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Episode 06: Rondo Of Fate
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
As the first Tarot card was opened face up, Hanayo stared at the picture of the Tarot card itself. “The Emperor, it means the unification of this world under a single banner, is it implying to this new young endless frontier together with Neo Arcadia Confederation?” the Meister 874 muttered alone inside her heart as she opened the second Tarot card afterward. “The Tower…impending crisis, as it would shake the very foundation of this new world…I was really afraid back then…even until now…it would lead us into the tragedy that repeat itself once again…” Hanayo muttered inside her heart as a worried expression could be seen on her face, as she opened the third card. “Death, it would be the destruction of this very world…Celestial Being, Fereshte, everyone that I know and I hold dearly…” Hanayo's voice was trembled as she reluctant about continuing to open the rest of the Tarot card.
“Hey! Don't you see how the Death Tarot card itself was upside down?” it was a very familiar voice as Hanayo turned her head only to see Hixar Fermi smiled widely at her. “Hixar-kun?” Hanayo asked. “Yo! How's everything? I shouldn't really ask this, since we are communicating by using our quantum brainwaves…so, more or less, I could sense every worried feeling inside your heart Hanayo…I mean Meister 874…” Hixar Fermi replied back as he still smiled toward Hanayo. “The upside down of Death means…” Hanayo paused her sentence as Hixar stood beside her before replying back toward Hanayo. “The meaning of that card is already changed…the reverse Tarot card of Death is scattering, confusion, and loss…but later on they come up with a conclusion and resolution that would lead them into resurrection…regeneration and the true meaning of the card itself as REBIRTH…” Hixar replied back as he grinned widely toward Hanayo before pat the seemingly little girl's head besides him.
“Hixar-kun…please don't treat me like a little kid anymore…” Hanayo muttered back as she stared toward Hixar with quite annoyed stare. “Ha…ha…ha! Gomen…gomen! Anyway, the other card left there will be necessary for keys of the rebirth itself…let me see, The Star is representing you Hanayo…” Hixar replied back as Hanayo just stared at the third generation Gundam Meister in front of her before replying back. “May you explain it to me Hixar-kun…about why The Star is representing myself?” Hanayo replied back as she asking the question as well toward the blond young man in front of her. “The Star…the brightest one that shines upon the water bearer maiden depicted in the picture of the card itself…the brightest star associated with water is Beta Aquarii's Sadalsuud…” Hixar answered as he smiled gently toward Hanayo.
“Sweet talk like that won't get you anywhere Hixar-kun…I hope you do realize that…” Hanayo replied back as she stared toward Hixar that just laughed when he heard the answer given to him by Hanayo. “You're funny indeed Hanayo…but what the Tarot said should be the truth as you already knew about it…and again, it wasn't a bad thing since everything would be workout fine later on…” Hixar replied back as Hanayo just sighed before nods in agreement as well. “By the way Hixar-kun…there is still one more card left here, and it is a Justice card…” Hanayo replied back toward Hixar Fermi as she showing the Justice card to the taller young man. “Justice card…really interesting here, the other goddess that bear the same name or meaning with Justice would be Astraea and I would personally think…it implies to Gundam Astraea and it's Meister Ruido Resonance…” Hixar Fermi explained the meaning of the Justice card as Hanayo just nodded in agreement.
“This new world…the young endless frontier is starting to change and what kind of change will be brought upon it still remain unknown…as possible threats as well as conflicts loom in every corner of these countless universes under the single banner itself…I personally only could try to do my best to ensure everything will not lead into the path of destruction…as, I don't want to see anymore suffering happened to my friends like what happened in another reality that should be happening yet never happened at the end…” Hanayo muttered as Hixar just smiled at her before replying back. “I'm sure that path itself will never be broken and as long as you protect them together with others, everything will end up being fine Hanayo…I unfortunately still couldn't see you in the real world since Veda still want me and others to remain here until the promised time come…so, you will be on your own Hanayo, but rest assure since your old comrades and friends will be there to help and aide you…” Hixar replied back as Hanayo just smiled and nods in agreement before her figure as well as Hixar's figure started to disperse away into emerald green GN particles.
