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Episode 08: To The Forsaken World (Part 01)
Sung By: Rica Matsumoto and JAM Project
“Everyone! Don't pull back! We need to defend this place at any cost! Sanders could you relay this information to Karlsland's flight lieutenant Gertrud Barkhorn and flight officer Erica Hartmann to flank those enemies' suits from the rear! Nine o'clock accurate sharp!” Shiro Amada shouted from his mobile suit Gundam Ez8 that busy returning fire to enemies' mobile suits using his 100mm machinegun. In the meantime, there are six MS-06J Zaku II units armed with bazookas and machineguns returning fire toward Gundam Ez8 and the rest of Kojima Battalion 08th MS Team that happen to be stationed near Far East Branch of Eastern Europe front together with 501st Joint Fighter Wing's Strike Witches. “I try! But the communication seems being jammed! This is bad!” Terry Sanders Jr shouted back from inside his Gundam Ground Type that still providing support fire using his 180mm cannon.
“Squad leader! Those Zaku II already breaching the second line of defense! They have ace among their ranks!” this time Karen Joshua shouted from her mobile suit Gundam Ground Type “GM Head” as she shooting her GM Head's 6-tube missile launcher in panic. “Karen! Don't panic, just try to tell Michel and Eledore to relay our information to flight lieutenant Barkhorn and flight officer Hartmann!” Shiro replied back again as he trying his very best in order to defend the East European Front from those Zaku II hordes. “This is no hope…we're dying here!” Eledore cried out meanwhile Michel just paled and couldn't say anything. “Squad leader! This is bad! We need to pull back or…” Terry Sanders Jr's voice was cut off as his Gundam Ground Type received a direct hit from one Zaku II's bazooka. “SANDERS!” both Shiro and Karen screamed but their respective mobile suits still busy dealing with those incoming Zaku II units, approximately an overwhelming number of thirty units Zaku II. It was when the situation looks really grim and suddenly something that would change the tide of war happened.
One by one, those Zaku II units was fallen from the direct hit of GN beam rifle attacks as both Shiro and Karen stared at their saviour who flying across the sky. It was a sleek mobile suit in metallic grey colour scheme powered by GN Drive Tau as scarlet coloured GN particles came out from its GN Drive Tau. “Anybody alright?” the pilot of the GN Drive Tau equipped mobile suit that happen to be GN-X asked, as it was revealed the pilot of that GN-X mobile suit itself was Marie Parfacy. “Thanks for saving us…and I'm Shiro Amada! The squad leader of Kojima Battalion's 08th MS Team…” Shiro replied back by using his Gundam Ez8's communication device. “I'm…” Marie paused for a while before she smiled gently and introducing herself. “I'm first lieutenant of Neo Arcadia Confederation army…Soma Peries…nice to meet you, squad leader Shiro Amada…” Marie replied back as her GN-X quickly charged toward the remaining Zaku II units.
“Wooow!” both Sanders and Karen stared in awe from their damaged mobile suits as within the first two seconds, Marie successfully using her GN-X's GN claw to shred one of the Zaku II unit, before later on bombard the next three using her GN-X's GN beam rifle. “What are you guys doing? We need to support first lieutenant Peries against those Zaku II units!” Shiro ordered as quickly Gundam Ez8 followed by the damaged Gundam Ground Type and GM Head providing support fire toward Marie's GN-X unit. “C'mon…c'mon! C'mon 501st Joint Fighter Wing! Please respond!” in the meantime Eledore grumbled as Michel still remain silent, as he was to scare to actually being able to do anything. “Still can't contact them!” Shiro asked half shouted. “There are too much interference and I don't know why!” Eledore replied back as he actually a bit annoyed because of the repetitive order came from Shiro's mouth.
“Communication jammed…must be because of GN particles from my GN-X and Allelujah's Kyrios Gundam…” Marie muttered inside her heart as this time she activates her GN-X's beam saber before slicing other two Zaku II units into half. “This is really bad! I'm worried about those Strike Witches doing over there…” Shiro Amada muttered as he gritted his teeth in worry. “Ano…about that, you need to worry squad leader Amada! Those witches from 501st Joint Fighter Wing will just doing fine! Since my partner is there to assist them!” Marie quickly informs squad leader Shiro Amada as her GN-X floating closer to Gundam Ez8 in order to create distances between herself and the remaining Zaku II enemies. “Are you certain about that lieutenant Peries?” Shiro Amada asked as his Gundam Ez8 took a bazooka gun from storage container nearby before assuming the attack toward those Zaku II enemies.
