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Hello everyone and welcome to a brand-new Mega Man Legends fan-fic.

This story is an adaptation of what I want to happen in the Mega Man Legends 3 Prototype.

Characters (c) to CAPCOM
Story (c) to me, Steffie

Enjoy ^_^

Adventures of the Bright Batz: Chapter 4 One Bullheaded Rival

Time: The next day (three days ago)
Place: Streets of Teomo City, Klickelan Island

Despite protests from the other members of the Bright Batz, Barrett had decided to have the rematch against Bullbreath, the leader of the Roast Beefs. The teen decided to equip his Volcanic Leggings and Burst Spreader. After he had arrived at the spot, he leapt off his Motorhorse. As he noticed that the leader didn't arrive yet, his eyes darted around to check out whether it's a trap.
"Guess he's not coming after all..." Barrett pondered out loud. As if to prove him wrong, he heard the sound of a Motorhorse revving behind him. It was the large teenager, Bullbreath.
"Well well, I am surprised that you actually showed up. Many would rather hide away with their tails between their legs."
"Am I supposed to be afraid?" Barrett asked in a confused tone.

Without warning, Bullbreath suddenly tried to drive over Barrett. The redhead leaped out of the way in time. As he leapt out of the way, a bright flame enveloped his body. The teen allowed himself to fall a bit before he dashed into the air and grabbed hold of his Motorhorse's seat with his hands. Using it as a springboard, Barrett leapt at Bullbreath. He grabbed his knees and pulled them towards his chin as he did a somersault through the air. Just when he was right above the Motorhorse of his rival, Barrett uncurled himself and kicked with all his strength. A large dent appeared where the Motorhorse was kicked.

Annoyed that his vehcile was badly damaged, Bullbreath decided to retreat.
"Peh, all you're doing is ruining my paintjob. See ya, sucker." Bullbreath grunted in annoyance as he sped away. Confused at the quick retreat, Barrett decided to dash back to the hangout.

*Meanwhile, Teomo City police station*

"But, he couldn't have disappeared off the face of the planet!" Roll Caskett shouted in frustration at the police officer in front of her. Gonzo Goodwin didn't say anything as he stood next to his officer.
"I'm sorry Miss Caskett, but we couldn't find Professor Barrell Caskett anywhere. We even asked the police force from other islands to keep an eye out, but to no avail."
"...This is just so strange...Gramps said he wanted to explore the ruins of this island for a couple of days while Verner Von Bluecher had to deal with a few things. But, it's been four days and I didn't hear anything from him." Roll sounded as if she was close to tears.

Not wanting the poor girl to cry, Goodwin decided to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder.
"I'm sure that we shall find your grandfather. I have a funny feeling that your grandfather being missing is something to do with one of the Rebel Riders..."
"Wait, are you saying that a Rebel Rider group had kidnapped my grandfather for a ransom?" Roll asked in a dubious tone.
"Not just any group; it's the group called the Bright Batz. They're actually the weakest of the gangs, but they seem to be becoming stronger ever since their new leader, Barrett, had shown them how to be better. I wouldn't be surprised that this Barrett decided to kidnap your grandfather and would demand a ransom when you're desperate enough to agree to anything."
"...What should I do? I don't want to lose my Gramps as well..."
"I have an idea, Miss Roll..."

*Much later*

Max, Aero, Pic and Barrett lazed around in their hangout while Grill was fiddling around with some objects that Pic had found earlier that day as he tried to figure out what he could invent with those parts. Barrett noticed that the ferret that was on his shoulder seems extremely interested in what the mechanic was doing. Without warning, the little critter jumped off of the redhaired boy's shoulder and leaped onto one of Max's action figures and pulled its head off with its tiny arms. The mascot leaped back onto Barrett's shoulder and then leaped towards Grill. The ferret chattered as he offered the mechanic the figurine's head.
"Thanks little guy, that might just be what I need for my latest invention."

While the other Bright Batz were impressed and pleased about the displayed intelligence of the ferret, a certain brunett was not.
"Hey, that's a one-of-a-kind Steel Prince figurine! Give that back!" Max snapped in anger as he lifted the ferret up by the scruff of his neck. As swiftly as he could, Barrett got onto his feet and grabbed Max's wrist.
"Calm down Max. It's just a figurine!"
"An extremely expensive one at that!"
"I'm sure he meant no harm. He's only trying to help Grill."
"Hmph." Max huffed in annoyance. He placed the ferret into Barrett's hands and sat down on his chair. He gave the little critter a dirty look, while it chattered angrilly in response.

The silence stenched the air until Aero finally spoke up.
"Hey, I now know what to call the little guy! Let's call him Tinker!"
"That's a good time, Aero. I like it."
"Thank you, Barrett." the pink-haired girl blushed.
"Hmm, are you okay?" the redhaired asked.
"Oh, I'm fine. Hey, can I ask you a favour?"
"Sure, go ahead."
"Could you please take me around the city tomorrow? It's been a long time since I actually explored the city and I thought it would be nice...if you could be...well, my chauffer?"

"No problem. It's a date!" Barrett smiled. He didn't even notice how the girl's face became beet-red.

To Be Continued...

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