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Master Mosquiton: New Beginning.
By Mari
Co-Authored by ArtzAngel

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A/N: I want to thank my new friend and co-author, ArtzAngel for helping
me writing this chapter and I hope she'll help me in other chapters
and stories later on.

The time: 1983
The place: Transylvania, Romania
The event: The birth of the Hitomebore first child.

It was in was a cool summer night at the Hitomebore Castle, and
inside a young couple in their late twenties were cuddling up to their
first child, a baby girl. She was covered in a light pink baby blanket
and is wearing light lavender baby pajamas with the little footsies and
white laced doilies around the collar and the sleeve cuffs. Her short
red hair and piercing blue eyes shone brightly as she smiled happily
and made cute baby noises as she reached up for her mother. "Look
Gregory." The mother cooed as she looked over to her husband.

"She has your eyes." She said as she looked back at the child
in her arms. The mother's light brown hair came down to her shoulders
which framed her cream colored skin, small pink lips, and tender brown
eyes. She was also wearing light blue floral print maternal sleeping
gown under her light rose pink robe. "Yes she has." Chuckled her
husband who had the same red hair and blue eyes as his little girl. He
had a thin red mustache and a small goatee, which made him look like a
poet in some cases. He is also wearing a brown smoker's jacket, yet he
doesn't smoke, over a white ruffled shirt.

Brown pants and matching slippers. "She also has your smile
Amelia." Gregory complimented. Then the baby made a soft yawn. "Oh-oh,
looks like somebody needs to go to sleep." Amelia proclaimed as she put
her in her crib. "Good night little one." She kissed the baby on the
cheek. "Sweet dreams my little Inaho." Said Gregory as he kissed her on
the other cheek. His mustache tickled Inaho and caused her to giggle a
bit and just as little Inaho closed her eyes, her parents had already
left the room. Then the wall in her room opened up and a tall woman
with long silvery white hair, snowy pale skin, almond colored eyes, and
two small fangs on the corners of her mouth walked in.

The outfit she is wearing is a long black dress with matching
shoes and gloves. She is also wearing two rings on her index finger.
The wedding band held a red diamond, while the band was pure gold with
carvings of leaves. In fact if you were to look at it from a distance
it would almost look like a rose was wrapped around her finger. The
woman's name was Malariya and she had snuck in through the hidden door
to get a quick peek of the baby. "Oh my there she is!" Malariya
silently squealed with delight when she saw little Inaho curled up in
her crib. She tiptoed towards the crib to get a better look at the

Baby Inaho opened her eyes and saw Malariya and she smiled at
her, showing no signs of fear. "Oh you are just cutest little thing I
have ever seen!" She cooed as she tickled the baby under the chin. Then
she gently picked Inaho up from her crib and snuggled close to the
child. "Ooh you are just too darling for words...Yes you are...Yes you
are." Malariya declared joyfully as she gave light kisses on the face
that caused the baby to giggle. But Malariya abruptly stopped when she
heard familiar voices moving closer from outside the room.

She quickly put the baby back into her crib and hurried back to
the secret passageway. After the passageway closed the parents went
back into the room. "I could've sworn I heard a voice in here." Amelia
Said with concern. "I'm sure it was probably just the wind." Gregory
reassured her as Amelia went over to Inaho's crib. "Look Gregory."
Amelia directed. They saw little Inaho's faced covered with dark red
lipstick. "How did she get so much lipstick on her face?" Amelia asked
suspiciously as she gently wiped the kisses off with her handkerchief.

"Maybe it was one of the servants." Gregory replied still
looking at his beautiful little girl. "I mean can you blamed them? Who
could've resists a face like that?" He said with a soft laugh "Well I
suppose you're right." Replied Amelia. "Come on dear, let's just go to
bed so that Inaho can get some sleep." Gregory said softly as he kissed
her cheek and the two of them left the room. Somewhere in the castle,
Malariya had just enter a different room from the passageway. She
still had stars in her eyes as she remembered the little mistress in
her arms.

"I just knew you couldn't resist." Said a familiar old voice as
she chuckled at Malariya. It was Grandmother Elenore even though she
was old; she was still a lot younger then. Her shoulder length silvery
white hair laid strait, catching the shine from the candles. She was
wearing a pink cardigan sweater over a blue dress with matching shoes
and a pearled necklace. On the necklace there was a heart shaped locket
pin. It had no pictures in it, yet she always wore it. She started to
walk towards Malariya slowly as she held onto her walking cane for

"I'm sorry Mistress." Malariya apologized. "It's just that
she's so adorable that I couldn't help myself." Malariya's tone of
voice showed Elenore her affection towards the child. "Well, I can't
say that I blame you." Elenore said forgivingly. "She is a remarkable
child." Elenore said, she was very proud of her granddaughter "Yes she
is Elenore. She is so sweet and cute and tiny and..." Malariya said
with stars sparkling in her eyes when she was cut off by Elenore who
finished her sentence "And you want to introduce her to your brother."
Elenore smiled as she saw the embarrassment rise in Malariya.

"Well maybe. When the time is right of course." Said Malariya
shyly as she stared at her feet, afraid of what the mistress might say.
"Well when Inaho is a little older you can do that." Said Elenore as
she smiled at the ever so happy vampire. "Oh thank you my Mistress."
Malariya praised with great respect. "It's my pleasure Malariya."
Replied Elenore as she gave Malariya a small hug. "I think they might
make a very good couple. Speaking of couples, don't you think that your
husband, Mahno, is getting lonely tonight?" She asked with a sly smile.

"Oh yes but of course." Replied Malariya as she blushed and let
out small giggle. "I must be with him at once. Good night Lady
Elenore." She bowed to the old woman in front of her. "Good night
Malariya." Elenore returned the bow when Malariya was far away from the
room, Elenore turned towards the window and faced up to the shining
moon that hung in the sky. "Hear my prayers Great Ancestors. Please
let there be good fortune for our family in this time of need. For this
will be the first day of my first grandchild's life and she'll soon be
facing more that yet to come."