“Yup, I'm certain about that…and let's defeat these Zaku II enemies first before we rendezvous with my partner and witches from 501st Joint Fighter Wing…” Marie replied back as her GN-X unit once again soar through the sky before diving into enemies' formation and in the same time bombarding those Zaku II units using its GN beam rifle. “That mobile suit? It's really powerful…even more agile and powerful compare to legendary Gundam units we are using here…” Karen Joshua muttered as her GM Head changed its armament from 6-tube missile launcher into 100mm machinegun. “GNX-603T unit known as GN-X, a limited mass produce of general purpose mobile suit equipped with solar furnace…in this case known as GN Drive Tau…later on, the design was streamlined into Neo Arcadia Confederation regular army's GNX-609T GN-XIII…” Eledore explained, as he looked into the data of GNX-603T GN-X his Type 74 Hover Truck somehow had inside its system database.
“I see, so this model is a limited test-type for the actual product…similar to our Gundam units as well as those GM Ground Type units used by other local battalions here…” Terry Sanders Jr made his remark as he now arming his Gundam Ground Type using bazooka gun as well, after his 180mm cannon run out of ammunitions. “According to the information here…those psuedo-Gundam known as GN-X units was used during Operation Fallen Angels and from thirty units ever existed back then only two remain intact…one of them is the one registered to be piloted by lieutenant Soma Peries from Human Reform League…” Eledore adding the information as everyone else remain silent when they saw Marie's GN-X unit still keep up in the fight against enemies' Zaku II units. “But according to the data as well…this GN-X's performance obviously inferior compare to the mass-produce GN-XIII units already becoming mainstream of Neo Arcadia Confederation army…but, from what happened here, don't you all think how superior GN-X is, compare to our Gundam units?” Karen Joshua made her remark as obviously she wasn't really happy on how she and the rest of 08th MS Team was cornered against enemies' attack just a while ago.
“It wasn't only because of the mobile suit…I remember, the information stating that first lieutenant Soma Peries was the only survivor from HRL's Super Soldier Program as both of her reflexes, combat abilities and endurance really above normal human…some said even comparable to legions or coordinator in many aspect…so I don't think it wasn't only GN-X's performance but also first lieutenant Peries' piloting ability that becoming key factor in this battle…” Shiro Amada made his remark as everyone else just remain silent although all of them except Terry Sanders Jr felt quite discontent from their squad leader's remark. In the meantime, almost half of the amount of Zaku II units that attacking were fallen under Marie's GN-X's attack, as one of the remaining Zaku II remain unmoved in the sideline as if the pilot of that certain Zaku II observing over Marie's combat movement.
“Tell the rest of our surviving soldiers to retreat…I buy you all little bit time to retreat as well…” the pilot of the unmoved Zaku II that happen to has commander antenna on its forehead ordered. “But Major…” another Zaku II's pilot trying to argue back. “Don't worry, I plan not to die here…I just find a worthy opponent…” as the pilot of Zaku II Commander Type finished his sentence, his Zaku II unit leaped in full vernier thrusters before unsheathes its heathawk in the same time and charged toward Marie's GN-X unit. “Enemy?” Marie's quantum brainwave told her of the incoming danger as quickly her GN-X aiming its GN beam rifle and shoots toward the incoming Zaku II Commander Type. It was when on Marie's surprise, the incoming Zaku II unit successfully dodge the GN beam particle attack from her GN-X's GN beam rifle as well as in the same time getting closer toward her GN-X unit.
“The pilot of that Zaku II unit is different…is he an ace…” Marie muttered as she activates her GN-X's GN beam saber and parried the incoming heathawk attack from the Zaku II Commander Type. “Not too bad…but it seems your ability greatly enhanced thanks to the mobile suit you're piloting…” the mysterious pilot of Zaku II made his remark. “…” Marie just remain silent as she quickly follows her first attack with the second one as her GN-X performing roundhouse kick that throws the Zaku II Commander Type away from her. “Lieutenant Peries…let us help as well!” Shiro Amada's voice suddenly can be heard from Marie's GN-X's communication device as Gundam Ez8 followed by Gundam Ground Type and GM Head begin to bombard the Zaku II Commander Type with their artilleries. It was when Marie realized, the pilot of that Zaku II Commander Type indeed an ace as he successfully dodges those bombardments and made his retreat after ensuring his subordinates safety first. “Who is he?” Marie muttered as she wondered about the identity of the enemy she was fighting just before.
