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Authors Note:
It's been awhile... all I can say is "Blame the School Finals!" Yeah...also I'm a very busy person and I got out of the writing stage for a while there…so here you go. Hope yea like it and thank you everyone that has sent me reviews it's good to know I have some fans. And yes I know what happened in the movie, I have it after all. I'm making this story different from the movie, this wont be like the movie, that's one reason why the story is called "A Difference". Other words she's not like someone brought back to life from the dead like Frankenstein. If I tell you anymore it'll ruin so I just thought you guys might like to know that. In this chapter I'll try my best to get all the information into the story, but seriously I'm just making this up as I go along. Thanks again everyone for your support I love you all.
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On the last chapter, Chapter 2: Hiding Out in Zone 1:
Kenichi woke up only a few minutes after Rock had hurried Tima away and forgot for a second where he was. Then he remembered and got up quickly. He ran over to his uncle, who was still unconscious in the snow, to see if he was okay. He checked his pulse. "He's alive" he sighed with relief "thank goodness." Kenichi heard footsteps and looked to see who it was, hoping it was Tima. It was Duke Red with a very smug look on his face. "Where's Tima what have you done with her!" Kenichi shouted, knowing that Rock was Duke Red's stepson. "I've done nothing with her, that idiot ran off with her threatening to kill her if I followed so I had no choice but to stay." "So you're saying that..." Kenichi started "that Rock has Tima" Duke Red finished the sentence.
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Chapter 3: The Truth is Revealed
Kenichi was standing next to his uncle and was staring at Duke Red and stated, "Is there anyway to find Tima?" Duke Red answered, " I have sent every man that works for me to find her but they haven't found her yet." Kenichi sighed and looked sadly at his unconscious uncle before him. "I'll send an ambulance unit to get him", Duke Red said, looking down at the little boy. Kenichi looked up at him in disbelieve "You're helping me? But why?” Kenichi asked, his expression changing from a surprised to utter confusion. "I might be a Duke but that doesn't mean that I'm a brute, and anyway Tima seems to trust you more then anyone else.” Duke Red answered. The Duke started walking towards his car, "I'll make you a deal; help me find Tima and I'll make sure your uncle will get the best caring unit money can buy." Duke Red said this not looking back at him and then he stopped and looked at the boy "What will it be, boy?" It only took less then a second for Kenichi to decide. "Of course I'll do it, and the name's Kenichi" he said, not ever liking to be called "boy". "Fine Kenichi, then it's a deal", Duke Red said as he took his cell phone out of his jacket pocket and called up an ambulance unit. Within minutes a robot caring unit was there, checking Kenichis uncle, and loading him into the ambulance. Duke Red got into the back of his car, Kenichi wanted to go with his uncle but the Duke told him to come with him because he would only get in the way. Then the ambulance was on its way to the hospital with the Dukes car not far behind.
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-One-Month Later-
In the rubble that was once Dr. Loughton laboratory, a young boy with brilliant blue eyes sat reading a little red book. The young boy was Rock, having found the diary Loughton had that explained to him everything that was happening. He had found the book almost a month before while looking thru everything that was left of the laboratory. When he found it he opened it right away, his curiosity getting the better of him. Having started reading it a month before, he was now closing it after reading the last page.
Rock put his sunglasses back on and looked over at the unconscious girl. Over the month Tima had developed a personality, she was now able to completely grasp all of her emotions. When she started getting wise to Rock, he handcuffed her to a pipe recently, maybe a few hours before. She was very clever also, he found out over the month.
She was a sweet girl but when one made her mad, he found himself surprised by her reactions every time. He himself had changed too, he realized. He had grown soft, and was showing his nicer side a little more, even though he still tried to hide it. Tima could see right through him though, so he knew there was no point in even trying, but he did anyway.
About an hour before she had asked him to come over to where she was handcuffed, that she wanted to talk to him. He came over there, and they started having a conversation. In the middle of the conversation, she had managed to get her hands on his gun, pulled it out of the holster, and shot at him. She didn't even mean to hit him, just scare him, but in the end it crazed his cheek right below the last scar she gave him on the steps a month before. He ended up grabbing her by the neck, and put pressure on the right spot until she passed out. He also had some anger problems, he knew this, but once again he was much better at being patient then he used to be.
