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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new Mega Man Legends fan-fic.

This story is an adaptation of what I want to happen in the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype.

Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

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Adventures of the Bright Batz: Chapter 2: Barrett & Friends

Time: Four days ago
Place: Goodwin Residence. Teomo City, Klickelan Island

Aero Goodwin and her father Gonzo Goodwin sat quietly in the dining room as they had breakfast.
"Thank you very much for the breakfast, Aero. It was delicious." Gonzo stated as he wiped his mouth with a serviette. Aero smiled back.
"You're welcome, Dad. I'll even do the dishes." The pink-haired girl smiled broadly, as she took the dirty plates and glasses. The chief of police watched his daughter carefully.

"I know that I said it every single day for the past few days, but I don't want you to hang out with the Bright Batz." Gonzo spoke in a tone of authority. Aero stopped washing the dishes for a moment to glance at her father.
"But why not, Dad? They're not bad, compared to the other Rebel Riders. They're actually quite nice. Barrett even does things like helping the other citizens of Teomo City when they're in need."
"They might seem nice now, but it would change when they start doing more daring things."
"Dad, they're not like that..."
"Do you even know anything about the new leader of the Bright Batz?"
"He doesn't really talk much about his past, even when we found him walking around in the streets like he was lost and confused. But, he's really nice and good-loo--er, I mean that he's quite good at riding his motorhorse."

The chief of police frowned when he noticed how his daughter to cover her blushing cheeks. She quickly changed the subject when she gave him a quick peck on the cheek.
"Goodbye, Dad. I'll see you later." Aero waved goodbye and rushed out of the door.

*Much later*

Aero jogged through the streets of Teomo City as she tried to arrive at the Bright Batz's hangout in time. She waved at Pic Holie as she jogged passed him. He was holding something that looked like old boots and what looked like an old gun. She noticed some strange little children that were yellow-and-blue that carried some boxes.
"I wonder whose mascots they are. Hmm, maybe we should also have one."

Aero finally arrived at the hangout. Grill Pitmaster was busy trying to build something from the parts Pic had given him yesterday, but it was just useless junk. Her ruby-red eyes turned to look at the big pile of garbage that Pic had found around town and had given to Grill to try to make something. Max was busy writing something. Aero groaned inwardly. Is he going to order something again via mail?
"Hi, guys!" Aero greeted cheerfully.
"Hey, Aero!" the members of the Bright Batz greeted her.
"I know Pic's looking for things around town, but where's Barrett?"

Max sighed as turned around to face the girl.
"He said that he wanted to go explore the ruins."
"Wait, without a Spotter?" Aero asked in panic. She quickly sat down in front of the Spotter equipment that Grill had made, which was in the far corner of the hangout. She fiddled around as static filled her ears.

"Barrett, can you hear me?" Aero asked as she tried to tune the frequency so that she could hear him.
"I can hear you fine, Aero. Tell me what you can see on the radar." Barrett's voice could be heard.
"Okay, there are some Reaverbot signatures and another strange signature there. I never had seen it before."
"Thanks Aero, I will keep an eye out for anything strange."

While Barrett was busy running through the ruins, Pic had returned from his scouting and had given Grill a pair of boots and a gun. The mechanic had accepted and tried to see what he could do with it.
"Aero, can you see anything strange?"
"Not really. Why?"
"I keep having a feeling that those Reaverbot eyes on the walls are watching my every move. I also could’ve sworn that some of the Reaverbots seem to be fleeing from something. For a moment, I heard something that sounded like a heartbeat. It was extremely loud and seems to have come from the core of the planet."
"Maybe it's because that ruin is so quiet and all noises made you jumpy? Maybe your heartbeat sounds so loud in your audios?" Aero suggested cheerfully.

The red-haired Digger didn't respond at all, as he dashed through the ruins. Aero, since she was his Spotter, sat quietly, and kept an eye out for anything unusual. By the looks of the Spotter equipment, Barret would find the refractor soon. She noticed a strange signature that was close to where Barrett. She could see that the red-haired teenager had approached it.

"Barrett, please be careful." Aero begged.
"I'm fine, Aero. I sure hope that this little guy is."
"Barrett, what do you mean?"
"I'm coming back to the hangout. I'll explain everything there."

*Much later*

Aero and the other Bright Batz waited anxiously for their leader/ educator to come back from the ruins. When he finally arrived, he was holding a ferret in his arms.
"Poor little guy. I guess he somehow sneaked into the ruins and didn't know how to get back out." Barrett spoke in a gentle tone. The little ferret looked tired and his fur a bit scruffy, but seems fine otherwise.

"Hey, is that a belt with a Reaverbot eye around its waist?" Grill asked as he pointed at the ferret's body.
"Hmm, looks like it is."
"Should we keep it and make it our mascot?" Aero suggested.
"Maybe we will, but we must first give it some food." Barrett explained as he went to find something in the fridge. The creature ate the morsel with eagerness.

Aero, Max, Grill, Pic and Barrett watched the ferret as it looked up and begged for more food.
"Aww, it's so cute. Do you think it's a roobt or an actual animal?" Aero asked as it accepted a morsel from her.
"It felt quite warm and the fur felt quite real. I guess it is an actual ferret." Barrett explained as the creature rested on his lap.
"What should we call 'im?" Pic asked the older members of the Bright Batz. They looked at one another.
"Er...we'll name him something when the time comes." Max shrugged.

The red-haired teenager noticed a pair of red boots and an arm gun that was on the table.
"Grill, did you invent these? They're well made."
"Yes, I have. Here, I'll show you." Grill smiled in pride as he got up and gave the leader the boots and gun.

Grill explained with pride as the red-haired studied his inventions. If they had paid attention, they would have noticed that the ferret had woken up from his sleep and looked quite interested at the items.
"I called these boots the Volcanic Leggings. They allow you perform a jumping kick that would be like a flame. This gun is called a Burst Spreader, which can fire a spread shot. You can test them out to see if they work properly."
"Thanks. I will test them out soon."

To everyone's surprise, someone knocked on the door. Pic quickly got up and opened the door. Greeting him was a teenage girl that wore Rebel Rider gear. She had long blonde hair that was in a ponytail. She wore a red long-sleeve tank top with black neck, red gloves with black cuffs, white shorts, yellow belt, red knee-length socks and white boots. Her eyes were a mint green.
"Hello there, Bright Batz. I'm Nicki, a member from one of the Rebel Rider gangs. Tonight we'll be having a Motorhorse racing contest against the leaders of each Rebel Rider gang. The winner and his gang will be declared the best of the Rebel Riders. See you then."

"How did she know where our hangout is?" Max asked in a nervous voice.
"It doesn't matter. We must win the race and show them that we're the best." Barrett loudly declared as he punched his fist into his palm.

To Be Continued...

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