In the meantime, Krung Thep facility that also rendezvous point for Ptolemaios 2 and Euclid…
“Ave-san!” Chall Acustica greeted with her cheerfulness as usual before she tackled the Exia's Gundam Meister as Ave just winced. “Ouch…owie…owie…” the young wishful Innovator fanfic author replied back as he noticed that Chall pouted at him. “Hey! Don't make me look like that I'm trying to hurt you!” Chall protested. In the meantime, Feldt, Mileina and other crews of Ptolemaios 2 just giggled when they saw how both Chall and Ave complaining one to another. “Ave-san surely a good friend with Chall-san…right desu…” Mileina made her comment as Feldt just smiled back and nodded in agreement before replying back. “Both of them fight against the destiny already being predetermined for Celestial Being especially second generation Gundam Meisters…Ave also helped my mother and father…I mean Marlene and Ruido back then as well…sometimes I wonder if the bonds between him and those second generation Meisters perhaps even stronger than what he had with Ptolemaios 2…” Feldt replied back as she smiled toward Mileina.
“No way! I don't want it desu! Ave-san will always be close with Ptolemaios 2 desu!” Mileina replied back as she pouted toward Feldt meanwhile the pink haired young woman just chuckled before replying back. “Gomen, I just really find it would be a bit fun to tease you Mileina…” Feldt replied back. “Mou! I don't know you!” Mileina replied back as she pouted even more meanwhile Feldt just giggled when she saw that kind of reaction. “Feldt-chan…how are you…” Feldt turned her head when she heard a very familiar male voice as she saw Resonance Ruido followed by Marlene Vlady greeted her. “Uhm hi…Dad…” Feldt replied back as although she knew that she shares the same timeline together with her parents at this very moment thanks to Crossgate Paradigms that created endless frontier, she could never get pass the awkward feeling she always had when she face her parents younger self, moreover her parents supposedly already passed away ever since she was a baby.
“Uhm, if you call me Dad…it would only make me feel like I'm really that old…just call me Ruido…” Ruido replied back meanwhile Feldt took a deep breath before smiled and replying back awkwardly. “Uhm…then, you can just call me Feldt instead of Feldt-chan…it makes me like I'm a little kid…” Feldt replied back nervously.
“If you really nervous when you see this Ruido, you might ended up marrying your own father Feldt Grace…” it was Marlene Vlady that made a very dry humour remark as Feldt blushed when she heard that comment. “C'mon Marlene…you know that our daughter already had someone in her mind…that 00's Gundam Meister…who is his name again, Soran Ibrahim I believe…” Ruido replied back as he grinned toward both Marlene and Feldt. “That's his past that he already buried away…he is now Setsuna F Seiei…” Feldt replied back. “Uhm, Feldt-san…now I wonder…why every Gundam Meisters using different aliases but Ave-san still using Ave-san's name desu?” it was Mileina that innocently asking the question, as Feldt remain silent before replying back. “I wonder why as well…but I don't think that's really important matter Mileina…since Ave will always be Ave that we know, I believe Ruido-san and Marlene-san agree with me as well…” Feldt replied back as she somehow managed to calm herself down while replying toward Mileina.
“Sometimes you really say something that we couldn't deny…that's what we actually expected from our future daughter…” Marlene made her remark as she grinned toward Feldt meanwhile Feldt just smiled back toward Marlene before replying back as well. “I hope I would live my life and fulfil your expectation Mom…” Feldt replied back as she smiled back toward Marlene that blushed slightly when she heard that remark. “Cut it off! It makes me sound like an old hag!” the Gundam Abulhool Type-F's pilot protested, as she was embarrassed when she heard that remark. “Well, that's the good quality from me that you have in your genetic Feldt…obviously, I'm sure only the persistence you inherit from Marlene…ha…ha…ha…” Ruido commented back as Feldt just blushed slightly when she heard that compliment. “Did I hear you say something Ruido?” Marlene asked with her threatening voice tone as Ruido quickly shook his head. “Nope…not a single thing Mam…” as Ruido finished his reply, both Feldt and Mileina just giggled as Marlene sighed before smiling as well.