“I see you when the promised day come Hixar-kun…in the meantime I'll do my best like I believe you will too as well…” Hanayo replied back as her figure finally vanished as GN particles scattered everywhere, meanwhile Hixar just smiled as his figure disappeared as well. “I'll do my best as well Hanayo, and we'll meet again when the promised day come in the future…” as Hixar finished his sentence, his figure finally disappeared as emerald green GN particles begin to enveloping the entire area as well. It was when the hologram figure of Hanayo returned inside GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type-F's cockpit as she remain silent while stared at Hixar and the other Innovades figures sleeping inside cryogenic chambers within Veda. “I'll do my best everyone, and we meet again not so far in the future from now on…” Hanayo smiled as her Sadalsuud Type-F leaving Veda afterward.
Back on Ayanagi City, Gundam Exia unfolds its GN Sword as the sleek mobile suit itself charged into mysterious three attackers that happen piloting enormously powerful mobile weapons. One of the enemy unit known as Hypokrisis began to rapidly attacking Gundam Exia using its sword and lance meanwhile Exia keep on parrying the attack using its GN Sword and GN Shield. “Those enemies…who are they really? I don't think they're connected with what happened on South Atalia…but, those kind of attacks really powerful enough and dangerous as well!” Ave muttered inside his heart as he folds back his Exia's GN Sword before unsheathing his Gundam Exia's GN long blade and GN short blade to dual wields those weapons altogether. In the meantime, unknown by the young fanfic writer, the three pilots of those three mysterious mobile weapons start on talking and laughing at him from inside their mobile weapons.
“What a fool! He fight almost alone by himself and his other friends busy evacuating people that would at the end be doomed as well!” a young boy with purple hair colour piloting Hypokrisis known as Lalia mocked. “Ne…ne…! Can I destroy it quickly! I want to play with its dead body since it would be fun!” a little girl that happen to be a leader of the group commented back at Lalia's sentence as she laughed as well. Her name is Tith and she pilots the smallest mobile weapon among the three known as Thugater/Pater. In the meantime, the pilot of the third unit, a timid little girl with long dark blue hair known as Despinith that piloting mobile weapon Eleos just remain silent without even attacking toward Gundam Exia for some reason.
“Despinith! What are you doing! You must help us as well!” Tith shouted as Despinith reluctantly answered. “I don't know…but I don't want to escalate any conflict…” the long dark blue haired girl answered as Tith just glared at Despinith from her Thugater/Pater's main communication camera. “TITH! DON'T BOTHER YOURSELF WITH THAT GIRL! I ALONE COULD DEFEAT THIS SCRAP METAL!” Lalia exclaimed as he readying Hypokrisis' one main attack known as Apostolae. “This is not good! Those three mobile weapons there really serious on destroying Ayanagi City…and those Persona users still too busy trying to evacuate civilians on the surrounding area…even though I believe on my Gundam Exia's power…fighting against those three in the same time will be proven difficult…” Ave cursed inside his heart as his Exia readying its GN long blade and GN short blade by making a new battle stance against the three mysterious enemies. It was when the situation seem to become grim, from nowhere GN mega beam particles was shot toward those three mysterious enemies that quickly teleport themselves away from the firing range.
“No way! Those beam particles must be came from…” Ave's voice was trailed off as the young wishful Innovator fanfic author stared on the direction of the incoming GN mega beam particles as his faithful comrades in arms just arrived together with Ptolemaios 2, as two Gundam mobile suits known as GN-006 Cherudim Gundam and also GN-0000 00 Gundam that was just launched and now flying side by side with Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2. “Are you alright freelance Gundam Meister-kun!” Lockon Stratos jokingly asked the young fanfic author as his Cherudim Gundam flying toward Ave's Gundam Exia and hovering beside Exia itself. “I'm fine thank you…Mr. Lockon Stratos and long time no see…” Ave replied back jokingly as well as he actually feel quite relieved to see his faithful comrades in arms suddenly was there for helping him in a great peril.
