Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Best Henchman ❯ Rematch! ( Chapter 4 )

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Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Best Henchman
Chapter 4: Rematch!
Sart Farm, 10:00

The Glyder landed on the grass patch that was close to the place Glyde had fought with Mr. Dark the previous time. The young henchman had climbed out of his mecha. He had worn his brown-and-gold armour and black bodysuit. His hair was trimmed short, but his fringe still long and over his one eye.

"Hmm. Guess he chickened out." Glyde mused as he studied his surroundings.
"Guess again." a cocky voice boomed from behind. The brunette second-in-command whipped his head around to face the owner of the voice. His visible eye was as wide as a saucer as he saw a man that was three feet as tall as himself. The man had black, unruly hair that ended at his shoulder blades. He had brown eyes, which were almost black. He wore a wine-purple and wine-red digger armour. He also had a tanned skin, which looked very dark against Glyde's sun-shy complexion.

"Mr. Dark, I presume?" Glyde spoke after he had finally found his voice. He had noticed two trucks, the same ones that had transported the stolen livestock. He noticed that there were no one inside. The black-haired henchman's mecha was parked next to the trucks.
"Yes, I am. Oh, I had told the drivers of the truck to leave."
"Good. No one came with me either."

"Y'know, I did expect you to be a bit...taller. And female." Mr. Dark mused.
"I'm still very young." Glyde protested.
"Good. For a moment there, I thought I abused a poor girl."
"So, we shall have this rematch. The winner shall keep the livestock." the elder man pointed his thumb at the trucks behind him.
"Ho ho ho. Good enough for me. May the best man win."

Both henchman and henchboy leaped into their own mecha. Mr. Dark made his Chakra mecha leap right in front of the Glyder.
"Any handicaps you want me to give you?" Mr. Dark's deep voice asked in mock sincerity.
"Well, my shoulder's fully healed, so I might have to give you a handicap, right?" Glyde grinned as his mecha transformed in a more human-like shape. His mecha's head was at level with the Chakra's shoulders.

"Battle rematch start!" both henchmen shouted as they charged at one another. The Chakra tried to ram itself into the Glyder, but it had leaped into the air. As it landed, it caused a powerful shockwave. The Glyder dashed towards the Chakra and gave it a double wing sabre slash. The Chakra slashed its claws at the Glyder. It sliced into the armour and caused awful damage against the shoulder of the Glyder.

"Ack!" Glyde gasped as he realized how close the claws were to his own body. He silently wished he had equipped his pride and joy with a more hard body. Why was he so stupid to sacrifice defence for speed? Before he could react, the Chakra sliced the wing off, before it dug its claws into the torso of the Glyder; the exact place where the pilot seat was situated. It was over.

"I'm very disappointed in you. I mean, Mr. Loath only chooses the best. If you're the best, then I'm not impressed. Oh well. Guess Mr. Loath shall lose his prized cattle and horses?" Mr. Dark chuckled as he noticed his rival didn't even move once. He let his guard down when he realized he had won. He hadn't notice a sound of lasers charging up.

"Ultimate Glyde Laser!" a feminine screech pierced the silence as it had pierced through the thick armour of the Chakra. It had missed the elder henchman's body by a hair's width.
"Ho Ho Ho. Haven't you ever hear of 'Playing Possum'? And of studying your enemy's attack pattern?" "But--"
"Also, your arrogance meant you let yourself open to attack."
"I-I-I surrender." the deep voice admitted defeat.

Much later

Glyde had let the cows and horses free from the trucks. They ran safely back to the Sart Farm. While he noticed the victor hadn't paid attention, Mr. Dark had escaped.

Much later, Mr. Loath's office

"You did very well, Glyde. You retrieved all my livestock, and you even defeated my former henchman. You have proven yourself worthy of my more dangerous tasks for you." Lex Loath shook his victorious henchman's hand as he praised him.
"Thank you so much, Mr. Loath. I will never let you down again." Glyde promised.
"Good. You are dismissed."
"Thank you, sir." Glyde bowed as he left.

"It's very out-of-character for Miyabi Dark to simply admit defeat after he meets his match. He would usually fight to the death." Dr. Madd mused as she stepped out of the shadows.
"Which is why I believed he staged the livestock stealing just to test Glyde out. He would be better prepared for next time. I sure hope Glyde would be too."

Three years later

"Hello, I'm here to see Mr. Loath about a loan."
"Ah yes. Mr. Loath had informed me you made a booking to see him. Follow me, please." Glyde gestured as he lead the tall man through the passage towards Mr. Loath's office.
"I never knew a person must make a booking just to see someone to make a loan."
"We were so busy this past three months, that's the only way for Mr. Loath to handle the pressure."

"Right, here we are." Glyde stated as he opened the door of Mr. Loath's office. The gentleman followed him to Mr. Loath's desk. Glyde sat in the chair next to Mr. Loath's, as a witness. Mr. Loath's new client sat in the chair opposite of Mr. Loath and Glyde.

"Mr. Loath, this is our new client. His name is Teisel Bonne."

The End