduced at the tall form. The light dimmed out and what it revealed
is a tall lean man with the silvery white hair, pale skin, and almond
colored eyes. He has black circular sunglasses on top of his head and
some sort of goofy smile with two small fangs on each corner of his

He is also wearing the purple shirt, black cape and matching
slacks, and the small golden crucifix, that looks like Inaho's earring
around his neck, that the ashes were wearing. Tearesa, decided that it
might be safe, take a small peek and sees the man standing in front of
Inaho. "Who is he and what is doing to my sister?" She asked herself.
"And so we meet once more." Said Mosquiton as he place his hand over
his heart and bows down to Inaho. "My Master." Then he looked and saw
Inaho still shaking from all the events that just happen.

But Max, with no fear, walked up to the man and stood next to
him. "It's you." He assumed to Inaho as he got up and tried to reach to
touch her face. But Inaho backed up and turn away and shutting her eyes
tightly. "Stay back!" "Please don't hurt me!" Inaho begged. "Huh?"
"Don't you recognized me?" Mosquiton questioned her as though he hope
that she knows him. "Can it be?" Said the male fire one. "Is it
possible?" Added the female ice one. Then the two of them change into
forms of children. The fire figure is now in the form of a small dark
skinned boy with short jagged black hair. Red eyes and small red dot
on his forehead.

He was wearing a loosely yellow shirt and baggy light brown
pants with black sandals and golden rod earrings on each ear. The ice
figure had turned into a little girl with greenish blue hair in some
sort of pigtail style. Big blue eyes and cream colored skin. She was
wearing a light blue kimono outfit, two circular gold earrings on each
ear and an upside triangle around her small neck. Tearesa was
astonished at what she had just seen. The two of them looked around her
age. Although she is kind of intrigue by the short black haired boy.

"He's cute." She thought to herself. Then she just remembered
what is happing. "Snap out of it Tearesa." She told herself. "What if
these people want to hurt you." Then she went back looking behind from
the couch. "No brother dear, this is not her, but a remarkable
resemblance of her." Said a dulcet yet annoying female voice that only
Mosquiton knew too well. Then he turned around and see whom that voice
belong too. "Malariya?!" Said Mosquiton as he is looking at the
platinum blonde and crystal blue eyed woman.

"Oh don't be so surprised." She told him. Then she open up her
fan that extended into a life size portion and quickly closed it again.
In an instant her hair, skin, and eyes changed into colors that are the
same as Mosquiton's. She also grew in two small fangs that are also
like Mosquiton's. Inaho gasped at Malariya's transformation and
Tearesa's eyes went wide. Malariya walked up to Mosquiton and Inaho.
"Mosquo my dear brother, meet Lady Inaho Hitomebore." She introduced
them. "Aw Jeez Malariya!" Mosquiton whined. "Do you have to call me
that when you introduced me to someone."

Malariya whacked him with her fan. "Don't whine Mosquo!" She
scolded. "It's very unappealing." Then she turned to Inaho who is still
in shock. "I apologize for my brother's behavior, but he is not so bad
once you get to know him." Malariya reassured while Mosquiton is
rubbing his head. "But he.... and they.... And you just..." Inaho
stuttered, still trying to figure this whole ordeal. Then in an instant
she fainted. "Oh dear." Said Malariya with concern. "I guess this was
all too much for her." "Must you do things so dramatically Mosquo?"

"Me? You're the drama queen in the family!" Mosquiton debated.
"I am not!" Malariya protested. "Oh really, didn't you tell Mother and
Father that you thought that one of your dollies was in some sort of an
emergency?" He mockingly questioning her with his side turned to her
and giving her a sarcastic side look on his face. "I was only six and
it was an impressionable and highly distressful time for me!" Malariya
countered his remark. "It had a chocolate stain on its dress from all
that fudge that you stole from the kitchen." Mosquiton differentiated
her statement.

"I did not steal them, I was mearly checking them to see if
they are all right." Malariya was getting very infuriated. "Oh sure
you did a great job at doing that." "After eating about twenty pieces
of them!" Mosquiton scoff at Malariya making her more furious. "But
you did generously gave them back in your own special way." He gave
her a sarcastic grin. "Oh you have to bring that up! Didn't you!"
Bellowed Malariya in complete hysteria. "Is this the thanks I get for
helping to revive you!?" "No not really, but at least I am grateful for
waking me up, even if it is over a hundred and seventy seven years."
Mosquiton teased.