“Don't let your guard down…those three still trying to attack us…” Setsuna F Seiei commented as his 00 Gundam readying its main weapon consisting of GN Sword III and E-Carbon GN Shield, meanwhile a pair of GN Sword II is stored on the left and right skirt armor hip's hardpoints. “Ave…Sumeragi Lee Noriega trying to establish contact with you and sending you a mission plan for this situation…could you check?” Setsuna asked as the young wishful Innovator fanfic writer just nods as he opened the encrypted message came from Sumeragi's communication channel. “Ave, are you alright?” Feldt's voice suddenly could be heard as her face appeared on the other comm-channel as well. “It have been a while Feldt Grace, I'm doing fine…and how about you?” Ave asked back as Feldt just smiled while nodded back at the young fanfic author. “Ave-san! We are glad that we manage to arrive on time! We just took a separate route from what Hagane took since the space Noah ark took the route back to Ave-san's homeworld desu!” Mileina explained as Ave just remain silent.
“Seems something else serious happening there…but sorry Mileina, I need to review Sumeragi's plan first and assist both Lockon and Setsuna against these three monsters over here…” the young wishful fanfic author replying back as Mileina Vashti quickly smiled back cutely and him before nodding in agreement. “Ave…I'm glad you're alright, here is the mission plan and make sure you quickly review it…” this time Sumeragi Lee Noriega herself greeted the young Exia's Gundam Meister as she upload the mission plan toward Ave's Gundam Exia's onboard computer system. “Hmmm…” the young wishful fanfic author read or to be exact skim through the mission plan before nodded in agreement and smiled as well. Gundam Exia made its fighting stance as it armed with its GN long blade and GN short blade in the same time, meanwhile the Exia's Gundam Meister glanced over Sumeragi's face on the communication monitor screen before commenting back over her mission plan.
“Always as bold as usual eh…” Ave commented as Sumeragi just coughed and slightly blushed meanwhile Feldt as well as Mileina just giggled. “Mou! Stop playing around and teasing your strategy planner! Just quick help Setsuna and Lockon to complete the mission!” Sumeragi quickly retorted back as she pouted meanwhile Ave just laughed before glanced over Lockon's Cherudim Gundam and Setsuna's 00 Gundam that busy dealing with both Hypokrisis as well as Thugater/Pater. “Hai…hai…” Ave replied back as he realized Despinith's mobile weapon known, as Eleos that possessing more than one faces symbolizing pain and agony somehow remain unmoved. “I wonder…if I could talk with the pilot of that unit since it seems remain least hostile…” Ave wondered.
Meanwhile, somewhere within Eastern Europe region (to be exact Ukraine) on Mirror Moon's Earth…
Besarabsky (Kiev) Market place is always busy with vendors trying to sell their daily fresh products as well as many other people from other regions came there for sightseeing as well, blending really well with local buyers. It was when a certain young woman with long silver hair walked among those bystanders as she stopped in the local bakery vendor, as what she usually did. She smiled and greeted a pair of middle-aged husband and wife that happen to be the owners of the bakery as the pair greeted her back. “As usual, always come here early right…little girl Marie…” the middle-aged woman greeted the young woman with long silver hair that happen to be ex-super soldier for HRL/ A-Laws known as Marie Parfacy, although formerly better known as Soma Peries as well. “How do you do auntie Elizaveta, uncle Pavlo?” Marie replied back as she smiled toward the pair.
“Eh! Morning time always busy as usual y'know…! Preparing all breads for our customers and wonder if they always love to come this early everyday!” uncle Pavlo complained as he arranging several breads he just took from the huge charcoal oven behind the brick kitchen area. “Uhm, I'm sorry to always come this early…” Marie smiled weakly as she apologized reluctantly. “Don't worry about that sweet dear! Hey, don't you scare your very loyal customer away from you!” auntie Elizaveta smiled toward Marie before shouted at her husband as Marie just giggled when she saw things happened in front of her. After purchasing several breads and butter, Marie left the bakery as she took her shopping bag to buy other daily needs such as vegetable, autumn salmon and trout, as well as meat and poultry.
This kind of activities was done by Marie in almost everyday, after she move for a quiet life with her partner Allelujah Haptism approximately one and half month ago to settle down in Kiev. Both Allelujah and Marie made their decision to left Ptolemaios 2 after Ten Days War ended as both of them now living inside a small studio flat on the outer suburb of Kiev. Allelujah himself is working in a local shoe factory in order to earn living, although the couple's income could be said very limited, both Marie and Allelujah lead a live of happy and peaceful life compare to what they already experienced back then during their struggle as Celestial Being members, in Marie's case as HRL, A-Laws as well as Celestial Being member.