“Two new members?” Sumeragi Lee Noriega asked as she was accompanied by Setsuna and Lockon when she talk with the mechanic of Euclid that happens to be Ian Vashti's disciple, Sherilyn Hyde. “Yes, Chall Acustica told me to let you know that we have two new members that would be joining our crews in Euclid as tactical operators other than transferring Arios Gundam and now GN Drive equipped GN Archer to Ptolemaios 2's hangar as well…” Sherilyn explained meanwhile Sumeragi just smiled back before replying. “We really indebted with Fereshte for helping us with resupplying and unit upgrades as well…” Sumeragi thanked as she bowed her head slightly. “Don't be like that Sumeragi-san…it is not like we are stranger to begin with…am I right?” it was a very familiar female voice as Sumeragi was startled and her face paled. When she summoned all of her courage to see who are standing in front of her, there are two people she really familiar with as these two particular individuals already like families for her.
Sumeragi Lee Noriega couldn't say any words as somehow, Setsuna that still manage to maintain his composure made a remark. “Christina Sierra and Lichtendahl Tsery…” Setsuna made his remark. “Eh, who are they again?” Lockon asked, although in the same time both Chris and Lichty also quite surprised when they saw Lockon Stratos among Setsuna and Sumeragi Lee Noriega. “Lo…Lockon! You're still alive!” Lichty was the first one who made that kind of reaction as Lockon just laughed before replying back. “C'mon…I don't know who you are, but that kind of reaction is way too old already…” Lockon replied back as both Chris and Lichty just looking each other in confusion. “He…he…is the younger brother…of the first Lockon Stratos…” Sumeragi replied weakly as her voice still trembling, trying to put this kind of surprise into her logic, which somehow fail obviously.
“Sumeragi-san! Are you alright?” it was Mileina that actively helped to support Sumeragi's suddenly feel weak body as Sumeragi just smiled toward Mileina before replying back. “I'm fine Mileina…and thank you for worrying about me…” Sumeragi replied back, as in the same time Setsuna helping the tactical advisor of Ptolemaios 2 to support herself on her feet. “Why you two suddenly appeared here…as what happened back then should be obvious…” Setsuna made his remark, as both Chris and Lichty remain silent before the former replying back at the 00 Gundam's Gundam Meister. “What happened to us back then was pretty much already known by everyone here…” Chris paused her sentence as she saw Feldt that just arrived together with Ruido, Marlene, Ave and Chall gasped when she saw her. “It as been a while by the way Feldt…” Chris greeted as she smiled toward Feldt Grace who only could mutter in disbelief. “Christina Sierra…” Feldt muttered as Christina just nodded as she still smiled toward her former best friend that she still regards as her best friend as well.
“Feldt, we catch up later…since everyone here might want to know more about what is actually happening before and the reason why I and Lichty still here…” Chris replied as she still smiled toward Feldt. The pink haired tactical operator of Ptolemaios 2 remain silent for a while, before smiled back at Chris as she replied gently. “Chris, I really understand the circumstances…but the most important thing, I'm happy and grateful to be able to see you again…” Feldt replied back meanwhile Chris just nodded in agreement. “How about me?” Lichty asked. “Of course you are also Lichty…” Feldt replied back meanwhile Setsuna just smiled and everyone there laughed to see Lichty's innocent behaviour. “So, what is actually happening afterward?” Lockon asked as he unconsciously using his light-orange Haro as basketball by bounces it to the ground several times. “Argh! Don't do it! You broke it desu!” Mileina screamed in horror as she took the Haro unit from Lockon's hands.
“Ooops…sorry…” Lockon apologized. “Actually what happened to both of us is, we don't really know what is actually happening…only a huge chamber filled with white colour and beautiful ornaments…and a beautiful female voice like a goddess…I think she was the one that resurrecting Lichty and myself…” Christina Sierra finished her sentence as everyone else just stared at her, waiting for more information about her story.
Meanwhile, on Karafuto Base…
“Niisan…could you see enemies moving closer toward our position?” Isara asked as Welkin using his binocular trying to inspect the movement of their enemies after half hour ago, the alarm of Karafuto Base blared. “I couldn't see any movement so far Isara…but I don't think they would start making any move yet, considering this small base somehow guarded by the infamous ATX Team…” Welkin replied back as he returned to his seat inside Edelweiss, meanwhile Isara just remain silent as she concentrates herself on driving Edelweiss as she trust the entire judgement to her eldest brother. “Alicia…how is the situation on the rear area?” Welkin asked. “So far there is still no movement yet Welkin, but I don't know…until how long everything will be left stagnant like this…” Alicia replied back as she holds her rifle tightly while taking cover behind Karafuto Base's designated bunker. “I suspect our attackers have talented tactical forecaster on their side as well…just keep on guard, I hope you don't need to reveal your triumph card yet Alicia…” Welkin replied back as Alicia nods, as she understands to what Welkin's referring to is her Valkyria blood flowing inside her veins.
