Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Best Henchman ❯ Henchman versus Henchboy ( Chapter 2 )

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Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Best Henchman
Chapter 2: Henchman versus Henchboy
The next day

The sun had barely rose from the horizon as the Glyder landed on a patch of grass in the Sart Farm. As soon as it had landed, Glyde and his four birdbots leaped out. They were greeted by the farmer.
"Hello, sir. I'm Mr. Loath's henchman, and I--" Glyde started before he was given a shovel.
"Huh?!" the ruby-eyed boy gaped in confusion at the shovel he had held in his hands.

"The stable's in good need of a cleanin'. Put your back into it and work." the farmer stated as he pointed his thumb at the stable behind him.
"Huh? But, Mr. Loath said I--"
"Look, kid. Your Tatsukino, Megasu Sutorutosu and the birdbots, the ones that ride the bulldozers, did most of the tasks Mr. Loath wanted you to do anyways."

An hour later

"Ugh. This job stinks!" Glyde grumbled as he shovelled the last scoop of horse manure away.
"Keh Keh Keh. What did you expect?" one of the birdbots chuckled.
"Argh! Shush your beaks! Why aren't you helping me, anyways?"
"We can't hold the shovel. No thumbs." another birdbot stated as she held her wings up high to show her boss what she meant.
"Oh man, I forgot!" the brunette slapped his forehead. His eyes widened his horror when he noticed what a horse wanted to do.
"Hey, Don't do that! I just cleaned up!" the manure cleaner shrilled in horror as a horse made a mess just where he had spent the entire hour to clean up.

"How did I get myself into this mess?" Glyde whined as leaned against the shovel. As he had done so, he had lost his balance and fell into the present the horse had given him a moment earlier. Needless to say, the birdbots were grossed out. But, they weren't as grossed out as the stable boy, whom was in tears.

Much later

"Thanks for letting me use your shower, sir." Glyde blushed in sheepishness as he remembered his ordeal. He was also glad the smell was gone as well.
"Well, you did a...good job. Anyways, you must feed the cows, pigs and horses for me. Here's their food." the farmer smiled as he handed the bags to the young man. The bags were a bit too heavy, which made the slender boy walk skew as he carried the bags.

Three hours later

After he was finally done with the cows and horses, the avian lover( and his birdbots, believe it or not) were busy to give the pigs their feed. The pigs were calm, until something had startled them.
"Huh? What's wrong?" Glyde blinked in confusion as he stepped back. After a moment, he had heard the cows moo and the horses neigh in panic.

"Glyde!", the farmer called as he barged in where Glyde was, "someone's trying to steal Mr. Loath's farm animals! Come quick and stop them! They even destroyed all the Tatsukino and Megasu Sutorutosu."
"What?! But, how can I stop them? I don't have any weapons on me."
"Your Glyder's a mecha, right?"
"Yes, but--"
"Go, and stop them!"

The scared pre-teen rushed towards his avian mecha. As soon as he leaped in, he took flight. He flew towards the field where the cattle and horses were. He was stunned when had noticed someone used one truck to load the horses and the other to load the cattle. He also noticed someone seemed to use something to scare the cattle and horses into the trucks, but what?

Glyde landed his Glyder in front of the truck that had cows.
"I, Mr. Loath's henchman, order you to stop stealing the animals right now!!" the brunette pilot barked at the drivers of the trucks. The drivers had worn black ski-masks, which made it difficult to determine who it could be.

"Mr. Dark!", one driver shouted into his walkie talkie, "we're in trouble. It's Mr. Loath's new henchman."
"Go on, and drive back to base. I will keep him occupied." Mr. Dark's voice was heard over the walkie talkie.
"Roger, sir. Thanks, sir."
"Now go!"

The drivers took a sharp U-turn as they were determined to leave.
"Hey! I said you must--" Glyde's sentence was cut short when a giant green mecha had, from out of nowhere, landed in front of the Glyder. The legs were shaped like a spider's. The abdomen, too, was shaped like a spider's. The torse had a human, yet alien, shape to it. The head too had this appearance. The arms looked more like metallic gorilla arms, but had spikes at the fingertips.

"Hmm, you must be Mr. Loath's new henchman.", a deep, arrogant voice echoed from inside the green mecha, "Hello, I'm Mr. Dark. I was Mr. Loath's henchman before you. So, tell me, what's your name?"
"I-I'm--Glyde. What are you and your men doing stealing your former boss' livestock?" Glyde seethed.
"We are Mr. Loath's rival 'company'. That's a good enough reason, right?"
"Hmph. Yeah, right. You must give Mr. Loath's livestock back now, or else."
"A challenge, hm? Alright, I accept. Give me your best shot!" Mr. Dark grinned as his mecha's arms suddenly swiped at the Glyder. Thanks to Glyde's fast reaction, the Glyder flew up in the air and wasn't hit.

"Great. He wants a battle, and I don't even have any weapons equipped on the Glyder. I should've known that when Mr. Loath asked if the Glyder was a mecha, he meant whether or not it could fight..." the henchman heaved in total panic. He noticed his four birdbot companions on the ground below him.

"That's it. I can beacon bomb that mecha, and the birdbots can distract the man while I can find some way to beat him." Glyde thought out loud as he set his target on the giant mecha. He flew close to the birdbots. He was a foot above ground.

"Birdbot, attack Mr. Dark's mecha!" Glyde shouted as he fired a beacon bomb. It exploded as it struck the leg of the arachnic ride of Mr. Dark.
"Keh Keh Keh. Go do it yourself!" the birdbots squawked in anger.
"Huh?! But guys, I need your--ARGH! HELP!" the young henchman screamed in horror as the elder henchman blasted a red beam at the Glyder's wing. The effect was immediate, as the Glyder crashed into the ground below like an eagle that lost its ability to use both wings.

As soon as it had landed, the Glyder had turned into a more human-like shape.
"If I can't fly out of here, I'll run out of here..." the pilot mused as he tried to flee. Before he could even go any further, Mr. Dark's mecha swiped its huge clawed hand down at the Glyder.

A scream of pain was heard from inside the Glyder, then silence...

To Be Continued...