“What happened in the past will be staying in the past, since nobody could change the past. But what yield in the future still yet determined. If someone really have strong determination to shape the future of this universe and also other multiple universes into a better future, then what will happen afterward will be a pure promise of hope and happiness…” Marie remembered what Allelujah was saying back then as both of them made their decision to left Celestial Being. Lyle Dylandy on the other hand decided to stay as Gundam Meister while facing these worlds that started to change as Lockon Stratos. On the other hand, a freelance Gundam Meister that always helping both Celestial Being's Ptolemaios 2 and Fereshte/ Krung Thep known as Innovator Ave also made his decision to keep on observing the change happened in other worlds as well as his own homeworld since timeframe for each worlds now flow together and he would like no more sadness, sorrow, painful tragedy and distortion once happened in his homeworld repeating itself for the second time.
Marie smiled, as she understood each of her former comrades in arms starting to work or maintaining their work of pursuing their dream, as well as their ideals. “Allelujah is doing the best he can even until now to support me, as he carried all the burdens and sins alone…I wonder if I could somehow really help him to share his burdens as well as his sins? I wonder if just staying there by his side would be enough for him? Colonel…if you're here…what would you say to me regarding to this matter? I wonder…” as Marie entered her flat's kitchen area, she glanced on her picture with the late colonel Sergei Smirnov that somehow already regarded as a father figure by her. Her memory about peaceful time when she stayed together with colonel Sergei Smirnov until his last day when the Pillar incident happened as he was killed by his own biological son Andrei Smirnov back then come vividly within Marie's memory. Without noticing, streak of tears came from Marie's beautiful amber eyes and fell down on her cheeks, as she somehow doesn't understand why she was crying on that moment.
“Marie? What happened? Why are you crying? Is there anything wrong?” Marie was startled as she turned her face only to see Allelujah that just suddenly entering the flat after finished his overnight shift at the shoe factory. “Ah, Allelujah…I'm fine…there is nothing to worry about…” Marie replied back as she smiled toward Allelujah while gently wipe her tears from her face. “I…just remembered about colonel and what happened in the past before we settle down in this town…as I realized how I was blessed with happiness even until now…” Marie finished her reply while still smiling toward her love-interest Allelujah. “Marie…” Allelujah muttered as he stared with very sympathetic eyes toward Marie as the silver haired young woman just nods before replying back. “Don't worry Allelujah…I'm fine, just give me a few minutes…I make a breakfast for both of us…” Marie quickly replied back as she smiled toward Allelujah meanwhile the former Arios' Gundam Meister just remain silent for a few seconds before smiling back at her and nods in agreement as well.
“Thank you Marie…” Allelujah muttered as Marie who was just begin to make a breakfast turned her face toward Allelujah as she stared at him with slightly confused expression on her face. “Eh? Allelujah?” Marie asked. “Thank you Marie…for being with me all the time…I hope you always be here together with me forever…” as Allelujah finished his sentence, Marie just smiled and replying back. “You're silly Allelujah…of course I will always be with you forever…since this is not only my wish alone…but her wish also, Soma Peries' wish…” Marie replied back before Allelujah smiled back and plant a gentle kiss on Allelujah's right cheek.
Back to Ayanagi City…
“They finally retreated…pheeew…that's pretty long and tiring battle actually, right! Haro?” Lockon asked. “Sure it is Lockon! Sure it is Lockon!” light orange Haro replied back as it flapping its ears. “Anyway, I wonder what kind of information the freelance Exia's Meister will tell us regarding the result of his investigation this time…” Lockon muttered as he sighed alone before stared toward his Cherudim Gundam's main monitor in front of him. “So, what kind of conversation you have with the enemy pilot Ave? Is there anything you want to tell us about?” Setsuna asked as he folded back his 00 Gundam's GN Sword III, meanwhile Gundam Exia in the same time was sheathing back its GN long blade and GN short blade. “The enemy unit, the one with many faces…isn't attacking as I try to ask the pilot few questions about their reason of attacking this city…it was however, the answer I got from the pilot is just about some nonsense babbling like searching for the meaning of their master's existence as well as them…or something along that line…somehow I feel their assault on Ayanagi City not strongly connected with the incident happened at South Atalia few days ago…” the young wishful Innovator fanfic writer replied back meanwhile Setsuna remain silent as his 00 Gundam still hovering in front of Ave's Gundam Exia.