She had finished her prayer and began to walk away from the
* End of flashback*

Master Mosquiton: New Beginning
Getting Aquatinted

Chapter 3:

It was early in the morning and Inaho was sleeping soundly
until a delicious smell stirred her awake. "That smells like, Chocolate
Chip Pancakes." Said Inaho, quickly waking up trying to savor the
smell. "Can it be?" She asked herself as she smiled happily. "Man, what
a weird dream, Grandma had died after we moved to America, and then
these 'Vampires' came over and....whatever!" She dropped the dream and
she knew that Grandmother Elenore was alive and in the kitchen cooking
breakfast for her and Tearesa.

Inaho ran out of her room, not realizing that she had slept in
the same clothes that she was wearing last night. "Grandmother!"
"Grandma is that you?" Inaho called as she ran towards the kitchen.
When she got there, her happy face turn into stun when she that the
person cooking breakfast was not Grandmother Elenore but the visitors
from last night. "So it wasn't a dream." She quietly said to herself
sadly. "Good Morning Inaho Darling." Malariya greeted her with a warm
smile. "I see that you slept well." "" Inaho was
speechless from shock.

"You've already met my brother, Alucard Von Mosquiton."
Malariya motioned Inaho to Mosquiton who was making the Chocolate Chip
Pancakes. "Hello Inaho, it's very nice to meet you." He welcomed her as
he was mixing the batter. "Uh um hello." Said Inaho shyly, still trying
to figure out what is going on when she heard a small familiar voice
say. "Hi Inaho glad that you are awake." Inaho turned around and see it
was Tearesa. "Tearesa!" She cried happily and hugged her little sister.
"Oh I'm so glad that you are okay."

Inaho smiled as she hugged her sister tighter. "Of course I am
sis... and I can't breathe!!" Tearesa wheezed and in a flash Inaho
dropped the pressure in her arms. Then she heard a familiar bark. It
was Max and he jotted up to Inaho and gave her a good morning kiss.
"Oh Max! You are here too!" Inaho sighed happily as she hugged the dog.
"These people are really nice once you get to know them, and Mosquiton
was the one who helped you." Tearesa said with a big smile on her face
"Mosquiton?" Inaho questioned as she turned to look at Mosquiton.

"Well I sort of feel bad about scaring you last night."
Mosquiton apologized shyly as he scratched the back of his head. "I'm
really sorry about that." He replied as his shyness was soon covered
with concern. "Oh, well thank you." Inaho forgave him, her fear and
shockness was slowly fading away. "Come darling, you must be famished
from your rest." Malariya proclaimed. "Well I am a bit hungry." Inaho
confessed as she let go of Max. Malariya directed the Hitomebore
sisters into the breakfast nook with Max following close behind.
"You've already know my husband, Mahno." She gestured to the man
sitting at the table next to her.

"Hey there, glad that you are up." Mahno greeted. "Why yes,
good morning." Inaho returned the greeting with a smile. "And these two
are Hono and Yuki." Malariya turned their direction to the Elementals.
"Children, say hello." Malariya decreed. "Hello Mama Inaho." Hono and
Yuki addressed Inaho together plainly. "Nani?? Mama?" Said Inaho with
a perplex look. "Don't worry deary, you'll get used to it." Malariya
reassured her. " okay." Replied Inaho giving everyone a
confused look but then looked over to them with a smiling face.

"How do you do." She asked. "How do we do what?" Hono asked
confusedly. "It's just a form of greeting." Tearesa confirmed him as
she giggled. "Oh, okay." Said Hono blushing. Yuki laugh quietly. "Shut
up Yuki." He growled through his teeth, she just smirked. "Breakfast is
ready." Mosquiton announced. Mosquiton entered the nook with a plate
load of pancakes. "I hope I got them right." Said Mosquiton as served
Inaho a couple of slices to her. "Malariya told me that these are
Tearesa and your favorites." He said with a soft smile.

"Well yes they are. Thank you." Inaho replied shyly as she
took the first bite of the pancake. Everyone was watching her with
anticipation as she chewed. To her surprise, they were very good. "It's
just like how my grandmother used to made them." Inaho complimented
with a smile. The rest were relieved and Mosquiton started serving to
everyone else. "Thank you Inaho." Said Mosquiton; the compliment made
him happy. "I was afraid that you wouldn't like them. It took me five
times to get the recipe right. "But it took him 2 hours to figure out
how to turn on the stove." Mahno joked.

Mosquiton was about to dump the pancakes on his head when
Malariya cut him off. "Anyway, we are so glad that you like them Inaho
Darling." Malariya confirmed. "I do, thank you so much." Inaho
responded. She was about to take another bite when she noticed what
time it was. "Oh my GOD!" She shrieked. "8:45 already?! I'm late!"
Inaho screamed as she quickly got up and make a dash to the doorway but
Malariya was faster and had cut her off. "Easy Inaho Darling." Said
Malariya trying to calm her down.

"It's okay, I took the liberty of calling your school and told them
that you weren't feeling very well." She explained. "You called my
school?" Inaho asked. "That is correct." Malariya answered with a smile
"I also called Tearesa's school and your manager at the Neutral Grounds
Cafe and told them the same thing. So that way the two of you will be
able to spend time to know everyone." "And what else did you tell
them?" Inaho questioned. "Well I said that I was your guardian and that
I have everything under control." Said Malariya simply. Inaho looked a
little pale.

"Is there something a matter Inaho Darling?" Malariya inquired
with concern. "Oh-oh sis, looks like you might have caused another
panic attack." Said Mosquiton. "Hush up Mosqou!" Malariya screamed. "I
think I know what's wrong." Tearesa spoke up and everyone turned
towards her. "When Inaho and I first started school and she started
working here, she told both of our principals and her boss that we are
orphans and that we have no guardians." Malariya's face simply fell in
embarrassment. "Well here it comes." Said Hono. "Let the fun begin."
Added Yuki.

