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Episode 03: Footstep Into The Chaos
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
“Foolish human, just after being elevated into slightly higher being…trying to comprehend their own value against the will of God!” Laodicea Judecca Gottso taunted as his Zfylud gigantic humanoid fighting machine slashing its Cross Blade vertically toward Gundam Avalanche Exia that quickly parried the attack using its GN Sword. In the meantime Kusuha and Bullet inside their choukijin RyuKouOh was busy fighting against Euzeth Gottso in his Black Judecca machine, as other legendary heroes and heroines also fighting for their life against 7th Fleet of Ze Balmary Empire known as The Aerogaters. As the battle getting more and more intense, many heroes and heroines such as legendary Amuro Ray in his RX-93 Nu Gundam, other Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters in their respective Gundam units, Krung Thep's second generation Gundam Meisters in their respective Gundam units as well and other super robot pilots including members of GGG Organization and Three Ship Alliance/ Terminals desperately fighting against the superiority of the Aerogaters fighting forces.
“You're wrong! I before have the same thinking like you, and because of that I made a decision to become Exia's Gundam Meister as well as Innovator! But this time is different! I want to once again believe in mankind's hearts, not as someone that would guide them but as someone who willing to share the burden together and walk together side by side with them!” Ave shouted back as the young wishful fanfic writer kicked Zfylud away from his Avalanche Exia before readjusting his Gundam Avalanche Exia's fighting stance. “I expect Innovator should at least wiser enough to join our ranks and create a better world by conquering these worlds one by one…but it seem, I regard you too highly from your own small value that still make you primeval creature to begin with human!” Laodicea replied back as he screamed before his Zfylud mecha unit attacking the Avalanche Exia rapidly using its Cross Blade.
It was when Ave took the opportunity to activates his Avalanche Exia's Trans-Am feature that covered the Gundam mobile suit itself with shades of superficial gleaming pink-reddish hue colour and grants the unit itself three times of speed, strength and firepower of it's normal maximum capabilities within three minutes. “Where is he? Where is he hiding!” Laodicea screamed as his Zfylud keeps on attacking with its Aur Laser and Omega Waves without success on hitting the target. “Damn…if he keep on doing it…I couldn't get closer to him and settle the final score with him…” Ave muttered inside his heart, before he finally took a daring move to finish Zfylud and Laodicea for once and for all. “So, there you are!” Laodicea laughed as his Zfylud launched its most powerful attack toward the incoming Avalanche Exia.
“Zehn Gebotte!” Laodicea commanded as a massive beam attack launched from magical pentagram created by Zfylud, Avalanche Exia was engulfed within that beam attack. “HA…HA…HA! At the end, Innovator just a mere human that couldn't do anything against the Godly power of Zfylud Crystal!” Laodicea laughed maniacally as he thought he destroyed Avalanche Exia. “Not yet idiot!” it was Ave's fiery shout that snapped Laodicea from his nice dream as Gundam Exia still charging toward Zfylud's direction, after purged it's damaged Avalanche Mission Pack. “Ba…Baka na!” as Laodicea screamed in disbelief, Exia's GN Sword was piercing through Zfylud's chest armour as well as mortally injuring it's pilot. In the same time as well, the effect given by Trans-Am also worn out, even though Ave secured his victory against Laodicea in his Zfylud.
“Foolish human…at the end…you choose the destiny where human will keep on killing each other…rather being conquered and led with powerful beings…prophets of Balmarians like us…” Laodicea cursed in his dying breath as he coughed blood. “I'm not the one that have a right to judge humanity…and I want to be able to believe in them once again…even when they betray me many times in the past before…I will walk on the path I share together with them and help them…as shall humanity still committing the same sins they already committed in the past, even until now…I shall pray so the path of mankind that willing to believe and forgive one to another won't be broken…” Ave replied back as Laodicea just laughed back at the young fanfic writer before pushing his Gundam Exia away from the heavily damaged Zfylud.
“What a foolish Innovator you are! At the end, you will be regretting your decision to put so much faith on humanity that already proven to betray you countless time! I shall watch over your suffering and agony, as you will find your path crumble and your happiness tarnished for something that you want to believe in! You will suffer and no one will be able to help you! Curse your own decision and entity!” as Laodicea laughed and taunted toward the young Exia's Gundam Meister, Zfylud exploded. In the meantime, Ave just could remain silent while pondering in his deep thought about Laodicea's last words as he might be naïve for putting so much faith over humanity that already proven cannot be trusted and always betray him countless time in the past before.