“Looking for the meaning of someone's own existence…the same could be said happened to me…the whole time until A-Laws as well as Innovators was defeated back then…” Setsuna replied back as his 00 Gundam landed nearby Ptolemaios 2 as well as Cherudim Gundam. “Hence I could talk with the pilot of that mobile weapon with many faces in different circumstance…I perhaps could find an answer I'm looking for as well, not the meaning of my own existence but everything that was happening until now…and where we will be heading to…” Ave sighed after he replied Setsuna, as his Gundam Exia also landed nearby 00 Gundam and the others as well. In the meantime, the rest of Persona users as well as two policemen that encounter Gundam Exia previously remain there in order to find out about what is actually happening there.
Few minutes later, Sumeragi Lee Noriega accompanied by Setsuna F Seiei and Lockon Stratos could be seen talking in serious conversation with investigator/ detective Kunio and his aide Narasaki. “I wonder about what kind of conversation they having over there…” Ave asked meanwhile both Feldt and Mileina just shrugged before the former replying back. “We received encrypted mission code from Veda about the possibility of the attack happened in this city called Ayanagi, because of that…Ptolemaios 2 under the direct order of Sumeragi-san, took different route from what Hagane took as well, since the space Noah Ark also received distress call from Mirror Moon's Earth about something else happening there…” Feldt replied back as she stared at the young Exia's Gundam Meister. “Something bad happening on my homeworld…?” Ave asked as his facial expression showing a slight worried there.
“Feldt-san, is there any other information we received from Erde-san?” Mileina asked as Feldt just shook her head while remain silent. “I see desu…” Mileina muttered again, as her expression look a bit sad this time. “From what I know so far, La Erde and other resistance movement against Neo Arcadia Confederation's stability start to get moving…as they begin to create massive disorder several times during major events happened in Neo Arcadia within this half-month only, but other than that…the fact they start on obtaining technology such as mobile suits and armoured modules really concern me a lot these days…” Ave replied back as he just leaning his body on the nearby wall debris as both Feldt and Mileina nodded in agreement. “When we tried to establish the new endless frontier using Mirror Moon's Earth as its main epicentre…we, Celestial Being took all the sins of Mirror Moon's mankind together with other worlds with us…Ten Days War was the example of how we once again under the name of world unity took people life using GN Drives as well as Gundam…” Feldt replied back with grim and saddened expression as well.
“Sins and punishments…after establishing Neo Arcadia Confederation, people begin to accept the fact…they're not the sole race that govern these multiple universes and their existence nothing mere like a spec of dust in the middle of vast galaxy…yet, there are significant number of people in my homeworld detest what happened during Ten Days War and the aftermath that led into the establishment of Neo Arcadia Confederation…” The young Exia's Gundam Meister replied back as he sighed and glanced to the bleak sky covering Ayanagi City. “Erde-san once told me desu…the true meaning of endless frontier by connecting every single worlds under a single banner is just for another preparation of the future dialogue desu…” Mileina added as Ave stared at the youngest operator girl before asking a question. “I thought the dialogue itself already being voided as each single worlds connected into one now, is there any other dialogue should be made except for maintaining the prosperity, peace and also wellbeing of this new endless frontier?” Ave asked the question as this time Feldt Grace replied back instead.
“According to Tieria…in order to have the same footing with our opponent during the dialogue, we should hold our position stronger first…those people who we need to speak with not so far from the future was once a direct descendant of the Ancestral Race, and perhaps the one inhabitants in Mirror Moon's Earth refer one of them as God…” Feldt explained meanwhile Ave just remain silent, trying to understand what Feldt Grace just said. “Ah! Feldt-san, Ave-san…it seems Sumeragi-san and the others just finished talking with people from Ayanagi desu!” Mileina informed as she pointing toward the direction where Sumeragi Lee Noriega and investigator Kunio shook hands together, as well as Lockon Stratos and Setsuna F Seiei. When the young wishful Innovator fanfic author saw that, he realized the talk and explanation given by Sumeragi Lee Noriega successfully convinced detective investigator Kunio, his aide Narasaki and the rest of Persona users to fight alongside them against the impending crisis that most certainly will be happening again in the future, not long from now.
