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Prologue- “Which Came First- the Baby or the Bat DNA?”
My name is Feur Johnson, although I've dropped my last name. After all, who knows if that is even my real last name? The only thing I know is that the people at the hospital wrote Feur Johnson on my birth certificate. The only problem being this: I have no way of knowing if that, like many other aspects of my life, is real or fake. You see, long story short, I, unlike any normal person living a normal life, have the abilities of a bat. And no, I'm not like batman or any of that, I'm just Feur, who used to be a normal baby.
At least, before bat DNA was grafted into my own to form some super-hybrid mutant freak. Now, you out there may be thinking, “How cool would it be to have wings and all that?” Well, you want an answer? Here it is: it sucks. It can't be any plainer than that. Granted, it isn't all that bad. After all, the feeling of the wind rushing past you as you fly at speeds exceeding one hundred fifty miles per hour is like nothing any normal person can ever imagine. I love it, and yet I hate it.
Why? Because I have every single mutant freak you can imagine (and even more!) hunting me down. You see, the people who created me, who call themselves “The White Knights,” (what kind of a name is that?) want me “terminated.” In other words, they want to kill me. So they send all the other things, which is the only way to describe them, after me. Every demonic thing ever created, from a rabbit-man who can bite straight through a three-inch thick solid steel bar with one bite, to a flying shark! I mean, cut me a break!
But, I've survived fairly easily in the past. It's been fifteen years now, and I've done just fine. Plus, not all the mutants the White Knights created are on their side. Take me, for example. I never wanted to be like this, so, the second I was strong enough to lift myself off the ground with my amazingly powerful wings, I was outta there the first chance I got. Up and away, straight into the vast, blue sky. It was amazing. I mean, sure, people were shooting bullets and nets and stuff at me, and this was my second time to fly, but I was still amazed at how high I was flying.
Anyway, back to the point, others like me have escaped. I mean, not like me; I'm the only bat-human hybrid that was ever created. But I mean there are other mutated things that have escaped. And they have joined up with me. There are five of us total. Me, Spinter, Tech, Morph, and Hulk (I know, probably thinking I'm cheating out on Marvel Comics, but, nah, he's just huge.) As you read and follow on my—our—journey, you will become more familiar with us. But now, I haven't got any time for explanations. Congratulations on getting this far and not thinking this is a load of crap. It isn't, trust me. I wish it were.