Inaho had gone into complete hysterics. "And now the schools
and the cafe will think that we're running some sort of scam!" Inaho
shouted in panic. "Calm down Inaho darling. We'll think of something."
Malariya tried to convince her. "How do you expect me to calm down!?"
Inaho asked in a frenzy. "They'll probably call the police and makes us
tell them where we used to live! If they do, my stepmother will sure
to find us and take us away!" Inaho broke into tears when Mosquiton
came up and placed his arms around her.

She immediately stops crying. "It's okay Inaho." He said in a
comforting tone. "Malariya may mess up sometimes, but we manage to
think things through. I promise you that nothing bad is going to happen
to you and Tearesa." Inaho looked up at him with her eyes still filled
with tears. "Really?" She asked looking at his friendly and goofy
smile. "Of course." Mosquiton reassured. "I am bound to you by your
blood so I'm going to protect you and your sister any way I can." Inaho
unexpectedly wrapped her arms around Mosquiton's waist and buried her
head in his chest.

"Oh thank you." She muffled between sniffs and smiled.
Mosquiton simply blush a bright red. "See Mosqou, I told you she will
like you." Said Malariya with a teasing smile. "Shut up Malariya."
Grumbled Mosquiton when Malariya whacked him with her fan. "Never use
harsh words at me Little Brother." Malariya said smugly. Mosquiton
rubbed his head and murmured "Five minutes. Five lousy minutes." Inaho
noticed what she was doing and quickly removed herself from Mosquiton.
"I'm so sorry about that." Inaho apologized slightly blushing.

"It's okay really." Mosquiton forgave her by giving a small
grin. Just then everyone smelled something burning from the kitchen.
"Oh no I left the sausages on the stove!" Mosquiton shouted in panic as
everyone rushed into the kitchen. The sausages had been left on the
stove for too long and were now on fire. Mosquiton feverishly tried to
turn off the stove but by accident he turn the knob on high and the
flames grew bigger, the flames flickered and soon his cape was on fire.
"AAAAAAH!!!!!" "PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!" Mosquiton screamed
in hysteria as he is running around in the kitchen with his cape in a

Inaho rushed over to one of the cabinets and retrieved a fire
estinqisher. Aimed it at the stove and Mosquiton and covered them both
with white foam. "Well that takes care of that." Said Inaho "Are you
okay now Mosquiton?" She asked concernedly. "Yes I'm fine. Thank you."
Mosquiton answered solemnly while looking at his damaged cape. "I am
so sorry about that fire accident." He said sadly. "It's okay really."
Replied Inaho as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "There's
no major damage and nobody got hurt....demo..Wish I could say the same
thing about your cape." She said as she looked at the burnt cape.

"This is the only cape I've own." Mosquiton moaned
pathetically. "You ought to be ashamed of yourself Mosquo." Malariya
scolded Mosquiton. "Just be thankful that Inaho save your life."
Mosquiton hang his head low. He didn't know what was worse, having his
cape on fire or being scolded by his twin sister. Inaho patted him on
the back "Don't worry about it." She said and smiled warmly at

"Maybe we can get you a new one." Inaho replied happily
"Really?" Mosquiton asked. "What a splendid idea!" Malariya approved.
"What a better way to get know each then to go shopping!" Malariya
raised her fan in triumph and laugh victoriously.
"Ahahahahehehehohoho!" Hono and Yuki grabbed their heads in pain. "Oh
no." Hono said grudgingly. "It has begun." Added Yuki solemnly. "What
is?" Tearesa questioned them. "Mistress Malariya is, what people call,
a shopoholic." Yuki responded with dismal. "Is that bad?" Tearesa
queried innocently wondering why Hono and Yuki were terrified of this.

"No, not really, for a normal person." Hono informed her. Not
letting her know how afraid he is. "But when the Mistress shops, she
becomes like possed whirlwind." Yuki noted. "Trying to get anything
that is not bolted down." Hono said as he tried not to imagine the
baggage he would have to carry home. "Everybody to the cars!" Malariya
ordered as she cast her human disguise spell and promptly left the
room. "I'll go get the keys." Said Mahno and followed his ecstatic wife
everyone except Inaho and Tearesa sighed and simply followed her.

"And so the madness begins." Mosquiton begrudged in a gravely
voice. "Oh come now, it can't be that bad." Inaho reassured him. "You
never shopped with my sister before have you?" Mosquiton asked Inaho,
which left her in a puzzled look as she left the room. Meanwhile back
at the Queen and Crescent Hotel, Rasputin and his two minions were
waiting for the arrival of Natasha and Srg, Crondar in the hotel
lounge. "Are you sure?" Camille asked hopefully. "Yes I am positive
that he is here." Sangermain answered with a straight face.

"I felt his presence about last night. Mosquiton is now in
this city." He said as his anger started to boil his blood. "Hmm...From
what you have told me about him, this could be a problem." Rasputin
concurred. "A problem? But I've waited almost over 400 years to be with
him again." Said Camille with small hearts and stars in her eyes. "Not
so fast Camille." Sangermain snapped her back to reality. "I'm afraid
there's something you should know." He said, his face stern "Huh? What
do you mean?" Camille questioned him suspiciously.

"A little a while ago yesterday, I felt another presence that
is little similar to Mosquiton's when we enter the New Orleans City
limits." He replied straightforward. At first Camille didn't know whom
he was talking about then she understood what he had meant. "Ooh I
can't believe this! She is here too?!" Camille spat as she slammed the
table causing it to shake. "Yes I'm afraid so, Camille." Sangermain
confirmed. "Who is this 'she' that you are referring to my servants?"
Rasputin inquired. "Malariya, my Lord." Sangermain replied.

"Mosquiton's twin sister. She's the one who called off my
marriage to Mosquiton!" Said Camille in bitter anger. "That is because
you wanted Mosquiton to drink from you so you can become immortal."
Sangermain reminded her. "But I asked him to do so I can be with him
for all eternity." Camille rebutled. "But what you didn't know is that
vampires cannot impregnate vampires!" Sangermain added, "That's why
Malariya declared your marriage to Mosquiton null and void!" He said
with defeat written all over his face.