Back on the Mirror Moon's Earth, at Eastern Europe region, to be exact Ukraine's border…
A wailing scream from one of the surviving soldier could be heard as he also fell into the victim of the explosion came from the incoming enemies' 360mm linear launcher. Approximately thirty AEU-05/00 Hellion Medium units keep on pressing to enter Ukraine's Kiev capital city by force. There was local security personnel patrolling across the border, but without proper equipment those security personnel could do nothing to protect Kiev from the incoming La Erde's attacks. “Heh…he…he…! We finally breakthrough this region! Unlike the heavily fortified South Atalia, Kiev held no significant value toward Neo Arcadia Confederation! For this purpose, if we recapture this region, as well as secure the ancient route of Silk Road…we could secure our supply logistic to fight against Neo Arcadia Confederation…moreover, it would show those supporters or spineless our Earth's inhabitants about this planet is actually belong to us, not to some invaders came out of nowhere and conquered it after ten days intensive war! On the other hand, it teach those ex-Eastern Block countries about the sole new winner of the long proxy zero-sum war happened ever since the Cold War era back then!” one of the Hellion Medium's pilot that happened to be the leader of the terrorist group commented as he smiled evilly in the same time as well.
In the meantime, emergency announcement already made as people in Kiev started to run with the guidance from local authorities and securities to the designated shelters. Among those refugees are Allelujah and Marie that somehow was happen to be settled down in Kiev as previously already mentioned up there. “Marie, are you alright? You still could walk a bit longer right?” Allelujah asked as his face showing a very concerned expression toward the long silver haired girl he loved very much. “Uhm, I'm fine Allelujah…with my previous training before I joined Celestial Being so I can be together with you, this kind of thing isn't a big problem for me…I more worried about you Allelujah, since you haven't had any chance to get proper rest since yesterday…are you sure that you will be doing fine?” Marie asked back as she concerned about the condition of her love-interest as well.
“I'm fine Marie…we actually almost arrive in the shelter, so I could get some rest later and wait until the situation cooled off…” Allelujah replied back as he smiled gently toward Marie meanwhile the long silver haired girl with a pair of beautiful amber coloured eyes just remain silent for a few seconds before replying back. “Allelujah, I just hope…there will be no need for us…to use them right? No matter what happened…” Marie muttered, as Allelujah just remain silent while held his lover gently in his arm as they walk together. In the same time Marie leaning her head on Allelujah's right shoulder when they standing nearby the entrance of the shelter, waiting for their turn to enter the shelter itself. “Our time to fight for our ideals already ended back then, with the destruction of A-Laws and Innovators…Marie, there will be no need for you and me to risk ourselves again as Setsuna, Lockon, Ave and everyone else promise us to protect this world, the new endless frontier as well as everyone's future including our future as well…” Allelujah replied back as he smiled toward Marie.
A sudden explosion rocked nearby as Allelujah quickly used his body to protect Marie while he himself throws his own body to the ground in order to avoid the impact of the explosion and debris. In the middle of explosion a wailing scream could be heard as Allelujah just closed his eyes while protecting Marie from the explosion as well as seeing unearthly disfigured corpses around them. “Marie, are you alright?” Allelujah asked half whispered as Marie just nodded although she seems a bit terrified. “Oh…there are still two people alive after those mortar explosion from my mobile suit?” it was a very arrogant voice that could be heard speaking with Mirror Moon's Earth accented English language as both Allelujah and Marie stared at one Hellion Medium unit standing right in front of them, aiming its smoothbore rifle toward both of them. “Why are you doing this? This city is a peaceful city and people trying to do their best to live peacefully!” Allelujah shouted as he glared toward the Hellion Medium mobile suit standing in front of him, meanwhile Marie Parfacy just remain silent.
“Live peacefully? These people? Don't make me laugh! Those who live peacefully under the invaders' rule should die as their punishment! As the true inheritor of this planet, we only obey our father and mother that inherit us with the will of Blue Cosmos!” the pilot of Hellion Medium shouted back as Allelujah just glared at him. “He's crazy and your word mean nothing to him Allelujah…” Marie muttered as Allelujah just nods in agreement. “Marie, I'm sorry if I involve you into this kind of situation…but, if by miracle we could escape alive…would you like to…” before Allelujah could finished his words, another explosion could be heard echoed in front of him and Marie. It was when he and Marie saw the threatening Hellion Medium in front of them was blew up by rapid assault from another smoothbore. It was when a blue bulky mobile suit identified as Tieren All-Region “Taozi” Type landed nearby Allelujah and Marie after saving them from the menacing Hellion Medium.
