Master Of Mosquiton Fan Fiction ❯ The New Genre ❯ The vampire in the attic & The Blood Bond ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Chapter 1:

The Blood Bond

"This is it? What a dump..." Innaho mutters as she gazes up at the building looming above her. She shivers pulling the rims of the forest green jacket closer together, as the rain pours heavily on top of her red hair. The girl sighs and leans to pick up her luggage lying at her feet. Inside the old abandoned Time building Innaho clicks on a flash light and surveys the room within. A picture of her great grandmother Innaho, whom she was named after, and some strange man with silver hair and sunglasses hangs by a dust covered mirror. Innaho walks up to the picture then looks at the mirror, dusting off the layers of filth from the glossy surface.

Innaho inspects herself in the mirror her green eyes reflecting in the light of the flashlight. She quietly snickers as she compares herself to her great grandmother. We look almost exactly the same, except for the hair, mines so much longer then hers. She thinks. She slowly turns away from the mirror and looks about the room once more. Her eyes catch the sight of a ladder leading up into the attic. She silently climbs up the ladder and peaks over the edge.

Innaho shudders at the intense cold in the room and is astonished to actually be able to see her breath in the dark attic. She points the flashlight about the room, the attic is illuminated with blue light from the moon outside and she gently clicks off the flashlight. Innaho's green eyes survey the room and linger on a bulky object lying in the middle of the room seperate from the numerous boxes and chests lining the walls on the opposite side of the windows. What's that? Is it a chest? Innaho wonders curiously as she approaches it. "Oh my god! It's a Coffin!" She exclaims as she looms over the sarcophagus.

A wryly grin slowly spreads across her face I wonder if anything's inside? Innaho begins to push the top of the coffin off, before it even hit the ground Innaho had jumped back at the sight of the same silver haired man she saw in the picture lying inside. The top of the coffin finally thumped on the ground, after what seemed like an eternity for Innaho. Is-Is he dead?? She thinks as she propps herself up on her elbows not taking her eyes off the coffin. Then as if an answer to her question the man slowly sits up and glances over at her his green eyes gleaming the blue light from the windows. He stares dumbstruck at Innaho then "In-Innaho?? But I thought you-you died!" the man stutters.

Innaho stares a moment then demands "Hey!! Who are you and what are you doing in my great grandma's house?!" The man leaves the coffin in favor for standing on the ground, his long black cloak hanging from his shoulders touches the ground. "Innaho?! Don't you remember me? Hey wait a second.... You're not Innaho..." He stutters. Innaho stands and glares at the man defiently "Oh yes I am! Maybe I'm not the Innaho you know but I am Innaho! And if you want proof I'll go get my birth certificate! It will say Innaho II Kiera Hitomobore born on April 24 2004! So there!" After her last words Innaho sticks her tongue out at the stranger "And you are?" She adds in a fake sweetness. The man stares dumbstruck at her once more "T-T-Two thousand and Four?!?!?! Oh my god!! How long have I been asleep?! I've been asleep for over....2.....carry the 1....... over 50 years?! That's just wrong!" The man shouts. Innaho stares at the man, the color drains from her face and she is left as white as a sheet. "Fi-fifty years? Then that must mean you're immortal or a-a-a..." She struggles to get the last word then shouts "A VAMPIRE!" The man looks at her then adds to her sarcastically "Well only 1/4 vampire but that really doesn't matter now does it?"

"Who are you?" Innaho says quietly. The man looks at her "My name is Alucard Von Mosquiton. I am a 1/4 vampire, I normally am asleep in my ash form then I can be blood bonded to a human if the drop a drip of their blood onto my ashes." Innaho's face returns to her normal color looking at him curiously "What turns you to ashes?" Mousquiton looks at her and adds sarcastically "If I'm stabbed through the heart with a steak duh....Uh Miss Innaho? I.....Well I really don't like that look on your face, it reminds me way to much about your great grandmother Innaho's mischevious look...." A roguish grin spreads across Innaho's face, ear to ear.

Outside, the moon peaks over a dark cloud in silence. Then the silence is broken

"Miss Innaho! Calm down and please put the steak down!"

"Hey hold still!"

"And let you kill me?! I don't think so!"

"Oh come on you big baby! You'll be back alive in no time!"


"Hahaha! Gotcha!"

Inside, Innaho stands above a pile of ashes a triumphant look worn on her face. "Now," She says and pulls out a small pocket knife from her jean pocket. She places it against the skin on her index finger and takes one swift slice at it. "Ouch!" Innaho wines, placing her hand above the ashes and letting the drop of blood fall. A swirl of dust ingulfs the room. Mousqiuton lies on the floor looking up at Innaho Jeeze, blood bonded again, to another girl named Innaho. He thinks and Innaho jumps up and down in victory.