Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Job Interview ❯ Do you have what it takes? ( Chapter 3 )

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Characters (c) CAPCOM
Story, Berelf Island (c) Steffie

The Job Interview
Chapter 3: Do you have what it takes?

Lex Loath was disappointed. This boy barely survived three minutes in the training room. The boy just had to fight three Miroc reaverbots that were in this Virtual Reality emulation of an average ruin. The Miroc just tried to attack from his left-hand side, yet he acted as if he didn't see them coming.

"I'm so sorry, sir. Really, I am." the boy begged pitifully. Mr. Loath slowly doubted about hiring this boy. This is the easiest part of the interview, yet he failed. He wanted a henchman that could also double as a bodyguard. Plus, here sat the boy on his knees, looking pitiful. How can he strike fear into peoples' hearts when his henchman is so wimpy?

Much later

"Okay, now I'm checking your health. The doctor will check to see how healthy you are. I need a healthy henchman, y'know." Lex Loath explained as the boy eyed the doctor with suspicion.
"Is she a good doctor?" the boy asked, a bit wary of the needle.
"I'm Mr. Loath's personal doctor. So you can relax."
"But, her nametag is Dr. Madd." the boy whispered nervously in Lex Loath's ear.
"Don't worry; it's just her last name. My last name is Loath, and everyone loves me."

An hour later, and all the health checks were done.

"Blood pressure normal. Cholesterol's normal. No ounce of fat. Lungs are perfect. No signs of drugs or alcohol abuse. In fact Mr. Loath, this is quite a healthy young man. " Dr. Madd replied, wiping a pink strand of hair out of her face.
"Impressive. Thanks, Dr. Madd."
"No problem, sir."
"Now, let's test your mechanical skills." Lex Loath grinned evilly, wrapping his arm around the boy's neck as he led them to his garage. The boy sighed in relief, happy that he finally found something he's a master at.

"Amazing. Simply amazing." Mr. Loath awed as he studied the giant mech in front of him. After a mere three hours, the young boy invented this avian-like mech.
"Thank you. I personally call it 'Megasu Sutorutosu'. I designed for defense."
'This would be great for the Sart Farm.' Lex grinned.
"I can make alot of other things, if you don't mind the bird theme. I'm a huge avian lover. Two years ago, a pirate ship visited this island and I saw this huge red robot with little yellow-and-blue robots following it wherever it went. Maybe I can design little robots based on those yellow-and-blue robots."
'Perfect...maybe he can help me find the Sleeping Colossus with his mechanical genius.'

To Be Continued...