"That is enough!" Rasputin silenced them both. "We can deal
with this problem with these twins later. Right now we need to help
Lady Natasha DeMon-Hitomebore on finding the girls." He said. "Yes my
Lord." "Sorry my Lord." Both Sangermain and Camille apologized
simutantisly with their head bowed down in respect. Just then Natasha
and Srg. Crondar entered the lounge and joined up with Rasputin and his
servants. "Ahh Natasha." Greeted Rasputin as he kissed Natasha's hand.
"Are you ready to begin our search?" The old man asked.

"Yes let's hurry before they found out we are here." Said
Natasha impatiently as they left the lounge. "Mosquiton, if you are
here, then I will finally have the pleasure of destroying you."
Sangermain thought to himself. "If that bitch Malariya is here, I will
finally have my revenge." Camille said to herself a smile crossing her
lips. Later that day, the Hitomebore sisters and their new guests were
now at shop that is called 'Body Hangings' which contained a good
collection of capes, scarves, and cloaks. It didn't take Malariya long
to start collecting anything that she saw.

"I'll take this and this, some of these and this, and I'll take
this and this, ooh I want this too." Malariya rambled as she took up
any item that she spotted. "Calm down Malariya!" Said Mahno as he
desperately tries to catch up with her. "We can only afford one or two
items in here!" He said as he tried to pull her away from a new
section. "Once again, the Malariya Monsoon has struck yet another
area." Said Hono as he, Yuki and Tearesa watched Malariya grabbing up a
storm. "And she just warming up." Informed Yuki.

"Is she always like this when she goes shopping?" Tearesa
asked. "Yes." Hono and Yuki answered flatly. Elsewhere in the store,
Inaho was searching through some rack trying to find a new cape for
Mosquiton. "Here's one I think you might like." She said as she pulled
out a black cotton cape with red lining and handed it over to
Mosquiton. "Are you sure you don't mind paying for this?" Mosquiton
asked. "Don't worry about it, I think I can manage." Inaho reassured
him. "Now try it on and let's see how it looks on you."

Mosquiton removed his burned cape and Inaho held it for him. He
tried on the new cape and took hold the two sides to open it up. "Well
how does it look?" Inaho asked smiling. "Well I do like the colors."
Mosquiton answered approvingly. "And it's a whole lot lighter than my
old one. Yes this one will do nicely." He said, as he stood there
fascinated at the selection. "Okay now let's see how it looks in the
mirror." Inaho suggested. "Um uh are you sure it's a good idea?"
Mosquiton's was afraid that she's going to be frightened of what she
going to see.

"Oh come on don't tell me your mirror shy." Inaho joked. But
when she got him to look at a nearby mirror, she gasped in shock. "Oh
no." Mosquiton thought gravely. "Y-y-y-you have no reflection." Inaho
proclaimed. "I should've known that Malariya didn't tell you." He
acknowledged. "But that mean you two are vampires?" She pinpointed the
obvious. "You mean you've heard of us?" He questioned. "Well of course
I do." Inaho declared. "I am from Romania." She smiled. "Then you are
not afraid of us?" Mosquiton asked her.

"Well I admit that it was kind of a surprised to me." Inaho
confessed. "But I grew up learning about witchcraft and the
supernatural, so I'm sort of used to it. But of course, how you were
summoned caught me off guard." Mosquiton smiled at her comment. "Well
the truth is Malariya and I are only 1/4th vampires." He admitted.
"1/4th?" Inaho pondered. "Then that means one of your parents is human
and the other one is..." "Half vampire." Mosquiton finished for her.
"But which one?" She inquired. "Don't know actually." He replied.

"Malariya and I were raised by two humans." "We were both found
by a noble man and his wife when we were babies and they took us up as
their children." "I see, and you have no idea who you're real parents
are or what they looked like?" Inaho interrogated. "No, I can't say
that we have." Mosquiton confirmed. "It never did crossed our minds.
We were glad that we had parents at all." He said shyly. "Well then
I'm glad that you are being honest about your past." Inaho praised.
"And I'm glad that you are being well open minded about all this and
thank you." He complimented.

They both have a small laugh. Just then Inaho saw Malariya
frantically getting everything she saw. "Gee your sister seems to like
shopping a lot." Inaho confirmed. "Now you know why Hono and Yuki don't
like it when she takes us to her 'buying frenzy'." Mosquiton
enlightened her so Inaho decided to change the subject. "Well I think
that cape is good on you." Said Inaho with a reassuring smile. "The
cape? Oh yes, well I think I like it too." Replied Mosquiton with a
sheepish grin. "Okay then, lets go buy it." She suggested.

"Okay, we might as well before Malariya puts this place into
bankruptcy." Mosquiton joked as they went over to the cash register.
When they got there, they saw Malariya carrying an armload of items
that she had picked out. "Hello Darlings, did you find anything you
like?" Malariya greeted. "As a matter of fact we did." Mosquiton
answered holding the cape. "Looks like you found something you like as
well." Said Inaho eyeing the products that Malariya had bought. "Oh
indeed I have Inaho Darling." Replied Malariya.

"Gee Malariya, do you think you might have enough?" Mosquiton
asked with sarcasm. "Well this might do for now." Malariya replied.
"Right now I'm hoping we can afford it." Added Mahno as they reached
the register. Moment's later Inaho and her new companions have already
paid for their purchases. Malariya is a bit sadden because she had to
return most of the stuff that she wanted and only brought out a small
bag. "I'm sorry Malariya." Mahno coaxed. "But we have to set up a
budget for your spending." He said with a small smile. "But I really
like that silk robe with the pretty little white flowers." Malariya

"It's okay, next time we can get for you." Mahno gave her a
reassuring kiss on the cheek. "My poor sister." Mosquiton smirked.
"Now how is she able going to sleep at night." He said sarcastically
"Don't start Mosqou!" Malariya growled. They had finally met up with
Hono, Yuki and Tearesa who were waiting for them near the entrance.
"Okay we got what we need." Said Inaho. "Great, excellent, can we go
home now?" Hono requested. "Not so fast my darlings." Malariya regained
her enthusiasm. "We still have to find you two something and the
girls." She replied, stars shining in her eyes.