“Tieren Taozi? But who is piloting this unit?” Allelujah asked as Marie stared at the dark blue Tieren Taozi in front of her and Allelujah before her eyes widened when she saw a wild bear emblem displayed on the Tieren Taozi's right shoulder. “Colonel? It can't be! Allelujah! This unit belong to colonel Smirnov!” Marie replied as she half-shouted meanwhile Allelujah just stared at the long silver haired young woman besides him as he also realized the wild bear emblem on the right shoulder of the blue Tieren Taozi standing in front of him and Marie. “Both of you? Are you alright?” it was a very familiar fatherly voice as Marie fell to her knees while tears starting to fell from her eyes to her cheeks as well, meanwhile Allelujah was left speechless. “Colonel…is that…it's really you…” Marie muttered as she tried on her very best not to cry in the meantime as well.
“Yes it is me…but I don't think it would be an appropriate time for reunion to us, lieutenant Peries…shall I request you to fight again in order to protect these people…” colonel Sergei Smirnov explained as he readying his Tieren Taozi's GN beam rifle powered by GN condenser e-cap. Before Marie could reply back, Allelujah quickly replied on Marie's behalf. “I won't let Marie to fight anymore! No matter what happened here…I don't think I could just forget the promise I made to Marie as well as yourself colonel Smirnov…that back then, I said that I won't let Marie to fight against her will! Even if you ask her to do so now…I…” before Allelujah could finished his words, Marie just smiled at him as she replied back. “Allelujah…thank you for worrying about me, but I'm fine…since this time, I really want to protect this city…and those people living inside this city I love dearly…” Marie replied back as Allelujah just remain silent before he took a deep breath and replied back. “If you already made your decision Marie, I won't say anything anymore to you…but in return, let me fight alongside you as well…” as Allelujah replied back, Marie's eyes just widened as she would never expected for Allelujah to say that.
“Allelujah…” Marie muttered. “They're here…” before Allelujah could answer, the mysterious pilot of the blue Tieren Taozi suspected as Sergei Smirnov informed as around fifteen Hellion units ranged from Initium to the Medium version arrived as they're armed with either smoothbore rifles or linear rifles as well. “Colonel! Please hold them for us…we need extra minutes to get everything ready!” Marie shouted as she quickly pulled Allelujah's right hand as both of them run away to the opposite direction. “Both of you, stay well…I have a faith on both of you…” the mysterious pilot suspected as colonel Sergei Smirnov muttered as he smiled when he glanced toward Marie and Allelujah from the rear sub monitor of his Tieren Taozi. Afterward, he readying his Tieren Taozi's GN beam rifle as he charged into the hordes of Hellion units belonged of the terrorist.
In the meantime, both Marie and Allelujah stopped in front of certain old warehouse that seems already not being used anymore. “We're finally here…” Marie muttered as she stared at her love-interest Allelujah. “This place was sealed by Neo Arcadia Confederation to conceal what is held inside this old warehouse…as time passed, people starting to forget about the existence of this old warehouse itself…as I personally also would prefer if the seal of this warehouse won't be lifted anymore…” Allelujah replied back as he stared at Marie before asking a question toward his girlfriend. “Are you sure you really wish for this Marie?” Allelujah asked as Marie just smiled and nods before replying back. “As long as I could protect this city I hold dearly together with you…I will keep on fighting once again…” Marie replied back as Allelujah nodded in agreement as he smiled back while lifted the seal of the old warehouse in the same time. As both Marie and Allelujah entered the old warehouse, in front of them kneeled two mobile suits powered by GN Drive Taus as those two mobile suits are GN-003 Gundam Kyrios previously piloted by Allelujah before he received Arios Gundam and also the very first original GNX-603T GN-X unit piloted by Marie in the past as Soma Peries.