“What! It just…a dream?” Ave opened his eyes as cold sweat run over his body. He found himself was fall a sleep inside Exia's cockpit as his surrounding was dim with only flickered green light from the monitor of Gundam Exia's onboard computer system.
The young wishful fanfic author glanced over the flickered signal of the small monitor on his Exia's onboard computer as his eyes widened. “Oh no! Someone trying to contact me many times already before, and that signal came from GNY-004 Gundam Plutone! Crap! Chall must be really displeased about this!” as Ave scratched his hair, he quickly pressed the button to establish contact with GNY-004 Gundam Plutone's Gundam Meister, as soon after that, the very unhappy face of Chall Acustica could be seen appeared on the communication device's sub-monitor on the right side of Gundam Exia's main monitor. “Uh…hi Chall! How are you today? Long time no see…” Ave grinned sheepishly as he greeted the Plutone's Gundam Meister before Chall quickly replied back half shouted toward Exia's Gundam Meister.
“How are you and long time no see? Unbelievable Ave-san! I can't believe that someone like you would be…I mean would be careless enough to fall asleep and neglect my call!” Chall complained as she pouted in the same time as well. “Ugh! I'm sorry Chall! No excuse!” Ave replied as he formed an apologetic Buddha gesture toward Chall Acustica meanwhile the Gundam Plutone's Gundam Meister just sighed. Soon afterward, another two sub-monitors came out bellow Chall's sub-monitor as Marlene's and Ruido's faces can be seen there. “C'mon Chall! It seems Ave already regret his carelessness and also apologize…there is no need to keep on beating the dead horse now, since we should be here to support him…not to be angry at him…” Ruido commented as he grinned meanwhile Chall just glared at the oldest and also the only male second generation Gundam Meister before replying back at him.
“But, still! Ave-san is careless enough to fall asleep and if that kind of thing happened in serious situation like battlefield…it could endanger us and other friends that fight alongside him as well…you're just too nice Ruido-san!” Chall replied back, meanwhile GNY-001F2 Gundam Astraea Type-F2 just scratching its head, somehow mimicking how Ruido scratching his head as well while grinned sheepishly after hearing Chall's reply. “Chall, Ruido…Ave already apologized, so I think…it would be better to let him go since he didn't mean to do that…I fully understand that Ave must be really tired after the whole day investigation over the incident that happened in South Atalia, and our job is to deliver Seven Swords for him including to support him in his investigation…not to be angry for a small and rare mistake he made…” Marlene finally opened her mouth as the older young woman smiled toward Chall, Ruido and Ave meanwhile those couldn't say anything else except nod in agreement.
GNY-003F Gundam Abulhool flying in circle about twice before landed in front of Ave's Gundam Exia, as in the same time, Gundam Astraea Type-F2 and Gundam Plutone unmask their optical camouflages and landed as well while carrying a large container containing Seven Swords equipment for Exia. “Uhm, guys…thanks a lot for carrying Seven Swords for me…” Ave muttered as he smiled meanwhile Chall was the first one that nods while she finally smiled back at the young wishful fanfic author. “Don't worry about that Ave-san…I, Ruido-san, and also Marlene-san will always be on your side to support and help you…since you and the future Celestial Being before help us in the very dire situation which would led us into a fateful tragedy that will scar me physically and mentally before…so, we really grateful for your help back then…although Marlene-san said there was a bit unexpected thing happened such as singularity there…” Chall replied back sheepishly as she glanced over the Abulhool's Gundam Meister, meanwhile Marlene just coughed before muttered back.
“I never expected that my daughter would be around two years younger compare to me…” Marlene muttered as she refers to eighteen years old Feldt Grace that her existence as singularity causing her as the only daughter both Marlene and Ruido ever had if they're married in the future. “Uhm, sometimes thing could be a little bit messed up…but we honestly really grateful to be able to see our future daughter and live our life together with her and travelling as well as experiencing many things from many different worlds…so that's why like what Chall already said before, we will be forever indebted to you and future Celestial Being…including our future daughter and other brave heroes and heroines that help us back then…” Ruido commented as he grinned toward the young Exia's Gundam Meister, meanwhile Ave in the meantime just smiled back before replying back toward Chall, Ruido and Marlene.
“You're welcome…Chall Acustica, Ruido Resonance and Marlene Vlady…as well as thank you for bringing down Seven Swords for me and my Gundam Exia…” the young wishful fanfic writer replied back as the three second generation Gundam Meisters just smiled back and nod in agreement at him as well.
