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Have a little Mermaid with your soup

By: Mikan

Disclaimer: I do not own the Mermaid Saga. (Mermaid Scar/Gaze/Forest)

A/N: So, this is my first Mermaid Saga fic, it's short and that characters are a little OCC. Also it doesn't really have a plot, it is just here to be funny and kind of cute.

Mana and Yuta come to a village ware they stop for a quick bite to eat.

Mana: *Slurping noodles* So, Yuta, why did we stop? We could have easily made it to another village by nightfall.

Yuta: *lightly blushing* I have some business to take care of.

Mana: *Suddenly interested* Oh, like what?

Yuta: *Still blushing* It's nothing.

Mana: Humph. So it's a girl.

Yuta: *Confused* who told you that??

Mana: *Looks him in the eyes* isn't it always a girl.

Yuta: Well, Mana, it's not like I haven't been alive, 600 years…

Mana: So?

Yuta: If you had lived 600 years and were still as cute as you are today don't you think you would have had more than one boyfriend!?

Mana: What's a boyfriend?

Yuta: Never mind.

Mana: …

Yuta: *finishes noodles* Thank you. *Hands the man some money*

Man at Booth: Thank you, sir, and ma'am.

Mana: *Still eating* these are really good!

Man at Booth: I'm glad you like them. I just started my new recipe this week, I like to call it: Mermaid meat.

Mana: *Spits out noodles* SAY WHAT!?

Yuta: *Stuttering* T-those aren't really made from m-mermaid meat are they???

Man at Booth: *Smiles cheerfully* but of cores, I would never lie to my customers.

Mana: *looks into her bowl and looks as if she is going to faint* Are you serious?

Yuta: *Glares at the man in the booth* How could you serve this? Where did you find the mermaid?

Man at Booth: Oh, pays very well. After customers pass out- *Clasps hands over his mouth*

Mana: You take their money don't you?

Man at Booth: I think--I'm gona go! Good day! *Closes his booth up*

*Mana and Yuta stare at each other*

Man at Booth: Go AWAY!!!

*Mana and Yuta leave*

Yuta: *Looks determined* we have to find out how he's getting that mermaid.

Mana: You believed him?

Yuta: *Sweat drop* what? You didn't?

Mana: He probably uses normal fish and poisons the meat. Then if someone says something he can just blame it on the affects of the Mermaid flesh.

Yuta: Your right that soup did test like fi- *Falls over*

Mana: Oh know! Yuta!! YUTA!! *Yuta looks dead* It must be the poison… Oh Yuta! Please wake up!

Man at Booth: *Re-opens booth* you figured out my secret. Now you must die!! *Looks at Mana* Hey?! How come your not dead!?

Mana: I-I don't know.

Man at Booth: Well die already!! *Points at Yuta* Like your friend!

Yuta: Who… said… *Raspy breath* I'm dead…

Man at Booth: I did!! So die already!!

*People start to walk by and give the man at the booth bad looks*

Man at Booth: What!? Half-dead people scare away business. But hole-dead people, that's a totally different matter.

Yuta: I… Don't… Like this… Mana.

Mana: Don't worry Yuta: I'll dig you a grave!

*Everyone sweat-drops except Mana*

Mana: And then I'll go find that friend of yours and tell her about your death… Yeah, that's what I'll do! *Mana runs off*

Yuta: Wait…Mana… I'm…not…dead…yet…

*Everyone sweat-drops again*

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