Now a small line of blood was trailing its way down the side of his face from where the bullet from the gun had grazed his cheek. He wiped the blood off his face with the back of his hand. It had been bleeding for the whole hour Tima was unconscious, but he didn't let that bother him. He was knocked out of his thoughts when he saw Timas eyes flutter open.
She sat up slowly and reached for her neck so she could rub it. It was easier said the done. She had forgotten she was handcuffed, and was wondering why she was having so much trouble trying to get to her neck. With the hand cuffs on it took her a good 3 minutes for her fingers to even get close to her neck. Rock cleared his throat so that she would know that he was there and that he was watching her make an idiot of herself. She stopped and looked at the ground so that Rock wouldn't see her blushing slightly. "All right, now that you're awake you need to know one thing: if you keep on trying to get my gun I will kill you without hesitation", he said glancing slightly at his little cut on his cheek.
"Well.." she said quietly, not sure if she should try and test his temper. "I think if you were going to kill me you would have done it already", she finished not looking at him. He ignored that statement, learning over the weeks that Tima didn't think much before she spoke. “I finished reading that little red book, so I know exactly what's going on now” Rock said, changing the subject and pulling out the key to the handcuffs. “Everything makes perfect sense now” he continued as he got up, walked over to Tima, knelt down and unlocked the handcuffs. He took of the handcuffs and the second he did Tima slapped him. “Don't you ever put those things on me again…” she warned, upset at him for leaving her in that position for the past couple of hours. The force was strong enough to sting, but not enough to knock off his sunglasses.
He grabbed her by the hair and pulled hard; as he did this she grabbed his hands and tripped him, causing both of them to fall. Next thing Tima knew she was pinned to the ground. “Do you want to know what it says or not?” Rock said in a firm, controlled voice. “I could always let you try to read it, you do know you to read don't you?” She looked away from him, obviously mad at him for asking because she knew he already knew the answer to that. “That's what I thought.” he said, letting her go and standing next to her. She sat up.
“Did you know that you were declared dead…?” Rock asked, looking at her. She stiffened a little, suddenly not mad at him but shocked to hear this news. She looked at him. “What happened to me Rock…?” Tima asked, wondering if she really wanted to know or not. “Well…” Rock started, looking at her. “When you were little you had a virus that, at the time, there was no cure for. So your father had you put into a frozen sleep so that the virus wouldn't kill you. This was illegal, so the Duke made the announcement that you had died, there was even a burial. Then Duke Red took you to Dr. Loughton, because he thought he could make a cure, and he did. The only downfall is that you have a computer chip in your brain that controls the virus. You still have the virus because there are no cures for viruses, but the computer chip keeps it from getting out of hand, that's what the books says anyway. When you woke up you had complete amnesia, and from what I can tell you still do. In the book it said that you might not get your memories back.”
Rock finished, looking at her and the look on her face caused him to feel an emotion he hadn't felt in many years; he was worried. He hoped that it didn't show on his face, because he didn't want Tima to think he was going soft. Tima sighed, “So that's why…” she said softly. "That's why I didn't remember how to talk or to show my emotions…” Rock could tell that she felt all alone at the moment. Rock knew how she felt; he was an orphan before Duke Red took him in.
She was trying to hide it but he could clearly hear the hurt in her voice, it tore at his heart and didn't like this feeling. "I…I'm sorry…" Rock said quietly, his sunglasses hiding his eyes. Tima looked at him. "He's…he's trying to comfort me", she thought, and smiled a bit at him. "Thank you Rock", she whispered. He blushed but he hoped that his sunglasses blocked it. He wasn't used to acting or feeling like this. "Well…don't expect an apology every time I do something", he said firmly, trying to back up his kindness and make it seem like no big deal. "Umm…Rock?" Tima asked. "Yeah?" he answered. "Do you have anything to eat?" she said almost cheerfully, "I'm starving!"
To Be Continued…