"Oh no that's okay." Said Yuki. "We really don't need
anything." Added Hono as they try to get out of this. "Nonsense, we
need to get you some new clothes so that no one will get suspicious."
Malariya proclaimed. "Oh come on Malariya, you just wanted an excuse to
go on another shopping spree." Mosquiton inculpated. "That is not
true." Malariya defended herself. "I'm just thinking about their well
being." She pouted "Yeah right." Mosquiton muttered as he rolled his
eyes. "So Inaho darling, do you know any other places where we can do
our shopping?" Malariya asked her.

"Well there's this shopping center that Tearesa and I like to
go on the weekends." Inaho answered. "Excellent, then lets get going."
Malariya praised. "You lead." She said and headed out the door with the
others reluctantly following behind. "She never gets tired doesn't
she." Inaho assumed. "Not until she runs out of spending money."
Replied Mosquiton. Some where in the downtown area, our five enemies in
their separate cars are patrolling the streets in search of the
locations of the Hitomebore sister's new residence. "There it is my
Lord." Said Sangermain as he is referring to the three-story house that
is coming to view.

"Excellent Sangermain" Rasputin complimented. "We must inform
Lady DeMon-Hitomebore at once." He ordered and Camille dialed the
number on her cell phone. In the other car, Natasha's cell phone rang
and she answered. "Hello, Natasha speaking." She replied, slightly
annoyed. "Hello Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Camille greeted. "This is
Camille, we have just found the girls' new home." She said smugly. "You
have?" Said Natasha sounding astonish. "Yes and were are about to come
to it." Camille informed her. "Excellent." Natasha commended as the two
cars arrived at their destination and parked right across the house.

"We are here Lady DeMon-Hitomebore." Camille announced.
"Finally, this is Natasha over and out." She replied and hung up the
phone. "We did it Mylady." Said Crondar. "We finally found the girls."
He was so happy that this hide and seek game was coming to an end. "Yes
Srg., and soon those two brats will pay for making a fool of me."
Natasha responded with venom in her voice. "I'll go over first to see
if anyone is home." Sangermain volunteer. "Very well my servant."
Rasputin approved. "If any of the girls resists do what it takes but
try not to harm them." He sneered slightly

"Lady DeMon-Hitomebore needs them to be intact." And he shooed
Sangermain to go. "As you wish Master." Sangermain obeyed and got out
of the car and went over to the house. He immediately rang the doorbell
and waited patiently for a response. No answer except for a certain
dog barking. He rang it again. Still no answer but the dog. Then
Sangermain casually went back to the car. "Is there a problem?" Camille
asked. "I'm afraid that no one is home right now except some blasted
watch dog." Answered Sangermain. "I would thought as much." Added
Rasputin. "Wonderful, now how are we going to explain this Natasha?"
Camille questioned.

"There's something more." Sangermain confirmed. "When I got to
the house, I notice there's a familiar presence." "What could possibly
that mean?" Rasputin inquired. "It was the Mosquiton twins my Lord."
Sangermain replied. "Mosquiton?" Camille repeated surprisingly excited.
"Yes, I don't how to explain this, but it seems that they got here
before us." He said as his anger started to get the best of him. "But
what do they want with the girls?" Camille queried. "The real question
is, how did they now about the Hitomebore sisters?" Rasputin
acknowledged. "I honestly have no idea Master." Sangermain confessed.

"But if they are connected with them then we need to take extra
precaution." Camille handed him her cell phone and he dialed Natasha's
cell phone. Srg. Crondar answered the phone this time. "Hello, Srg
Crondar speaking." He greeted. "What?" "Oh no, that can't be good."
Natasha turned to interest. "What is it Srg.?" She demanded. "Well
ma'am, the good news is that we are at the right place." Said Crondar
trying to break the new to Natasha as gently as possible. "Yes I can
see that you dolt." Said Natasha harshly. "Well you see, the bad news
is..." He gulped, knowing that she's going to be very upset by this.

"They're not home." He yelped. "What!?" Natasha hollered. "Now
calm down M'lady." Crondar cowered. "It's still a school day, maybe
they haven't come home yet." He said, as he remained cowering "Very
well then." She regained her composure but was still fuming. "Tell them
to go back to the hotel and that we will come back here later today on
a more appropriate time." She ordered. "Yes ma'am" He obeyed and
returned to the phone. "Mm-hmm. Yes. I see. Very well then, we shall go
back to hotel and wait over there." Said Sangermain as he hangs up the
phone. "Come, let us leave this place before the people start to get
suspicions." Rasputin suggested.

"As you command Sire." Camille replied as the two cars started
to take off. The Hitomebore sisters and their new friends were now at
the 'New Orleans Centre'. One of the largest shopping malls in New
Orleans. The first stop, Macy's department store made Malariya think
she was in heaven. "It's like a dream come true." Said Malariya with a
wide-eyed dreamy look on her face. "Now remember dear." Said Mahno
bringing his head in the clouds of his wife back to reality. "We are
only here to help get outfits for Mosquiton, Hono, Yuki, and the
Hitomebore sisters." "Yes yes of course I remember." Malariya replied
regaining her senses.

"Now then first off, the youth department." She suggested and
the others followed her with some remorse. "How about this one?"
Tearesa asked as she handed Yuki a light blue tank top with matching
spandex pants. "Well the shorts are okay, but I need something a that I
can grow into." Yuki informed. "But how will you be able to fit in it?"
Tearesa questioned. Then Mosquiton explained to both Inaho and Tearesa
why Hono and Yuki need clothes that will fit both a child and an adult.
"Well is that the case," Said Inaho as she looked through the racks.

