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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new Mega Man Legends fan-fic.

This story is an adaptation of what I want to happen in the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype.

Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

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Adventures of the Bright Batz: Chapter 3 Late-Night Race

Time: Late at night, four days ago
Place: Streets of Teomo City, Klickelan Island

Thanks to Max and Barrett giving the members of the Bright Batz a lift on their Motorhorses, the team had finally arrived at one of the quietest backstreets of the entire city. When they arrived, they were a bit surprised to see many Rebel Rider teams. They were busy shouting encouraging words to their leaders, while the leaders made sure that their ride was in tip-top shape. Their new mascot made some chittering noise when Barrett moved him from his resting spot, the redhaired teen's shoulder, onto the floor next to Barrett's feet. How the ferret managed to hang on without falling off was a great mystery.

"Whoa, I didn't expect so many teams to be here." Pic gasped in awe as he noticed the huge crowd.
"Well, this is a Motorhorse racing contest, right?" Aero shrugged her shoulders.
"Barrett, are you sure that you are ready to win the race?" Max asked the educator of his team as he leaned against the red Motorhorse.
"I wouldn't know unless I try, Max." Barrett grinned as he did some warmup stretches. The brunette huffed as he pretended to blow an imaginery strand of air out of his face.

"As founder and the official leader of this team, I suggest that I should race instead of you." Max grinned as he puffed his chest out in pride.
"Max, are ya sure you wanna race against these leaders, especially Bullbreath of the Roast Beefs?" Pic whispered in Max's ear as he pointed his thumb at the giant figure that stood several feet away from the group. The entire Bright Batz team turned to the person that the information gatherer had pointed at.

"Wait, isn't his team one of the toughest Rebel Riders in Teomo City?" Aero asked her teammates. Max suddenly looked extremely pale.
"...I think that it's best for Barrett to race against these guys." Max spoke in a whisper.

"All leaders must be at the starting line and have their Motorhorse already running." an attractive Rebel Rider called out. Several leaders pushed their Motorhorses to the starting line. A certain ferret tried to climb back onto Barrett, but the educator picked him up by the scruff of his neck and placed him in Grill's arms.
"Sorry little guy, I don't want you to fall off if I go too fast." Barrett explained as his patted the mascot's head. The little creature replied by making a sad chittering sound. Bullbreath snorted in disgust at the sickening display of affection.

The leaders of each Rebel Rider revved the engines of their Motorhorse. Several of them took a quick glance to check their competition, but didn't do anything otherwise. The was loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood, but the citizens knew better than to order them to stop causing such a racket.
"Leaders, are you ready?", Nicki asked, "First one to drive three laps around this street and arrive at the starting line first would be declared the best Rebel Rider, along with their team. your marks, get set...go!"

Motorhorses roared as they raced through the street. Barrett cried out in surprise when a Leader used their Motorhorse to ram against his against the side, which nearly made him fall off. The redhead responded by pretending to do the same, but took their place the moment they tried to get out of his way.
"Ha! This is just like chess: you make be smart and think carefully before planning to make your next move. It's a good thing that it's my favourite game." The educator of the Bright Batz chuckled in glee as he sped away.

Minutes went by and quite a few Leaders were out of the race. Either it was because they were knocked off, their Motorhorse suddenly died on them or too badly damaged. There were only three left in the race: Barrett, Bullbreath and an unknown leader. The three were determined to win, especially since their teams were cheering for them to win. The others booed, hissed and wished that they would break a leg. As Bullbreath and Barrett did the third lap, they drove neck-to-neck. While one nearly got a bit further than their rival, the other would catch up.

Both Motorhorses whizzed passed Nicki as she stood by the line.
"And the winner is...Bullbreath of the Roast Beefs and Barrett of the Bright Batz?!" the blonde gasped in surprise.

Except for the sound of a cricket chirping, silence filled the air as the teams stared at Barrett and his teammates. Bullbreath's entire body became crimson red as anger bubbled from within.
"How could I tie with such losers?!" the blonde snarled as he jabbed his index finger into the redhead's chest.
"Hey, show some more respect! Besides, it was fair and square!" Barrett huffed as he slapped the hand away. Bullbreath was about to grab the shorter teen and beat him up, but one of his teammates suggested that they should go home.

"Okay Barry, I want a rematch! Tomorrow on this street, we shall see who is the best!" Bullbreath snorted hot steam out of his nose in anger. He leaped onto his Motorhorse and drove off. The other teams decided to leave as well.

"...He should at least have the decency to remember my name is actually Barrett..." The educator of the Bright Batz piped up.

To Be Continued...

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