“I'm bored! Where are those enemies? I want to quickly dispatch them to oblivion!” Asuka complained inside her Evangelion Unit-02 as she was ordered to stand by, meanwhile Shinji and Rei just remain silent inside their respective Evangelion units. “Oh, please don't complain Asuka-chan…since there was once an old saying that said, the one with more patience will be the winner of the battlefield…knowing yourself first, then knowing your enemy, and then knowing the battlefield area…you becoming the winner…” Excellen replied playfully as she teased the prodigy half German half Japanese fourteen years old girl that happen to be designated Second Child of NERV that pilot Evangelion Unit-02. “I never heard that kind of saying, not even in my life before Excellen shoi!” Asuka retorted back as she glared toward Excellen from her communication device's sub-monitor. “Ara…so you find out that I'm just making up the saying?” Excellen replied back as she smiled naughtily.
“I graduate from prestigious university at age ten! It is already normal for me to know that you're just trying to lie to me Excellen shoi!” Asuka retorted back as she seems really unhappy for being teased by Excellen Browning. “Uhm, Asuka…I don't think you need to be that angry since Excellen shoi is just joking…” Shinji made his remark as he trying to calm Asuka down in the same time as well. “Baka Shinji! Why you always siding on someone else! I'm the victim here!” Asuka screamed as in the same time Shinji just winced as his girlfriend starting to throw her anger to him as well. “I wonder why Shinji still really love and care about you after you always throwing your anger to him if something just goes wrong? I wonder why…” Rei Ayanami suddenly let her sarcastic remark came out of her mouth as Asuka was fumed even more.
“Just keep quiet Wonder Girl! I never ask for your comment!” Asuka retorted back toward Rei as she glared at the albino girl from her communication device sub-camera as well. “Well, sorry about that…” Rei replied back as her Evangelion Unit-00 remain stand by armed with simplified version of positron sniper rifle once used by Shinji's Evangelion Unit-01 back then when they fought together against the fifth Shito; Ramiel. “All of you…our enemies could begin their assault anytime from now, it's not a right time to talk about something like that…” Kyosuke Nanbu reminded the rest of NERV Children and Excellen from his Alteisen Riese meanwhile everyone else quickly remain quiet after being scolded by the legendary Steel Beowulf.
“Do first lieutenant Kyosuke is always scary like that?” Asuka asked as she whispered from her Evangelion Unit-02's communication device toward Shinji Ikari. “Uhm, I don't know and Asuka…I don't think this is a good time to ask something like that and you can ask anytime later to Excellen shoi when the alert is over…” Shinji Ikari quickly replied back. “Hai…” Shikinami Asuka Langley replied back as she pouted when she heard the answer her boyfriend gave her, meanwhile in the meantime Rei remain silent and standby on her position. “Kyosuke isn't that scary actually…well, sometimes he just overly too serious when it comes to a mission like this, but you no need to be scared of him Asuka-chan…” Excellen suddenly interrupted as Asuka quite surprised when she realised that she still left the communication channel between her Evangelion Unit-02 and Excellen's Rein Weissritter open. “Pssst! Excellen shoi! Don't let Kyosuke chui heard about this!” Asuka replied as she whispered and glared toward the legendary second lieutenant Excellen Browning as well. “Sure it is…sure it is…if you become a good girl, I won't let Kyosuke know…” Excellen replied back playfully as Asuka only could sigh and glared back toward her superior officer without say anything.
“Baka…all of them are too carefree…” Rei in the meantime muttered alone as she also just sighed when she saw the entire comedy conversation happened over there.
In the meantime, on the border area that surround Karafuto Base…
“That's what I expected from the legendary ATX Team that really a living legend…even a small outpost base like Karafuto is fortified strongly with their presence…” a young man finished his inspection from his binocular as he stood on the top of his MS-06J Zaku II's cockpit canopy. “Second lieutenant Ken!” a female tactical operator greet him as the pilot of the Zaku II known as Ken Bederstadt stared at his tactical operator before climbed down from his Zaku II unit. “How's the situation on the main force corporal Yuki Nakasato…” Ken asked meanwhile the female tactical operator that happen also came from Principality of Zeon quickly read her mission log record before replying back. “Uhm, second lieutenant…the main force supporting La Erde now will begin the main assault toward Karafuto, our order on the other hand is to remain standby…” Yuki replied back.