In the meantime, G-Island located on the other side of certain Crossgate Paradigm System…
“Mr. Bushido…do you think we would be able to find what we are looking for in here?” warrant officer Louise Halevy asked as she climbed down from her GNX-704T/SP Ahead Smultron mobile suit's cockpit as the older man with mysterious samurai Oni-mask on his face just closed his eyes in a very solitude Zen state before finally opened his eyes and replying back. “Warrant officer Halevy…if you have a faith within your soul that we will be able to find out what we are looking for, then we will be able to find it…if you still doubt yourself even until now, it would be difficult even for Innovator girl like you to see the truth…while the truth itself already there, in front of your eyes…” the mysterious masked man referred as Mr. Bushido replied back calmly as Louise just sighed before replying back toward him. “Unfortunately I'm just psuedo-Innovator instead of Innovator…and I couldn't even extend my quantum brainwave ability to the level that first lieutenant Peries capable to do…” Louise replied back with slightly lonely and sad expression on her face, as Mr. Bushido noticed that and took a deep breath before asking her something else to try to slightly ease Louise's loneliness.
“By the way warrant officer Halevy…how is he doing at the moment?” Mr. Bushido asked with his calm tone as well. “Uhm, you mean Saji?” Louise answered as she enquiries the question back. “I believe that is what his name is, warrant officer Halevy…” Mr. Bushido replied back calmly as Louise just smiled as she sighed as well before replying back. “Saji is doing fine actually, although he a bit reluctant when I told him about my decision to rejoin military rank again…he said that he will support my decision regardless, and after this incident over…we promise to talk more about our future plan of marriage…” Louise replied back meanwhile the enigmatic Mr. Bushido just smiled before replying back. “It's very good to hear that warrant officer Halevy, I personally congratulate you and your beloved Mr. Saji for that…” Mr. Bushido replied back formally as he bowed his head slightly toward Louise that suppose to be his subordinate instead.
“Thank you very much Mr. Bushido…by the way, so far I didn't detect any anomaly happening in this G-Island, except this horrid trashes and rubbishes piled up in unbelievable quantity here…” Louise replied back toward Mr. Bushido while in the meantime explaining about the fact there was nothing she could found so far on the G-Island. “No surprise if Kusabi-Ishi couldn't be detected by normal detector we have, but warrant officer Halevy…sooner or later, the truth will be revealed in front of our eyes and we shall have a faith over that…” Mr. Bushido replied back as he walked away to return to his personal customized Ahead mobile suit known of GNX-704T/AC Ahead Sakigake. “I'll put that in my mind and thank you very much for the advice Mr. Bushido…” Louise Halevy replied back as she saluted toward Mr. Bushido before she returned to her Ahead Smultron as well.
“Mr. Bushido…” Louise's voice was trailed off, as her Ahead Smultron seems detecting something nearby. “What is happening, warrant officer Halevy?” Mr. Bushido was asking the psuedo-Innovator girl back while readying his Ahead Sakigake's GN beam katana. “It just…no, definitely I detect energy signature's movement and I'm afraid to inform that…the energy signature is showing hostility actually…” Louise replied back as her Ahead Smultron was readying its beam submachine gun. “I wonder if that energy signature came from Kusabi-Ishi?” Mr. Bushido asked as his Ahead Sakigake making a stance to fight whatever will come out from beneath G-Island. It was when sudden earthquake made the ground shakes and from piles of rubbishes, giant mechanical beast resembled stallion that known as El-01 was formed and ready to strike both Ahead Sakigake and Ahead Smultron.
“Obsolete enemy…” Mr. Bushido commented as he charges toward the gigantic El-01 armed only with his Ahead Sakigake's GN beam katana. “Mr. Bushido!” Louise shouted as she tried to warn her superior officer, although deep down inside her heart, Louise understand about her warning wasn't really necessary. “CHESUTOOOO!” Mr. Bushido screamed a warcry as his Ahead Sakigake slicing its GN beam katana vertically through El-01's right shoulder successfully. It was however, El-01 was manifesting regenerative ability by absorbing another pile of rubbishes and scrap metals to recreate brand new right arm once again. “A tough opponent we have here, warrant officer Halevy…” Mr. Bushido muttered as the left hand of his Ahead Sakigake unsheathes its GN beam wakizashi. In the meantime Louise trying to shoot El-01 using her Ahead Smultron's beam submachine gun, but it seems her attack wasn't really effective at all.
