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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Best Henchman
Chapter 1: Henchman, or Errand Boy?
Time: The next day, 07:59
Place: Ryship Island, Mr. Loath's ship

"Where is he?" Mr. Loath drummed his fingers against his desk as he waited in impatience for his henchman to arrive.
"He should be here at any moment, Mr. Loath." Dr. Madd stated as she stared at her wrist watch.
"He better be here in time." The crime boss slammed his fist against the desk.

The moment the clock struck 08:00, a petite figure ran into Mr. Loath's office, along with a small robot that looked like a bird. The person wore dark aquamarine digger armour and a light aquamarine ascot around his neck. The gloves were black as well. His fringe hung over his one eye, while his hair was restyled. The hair was styled in such a way that it looked like wings of a bird in flight.

"Good morning, Mr. Loath!" Glyde grinned in happiness as he bowed in courtesy at his boss. His robotic companion looked confused.
"You're on time. Good." the loan shark sighed in relief. His expression turned into curiosity as he noticed the bird that stood next to his young henchman. The pre-teen noticed his new boss' expression.

"Mr. Loath, this is Beta. I made him--"
"Quack! I'm a girl, Master Glyde!"
"Of course. Silly me. Heh heh. Anyways, Beta here is a birdbot. She's based on one of those blue-and-yellow robots I saw a few years ago."
"Ingenious. Can you make more of them?"
"I would if I could. I don't have a factory--"
"I have a factory you could use to mass produce these birdbots. In fact I can give you two more factories for you to mass produce any machinery you've invented."
"Thank you so much, Mr. Loath."

"Mr. Loath?", Dr. Madd whispered in said-person's ear, "Is it wise to give three factories to him? He didn't even prove himself yet..."
"Don't worry, Maddie.", Mr. Loath whispered back, "Those factories were supposed to be shut down in a week's time, anyways. I won't be losing anything out of this deal."
"If you say so..." the pink-haired woman sighed in defeat. Glyde, whom had paid attention to Beta at that moment, haven't overheard the conversation between the owner of Loath Inc and his doctor.

"Mr. Loath, what shall I be doing today?"
"The first thing we'll do, Glyde, would be to fly back to Ryship Island. Did you park your ride in the garage?"
"Yes, sir. The Glyder's inside the garage."
"The Glyder, hm? Is it a mecha?"
"Yes, it is."
"That's good. You would using your mecha alot for your job."

An hour later, Ryship Island

"We're finally back in Ryship Island. This is where I do my business." Mr. Loath explained to his new henchman. In his hand was a thick bundle of papers stapled together. The loan shark handed the papers to his underling. They and Maddie both sat by the crime boss' desk.
"Contract?" Glyde read the title on the first page, and looked at the man that wore a purple business suit in confusion.

"Before you even do your first task for me, you must sign this." Mr. Loath explained as he gave a ballpoint pen to Glyde.
"Sounds good enough to me." the pre-teen grinned as he signed his initials on each page that needed them, and his signature on the pages that needed it as well. Lex and Maddie was taken aback the light-brunette didn't even read the contract as he signed. The needle-nosed man also found it strange the young man signed "Glyde" in cursive, yet the initials were Y.A.JR. Very peculiar, indeed.

Half an hour later

"Glyde, this would be your first task.", the owner of Loath Inc. stated as he gestured at a giant sack that was full of envelopes, "You must deliver all these letters today. They're all to remind my clients they're overdue with the I.O.U."
"...this is my first task?"
"Yes, it is. Why?"
"Er, am I the errand boy?"
"Before I could even trust you with the big tasks, I must give your the smallest ones first. As soon as you show me you're capable of doing the small tasks, you'll be given the much-more important ones."
"I understand. Come, Beta."

Much later

Glyde flew in his Glyder; his birdbot Beta as his only companion. Although it was a titanic task, he managed to deliver all the letters to the rightful owners. No one seemed to mind they receive the letters from the innocent-looking young man, but they did mind what was in the envelope they had received. The avian lover didn't give much thought why no one appreciated that his boss gave them letters to say they were way overdue with the I.O.U.

The next day

"Today, you must check on the workers of the factories you own. Make sure they're mass-producing the birdbots and the machinery correctly. Also, everytime you invent a new invention, you must give them the blueprints and the beta version, so that they can mass-produce it perfectly." Glyde read the note his boss left for him. Beta was perched on his shoulder.

The brunette stood in front of one of his factories. It was the birdbot factory. He wiped his fringe out of his face. Worry was evident in his eyes.
"Let's hope they mass-produced your friends well..." the svelte young man whispered to his avian robot.

Much later, inside the birdbot factory

"What?!" the voice of the underboss of Loath screeched in high-pitched horror. His shout was even heard from the outside. What he saw was the one thing he had feared the most. About two-thousand birdbots stood in front of him. Amongst them were the factory workers. The birdbots were a head tall as Beta. They were also more bright in colour. Some were red, green, blue, purple or pink as well. They had a mean look on their face, instead of a child-like expression Beta had. The voices of the birdbots were more deep and gruff as well.

But, even those facts didn't horrify him as much as the biggest mistake the workers had done. The workers had inserted the birdbots' personality chips incorrectly. This had caused them to be disloyal, mean-spirited and two-faced. In fact, they're more like rebellious teenagers than innocent children.

"We're sorry, Mr. Glyde. The machine that implanted the personality chip malfunctioned. Please don't tell Mr. Loath." one of the factory workers begged as he sat on his knees. The newest staff member of Loath Inc. peered at the factory worker as he mused what he should do.

After a few minutes, the pre-teen finally spoke.
"You did make sure different birdbots had different skills, right?"
"Yes, we certainly did."
"Good. As long as they have their various skills, these birdbots are A-OK, in my eyes. Besides, it would be a Herculean task to fix all these birdbots' personality chips, am I right?"

The next two days

Glyde had placed most of the various birdbots in job positions best suited for the skills they had. Some had helped Glyde do various requests and tasks Mr. Loath and his employees had asked him to do. The birdbot inventor had also designed a birdbot to especially work at the casino Mr. Loath owned.

Everything had worked like clockwork. Almost.

The next day

"What?!" Lex Loath seethed in rage as he slammed his metallic fist hard against the table. Dr. Madd, whom had informed him of the bad news, cleared her throat as she repeated the bad news to him.
"One of your comrades from the GCPD had informed me that Mr. Yukihiko Ayanokoji had told the police that you placed diggers and air pirates into so much debt, that they have no choice but to dig for you. He also hinted to them why you want the people, that are in debt, to dig for you."

"Curse it. How did he know? My plan's top secret. Unless--No! It can't be him! Could it?"
"It is possible. Fortunely, your comrade said that they only offer a reward for your arrest. No word about the police trying to barge into this ship to arrest you."

"Good. Oh, Maddie?"
"Yes, Mr. Loath?"
"Tell Glyde that tomorrow he must go to the Sart Farm for his next task."
"Will do, sir."
"Good. Maybe we'll see how well he'll do tomorrow...?"

To Be Continued...