Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ Brain Wash ( Chapter 5 )

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On the last chapter, Chapter 4: From Bad to Worse
Tima yawned and laid down, curled up a little. "Goodnight Rock…" she murmured as sleep took over her. Rock laid down about 3 feet away from her "Goodnight Tima…" he whispered quietly. "Being around her should never get boring…" these were his last thoughts before he let sleep take it's course.
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Chapter 5: Brain Wash
Kenichi woke up to find that his uncle was gone. At first he thought he was having a nightmare, which he would wake up and find his uncle still asleep in the bed. It wasn't a dream he really was gone. Kenichi got up out of his chair and when he did the room door flew open and his uncle walked in. "Uncle!" Kenichi shouted happily, glad to his him alive and well.
His uncle looked very serious at that moment. "Kenichi" his uncle said, "I know this will be hard for you to take, but I just found out that Tima and Rock had this planned all along." Kenichi just stared at him. "No way…" Kenichi said softly. "Tima would never do that." He thought back from the moment he had met her all the way to when he was unconscious. Kenichi couldn't believe that his own flesh and blood was judging his friend without even knowing her. "How can you say that?" he said firmly to his uncle. "I'll never believe that!" he shouted.
His uncle sighed. "I was hoping that you'd get some sense into that thick head of yours and believe me, but it looks like I'll have to use force." His uncle grabbed him by the collar of his shirt firmly and dragged him down the hall. "Uncle Shunsaku, what are you doing!" Kenichi shouted as he was being dragged to the elevator. "You just had to ask your mother repeatedly to come to Metropolis with me, Dr. Loughton would have been easy to catch, I was just using him to hide what I was really doing here." He said as he pushed the down button on the elevator and threw Kenichi inside.
Kenichi realized that this whole time, his uncle was hiding his true nature. "I'm a Mareduke, working for Duke Red." His uncle stated as he pushed the ground floor button. "Rock messed up everything, Tima was the key to using the Zegerate, and now those two brats are hiding off somewhere." His uncle said, almost angrily. "I'm getting paid a lot for this job and I don't need you or those brats getting in the way of me finishing it."
As they reached ground floor Kenichi's uncle dragged him out of the elevator by his arm.
He was now being dragging him out of the automatic doors. The snow was still falling and Kenichi was trying to get on his feet, but his uncle was going too fast. Duke Red's car was at the entrance drop off and Uncle Shunsaku opened the door and forcefully put Kenichi in. The car was quite big, and Kenichi noticed that there where 3 scientists in the car with his uncle and Duke Red.
Two of them quickly grabbed him and held him still and before he had time to react, the third scientist put some sort of blue liquid in him with a shot. In less then 5 seconds Kenichi was paralyzed. He was still awake and could still blink, but the rest of his body wouldn't move. The scientists worked quickly after that, putting a device on Kenichi's head and sticking strange scientific things on his hands, arms, and face. "Sorry Kenichi" his uncle stated, and it didn't sound like he was that sorry. One of the scientist then flipped a switch on the device on his head and suddenly he felt this most incrassating pain, and a second later he saw darkness.
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"Kenichi" Duke Red said. They were still in the car and it had been about 5 minutes since Kenichi passed out. "Kenichi", Duke Red said again, but this time louder. Kenichi's eyes opened, but by one look at them you could tell he wasn't the real Kenichi anymore, just a mindless puppet. "Kenichi" Duke Red said, "What are your orders?" Kenichi answered, "To find and kill Rock and to return Tima directly to the Zegerate"
To Be Continued…
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