“Warrant officer Halevy…we will try to attack it simultaneously and as it performing regenerative ability, we use that opportunity to escape…I hate to say this, but this El-01 surely stronger and more dangerous than the one we encounter in the past…” Mr. Bushido instructed. “Ha…hai!” Louise replied back as she was using the free left hand of her Ahead Smultron to activates its GN beam saber while performing volley fire attack using its beam submachine gun, Louise charges toward El-01 before decapitating both of its legs. “Good job warrant officer Halevy! Here is my turn!” Mr. Bushido shouted as he complimenting Louise's performance before he also charged toward the fallen El-01 and using his Ahead Sakigake's GN beam katana and beam wakizashi, the legendary Mr. Bushido performing rapid slashes combo attacks.
“Wooow…” Louise stared in awe as she just witness the fast-pace speed slashes combo performed by Mr. Bushido that said could put even 00 Gundam back then into quite trouble as well. “Warrant officer Halevy!” Mr. Bushido suddenly shouted. “Eh?” Louise look a bit confused before metallic tentacles quickly strangled Ahead Smultron's both arms and legs. “Kyaaa!” Louise screamed but at that moment it was a bit too late to realize the fact she was careless enough not to make sure El-01 properly destroyed. El-01 on the other hand transforming its right arm into giant drill and ready to destroy Louise's Ahead Smultron in a single attack. In the meantime, even Mr. Bushido couldn't do anything at all.
“WILL KNIFE!” a hot-blooded warcry could be heard as those tentacles was cut-down by something or to be exact someone. “…!” Louise quickly pointed out her Ahead Smultron's submachine gun before bombard the El-01 with rapid GN beam submachine gun's GN projectiles in point blank. “Are you two alright?” the mysterious saviour asked as both Louise and Mr. Bushido notice their saviour as a familiar young man slightly older than Louise wearing golden coloured armor. “Guy Shishioh of GGG…” Mr. Bushido just chuckled and smiled back meanwhile Louise blinked her eyes before realized the identity of Evoluder Guy Shishioh in front of her. “Guy? But you suppose to be cyborg back then?” Louise asked. “A lot of things happened and now I have the power of Evoluder…surpassing human and machine altogether, but that's not an important story…since the most important thing at the moment is both of you are alright…” Guy replied back as he smiled toward Louise and Mr. Bushido meanwhile Louise just sighed before replying back.
“Thanks a lot Guy for having concern about us…” Louise replied calmly as she smiled from inside her mobile suit.
It was when suddenly El-01 stood up again and this time trying to crush Guy Shishioh using the weight of its right fist. “Damn! It's still alive!” Guy cursed. “You're getting rusty Guy! How suppose someone that protect this Earth from invasion of Zonder before couldn't even finish this petty enemy!” this time a fiery female voice could be heard taunting at Evoluder Guy as a female cyborg leaped and using M16 assault rifle directly attacking on El-01's core. “Renais…! What have you done? There might be innocent people trapped inside the core of El-01!” Guy shouted toward the female cyborg showing displease feeling toward her action. “I told you once before, Evoluder Guy…that I would never show mercy toward BioNet…” Renais replied back with serious, cold, and anger expression on her face.
“Who is she?” Louise Halevy asked secretly toward Mr. Bushido using her Ahead Smultron's communication device. “Renais Cardiff-Shishioh…she also combat cyborg empowered by G-stone similar to Guy Shishioh, although for some reason…her design is flawed compare to Guy's cyborg body before…” Mr. Bushido replied back as although he never met Renais Cardiff-Shishioh before, her information was successfully obtained from many data archives collected by his scientist and researcher friend, Billy Katagiri. “Flawed cyborg body…” Louise muttered as she glanced over Renais that reloading ammunition clip on her M16 assault rifle, meanwhile Guy also readying his Will Knife.
“Guy! Renais! Let me help as well!” Louise shouted as her Ahead Smultron readying its GN beam submachine gun. “Are you insane? Your weapon couldn't even damage El-01 and it will keep on regenerating…moreover mobile suit should be already obsolete compare to technology possessed by GGG and us…Chasseur!” Renais replied back with a sarcastic tone on her voice. “Renais!” Guy this time shown his discontent toward his cousin Renais over what she just said before. “Maybe mobile suit even after being equipped with GN Drive Tau indeed an obsolete weapon, but I believe…as long as I have courage to keep on moving forward…I will be able to defeat any enemies no matter how far stronger they are!” Louise replied back as in the same time both Mr. Bushido and Guy Shishioh smiled after hearing that answer.
