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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new Mega Man Legends fan-fic.

This story is an adaptation of what I want to happen in the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype.

Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^

Adventures of the Bright Batz: Chapter 1: Trouble in Paradise

Time: Early afternoon
Place: Teomo City, Klickelan Island

Panic erupted throughout Teoma City when something unexpected had happened: a strange structure appeared out of nowhere in the sky and Reaverbots dropped out from it. While a few islands had the same problem, there were some islands where Reaverbots had left the Ruins and attacked the residents.

The reaverbots attacked anyone in sight; as if the entire city belonged to them and that the poor citizens had invaded their territory. Even the Diggers were nervous since many didn't have their weapons them. Who would have thought that Reaverbots would attack in the city, anyway?

One of the citizens that tried to get away from a Reaverbot that chased them was a young girl that had light pink hair. She wore a white-and-blue shirt, blue gloves, white-and-blue long stockings, and white boots that have blue soles. Her hair was styled into two ondango buns. She wore a blue a blue helmet biker helmet. The poor girl lost her footing and tripped. She fell hard on her face. She quickly got to her feet, but noticed that the reaverbot was right behind her and was ready to attack. She screamed for someone to help her.

The sound of thundering footsteps of someone running through the streets could be heard. The owner of the feet leaped against the wall of a building and dashed crossed until he was on the roof. The red-haired teenager bent his knees and made a mighty leap to where the pink-haired girl was. When he was just above the reaverbot, he kicked one foot below the Reaverbot's red eye and the other against the eye. The reaverbot exploded and Refractor shards trickled down onto the floor.

The red-haired teenager helps the girl up to her feet.
"Are you alright?" the boy asked in a concerned tone.
"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you, er..."
"Barrett. And you're welcome, young lady."
"My name's Bunny. Thanks, Barrett." the girl blushed and kissed her rescuer on his cheek. She turned around and ran off.

Barrett smiled as he stood on the same spot. It really felt great to help someone. He winced when he heard the sound of his Spotter clearing her throat over the transmitter. If he hadn't known better, it sounded as if she was jealous. He also heard the angry chattering of Tinker over the transmitter. He still didn't sound happy that Barrett left him to be with Aero and the rest of the Bright Batz as he tried to stop the Reaverbots.

"How is the situation? Is it bad?" Aero asked in a worried tone.
"Ever since that object had appeared, it's been raining Reaverbots. They are attacking anything and anyone."
"Don't they usually do that, though?"
"Reaverbots only really attack because we invade their territory. Some would only attack if you attack them first." Barrett spoke in a tone that sounds a lot like that of a wise, old man.
"Those reaverbots look quite vicious. Are you sure you don't need our help, Barrett?" Max asked over the transmitter while Pic and Grill could be heard agreeing with him.

Barrett chuckled, which confused the Bright Batz.
"Thanks, but I can handle it. They don't call me The Invincible Barre-Barrett for nothing, y'know."
"Be careful, then. We don't want anything bad to happen to you." Aero whispered.
"Yeah. We may have only known you for a week, yet it felt like we've known each other for much longer."

"Thanks, everyone. Now, let's stop these Reaverbots!" Barrett grinned as he rushed towards a large Reaverbot and kicked it with all his might.

What the secret behind the Reaverbots attacking Teoma City? How did Barrett turn The Bright Batz from the worst Rebel Rider gang to one of the best? What secrets does Barrett hold? Are they connected to the missing Barrel Caskett? Find out next time on Adventures of The Bright Batzs!

To be continued...

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