"Maybe this might do." She handed Yuki a blue and silver
stretch shirt. "Oh and this will go so lovely with this darling white
pleated skirt." Added Malariya as she, Inaho, and Tearesa gave Yuki the
items they selected and she went over to the fitting room. Seconds
later Yuki came out wearing the outfit that they picked out and it
looked good on her. The white skirt came down to her knees, which was
fine by her. "Oh Yuki darling you wonderful!" Malariya complimented.
"Really?" Yuki asked. "It's perfect for you." Inaho answered.

"I like it." Added Tearesa. "Thank you." Yuki replied shyly
with a small blush on her cheeks. "Now then it's Hono's turn." Malariya
announced. "Oh Mistress Malariya do I have to." Hono whined. "Yes you
must." She proclaimed. "You need some new outfits so that people won't
be suspicious of you." "Oh okay." Hono sighed. "Don't worry, I bet you
look good in anything." Said Tearesa making him comfortable. "You
sure?" Hono asked slightly blushing. "Sure, lets go." Tearesa replied
as they went over to the boys' section.

Hono was relieved when he found some nice baggy pants, over
sized sweaters, and youth large shirts. He came out of the dressing
room wearing a large green sweater and a pair of khaki colored hospital
pants. "Well what do you think?" He asked. "I like it." Tearesa
complimented. "You do?" Hono blushed some more. "Thanks I kind of like
it myself." He replied as he stared at his feet. "Oh it looks fine you
Hono darling." Malariya declared. "Luckily for us it's the fall season
and the store is have a special discounts on sweaters." Inaho

"Then it that case I'll take it." Hono claimed. "Very well
then, now lets' go back to the girls section so we can find something
little Tearesa." Malariya offered. "Oh no that's okay, really." Said
Tearesa. "Nonsense darling, I insists." Malariya persisted and everyone
went back to the girls' section. This time it was Yuki's turn to help
her pick an outfit. "Here are some that I think you might like." Said
Yuki as she handed Tearesa some clothing articles. "Okay if you say
so." Replied Tearesa she went into the fitting room.

Seconds later she came out wearing a pink tank top over a
lavender shirt topped with a white vest. And to finish the outfit, a
pair of matching leggings and a white pleated skirt. "Well how do I
looked." She asked shyly. "Oh you look absolutely adorable Tearesa
Darling." Malariya praised. "That's a really cute outfit Tearesa."
Added Inaho smiling. Hono just stood there with his mouth open, eyes
glazed over, blushing a bright red and was having trouble breathing.
"See even Hono likes it." Yuki informed with a smile at Tearesa's

Tearesa just giggle a bit. She never had this effect on a boy
before. She never had any effect on a boy before. "Thanks. I'll take
it." She accepted. "Excellent, now it's the grown ups turn." Said
Malariya triumphedly. "Ladies first, come Inaho Darling." She said
happily as she skipped along. "Well...okay." Said Inaho as the whole
group went on their way. Moments later Inaho and Malariya were in the
dressing rooms trying on some new outfits. Malariya was the first to
step out, wearing black strapless dress that came down to her thighs.

Matching stockings and high-heeled open toe shoes. A diamond
choker wrapped around her small neck as the golden hoop earrings shone
in the light. "Well what do you think?" Malariya asked while posing.
Mahno just stood there and drooled over his lovely wife and her new
outfit. Mosquiton smirked. "You know Malariya, if Mother were still
alive and sees you in that outfit, she'll probably call you a..." He
was cut off in mid sentence by her. "Say it and you'll lose your reason
for being a man." Malariya growled shutting him up.

"Me likes it." Mahno complimented still in his drooling mode.
"Me likes it a lot." He was nodding like an idiot with drool dribbling
to the floor. "Oh you are so sweet my Mahno." Malariya gave him a kiss
on the lips, which caused him to go faint. "Weirdo." Mosquiton humph
silently so that Malariya wouldn't hear him. "Um Malariya, are you sure
about this outfit?" Inaho asked from the dressing room. "It's okay my
dear, come out and lets have a look." Malariya encouraged her. Inaho
did what she asked and came out wearing a red halter top over a form
fitting black long sleeved stretch shirt and matching mini skirt.

Mosquiton went into the same trance that Hono was in. "Oh Inaho
Darling that looks wonderful on you." Malariya approved. "What do you
think Mosquo?" She asked her twin brother who some how is lost for
words. " uh" Mosquiton mumbled. "He likes it." Malariya told
Inaho giving her a cheery smile. Inaho just blushed slightly. "Well I
guess it's okay. Thank you." Inaho replied, still blushing. "Then it
settled, we are buying theses outfits." Malariya declared. "Now it's
the men's' turn." Mahno came to and Mosquiton snapped out of his

"Excuse me." They both asked. "You two think we were going to
leave you out of this. Did you?" Malariya confirmed. "But I thought you
just wanted to shop for you, Inaho, and the kids." Mahno said as he
tried to recall their talk. "Yes well, I've been meaning to get you
some new clothes." Malariya acknowledged. "And you, my dear brother,
are in need of a new wardrobe." She informed Mosquiton. "Now hold on a
sec Malariya." Mosquiton debated. "I've already got new cape." "But
that's not enough." Malariya pinpointed out for him.

"We have to get you some more clothes so that you'll be able to
blend in." Malariya smirked at him. "If you want I'll be happy to help
you pick out something." Inaho volunteer. " will?" Mosquiton
asked in surprised. No one has ever been this nice to him before. "Sure
it will be fun and we can get to know each other more." Inaho
proclaimed with a small smile. "See even Inaho agrees with me."
Malariya confirmed. "Well...okay then." Mosquiton accepted and the
whole group went over the men's department.

"Once again, the master has fallen for a human." Hono declared.
"You should know how that feels." Yuki reminded him. "Will you be
quiet." Hono hissed and Yuki just snickered at his expense. "What's so
funny?" Tearesa asked. "Oh uh nothing." Hono answered trying to muffled
Yuki's snickering. "We're just having lots of fun that I couldn't
contain myself." Yuki added in defense. "Oh okay." Tearesa took that
answer in slide. In the men's department, the girls were already
sorting out clothes for the boys. "This is nice." Said Malariya handing
a variety of clothing to Mahno.