“Remain standby eh…” Ken paused his sentence as he took a deep breath before glanced at his Zaku II and then returning his eyes gaze toward Yuki. “Is there anything wrong second lieutenant?” Yuki asked meanwhile Ken just chuckled and smiled back at the younger female tactical operator in front of her before replying back. “It isn't something that really important corporal Nakasato, I just immersed within my thought about everything that happened so far…and what we will be doing from now on…” Ken replied back meanwhile Yuki just nods as she trying to understand Ken's words. “Second lieutenant! The main force seems begin their assault!” it was a young female pilot with beautiful red-hair shouted as she also saw everything from her binocular, outside her Zaku II's cockpit. “Ensign Charlotte Hepner…our order is to remain standby unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it…” Yuki is the first one who informs the red-haired girl as Hepner just disgruntled in disappointment.
“Ensign Hepner…order is order, there is nothing we can do anything about it, and I believe the late lieutenant commander Garret Schmitzer will be saying the same as well…” Ken replied back coldly as Hepner just remain silent meanwhile she remembered how she was the only survivor back then after Midnight Fenrir was totally annihilated in the climatic battle happened on the very last day of infamous One Year War. “I never forget about the white demon that killed my comrades and Sophie-sempai back then…and also Celestial Being who never be there to help us…” Hepner replied back as from her voice tone, Ken and Yuki noticed hatred in there. Yuki in particular just remain silent as she remembered how Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters back then helped her to escape after she was badly injured for protecting her colleague; fifteen years old female engineer May Cowin. Although Yuki realized fully, the fact Celestial Being still just another organization with their own limitation, she also somehow understand Hepner's source of anger as the young red-haired female pilot lost so many precious people closed to her during One Year War back then.
“As a soldier, we shouldn't let our emotion get the best of us…but, I share the same sentiment as well…since after One Year War, and also followed by Ten Days War…I hope that I could see a new world without conflict…” Ken paused his sentence as he took a deep breath, meanwhile both Yuki and Hepner just remain silent while stared at their squad leader. “However, after the formation of Neo Arcadia Confederation…I still see the same thing that happened previously starting to happen again, conflict and chaos…disorder…” Ken finished his sentence as he sighed and glanced over Hepner and Yuki. “Second lieutenant, because of that reason…you re-enlist yourself to fight this time?” Yuki asked as Ken just chuckled before replying back. “Corporal Nakasato…I believe, in order to achieve everlasting peace…someone need to make change over what happened at the moment…changing the entire government officials won't help at all, as the one in fault is not who are those officers but how government run everything…which is obviously under the direct control of the system itself…” Ken replied back meanwhile Yuki just nodded back when she heard that answer.
“Meaning…if we successfully destroy the system…we could achieve everlasting peace?” Hepner asked back, as Ken just nodded before answering toward that question. “Ensign Hepner…for that reason Celestial Being tried to destroy the system twice in their homeworld, afterward…their freelance Gundam Meister with his mobile suit Gundam Exia also trying to emulate the same thing in his homeworld, this Mirror Moon's Earth…although, I don't think the later successfully imitate the success of the former…” Ken answered back as Hepner nodded as well in agreement after she heard that answer. “Second lieutenant, I wonder if everything will be fine later on…since May also trying her best in order to…” before Yuki could finish her sentence, Ken just smiled at her and replying back. “May will be doing fine…since at the moment, what we can do is to survive until May's idea come into reality…” Ken replied back as both Yuki and Hepner nod in agreement as well.
“Second lieutenant! The main force requesting back up from us! It seem they're having a very hard time dealing with the defense of Karafuto Base…” Yuki informed the veteran ex-Zeon pilot meanwhile Ken just chuckled as he climbed back to his Zaku II, meanwhile Hepner doing the same as well. “Yuki, please keep us update with the entire situation…I don't think this battle is something that we can win unless…we use the technology May and the other girl back there trying to develop…” Ken replied back. “Oldsmobile Army…” Hepner muttered when she overheard the conversation between Ken and Yuki. “Did you say something ensign Hepner?” Ken asked. “Nothing important second lieutenant, I only hope that I could see the result of Oldsmobile Army research…and also achieve the everlasting peace we all fighting for and made a lot sacrifice ever since back then…” Hepner replied back meanwhile Ken just smiled and nodded in agreement as well.