“That's a good answer and determination! Louise Halevy, since you have courage to keep on fighting together with us…I will show you what the true courage capable to do! Come forth! Phantom Gao!” Evoluder Guy shouted as an echoing warcry could be heard and battle hovercraft Phantom Gao reveal itself, before performing fusion with Evoluder Guy to form sleek giant humanoid fighting machine known as GaoFar. “Take this!” GaoFar performing dive kick toward El-01 and made the replicate Zonder giant mechanoid thrown away several hundred metres from its previous location. “What are you two waiting for? We need to support Guy!” Renais shouted as she readying her aim toward the fallen El-01's core using her M16 assault rifle. “Ha…hai!” Louise replied back as she charged toward El-01 armed with both Ahead Smultron's GN beam submachine gun and GN beam saber. “I think…I couldn't let warrant officer Halevy doing this by herself, moreover after knowing she has someone that would be saddened if something happened to her…” as Mr. Bushido mused alone in his mind, he quickly arming himself using his Ahead Sakigake's GN beam katana and GN beam wakizashi before following Louise's Ahead Smultron charging into the already fallen El-01 as well.
Meanwhile, somewhere else near South Atalia's Macross Capital City's Chinatown District…
“That's what happened…suddenly a lot of explosion happened and everything was in chaos! But, because of our valiant effort, we manage to haul our enemies away and defeat them easily!” Adiroth had spoken proudly toward a Chinese girl known as Pao-Ling that owns a small dumpling/ gyoza restaurant together with her youngest brother Wang-Mei. “Eeer…isn't because of Chuck and also Neo Arcadia Confederation regular regiment as well that also contributing the success to minimize the damage as well as zero percent dead ratio rate during this incident?” Amal replied as he asking an honest question as well. “Basically this Big Bro here is just bragging isn't he?” Wang-Mei muttered back as the little boy there grinned before Adiroth countered back the comment with his argument. “Oh no…it wasn't like that, since my Strike Gundam perform very well in the incident yesterday…I personally find it easy to defeat those terrorists even without any help from regular regiment and their GN-XIII units…” Adiroth countered back as Amal just remain silent.
“Anyway, how about you Amal-san and Aldi-san?” Pao-Ling asked politely as Aldi, which happened to be Amal's older brother replied back. “We was in charge on evacuating civilians and non-combat personnel yesterday…I mean Amal and myself, since my Union Flag and Amal's AEU Enact weren't something that really that advance to fight during the incident…” Aldi replied back. “So, Adiroth-san really do fight by himself alone…I mean with others except you two…against those terrorists?” Pao-Ling asked again as Aldi nods in agreement. “See…now you and Wang-Mei believe on me as well as how awesome I am right?” Adiroth muttered again as he grinned with prideful expression on his face. “But, I saw a news during reconstruction of this new endless frontier about one and half month ago…and it shows, Celestial Being's Gundam units that equipped with original GN Drives as well as GN-XIII and other units equipped with GN Drive Tau units are stronger compare to other energy source except for Tronium Engine…and also, performance wise, those pilots happen to came from other realms proven to be really skilled compare to you Big Bro!” Wang-Mei muttered as he grinned before Pao-Ling glared at her youngest brother and told him not to offend others.
“It would be obvious like that, since they live in the world where mobile suits and other mechanical units are part of their daily life…not like us here…” Amal tried to gave explanation without much more success.
“But, I heard you guys were given intensive training and handsome salary package to represent this world's local defense forces together with other mechanical units' pilots…shouldn't Big Bro-tachi would be at least in similar level with those pilots? I believe the one that having an idea to establish this new endless frontier previously also came from this world as well…” Wang-Mei muttered back as he raised another question as well. “You mean Ave? We do know him, and previously he was once our friend before he suddenly disappeared and having these big adventures in various universes before returning here as Gundam Exia's Gundam Meister and establishing new endless frontier that connect this world with other countless worlds previously known only as fiction…” Aldi replied back meanwhile Wang-Mei just nodded in understanding as well.
“Surely though, his presence hailed as hero before in many different worlds and people in his own homeworld as well…but there are quite many people dislike the change he brought and despise him as traitor who sell his own homeworld to those alien invaders…” Amal added as Pao-Ling and Wang-Mei just nod. “But still, I don't think it was fair to begin with, I mean regulation that Neo Arcadia Confederation Army made, since they keep solar furnace equipped mobile suits as secret for their own…Honorary Foreign Regiment established in the world without elected local representative like our world only being able to pilot second rate units, even after insane strict criteria selection process! And, this blasted Ave could pilot Gundam Exia…a Gundam type mobile suit equipped with a genuine solar furnace exclusively made by and for Celestial Being! He is also retaining his youthful and new appearance as Innovator! Because of that, no wonder people despise him so much as he reap a lot of good things and benefits from selling his own home planet to those invaders!” Adiroth suddenly remarked with his complaining voice tone as he ate his gyoza.