"And this and this and this one too. Ooh I like this one." She
was starting to get more and more excited about shopping "Um Malariya
dear, I think that's just about it for today." Mahno acknowledged.
"Very well then Mahno." Replied Malariya. "Why don't you go on the
fitting room and try some of them." She asked as she handed him his
clothes. "Okay." Mahno responded and went into the dressing room. While
at the same time, Inaho was sorting out clothes and was handing them
out to Mosquiton with Hono, Yuki, and Tearesa close by.

She also took this as an opportunity to ask him some more
questions. "So what it's like being 1/4th vampire?" She asked. "Oh it's
not so bad." Mosquiton answered. "Unlike full vampires, we get go out
in the sunlight, eat real food, especially garlic or anything that has
garlic in it. We don't get even warded off by religious symbols like
the cross." He replied adding a small smile. "So in other words you
have all the strengths and none of the weaknesses. I think I've seen
that movie before." Inaho said silently. "Huh?" He asked quite confused
at what she was saying.

"Nothing" She said smiling and continued "So what else?" He
took a small breath. "Well there are a couple of draw backs." Mosquiton
admitted. "We actually have to drink blood and we can be killed by a
stake through the heart." That last part made Inaho very concern. "Oh
don't worry, I am bound to you by your blood." He reassured her. "But
what does that mean?" She questioned. "If I ever get stake through the
heart and turn into ashes, all you have to do shed some small drops of
blood on me and I'll be brought back to life." He said as he plastered
his face with his funny smile.

"But it has to be your blood." He reminded her. "Okay, I
understand." She said hoping that it will never happen. Not that she
doesn't want to help; she doesn't want to see him get hurt or killed.
They finally came across one of the dressing rooms and Inaho directed
Mosquiton in so he could try on the clothes that Inaho help pick out.
Inaho stood next to the room and Tearesa, Hono, and Yuki were somewhere
close by. It's Mosquiton's turn to ask Inaho some questions. "So please
tell a me a little bit about yourself." He inquired.

"I'm afraid it's not as interesting as yours." Said Inaho
sounding a bit solemn. "My mother died when I was seven years old. It
was three days after she gave birth to my sister, Tearesa." She said
sadly. "I'm sorry to hear that Inaho." Mosquiton gave his condolences.
"Thank you, it was very kind for you to say so." Inaho accepted. "Two
years later my father met a woman who we thought will be fine mother
for Tearesa and me and married her." Mosquiton cut her off. "Natasha
DeMon." He guessed. "You heard of her?" Inaho asked confusingly.

"Only of what Malariya told me." Mosquiton enlightened her.
"She informed Hono, Yuki, and I about how she used to treat you and
your sister." He said as he looked at her with concern. "Really, what
else did she told you about us?" Inaho question some more. "Well
according to Malariya, she says that your grandmother loved the two of
you very much and how she never really trusted your stepmother."
Mosquiton replied. "Yeah I was kind of wondering about that myself."
Inaho confirmed. "Anyway, we thought everything was going to be okay
again. But then something didn't feel right." Inaho grew more sullen.

"Natasha grew colder and cruel towards us. She was only nice to
us when our father was around." Her voice started to tremble a bit.
"Then about a year later, my father died of food poisoning." Mosqiton
looked at her in shock. "That's awful." Mosquiton sympathized. "I
know." Said Inaho with tears starting up in her eyes. "I know.." She
wasn't able to hold her tears any longer; she felt Mosquiton's
reassuring hand on her shoulder pulling her close. "I promise that we
will not let that woman near you...ever again." He lightly kissed her
forehead he looked up and his eyes were full of determination.

"Oh that is so beautiful!" Screamed a familiar, annoying,
female voice. Mosquiton quickly turned around and saw Malariya standing
between a couple of racks. She pulled out a handkerchief and started
dabbing at her eyes as if she was crying. "I knew you two would get
along but I never thought that it would go this well!" She said with a
happy smile planted on her face. Both Mosquiton and Inaho quickly
pulled away from each other. "Sheesh Malariya!" Mosquiton screamed. "Do
you have to sneak up people like that?" His voice showed his annoyment
to the interruption.

"But, it was such a Kawaii moment!" Said Malariya with small
but sly smile "I should have brought my camera." She muttered under her
breath. Inaho just blushed in embarrassment and looked down at her
feet. "He was only comforting me Malariya." Inaho said softly and
Mosquiton quickly agreed with her, his head bobbing up and down madly.
Malariya just rolled her eyes at their statement "By the way, love the
outfit my brother." Mosquiton just then remembered that he was wearing
the outfit that Inaho had selected for him.

He blushed slightly and smiled. "Thanks, by the way... did you
like shopping today sis?" He said with a sly smile. Malariya frowned,
"I hate you so much Little Brother dear." She growled emphasizing
little brother with a snarl. "FIVE MINUITES!! IT WAS ONLY FIVE DAMN
MINUITES!!" Screamed Mosquiton. He started to growl at her and she
started to growl back, their fangs gleaming brightly. Inaho backed
away from them with a huge sweat drop forming on her head when a huge
gust of wind went past her.

She blinked twice and noticed that Mahno had Malariya in his
arms pulling her away from Mosquiton who was making faces at her. "This
is getting weirder and weirder by the minute." She told herself as she
is watching this semi-remarkable event. "Are they always like this?"
Tearesa asked. "Yes." Hono answered plainfully his eyes rolling. "Ever
since they were babies they were always constantly on each others
throats." Yuki said as she rolled her eyes as well and the four of them
continued to watch the two vampires try to rip eachother's hearts out.

"Calm down Malariya! Calm down! Before we start drawing an
audience." Mahno said as he tried to restrain his raging wife. "Just
let me mame him just a little I promise that I won't stab him with a
stake! Just this once!" Malariya screamed as she tried to struggle from
her strong husband grasp. "As much I would love to see you scratch
Mosquiton into a bloody pulp..." Mahno coaxed getting the death gaze
from Mosquiton. "But if you do you'll lose your chance of being an
aunt." He said as he whispered in her ear.

