Metropolis Fan Fiction ❯ A Difference ❯ Life or Death ( Chapter 7 )

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Authors Note:
Already got a reviewer begging for more, I'm even in suspense, hope you guys after writing the last chapter and want to see how it turns out! This is a little gory, thought I might warn you if you get a little squeamish, it's not very bad though.
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On the Last Chapter, Chapter 6: Orders
"Kenichi...what happened to you…?", she whispered, but it was loud enough for him to hear. Kenichi looked over at Tima, he's finger on the trigger of the gun and it still aimed at Rocks chest, Rock not moving because he was afraid Kenichi might shoot at Tima if he did move. "Kenichi's dead, and what's happened to me is not what you should be worried about Tima, what you should be worried about is what's going to happen to you after I kill Rock and take you back to Duke Red." Kenichi said as he pulls the trigger and Tima's scream is heard.
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Chapter 7: Life or Death
Tima watched in horror as she saw Kenichi's finger tighten on the trigger. Her body numb, refusing to move to her will, and her mind in utter shock as she watched her first best friend threaten the life of her next best friend. Everything was going in slow motion for Tima. Watching as Kenichi's finger push on the trigger and causing the bullet to fly out of the gun, seeing the look of pure satisfaction on his face as he did so, and when she saw Rock, standing there helplessly and knowing he would die at that moment, she forced her legs to move at her command. Tima ran as fast as she could at Rock, knowing that he deserved a second chance in life and that it wasn't his fault he was the way he was, that he was too young and to die like this, so cruelly, was not meant for anyone, not even Rock. She jumped at Rock, knocking him down as she did so, and for a second Tima forgot all about the bullet that was speeding at the spot she was in. The bullet went into her shoulder, and she screamed at the sudden pain she felt. Tima couldn't feel her left arm or shoulder, all she could feel was the awful pain that pulsed in her as she hit the ground with Rock. She covered the wound with her right hand; whimpering softly in pain, and then for the first time she looked at her shoulder. The sight of blood caught her eye and she realized she was bleeding; she had taken the bullet that was supposed to end Rocks life.
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Rock didn't know what happened at first, all he knew at that moment was that he was on the ground, alive, and he was supposed to be dead. Half a second later his mind adjusted and he realized what had happened, Tima had saved his life, she had tackled him to keep the bullet from hitting him, but in the process she got hit herself. She was whimpering and tears where streaming down her face as she held her wounded shoulder, fresh blood running like water between her fingers. Then he remembered what was at hand. Rock looked at Kenichi who looked slightly shocked at the scene before him.
Rock quickly got up, taking Tima up gently with him. He pulled her up on his back, and she wrapped her arms around his neck and held tight, knowing that they were going to make a run for it. Rock glanced at Tima's shoulder, seeing the blood continue to flow freely, starting to worry that if they didn't find a spot to fix her up soon that she would bleed to death. Rock pulled out his gun, aiming it at Kenichi's gun and shooting it out of his hand. He then ran as fast as he could away from the old abandoned factory. He knew that Kenichi wasn't taking him seriously, and now that he's emotions where gone there was only his ego, which showed the dark side of him.
Rock continued running until he came upon a dark alleyway. He had been holding his gun in a tight grasp and he now put it away, knowing that they were save for now. He gently set Tima down, seeing that she had passed out and was looking quite pale. The blood of her wound was still bleeding pretty badly, but he could tell that the bullet gone throw completely. Rock tore his jacket to make a bandage for her, and managed to make it a good one too. When he finished with fixing up her wound he sat next to her and closed his eyes. He knew he should save he's strength for now, because it was obvious that Kenichi wanted them to resist so that he'd have some fun before he reported back to Duke Red. He went into a soft slumber not long after he closed his eyes.
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Kenichi had been surprised when he saw Tima threaten her own life to save Rock.
He hadn't been expecting her to do that, but then again Tima was full of surprises. He thought about which way we wanted to kill Rock as he saw him stand up and pull Tima on his back. "I know…I'll let him think he'll get away but he'll just be getting farther into my trap…oh I just love the game of cat and mouse...", Kenichi smirked slightly as he thought of this. He might be an emotionless monster but he still liked to have a good time. He watched as Rock with drew his gun, he could have killed Rock at any moment but he chose not to, he let him shot his gun out of his hands and let them get away. Anyway if he had stopped them and killed Rock he would be blamed if Tima bled to death, and he'd rather have Rock be blamed then himself. He walked slowly towards his gun and carelessly put the gun back in its holster. "This is going to be fun…", Kenichi thought as he walked towards the direction Rock had ran in.
To Be Continued…
Yes know I kind of made Kenichi like a mini Dilandau from Escaflowne…maybe I'll even add in a flamethrower in the next or up coming chapters mwahahahaha! Cough.. sorry, didn't really mean for him to be like that but oh well…the nice guys have evil fantasies too you know. Please Review!