Amal, Aldi, Pao-Ling and Wang-Mei just remain silent after listening toward Adiroth's remark. Both Aldi and Amal realized as well, although they could consider Ave was once their good friend as well, the fact that Ave disappeared six months ago, only to came back and established endless frontier gave them many questions inside their minds. In front of their eyes, including other local inhabitants of Mirror Moon's Earth such as Adiroth, Pao-Ling and Wang-Mei, Ave's decision somehow also questioned by them. Especially many local governments officials in this Mirror Moon's Earth later on forced to be in exile after Neo Arcadia Confederation was formed and those exiled ones become terrorists that create problem as well as insurgencies like what happened yesterday.
There are of course people like Chuck, Danny and John who enjoying more benefits from this new endless frontier as they could interact with their favourite characters once known only inside the world of anime, manga and video games. But again, Adiroth, Amal and Aldi also quite envious toward Chuck, Danny and John who exclusively chosen to be local representatives of Lond Bell taskforce presence in their own homeworld and they posses better mobile suits and facility compare to local regiment like the former three. This kind of envious feeling was fuelled even further, after they knew as well how Chuck begin to having close and steady relationship with his favourite idol singer Yayoi Takatsuki with blessing from his newfound friends such as Nunnally and Alice. This kind of envious feeling that later made the rift between Chuck and those three became bigger as again, Adiroth, Amal, and Aldi, especially Adiroth, put the blame toward their former best friend Ave, who created endless frontier by connecting countless different universes in the first place.
“Even Chuck got MP Nu Gundam as his possession and what have we got so far! Only Union Flag, AEU Enact and Strike Gundam! Although later on, both of you perhaps would obtain two Dagger units, but still…they are still not as good as MP Nu Gundam and other mobile suits developed exclusively for Lond Bell!” Adiroth complained again as he ate more gyoza meanwhile Pao-Ling, Wang-Mei, Amal and Aldi just stared at him while remain silent. “Well, the fact is Chuck could accept the existence of endless frontier with open heart more than other people like us, might becoming a main factor why he and his other friends could get better treatment, as I have a feeling…those with pure affection and Otaku-ness in their hearts live their life easier compare to our lives actually…” Amal commented as he shook his head in agreement. “And again, this endless frontier was envisioned by Ave alone…and surely that fact answer how this world going to be in the first place…” Aldi remarked as well meanwhile Wang-Mei and Pao-Ling just wondered what Amal's older brother trying to imply.
“In another word, this endless frontier created by Otaku only can be enjoyed by Otaku themselves…although there are strange fact like hardcore Otaku also voicing their discontent about their favourite characters behave not something like what they envisioned in their own imagination, so for bringing this reality…Ave is loathed as well by those hardcore Otaku…” Aldi finished his explanation, meanwhile both Pao-Ling and Wang-Mei just only nod. “Well, again Ave only create this world to fulfil his own ambition…and I believe he laughed somewhere out there after watching people in his home planet is suffering now…” Adiroth complained. “Really? I don't think Ave is that kind of person, although sometimes he's a bit weird…but he definitely won't be doing something bad and cruel like that…” Amal muttered meanwhile Pao-Ling and Wang-Mei nod in agreement as well. “Well, you are all too naïve…nobody would like to do or create something like this without expecting anything back in return…I believe Ave already plotting something that would give him power to become the ruler of his own homeworld forever! No doubt about it…since he just see us as expendable asset or spare parts perhaps…” Adiroth made another remark again.
“Oh, really?” Aldi asked as he twitched his eyebrows. “I personally don't think it was like that…of course Ave must have his own personal agenda he want to achieve by doing this…” Amal paused as he stared at Adiroth, Pao-Ling, Wang-Mei and his older brother before continuing his sentence.
“But considering how many newfound friends as well as or especially Isara-san defend him so much…and also how Chuck and others could accept this change happily…I don't think what being plotted if I could say is plotted by Ave was bad to begin with…it might look like it at this moment, since there are many people trying to create trouble and disturb the fundamental stability of Neo Arcadia Confederation instead working together to achieve the same goal Ave or to be exact all Neo Arcadia Confederation's members trying to strive for…” Amal finished his sentence, as Aldi, Adiroth, Pao-Ling and Wang-Mei just remain silent after listening to the AEU Enact's sentence. “But still, I bet he enjoying his new life now and forget about his old friends or his family or even his own world's suffering…or will…or anything like that…well, when I meet him, I will fight him with my Strike Gundam in the duel against one another to let him know that he shouldn't make any changes as he pleased at all…” Adiroth quickly replied as he complained meanwhile Pao-Ling just sighed as Amal and Aldi took a deep breath speechless.