“Uhm, second lieutenant and ensign Hepner…I think, we better hurry to the battlefield and help the main force…it seems the situation already turned from bad to worse…” Yuki interrupted as both Ken and Hepner nod. Both Zaku II units then leaped to the sky as they approach the battlefield, meanwhile Yuki just remain silent as she saw those Zaku II starting to disappear from faraway. “Second lieutenant, ensign…please be safe…Godspeed…” Yuki muttered as she returned to her post to keep on giving those two Zaku II's pilots update.
Meanwhile, Neo Tokyo Central District, Mishima Zaibatsu Main Headquarter…
“This is the update data you want from both Nishimikado and Saijou Heavy Industries…I personally don't think there is a significant value within this data, but why you want us to steal them Mr. President?” the bodyguard in dark suit with sunglasses asked meanwhile the young man referred as Mr. President of Mishima Zaibatsu just smiled before replying back. “Knowing the power of our competitor will be the main key for success, moreover the plan for attacking PLANT already being set into motion…” the young Mr. President replied back.
“But, don't you think it would be a bit outrageous…since attacking PLANT will not only instigate another Bloody Valentine conflict, but also intimidating Republic of Zeon to enter the war as well?” the bodyguard asked back. “You seem don't realize the significant value for this attack here, as La Erde would become scapegoat of the one mounting this attack toward PLANT…this chaotic situation will prompt Republic of Zeon and PLANT to rethink their memberships within Neo Arcadia Confederation, as they seem couldn't become their safeguard against separatist extremist…” the young Mr. President replied back as he grinned toward the bodyguard. “But Sir, I believe this kind of plan still too risky to be implemented, moreover if PLANT finds out about us who really attacking their colonies instead La Erde…” the bodyguard's voice was trailed off as another man entered the chamber as the bodyguard just stared at the newcomer who is wearing military attire.
“He will be the one that lead the assault against PLANT's colony at Aprilius One…his name is Dragunov.” The young Mr. President of Mishima Zaibatsu introducing the newcomer wearing military attire, meanwhile Dragunov just remain silent as the bodyguard still stared at him. “He was once part of SPETSNAZ and he would be gladly take part in this mission, not only to shake the very foundation of Neo Arcadia Confederation, but also destroy La Erde as well in the same time…” the young Mr. President added to his own explanation meanwhile his bodyguard just nodded before replying back. “So, Sir…when we will begin this assault, although I personally still don't think this will be a good idea…” the bodyguard replied back as he asked the question to the young Mr. President meanwhile the said Mr. President just walked away from his throne. As he walked pass his bodyguard, the young President of Mishima Zaibatsu whispered.
“We will begin the assault, right now…”
Meanwhile, hidden from the shadow, a lone figure spying over the young president of Mishima Zaibatsu, the bodyguard and mysterious ex-SPETSNAZ's Dragunov from the ceiling as she just smiled alone. “I never thought for me accepting this offer would brought me into another sorrowful situation where other people plotting to take innocents' life…” the female kunoichi muttered deep down inside her heart as she keep on spying over those three people bellow her. “I will report this to Wang Liu Mei-san, and I hope by doing so…I could prevent victims from innocents people happening…” as the kunoichi girl once again muttered inside her heart, she stay for a bit longer before she disappeared within the shadow, leaving trails of sakura petals away.
To Be Continued…
ED Theme Song: Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru
Performed By: Kaoru Mizuhara
Used Previously on: Ga-Rei Zero The Animation
Back at Celestial Being's resource satellite Krung Thep…
“We received info intelligence from Wang Liu Mei! I will bring them out to the screen!” Christina informed as she opened the entire archives as many information displayed on the large hologram screen inside Krung Thep's briefing room. “This is…” Feldt gasped meanwhile Mileina who standing besides the pink haired young female tactical operator of Ptolemaios 2 asked. “Is it really something that bad Feldt-san?” Mileina asked. “Those people, they are trying to use this chaotic situation to get the best benefit over their profit…the same thing Logos would do back then as well! This time they're using La Erde instead of the original Blue Cosmos…” Lockon Stratos replied to Mileina instead in anger and disgusted voice tone. “So, what we are going to do desu! If we're not making our move…this situation will be really bad and it turn into worse desu!” after hearing the explanation came from Lockon Stratos, Mileina started to get panic.