“After these two being repaired, they are still in good condition to be used in the battlefield, am I right Allelujah?” Marie asked as she smiled toward her love-interest as Allelujah nodded in agreement before replying back. “I always hoping that I would never need to pilot Gundam Kyrios as well as let you endanger yourself in the battle anymore Marie…but it seems I really incapable to protect you…I'm really sorry…” Allelujah replied back with a regretful voice came out from his mouth. “Allelujah…” Marie muttered as she smiled and shook her head. “Please never ever feel that you need to apologize from what happened and I fight today because I want to protect those I hold dearly…together with you Allelujah, so I really want you to believe in me who believe in you…” Marie replied back as she smiled toward Allelujah. “But Marie…I…” before Allelujah could finish his sentence, Marie just smiled and kissed her boyfriend on his lip.
“Ma…Marie?” Allelujah asked as his face blushed slightly. “It's the proof of how I love you and I want to protect you like how you want to protect me as well Allelujah…please believe in me alright…” as Marie replied back with her smile on her face as well, she climbed to the cockpit hatch of the GN-X unit as Allelujah just smiled before he replied back toward Marie. “Marie! We will be using the same strategy like we did before when you pilot GN Archer! Another thing, don't get surrounded by enemies as well! I will do my best to protect you!” Allelujah shouted as he replying back meanwhile Marie just giggled before answering. “I won't get myself into trouble Allelujah and also I as well as Soma said, we would be just doing fine!” as Marie answered back, she entered the cockpit of her GN-X as Allelujah climbed to the cockpit of GN Drive Tau powered Gundam Kyrios as well.
As the two GN Drive Taus powered mobile suits left the abandoned factory to fight back the terrorist, both Marie and Allelujah's minds still filled with many questions about what is actually just happened. As the fate of this new and young endless frontier started to shift to the point of no return, destinies and fates from countless different worlds or universes will meet together as threads of fate started to connect every each of them to another new tale that would become a legend afterward. It was when both Allelujah and Marie understand, the meaning of their existences to keep on fighting not to endanger their own life or others, but to protect those they hold dearly as well as the unseen future for the next generations. For both of them, a new beginning starts here…
To Be Continued…
ED Theme Song: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru
Performed By: Kaoru Mizuhara
Used Previously on: Ga-Rei Zero The Animation
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As the situation getting thickened by conspiracy and chaos, the young wishful Innovator fanfic author together with his Gundam Exia made his decision to accompany Ptolemaios 2 in order to rendezvous with Euclid. In the meantime, Allelujah and Marie struggled their very best in order to protect Kiev from La Erde's attacks, with the help of mysteriously revived Sergei Smirnov, the Wild Bear of Russia from 00 Region. As, old and new friends as well as comrades gather together, the fate of Mirror Moon's Earth was left hanging in balance. On the other hand, the shadow of Innovators once again loom over the chaotic situation happened in many different worlds, together with strange phenomenon known as TATARI.
Next Episode on End Of The Eternity F.F.G's Episode 07: Hologram Summer Again, Tri-Hermes Black Land…
“In order to protect this endless frontier, it would be necessary for someone to posses that power, the power to create fear and order among people, TATARI or should be known as well as Dust Of Osiris…” by: Sion Eltnam Atlasia
Special Database From VEDA/ Tieria Erde
GN-001 Gundam Exia
GN-001 Gundam Exia is one of the third generation Gundam unit developed and built by Celestial Being factory at Krung Thep. Designated as close-combat quarter and grapple-war type Gundam unit, Exia equipped mostly by melee-combat armaments. Those armaments are a pair of GN beam sabers and GN beam daggers, GN long blade and GN short blade stored on Exia's hip/ waist armor skirt hardpoints, E-carbon GN shield and also a solid blade known as GN Sword coated with GN particles on its edge serve as Gundam Exia's main armament. Additionally, an upgrade mission pack could be equipped as well as this mission pack known as Avalanche. The equipped version of Gundam Exia referred as Gundam Avalanche Exia and the unit itself boast high-speed velocity together with slightly higher performance output compare to normal Gundam Exia. Since Exia is powered using the genuine GN Drive unit, it inherited inherent ability from every Gundam units powered by original GN Drives, such as Trans-Am system as well as unlimited energy source. The name of Exia derived from biblical Greek word of Exousia, which mean “authority or power of choice”.