“That's the spirit! Way to go Big Bro!” Wang-Mei rooting over Adiroth meanwhile Pao-Ling just smiled before muttered back “Be careful…” toward the Strike Gundam's pilot that indeed expressing his concern and discontent toward changes and conspiracy his former friend Ave might plotting inside his mind.
Back to G-Island located on the other side of Crossgate…
“HIKARI NI NARE!” GaoFighGar using its Goldion Hammer to destroy El-01 after rescuing the innocent old garbage collector trapped inside El-01's core. “Finally, we manage to defeat that monster ne…Mr. Bushido!” Louise muttered as she smiled toward her superior officer as her Ahead Smultron that already damaged and lose its left arm walked closer to Mr. Bushido's Ahead Sakigake. “You're improved a lot in strategy analysis as well as battle plan warrant officer Halevy…although on the other hand, your reflexes a bit slower compare to the time when you and I still part of A-Laws…” Mr. Bushido replied back as he unsheathes his GN beam katana and GN beam wakizashi before walked away from Louise's damaged Ahead Smultron. “I'm sorry…” Louise replied back with a bit disappointed voice tone.
“Louise, don't worry…since your damaged mobile suit could be repaired using The Carpenters from our GGG facility, if you don't mind to stop at our base operation first before leaving…” Guy smiled toward Louise as he came out from the cockpit of his Brave unit known as GaoFighGar. “Uhm, it's not my place to make a decision…” Louise replied reluctantly before her Ahead Smultron turned its head toward Mr. Bushido's Ahead Sakigake. Mr. Bushido remain silent for a moment as he in the deep thought, before finally replied back toward his subordinate. “I would gladly take the offer, since we plan to visit GGG to begin with in order to ask them to cooperate with us on investigating something…” Mr. Bushido replied calmly as Louise just nods in agreement. “Then, I would personally welcome you two to GGG, and I let Renais let chief Taiga know about your arrival Mr. Bushido and Louise Halevy…” Guy replied back as he smiled as both Mr. Bushido and Louise nod in agreement before following the king of braves, Evoluder Guy to the secret headquarter of GGG Organization.
GGG Organization's main headquarter…
“Guy! Welcome back! Long time no see as well, Mr. Bushido-san and Louise-san!” it was GGG operator that also Guy's fiancé; Mikoto Utsugi that greet Evoluder Guy, Louise and Mr. Bushido upon their arrival. “I'm home Mikoto! Did Renais properly explain the situation toward chief Taiga?” Guy asked. “I heard she finished her report just a while ago, she will be here shortly and…” Mikoto's voice was trailed off as everyone presented there could see Renais is walking toward Guy, Louise, Mikoto and Mr. Bushido's direction. “Oh, I see…one of the mobile suit's pilot is actually a young girl…pretty cute as well…” Renais muttered meanwhile Guy and Mikoto just remain silent. “Is it something that bad?” Louise asked back as she stared at Renais who just chuckled before replying back. “It's not bad at all…I wonder from where you get the idea…it was bad for a female to pilot humanoid fighting machine to begin with…but let us get along well…” Renais replied back as she shows Louise her mechanical hand as she asking the Ahead Smultron's pilot to shake her hand.
“Sure! I hope we can fight together that get along well, Renais Cardiff-Shishioh…” Louise replied back as she handshakes the female cyborg. “Louise!” Guy tried to warn the female pilot of Ahead Smultron about something, but his voice was trailed off as Louise took Renais' cyborg hand before tighten her grip while handshaking her. “Oh…not bad…” Renais muttered back as she shook off Louise's hand before leaving. “Louise-san?” Mikoto asked before her eyes widened and gasped when she saw the hand Louise use to handshake Renais was burnt with smoke came from the hand's palm. “She was testing me just before…” Louise replied back as she stared at her burned hand and remain silent. In the meantime, Renais walked away and arrived on the GGG Hangar area where KouRyu and AnRyu located before she stopped her step and took a deep breath.
“Renée-neechan, is there something wrong?” KouRyu asked with her cheerful cute voice as usual. “It's nothing KouRyu, only…I find someone that have a strong will to be able to leave this mark on my cyborg hand…” Renais replied back as she smiled while showing both KouRyu and AnRyu her cyborg hand that was shown dented after being crushed by high pressure. “This is something unbelievable actually, Renée…is this thing was done by other cyborg?” AnRyu asked with the same voice with KouRyu albeit sounds more mature and calm. Renais just closed her eyes for a second before she smiled alone and replying back as she opened her eyes. “To tell you the truth, this was done by a young girl that pilot a solar furnace equipped mobile suit…to put it simple, this mark was done by a normal human…” Renais finished her sentence as she stared at both KouRyu and AnRyu.