“I will inform Sumeragi Lee Noriega quickly for this information, I believe Euclid's Fereshte would love to join this very first official armed intervention made ever since Neo Arcadia Confederation being established…” it was Setsuna who took initiative meanwhile the others just nod in agreement. “Don't you think it would be rather quite difficult for us, since Neo Arcadia Confederation might sever any relationship already developed thanks to Ave-san's effort back then…and treat us like outlaw vigilante?” Chall asked as she explained her concern since Celestial Being, although being special licensed holder is still under the direct order of Neo Arcadia Confederation instead of being illegal armed force like what originally happened to them back then. “I believe at this moment, if it necessary…for severing our ties with Neo Arcadia Confederation, we might need to do so…moreover as Gundam Meister, although a freelance…I starting to understand the responsibility I have for being a Gundam Meister and casual Celestial Being member…” Ave suddenly commented as everyone there stared at the young wishful Innovator fanfic author.
“What do you mean by that?” Marlene Vlady asked; as the young fanfic author was just remain silent for a while before replying back.
“What I try to say…no matter how fancy it would sound…like special license holder or anything like that, the most important thing is to follow your hearts as I found would be the best…” Ave replied back. “Follow your own heart desu?” Mileina asked. “I think I understand what Ave trying to say, since I also agree with that…” Setsuna added. “Setsuna?” Feldt stared at her love-interest as she blushed slightly. “At the moment, I believe the most important thing is to stop Mishima Zaibatsu from creating more chaotic situation worse than what is already happening now…I know, it might put us into jeopardy both politically and judicially since Neo Arcadia Confederation could become our greatest enemy afterward…since we are not doing this under their request, but I rather fulfilling my responsibility as Gundam Meister and part of Celestial Being as well…I believe others agree with me as well…” Lockon this time adding his comment as well, meanwhile everyone nod in agreement after hearing that comment.
As Setsuna and Lockon quickly inform Sumeragi Lee Noriega and Ruido Resonance about the situation happened in Mirror Moon's Earth, everyone else quickly return to their post and making any preparation necessary for this mission. In the meantime, the young wishful Innovator fanfic author entered Ptolemaios 2's hangar as he standing in front of his GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II. He remain silent as his eyes fixed into the enhanced version of his Gundam Exia before he muttered inside his heart. “Isara, Welkin, Alicia, and everyone else…please be safe and wait a little bit longer until I return…” Ave closed his eyes as he took a deep breath before he then opened his eyes again with strong determination could be seen burnt on his eyes as well as inside his heart.
“I will definitely save you all! No matter what happened, with the new power of my enhanced Gundam Exia, I will definitely save you all! Until then…please wait and do your best a bit longer…” as Ave finished his promise inside his heart, he left the hangar area as he also getting ready for this mission and deep down inside his heart, he always pray for Isara's safety as well as other people close to him.
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The other side of the conflict itself, when many trying to fulfil their own ambition, they never realized about a huge sinister plots was made behind the shadow. As the young wishful fanfic author finally reunited with his beloved friends and comrades once again, the defense of Karafuto Base finally falls into La Erde's hand. It was when a massive attack over PLANT happening as well as the infestation of Kusabi-Ishi began to take over the planet slowly but surely, together with TATARI from another world. In the middle of chaos, new friends, old friends and other people somehow related to the young Exia's Gundam Meister must make their stands and decisions, either to stand by his side or to abandon him together with this new endless frontier and Neo Arcadia Confederation.
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“Those calamities was a mere legend, and not even a single track record could be found to prove our guilt…for giving us such treatment and prejudice, really unfair to begin with…” by: Isara Gunther.
Special Database from VEDA/ Tieria Erde
GN-001RE II Gundam Exia Repair II
Ave's GN-001REII Gundam Exia Repair II was actually the enhanced version of his original GN-001 Gundam Exia using advanced GN technology between its creation and the present. The most notable difference was Exia's armor plate was replaced with the hollow armor used in second-generation Gundam unit, removing the need for external particle feed cables in the process. The rear armor part shows notable differences as a series of thrusters and exhaust ports were added upon its rear shoulder armor, rear torso, and calves to increase Exia's speed and maneuverability in melee combat. Exia's main armament GN Sword has been replaced with GN Sword Kai; meanwhile other armaments except for two beam sabers were removed. Although unable to use Seven Swords equipment anymore, this new Gundam Exia proven to be superior unit with combat ability that could rival 00 Gundam similar to Innovator use mobile suits such as GNZ-003 Gadessa or GNZ-005 Garazzo. In the meantime, the full capabilities of this newly enhanced Exia so far still remain unclear.