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Yeah I know it's been…months…since I wrote my last chapter, didn't have a computer for a long time, not since November, but I'm finally back and writing the 8th chapter, glad to be back too, and thanks to all that sent me reviews, didn't receive any bad reviews I'm happy to say enjoy the chapter! This chapter is going to be dark, it might even be PG-13 because of violence, at this point I have no idea because I'm just writing what comes to mind as I go. There is a little bit of blood in this chapter too, just warning you!
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On the Last Chapter, Chapter 7: Life or Death
He might be an emotionless monster but he still liked having a good time. He watched as Rock with drew his gun, he could have killed Rock at any moment but he chose not to, he let him shot his gun out of his hands and let them get away. Anyway if he had stopped them and killed Rock he would be blamed if Tima bled to death, and he'd rather have Rock be blamed then himself. He walked slowly towards his gun and carelessly put the gun back in its holster. “This is going to be fun…”, Kenichi thought as he walked towards the direction Rock had ran in.
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Chapter 8: Escape from Death
Tima awakened from her light sleep, but her eyelids felt heavy as she tried to open them, she managed to get her eyes open after a moment of trying. At that moment she wondered if what had happened was only a dream, that the fact that Kenichi was trying to kill her wasn't true, but she knew it to be true. He wasn't Kenichi anymore, he was just a crazed psychopath, but either way, she was just hoping, praying that it was all just a horrible nightmare. But she knew it wasn't just a horrific dream, it had happened, and was most likely going to happen again once he found her. She knew at that point that Kenichi would give at nothing to capture herself and Rock and take them to Duke Red, or kill them if she resist.
Her shoulder stung, it wasn't nearly as unbearable as it had been when she first felt the pain of the bullet forcing through her shoulder, and it had gone numb since that that moment she was shot. She had no idea how much time had past, all she did know was that she was in a dark alleyway laying on the ground, Rock leaning against the alleyway wall sleeping only feet away from her. Tima struggled to sit up, but as she managed she regretted it right away because of the pain in her shoulder. The numbness of her injured limb quickly faded as she sat there, clenching her injured shoulder, feeling the awful presence of the pain return. Her suffering eventually ceased and she leaned against the wall, sitting right next to Rock. Tima just smiled and enjoyed the peace of the quiet alley.
She sighed softly, feeling slightly safer than she did a while ago and happy to know she had a friend like Rock watching out for her.
Rock awakened suddenly, hearing footsteps slowly head in there direction. He looked over at Tima who was just sitting there daydreaming and shook her arm slightly to get her attention. She looked at him, slightly puzzled by the look on his face. He looked slightly nervous, an expression she had never seen, and had never thought to see on Rocks face.
Suddenly, she too began to hear the footsteps in the distance, knowing good and well that it had to be Kenichi. Tima sat there; staring at the area she was hearing the tap tap tap of boots on the pavement, fear starting to over take her. “Tima”, Rock whispered urgently, “Do you see that window?” Rock pointed upward at a shattered glass window that was right above several crates. Tima nodded. “I'm going to help you get through that window, as long as you're alive there's still hope”, Rock mumbled quietly, quickly helping Tima up and helping her to the crates. As they quietly advanced towards the window they could hear the footsteps coming closer and closer. Kenichi was so close, so very close.
She hugged him then, a tight hug, as if she'd never see him again. He just stood there amazed for a second, and hugged her back, both hoping that the other would be okay in the end. It was a quick hug and when it was over Rock quickly but gently pushed Tima up on the crates and through the broken window. “Go, now”, Rock said quietly but demanding. “But what about you?” Tima whispered. “I'll be fine, now just go.” He demanded in a whisper.
Rock advanced toward the edge of the alley where Kenichi would be at in any given moment. He quickly withdrew his gun but as he took aim at wear Kenichi would be, Kenichi rounded the corner aiming at him at the exact same time. Rock smirked slightly and said, “So I see you had no problem finding out where I have been for the passed few hours.” Kenichi also smirked, replying, “So I have, you think you're pretty clever don't you?” Both of them had their fingers on the triggers of their guns, and they both shot several times. But Kenichi, now being the leader of the Mardukes and all, dodged all of the bullets easily. And Rock, being the ex-leader of the Mardukes, also dodged all of the bullets with ease. Rock chuckled slightly saying; “You can't take me out so easily Kenichi.” At this point in time Rocks little shenanigans where starting to make Kenichi's blood boil. Kenichi didn't like being mocked, especially when he was supposed to be the hunter, not the prey. Since Kenichi was the bad guy, he decided the play dirty. So he decided to take Rock off guard. “Where is Tima?” Kenichi asked, still aiming the gun at Rock. Rock, still smirking slightly and still having his gun aimed at Kenichi, answered, “Don't ask me, you're supposed to have everything planned out, all of the possible places me and Tima could be hiding…” Rock snickered at Kenichi, seeing his expression turn from casual to slightly angry. “What's wrong Kenichi?” Rock asked, “Your plan not working out like you wanted it to? Well that's just too bad for you know isn't it?”
Kenichi had it with Rock's games and shot him in the stomach. Rock hadn't been expecting that, and he knew he should have been ready for anything. He suddenly coughed up blood and fell to his knees, having his arm pressed firmly against his stomach, trying to stop the blood flow. Everything was happening so fast, within seconds Rock's vision began to blur and he fell over, feeling his life leave him. All of the sudden he couldn't see anything it, was all black, but he could hear voices in the distance, they sounded so far away…it almost sounded like his stepfather…but that couldn't be…it couldn't…then Rock blacked out.
Tima had seen it all; her hand was covering her mouth and tears streamed down her cheeks. She sudden saw Duke Red with several men with him, and she could hear him clearly. “You fool!” Duke Red shouted at Kenichi, “We need him alive! If Tima isn't with him we need him alive! He can tell can tell us where Tima is!” One of the men checked Rock's pulse. “He's still alive Duke.” The man said. “Good, quickly you men grab him, we can't let him die, without him we can never find Tima!” Duke Red said urgently as the men carefully picked up Rock and carried him away. “As for you Kenichi, you are to be severely punished for this, you might have ruined everything! There's still a chance you have ruined everything! If Rock dies, you die, do you hear me!” Duke Red shouted at Kenichi as he walked away, Kenichi slowly followed. Tima sat against a wall in the build she was hiding in and cried quietly to herself. “Oh Rock…if only I could have prevented this from happening…you're the only friend I have left I can't lose you too…” Tima sobbed quietly to herself. Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed her and before she could scream on of the hands covered her mouth. Tima tried to struggle but couldn't get lose. “Sssssshhh its okay it's just me...” the voice said eagerly. Tima knew that voice.
“Sasha”, Tima mumbled through Sasha's hand that was covering her mouth. Tima knew at that point she was save because Sasha was one of the local children that played with her when she lived with Atlas. She knew that Sasha could help her make everything right again.
To Be Continued…
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