"Ooh You Are So Discourteous!" Malariya fumed. "What, I said I
was grateful." Jeered Mosquiton. "See, this is exactly what I meant
about why you are always the drama queen." The two-twin siblings are
now in a no hold barred argument as everyone is watching the whole
event and Inaho is still unconsence on the couch. "Well Hono, it
started." Said the little greenish blue haired girl. "Yup Yuki."
Replied the little dark skinned boy. "Five minutes from our
resurrection and already the Master and his sister are already at each
others throats."

"Well at least I didn't get my tongue stuck on an oak tree!"
Malariya attacked. "I was three and you dared me to do it!" Mosquiton
blamed her. Then Mahno miraculously decided to get between the two
bickering siblings. "Excuse me, I hate to interrupt this touching
brother and sister moment but aren't you two forgetting something?" He
asked as he is pointing to the sleeping Inaho. "Mahno?" "So my
sister's yes dog of a husband is also here as well." Mosquiton taunted
"Now don't you try to get me into this Mosquiton." Mahno calmly but
annoyingly told him.

"I still see that still let her lead you on a leash." Mosquiton
teased "Hey I'm trying to help here Plasma breath!" Mahno barked.
"Don't try to test me Dog Boy!" Mosquiton growled. "Stop it!" "Stop
fighting!" Said a high pitch squealing voice. Then the three arguing
adults turned and see Tearesa who had just got out from behind the
couch. She is standing between them and Inaho with her arm wide open
and her feet apart. "Please stop fighting it's upsetting my sister."
Tearesa pleaded with tears building up in her eyes.

"Oh I'm so sorry Darling." Malariya apologized. "Mosquo, this
is Tearesa. Inaho's little sister." "Tearesa, this is my brother,
Mosquo." She introduced them. "Hello." Mosquiton greeted extending his
hand to show her that she has nothing to fear from him. Tearesa shyly
accepted his hand and shook. "Nice to meet you." Said Tearesa. "That is
a very brave thing you did." Mosquiton complemented Tearesa with his
small and goofy smile. "Protecting your big sister like that." "Thank
you." Tearesa receive his kind gesture.

"Inaho has always been good at taking care of me." "She's been
doing so ever since I was little." "She has hasn't she?" Mosquiton
question her kindly. Amazed by this little girl's courage. "Okay
everyone I think we have enough excitement for one night." Malariya
announced. "Mosquo, why don't take Inaho to her room so that she can
get some rest." "Me? Well all right. I guess I am kind of responsible
for scaring her like that." Said Mosquiton as he gently lifted Inaho
off the couch. "Follow me, I'll show you where her room is." Tearesa

"Okay then." He replied and follows Tearesa to Inaho's room.
"Mahno darling, would you mind getting some of our belongings so that
we get settled in and help Inaho to get adjusted?" Malariya asked him
while she playfully tickled his chin. "Yes dear." Mahno chuckled as he
left the room. "Still fetching for Malariya, aye Mahno?" Mosquiton
bemused. "Now lets not start that again." Mahno called back. Tearesa
open the door to Inaho's room and turned on the light. "Here it is."
Tearesa proclaimed as she and Mosquiton enter.

The room has a mural painting of medieval Wiccan rituals. Even
the ceiling was painted dark blue with little white spots that
represents twinkling stars. Light blue carpeting, a white dresser
drawer with a large mirror, a walk-in closet, and white lacey curtains.
There's even a double sized bed with blue rose pattern on the comforter.
White sheets with matching pillows and a pipe framed headboard. "This
is a pleasant room." Mosquiton complimented. "Thanks." Tearesa
responded gleefully as she opens the comforter and sheets. "Inaho and I
painted ourselves."

"Really?" He inquired as he placed Inaho on the bed. "Yup." She
informed him as she helped Mosquiton removed her shoes and pulled up
the covers. "We started fixing this house since we moved here in
America." "The mural took like a whole year to finish, but the ceiling
was easy." "All we did was painted dark blue and made those little
white spots." She pointed at the ceiling. "You two must be very
talented artists." Mosquiton praised. "Yeah well, Inaho is the real
talented one, I just helped." Tearesa replied shyly.