That brought Malariya back to reality and she began to regain
her composure. "Very well then." Malariya sighed in defeat she looked
over at her brother and replied "you win this time." and offered her
hand to her brother. Mosquiton accepted and shook her hand as they
gave each other mischievous smiles knowing that they would be able to
finish it anytime. "Well I'm glad that's over with. I thought they
would stake each other or something." Said Inaho relieved that the
twins had ended their little dispute. "I'm very sorry you had to see
that Inaho." Mosquiton apologized slightly worried and upset.

"Mosquo and I get carried away with these things sometimes."
Added Malariya with a sheepish grin. "Sometimes? I would say all the
time." Replied Hono under his breath to Tearesa who just gave a
slightly confused smile. "Oh it's alright. Tearesa and I know some kids
at school that hardly ever get along with their brothers and sisters."
Inaho said and forgave them with a smile. "But not to that extent." She
thought as she looked at the two. Mosquiton and Malariya gave a small
smile to Inaho. Mahno looked at his watch and his slight smile turned
into amazement.

"Oh Man! It's fifteen minutes past noon." He announced. "Oh
dear we miss lunch time. Oh you poor dears are probably starving." Said
Malariya, her voice oozing with concern. "Well I didn't have a chance
to finish breakfast." Inaho confessed. "I know. I'm sorry Darling."
Malariya replied her head hung a little in guilt. "Oh it's no problem."
Inaho reassured her. "There's nice café not too far from here. The food
is delicious and they have a wonderful dessert selection." Inaho said
as she tried to raise everyone's spirits.

"Did you say desserts?" Malariya asked with stars in her eyes
and a wide smile. "Uh-hu. The place is call La Madeline's and it's less
then a minute from here." Inaho answered with a sweat drop forming on
her head, she had to admit they were weird. "Then what are we waiting
for? Let's go!" Malariya squealed with delight and took off. "Wait for
us Malariya!" Mahno called as he ran after his wife. "Congratulations.
You have just discovered Malariya's second weakness." Said Mosquiton as
he groaned. "And that is..." Inaho asked but she knew what he was about
to say.

"Sweets." He replied. "Well we might as well get going then."
Hono advised. "Yeah, before the Mistress drives off and gets lost."
Added Yuki in a slightly tired tone and the rest of the group walked
out of the store towards the car where Malariya and Mahno were waiting
for them. Malariya was frantically honking the car horn. "Let's hurry
everyone!" Malariya shouted. "I want to be there before all the good
desserts are gone." "Relax dear, we'll make it in good time." Mahno
consoled her. "I hope this place has some really hot sandwiches, Oh,
raise the heat up. It's too cold" Said Hono as he, Yuki, and Tearesa
got into the car.

"I'm hoping that they'll have some frozen salads. Oh, it's too
hot. Please raise the air conditioner cause its way too hot in here."
Said Yuki fanning herself off while Hono was rubbing his hands together
to warm them. "Don't worry, I'm sure that we'll find you two something
that you'd like." Said Tearesa with a giggle as she placed her hands on
their shoulders. Being this close made Hono blush violently while Yuki
gave out a silent giggle. Mosquiton and Inaho were the last ones to
enter the car. "Is everyone present and accounted for?" Malariya asked
making sure that no one is left out.

"Yes." They answered half groaning in agony, to them this was
Hell, except for Inaho and Tearesa whom had no clue what was coming.
"Okay then let's get going." Said Mahno as he started the car and drove
out of the parking lot quickly. "Malariya sure takes her sweets
seriously." Said Inaho sweat drops forming at every angle as she tried
to smile kindly, although it looked more like a 'What is going on
smile'. "Welcome to my world Inaho." Said Mosquiton in a slight grave
tone. He then looked out of the moving vehicle admiring the changes
that the century had brought. He was amazed at all the technology and
was soon lost in his own world.

Back at the Queen and Crescent Hotel, the five were thinking of
the plan to get the girls. "Maybe we can break into the house and wait
for them there! Then we snag them and fly back home!" Srg. Crondar
suggested. "Don't be a brainless moron Crondar! Haven't you forgotten
that they now have that watchdog there?!" Natasha lashed out she
couldn't believe that he was the best out of her guards. "Perhaps I can
think of something that just might work." Said Rasputin in a low raspy
tone. "Please tell us your plan Master." Sangermain inquired.

"You know that the average American school ends between 2:30pm
to around 4:30pm." Rasputin acknowledged. "Of course, the girls would
probably be home by then." Camille guessed. "No I was just saying it
because it might risen our tune Camille!" Rasputin said sarcastically
as he slapped her across the room. "So our best speculation is that we
go the house at 5pm." Rasputin replied as he looked at the others.
"Excellent! They will be too stupid to know any better!" Natasha
approved the plan. "There is one drawback Lady DeMon-Hitomebore."
Sangermain pinpointed out.

"Why is that?" Natasha asked annoyingly with one eyebrow
raised. "The girls will not come if they see you." Camille called out.
"But they don't know us so it will be easy to gain their trust."
Rasputin ratified. "That is if Mosquiton is there with them."
Sangermain thought to himself, a growl forming on his face. "Very well
then. What time is it Crondar?" Natasha ordered. "It's 12:30pm your
Ladyship." Srg. Crondar replied as he looked at his watch. "This is
maddening! How much longer do we have to wait?!" Groaned Natasha in

"Patience, my dear Natasha, patience. Soon you'll have the
girls back in no time." Rasputin trying to her calm down. "Fine! At
4:50pm we will leave to get the girls, and that's final!" Natasha said
as she began to regain her composure. "As you command Lady
DeMon-Hitomebore." Sangermain responded as he bowed down before her.
All five of them gave out an evil laugh.

Will their plan to capture Inaho and Tearesa succeed? But, what will
happen if they run into the Mosquiton twins? What will happen? Go and
Find out in chapter 4 of Master Mosquiton: New Beginning.