Mega Man Fan Fiction ❯ The Light Proyect ❯ Chapter 6 ( Chapter 6 )

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Ranma Saotome
Mega Man
Written by Lucas Liso
PART 6: A robot on the loose.
When Akane and Ranma had come back from school, they had learned
of the attack of Bass, and also the new robot on the loose, Fight
Roll had told them everything, and also that they didn't need to
place more detectors, now they knew that it wasn't going to be
"So, are you alright now?" Ranma asked, he and Mega Man were alone
in the dojo, Mega Man had dressed back in the clothes Ranma lent him,
and had also taken off his helmet.
"Yeah, I'm fine." Mega Man said, as he stared the wire that connected
him to the wall, he was recharging, that fight had taken the best of
"I don't mean it that way Mega Man. I know that look in your face ...
there's more to this than a simple fight." Ranma said.
Mega Man turned his head to look at Ranma.
"Yes Ranma, you are very observant."
"You may be a robot, but in some ways you think as a human." Ranma
Mega Man smiled, "Yeah, guess you are right."
"So, what's bothering you?"
"He defeat me, and really bad, I gave my best. That Fight Man it's
the best robot Wily had made so far. I just ... I mean ..."
"I understand." Ranma said. "But what can you do about it? Can you
get stronger or faster without that lab of yours?"
"Rush turns into a power armor ... but it's not enough, I know my
limitations ... even if I had the armor on, and being in my best
state ... it wouldn't be enough to defeat him."
"But ... there must be something that you can do. What about if I
help you?" Ranma asked.
"I'm not trying to get your hopes down, I mean, you are really strong
for a human, in fact I could have some trouble fighting you. But that
robot its way out of our league."
Then Mega Man's face lit up as he remembered the incident with Kuno
that morning. "Wait Ranma, I have an idea ... but I need your help."
"Huh? Sure ... what do you need."
Mega Man unplugged himself and stood up, Ranma stood up too.
"I need to fight you."
"When I fight somebody, I can adapt the techniques and weapons of my
opponents, I tough it only worked in robots, but today I learned
that I can also use it on humans."
"I see, in other words you want to combine your robotic power with
martial arts techniques. Am I right?"
Mega Man nodded. "So, will you fight me?"
Ranma smiled and assumed a battle ready stance, "Sure, get ready."
With that Ranma leaped forward with a kick, and Mega Man dodged it
moving to a side. The fight was on.
Meanwhile, a few blocks away, in an abandoned factory.
Bass woke up with a start, he turned his head to the left, Treble
was there still unconscious. A recharging wire connected to Treble's
side, he followed the wire, it continued off Treble and into Bass'
chest-plate then out again and into an entry plug on the wall, he
tried to stand up, but he was still to low on power to do that.
"I'll take it easy if I were you."
Bass turned his head to the right, Proto Man was sitting, back
against a column, staring at a wall.
"You? What happened?" Bass asked, sitting on the floor.
"Fight Man beat you, and Treble. I took the two of you here, the
factory its abandoned but some entry plugs have power." Proto Man
said, not turning from the empty wall.
"Its all coming back to me now ... but why did you help me?"
"I know you, you may be one of Wily's creations, but you aren't evil.
And you know me, trying to understand my actions its like asking
a rock-fall to ignore gravity." Proto Man smiled at the nothingness.
"Whatever ... now I have to go."
"You didn't recharge fully yet."
"I don't care! That stupid Fight Man humiliated me ... I'm gonna make
him pay for that."
"Well then, good luck ... do whatever you want, I'll pick up your
pieces when he's done tearing you appart."
Bass remembered the "fight" he had with Fight Man, he was really
above his level. "Guess you are right ... but I can't stand here
while he's out there! Looking for Mega Man! I'm the only one who's
allowed to beat Mega Man!"
Proto Man stood up, "Look, you don't like me, and I don't like you,
but for the time being, I suggest we help each other until we can go
back to our present. That Fight Man will attack any one of us, no
matter if it's one of Wily's robots."
"Alright, I get your point. But it will only be until we can return
... I think this mission stinks anyway."
Back at the Tendo dojo, Ranma and Mega Man were finishing the little
Ranma was breathing heavily, and Mega Man, even if he didn't breath,
looked tired, having used a great amount of energy.
"So Mega Man. What are you gonna do now?" Even if Mega Man didn't
know any martial arts he could defend himself really well, he was
used to fighting a lot.
"Alright, Ranma, I think it's ready." Mega Man activated the database
software of what the WCS had collected. And activated it. Under his
clothes, his blue armor changed color, to a red and dark blue
combination (Ranma's clothes color.)
"Now ... TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!" Mega Man screamed, and executed the
move, Ranma was surprised, and barely dodged all the punches.
By then the fight had stopped completely, they had accomplished
what they wanted. Mega Man had copied all of Ranma's techniques.
"Now what?" Asked Ranma.
Mega Man deactivated the WCS, his armor going back to blue. "Now we
wait." Mega Man said.
Another part it's done, I hope you are enjoying this FanFict, anyway,
now Mega Man knows Ranma's techniques, and Bass had agreed to help
Proto Man. Things are definitely looking up.
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