"Come on, let's go so Inaho can get some sleep." She whispered.
"I'll be right there in a second." He answered back and Tearesa
silently left the room. Mosquiton turned to the sleeping Inaho. "I
don't know if you can hear me, but if are, I just wanted to say that
I'm sorry for what happen this night." He atoned. "When I first saw you,
I thought, well, never mind what I thought." "Maybe things will be
better tomorrow." With that he gently kissed her on the forehead. "Good
night Inaho." He quietly left the room; not aware that a small smile
had just crept on Inaho's lips as the lights are turned off.

Seconds later everyone else is still in the living room and
Mahno had just came back with a load of luggage as Mosquiton and
Tearesa entered. "Is she alright Mosquo?" Malariya asked with concern.
"Yes she is Malariya." Mosquiton answered flatly. "She'll be fine in
the morning." "Very well." Said a relieved Malariya. "Now then,
everyone find yourselves a room so we can get started on tomorrow."
She directed. "Mahno and I will take the master bedroom upstairs and
Max will take the rec. room." "But Mistress Malariya, where are we
going to sleep?" Hono asked.

"I can help you find some rooms." Tearesa answered standing
next to him. He turned around and sees her looking at him with those
liquid brown eyes of her. He had that perplex look on his face as she
was watching him. "Hi my name is Tearesa." "What's your name?" She
asked oh so innocently. "" Hono mumbled. He had no idea how
cute Tearesa is. "It's Hono, yes, my name is Hono." "Hono, I like it."
"It's cute, like you." She replied nicely, which made him blush a
bright shade of pink. Yuki just snickered quietly behind him.

"Do you two want to stay here for the night?" "We got some
extra rooms upstairs." Tearesa implied. "Well I er...that is...uh...if
you don't mind..." Hono stuttered nervously as he trying to keep cool.
Luckily Yuki stepped in to save him from embarrassment. "Sure we would
like that." She responded politely as they both bowed. "Great."
"Follow me." Tearesa directed. Hono and Yuki started to follow her.
"Well I never thought that I live to see the day." Yuki whispered to
Hono. "See what?" Hono asked in a low whisper.

"That you might fall for a mortal." Yuki told him furtively.
"I did not!" Hono lashed out under his breath. "Then why were you
acting goofy and such?" Yuki questioned quietly. "It's just the
confusement from tonight that's all." Hono responded trying to get out
of this. "Uh-hu." Said Yuki not buying it. "Hono and Tearesa sitting in
the tree." She teased. "Shut up Yuki." Hono ordered in low growl.
"K-i-s-s-i-n-g." Yuki continue. "I said be quiet." He grumbled. "First
comes love then comes marriage." "Hush!" "Do you want her to hear you?"
Hono pleaded nervously.

Yuki ignored his plea. "Then comes Hono and Tearesa with a baby
carriage." "I'm telling the Master." Hono threaten and Yuki just
snickered. "Now isn't that adorable?" Said Malariya. "Yeah, kind of
like us." Mosquiton replied. "Well I guess we better turn in to." Mahno
hinted secretly to Malariya. "Yes we must." Malariya is getting the
idea. "Wait a minute." "Who's going to help me carrying my coffin?"
Mosquiton asked sternly. "Fine then." Malariya sighed tiredly. "Mahno,
why don't help Mosquo?" She batted her eyelashes.

"Oh okay." Mahno obeyed. Knowing if he doesn't do what he is
told, he'll be in the doghouse with Max. Mosquiton and Mahno carefully
lifted the coffin and Malariya lead them to Mosquiton's new room. "Oh
I just know that everything will be wonderful." Malariya chirped. "You
do realized that every time you get cheerful, something is bound to go
wrong." Mosquiton pointed out to her. "Oh hush up Little Brother."
"What could possibly go wrong?" Malariya told him. "Five minutes."
"Five lousy minutes." Mosquiton grunted. He always hated every time
Malariya calls him 'Little Brother' because she is five minutes older
than he is.

But he was right about one thing. Somewhere in the Queen and
Crescent hotel, a certain vampire employee of Rasputin woke up with a
start. "I don't believe it." Said Sangermaine in disbelief. "He's here
after all these years." "But how is that possible?" He asked himself.
"If he is after the same thing that we are trying to get then our plans
will be forfeit." "I must tell the master first thing in the morning."
He declared then try to go back to sleep.

Thus that is the end of part two of chapter two. Next up, Inaho and
Tearesa try to cope up with their new visitors.