“This is very difficult to be believable Renée-neechan…are you sure she's just normal human? Although I read certain manga about a young boy with tail that happen possessing super human power…but later on, even this boy revealed to be alien as well…” KouRyu muttered back meanwhile AnRyu just sighed before making a comment. “I don't think weekly shounen manga could become a good reference here KouRyu…” AnRyu commented back as KouRyu just sulked after hearing that comment. “That little girl, Louise Halevy was once fought together with GGG during the Zonderians as well as Z-Master Primeval invasion back then that overshadow L5 Campaign against Aerogaters…former A-Laws officer that along with other officers under the same banner, as well as other real robots and super robots pilots from many different universes then form Alpha Numbers to protect these worlds from enemy's threat…although, in the end, it was Shuu Shirakawa that failed to instigate Ragnarok…decided to use the remaining power of Neo Granzon to seal the remaining Aerogaters into the void of abyss…” Renais replied back as KouRyu and AnRyu just nod in understanding.
“We learnt about this fateful battle from big brothers HyoRyu and EnRyu after L5 Campaign and other major battle itself was over…and the next thing we knew was the establishment of new endless frontier connected with different portals known as Crossgate Paradigms…” AnRyu replied back meanwhile KouRyu just nods before also added her comment into AnRyu's reply. “HyoRyu-oniichan and EnRyu-oniichan told me as well, about we should ready to fight not only to face the threats caused by BioNet…but also, everything that would endanger the stability of this young endless frontier…Renée-oneechan, also agree about it right?” KouRyu asked meanwhile Renais remain silent before smiled and replying back. “I believe, that's the task we all have as part of endless frontier as well as GGG and Chasseur's members…am I right, KouRyu, AnRyu?” Renais asked as both female brave robots just smiled back and nod in agreement.
“Hai Renée-neechan!”
In the meantime, at GGG Main Headquarters' medical room…
“I apologize for what Renais did to you, she is usually very nice person but lately somehow she got irritated over many small things…” Mikoto apologized as she gently wrapped a fresh bandage toward Louise's left hand after applying medical first aid gel to the burnt wound there. “It's not your fault Mikoto…I think I was a bit ignorant a while ago and somehow insult Renais' pride…” Louise replied back as she smiled toward Mikoto. “But still…” Mikoto still tried to apologize but Louise just smiled and shook her head before replying back. “Don't worry about what already happened…ne…” Louise replied back as Mikoto just smiled while reluctantly nods as well after she heard the young Spanish Innovator girl's reply.
In the meantime, Mr. Bushido, Chief Taiga Koutaro, and Guy Shishioh still in the meeting talking about certain incident happened yesterday during the ceremony located on South Atalia Island's Macross Capital City. “Freymont Industry? If they really indeed behind the incident that just happened yesterday, there will be no surprise if I find out BioNet was involved with it…” Chief Taiga muttered meanwhile Guy and Mr. Bushido just remain silent when they heard the reply. “But Chief Taiga…I wonder how Freymont Industry could hide their involvement with BioNet, if they really indeed involved…since there would be any traceable record…but another investigation committee sent to investigate them also find nothing at all…” Mr. Bushido replied calmly as Chief Taiga and Guy Shishioh understood, the fact they were dealing with a very deep mystery and not one or two party involved on the incident happened yesterday at South Atalia's capital city.
“Mr. Bushido and Chief Taiga…I just wondering, if both Freymont and BioNet involved one to another…do you think the possibility of third party that isn't involved with the previous two but also trying to take advantage over the ensuing chaos happened in this new endless frontier?” Guy Shishioh pointed out his thought while asking a question as well toward his superior and Mr. Bushido. “There is always possibility for that Mr. Guy Shishioh…but that statement also prompting us to restart our investigation from zero point one more time…but do you really think, it would be necessary?” Mr. Bushido replied back while asking a question as well. “We hope, we no need to do that, as we might could find any loose connection between those terrorists and other parties involved…at this moment, at least we could only keep on investigating and hope the situation won't become worse…” as Guy replied back, both Mr. Bushido and Chief Taiga agreed with the Evoluder's statement.
At the moment, what they could only do is to keep on doing investigation and hope everything will never become worse. At least that's what everybody with sincere hearts wishes for…
To Be Continued…
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